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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Humiliated Republicans Get Lesson In Treating Kids Like Dicks

image credit: video screen capture WMUR TV, editing, Randa Morris
Maybe the New Hampshire legislature should consider making crow the official state bird, since that what many lawmakers are eating this week.

The Wingnut March Toward a Society of Sociopaths

by Allen Clifton
Last night I spent some time with a close friend (let’s call him Jake) and as we often do when we get together, we discussed politics. You see, he’s a fantastic source for political insight because he doesn’t really follow politics or have any kind of political affiliation. Hell, I don’t know if he’s ever even voted.
But Jake is a great source because he has another close friend, let’s call him Stan, who’s a lunatic fringe wingnut. Therefore he hears my side and Stan’s side, watches the news, reads the paper and based on only what he sees as logical and rational he molds his opinion. Which to this point he often tells me most of the stuff Stan says to him just doesn’t make any sense.
Last night when discussing Stan and some of what I refer to as his asinine political beliefs, it occurred to me—Stan is exactly how Republicans want Americans to behave.
Then, and I kid you not, he apparently followed his “only worry about your own self interest” speech by pressing my friend on why he’s not more involved in church.
See, Stan is exactly the kind of person Republicans want to create.
A society of people who only worry about themselves. People who ostracize everyone that’s not like them. Humans that value possessions over people, and while they might give money to their cult, it’s only because their cult is filled with people just like them. And while these people go to cult and call themselves “christians,” they’ve somehow convinced themselves that jesus christ was some selfish, hateful, judgmental person who valued his own self interest over the betterment of others less fortunate than himself.
And Stan is a perfect example of this. Somehow in one discussion he preached to my friend Jake on why he should only worry about himself, while also questioning why he isn’t more involved in church—a place that’s supposed to emphasize generosity and helping others.
Stan will talk about jesus and how he himself is a christian—then follow that by calling African Americans derogatory names, claim as humans we only need to worry about ourselves, thinks muslims should leave the country (and would prefer they didn’t exist at all) and shows no sign of any kind of moral obligation to those in society who are less fortunate than he is.
Because see, in a society of sociopaths, greed is good. Greed is the driving force behind their existence. It’s acceptable in a society of sociopaths for people like the Koch brothers to oppose minimum wage and health care, while being worth tens of billions of dollars, because a sociopath doesn’t feel they owe anything to anyone.
If their workers are underpaid, overworked, lack benefits or safe working conditions, in the mind of a sociopath—who cares? Quit and get another job or stop complaining because they don’t owe workers anything. They only have an obligation to themselves and their own self interests. If workers want better pay, safer working conditions or benefits—find another job. If you can’t find a job which offers any of that—too bad.
That’s not for the sociopath to worry about. The sociopath is only concerned about themselves and what makes them feel good.
Which is where cult comes in. These wingnut sociopaths go to cult, and largely excuse their hypocrisy and lack of morality by citing cult attendance as why they’re not horrible people.
After all, they go to cult 2-3 times a week, that makes them a christian, right? They’re not morally bankrupt individuals suffering from a psychological disorder—they’re “good American christians.”
Because that’s exactly what their leaders tell them that they are. Which of course is another sign of a sociopath. The ability to charm and manipulate people into getting what they want.
Kind of like a political cabal that’s convinced millions of low-income and middle class Americans that their economic salvation is found by giving people worth billions tax breaks, while eliminating the minimum wage and cutting programs which the poor and middle class benefit from.
And that’s exactly what Republicans advocate—policies which benefit 2% of the richest people at the expense of the other 98%. Because they’ve somehow convinced these people that if they just “work hard enough” they can become part of that elite 2%.
Which of course, 98% of us will never be a part of.
But Republicans enforce this belief that we must only concern ourselves with what we need, and any regulations or laws which seek to help others are the enemy. It’s these programs that help others which cause 98% of Americans to flounder outside of that illustrious 2%.
It’s not the greed of the 2%, it’s the laziness of the poor.
Which leads us to the rapidly de-evolving Republican cabal. A cabal that doesn’t care about the environment, health care access for Americans, children, education, the well-being of our military or the poor.
They only care about themselves and how much they can possess. People who place value on inanimate objects like guns or money before human beings. Then nothing you can tell these people will convince them of anything, because your opinion doesn’t matter.
Because the sociopath isn’t concerned about what you, I or anyone else thinks of them—only what they think of themselves. Which is why any type of disgusting behavior they exhibit is perfectly acceptable. That behavior got them something that they wanted—and to a sociopath their own self interests are all that really matter.
And that’s exactly the type of society conservatives are trying to march us toward.

America's Oligarchs Want It All, And They Want It Now

America's Oligarchs Want It All, And They Want It Now
Jeb Bush would seem to be the near-ideal presidential candidate for the billionaires who own American democracy -- he wants what they want and believes what they believe. But now they're making it clear that he's not sufficiently deferential on one particular issue.

Boehner Blames Obama For His Treasonous Conspiracy To Sabotage The President

On CNN’s State Of The Union, Speaker of the House John Boehner had the nerve to attempt to blame Obama for his own actions and attempts to sabotage the president.
john boehner cnn state of the unionBoehner said, “I think the animosity exhibited by our administration towards the Prime Minister of Israel is reprehensible, and I think that the pressure they’ve put on him over the last four or five years has pushed him to the point where he has to speak up. I don’t blame him at all for speaking up.”
Speaker Boehner was asked his being blamed for making the rift deeper by inviting Netanyahu to address Congress without notifying the President. Boehner answered, “I had one goal. I had one goal, and that goal was to make sure that the American people heard, and the Congress heard about the serious threat that Iran poses, not only to the Middle East, but for the rest of the world, including the United States, and there’s nobody who can talk more clearly about this.”
If Boehner only wanted Netanyahu to address Congress, why wouldn’t notify President Obama? As is the norm with Speaker Boehner, when he is in political trouble the first card he plays is to blame President Obama. In Boehner’s warped view, it is Obama’s fault that Boehner conspired with Netanyahu to humiliate him. Boehner’s excuse was that Obama made them do it.
The weak excuses never stop with Boehner and his fellow Congressional Republicans. The truth is that Boehner and McConnell tried to pull off a power play against the President that backfired miserably. The failure of the Netanyahu speech led to the letter to Iran by 47 Republican Senators, which has led to Boehner going to Israel during the deadline for a deal with Iran on the nuclear program to be announced.
A clear pattern of Republican sabotage has been established. Speaker Boehner is trying to hide his failures behind Obama hate, but his campaign to undercut and discredit the President Of The United States is obvious and clearly visible for all to see.

Tom Cotton Accuses President Obama of Trying to Undermine Israel’s Foreign Policies – Really

by Allen Clifton
While Tom Cotton (R-AR) still has a long way to go before he reaches the level of absurdity that somebody like Senator Ted Cruz has proudly shown off these last couple of years, if his first two months in the Senate are any indication of what we should expect in the future, he’s well on his way.
As most people know, he was the “mastermind” behind the infamous letter to Iran that was clearly meant to try to undermine the president’s ongoing negotiations with Iranian leaders – although ultimately it just ended up completely embarrassing the Republican party.
This all came on the heels of newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu giving a speech in front of Congress that was completely set up behind the back of the Obama administration and was a clear slap in the face to the president.
Well, in news that I thought certainly had to be satire when I first came across it, apparently the very same Tom Cotton who came up with the idea of sending the letter is very upset with President Obama – for allegedly trying to undermine parts of Netanyahu’s foreign policy.
Oh, the irony… and hypocrisy.
“While Prime Minister Netanyahu won a decisive victory,” Cotton said, “he still has just started assembling a governing majority coalition. These kinds of quotes from Israel’s most important ally could very well startle some of the smaller parties and their leaders with whom Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently in negotiations.”
“This raises the question,” he continued, “if the administration intends to undermine Prime Minister Netanyahu’s efforts to assemble a coalition by suggesting a change to our longstanding policy of supporting Israel’s position with the United Nations.”
So, the guy who orchestrated a letter that essentially told the Iranian government that they shouldn’t trust any deal they might possibly make with President Obama, in a direct attempt to undermine years worth of negotiations concerning Iran’s nuclear program, is angry because this president’s policies might not be conducive for the policies of a foreign government?
A foreign government whose leader, by the way, just showed this president absolutely no respect when he accepted an invite to speak in front of Congress behind the Obama administration’s back - in a clear attempt to undermine his foreign policy.
That is “Onion-worthy” right there – wow.
It’s appalling to me how the Republican party seems to believe that they’re suddenly beholden to the Israel’s leader more so than they are our own. The way they gush over him and defend him at every turn, while showing nothing but disdain and disrespect toward our own president, is an absolute embarrassment.
While I’ve never been proud that the GOP is a part of this country, I’ve never been more ashamed that these people represent this country more so than I have been lately. They’re not only embarrassing themselves globally, but their antics are weakening this country abroad by putting the petty partisan dysfunction of our government on an international stage.
I’d suggest that maybe if Sen. Cotton is so concerned about Israeli politics and unconcerned with undermining our own president, he should offer his services up to Israel and resign from our United States Congress.

President Obama Takes On The Payday Lenders

Photo of Obama making his case for cracking down on payday loans at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Ala.: Video screen grab/WhiteHouse.Gov via AL.Com.Congratulations, President Obama, for yet another brilliant speech. Watch him attack payday lenders and the GOP’s horribly cruel budget.

Wisconsin Eliminating Weekends Is Another Koch Idea For A Nation of Slave Labor

scott walker emails
Despite what Republicans tend to advertize ad nauseum, American workers are extremely productive, work longer hours for less wages, and are fortunate if they receive a week off work for a vacation. Workers do, however, have an advantage over indentured slaves and workers prior to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal that enacted most of what the Koch brothers, Chamber of  Commerce, and Republicans claim are unnecessary “perks” labor does not deserve; lunch breaks, worker safety laws, overtime pay, and one day off each week. Republicans have opposed all of the New Deal worker provisions since their inception and with funding from the Koch brothers are getting closer to fulfilling their 80-year goal of gutting workplace laws.
The Koch brothers were not satisfied with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker imposing Act 10, the law that abolished collective bargaining, fair compensation, retirement, health insurance, and sick leave of public sector employees, or the so-called ‘right to work’ law he recently signed. Many Democrats expected Walker to eliminate the state’s ‘prevailing wage’ law requiring workers on public projects to be paid the established going rate for their labor. Instead of eliminating prevailing wage laws, Koch-Republicans’ decided to eliminate weekends and impose a ‘voluntary’ 7-day work week.
Abolishing the day-off law is another Koch machination to further cut Wisconsin workers’ pay, kill jobs, and increase profits for business. Republicans re-introduced a Koch-manufacturing industry law to eliminate weekends  and impose 7-day work weeks as another step toward the Koch’s plan to eliminate all labor laws in the nation.  Eliminating New Deal workplace protections is an 80-year goal they now have an unlimited funding machine to finally see to completion.
The latest Koch assault on workers’ rights is nearing fruition in Wisconsin with an anti-worker atrocity that eliminates weekends, or as the law’s sponsor likes to call it;  a ‘paperwork reduction’ act. The legislation is a repeat of an attempt last year to wipe out weekends after Wisconsin’s largest business organization, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, introduced a version that the Republican legislature failed to pass because they ran out of time to enact it before the end of the session. The new law will give factory and retail employers the right to keep workers on the job for 7 straight days, and more, if the workers are “pressured” into “voluntarily agreeing” to give up their day(s) off.
As Wisconsin law stands now, an employer has to petition the Department of Workforce Development for a waiver to suspend the ‘weekend off’ law if workers “choose” to work without a day off; if that is what the employer “requests.” As a law professor at Marquette University, Paul Secunda, said, the new law and the term “voluntary completely ignores the power dynamic in the workplace, where workers have a proverbial gun to their head and understand that if the boss demands they work 7 or more days without rest, they’ll be volunteering or else.” Eliminating a guaranteed weekend is just another step in Walker’s anti-worker crusade that includes eliminating collective bargaining rights and enacting the Koch (ALEC) written “right to work” law guaranteeing Draconian workplace conditions and lower pay.
The Koch surrogates who introduced the ‘abolish weekend’ law said the idea was brought to them by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce organization after they discovered that as long as minimum wage requirements were met, employers could ‘request’ that workers ‘volunteer’ to work without a day off. As an aside, Scott Walker hates the idea of a minimum wage he thinks serves no useful purpose because his funding machine the Koch brothers hate it. The two Republicans who introduced the weekend abolition bill said they asked several businesses with employees about the law and were told that the workers wanted to work without any days off. Likely they were the same businesses that supported, and won, elimination of child labor laws in Wisconsin the Koch brothers believe are an abomination and unfair to business.
All of the anti-worker laws being enacted in Wisconsin are part and parcel of the Koch-Republican crusade to repeal all state and federal labor laws including minimum wage, overtime pay, weekends off, abolition of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and Workers’ Compensation protection for workers injured on the job. In Oklahoma, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Koch brothers legislative arm ALEC, succeeded in fulfilling one of the Koch’s wishes and repealed workers’ compensation in the state because the Kochs and the Chamber of  Commerce claim that employers should not be penalized for imposing dangerous working conditions on their employees.
These attacks on labor are not reserved to Republican states, but that is where they originated thanks to the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council. In many Republican-controlled states sick pay is under heavy assault with some even banning localities from passing a law requiring  it.  Last April in Oklahoma the governor, Mary Fallin, signed a law into effect banning cities from democratically voting to pass minimum wage increases, enact paid sick days and paid vacation requirements. Also last year at the national level, former House majority leader Eric Cantor pushed through federal legislation eliminating overtime pay that means tens-of-millions of hourly-wage workers would have had to work overtime during scheduled days off, during vacations, or after their regular shift ends without the benefit of extra pay. Republicans promoted the Draconian legislation as one of their storied “job creation bills.” Fortunately it was panned in the Democratically-controlled Senate; it will likely pass easily now that the Kochs bought control of the upper chamber for Republicans.
There is no end to the assault on American workers that goes far beyond just refusing to raise the minimum wage. The experiments being conducted in Wisconsin are gifts to the Koch brothers that Republicans in Congress will begin passing as part of their free market crusade to effectively wipe out the middle class. Since 2010, Republicans have ratcheted up their claim that eliminating the minimum wage will induce industry into a hiring frenzy, but with accompanying legislation eliminating overtime pay and weekends off, not only will job creation suffer drastically, the entire workforce will become little more than slave labor which is, after all, what the New Deal put an end to for 80 years. However, for 80 years Republicans longingly sought a means to eliminate New Deal workforce protections that Ronald Reagan claimed were Fascist. Now that the Koch brothers own Congress, the real fascists are a step closer to realizing their vision of an America with no workplace protections and an entire population of slave labor.

Ohio Republicans Sneak A Vote Suppression Rider Into State’s Transportation Budget

Jon Husted OhioEvery time a Republican sneaks an unrelated rider into a law, it’s a guarantee that someone will get screwed. Art Pope’s Republicans in North Carolina included last minute anti-choice provisions in a motorcycle safety bill.  Often, but not always, these riders come in at the last possible moment.  It’s the political version of the frowned upon court room tactic of unfair surprise.  Unfair because opponents don’t have a chance to research the provision and the public doesn’t have a chance to comment at all.
This was one of those riders. This time, the targets are college students who Republicans clearly want to disenfranchise because they tend to vote Democrat.
This time, Republicans in Ohio snuck a vote suppression rider into a transportation budget bill in an effort to disenfranchise out of state students.
Plunderbund explains,
The new language in the bill will have these students convert to an Ohio driver’s license, register their cars with Ohio plates and assume a few other costs that would raise their out-of-pocket expenses to an estimated $100.
This amounts to pricing young, mostly Democratic voters, out of the franchise. According to Cleveland, 116,000 college students will have to pay what amounts to a poll tax.
Of course, the rider’s sponsor claims there is nothing to see here. It’s all about regulating vehicle registration laws.  The fact that this will also make it harder to vote for college students (who tend to vote Democrat) is just the cherry on top.
That’s not how state Representative Kathleen Clyde (D)  saw it.
“It’s very concerning the message we’re sending to young people and to people moving to our great state about their fundamental right to vote.”
Anyone with a brain can see this was brought in at the last minute to avoid scrutiny be it from lawmakers or the general public.
On puzzling thing lies in the fact that this rider made it through the State Senate with unanimous support.
Again, according to Plunderbund, Akron Sen. Tom Sawyer says the Democrats who voted for it did so because there was “more good in the bill” even than just that little vote suppression rider and besides they signed a petition asking Governor Jon Kasich for a line-item veto.
Vote suppression has been an obsession of Jon Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State, who claims there’s a “widespread” problem of non-citizens voting across the state.  Yet, his own investigation proved this “widespread” problem is non-existent.
That investigation uncovered 145 non-citizens who were registered to vote in the state in 2014.  That’s .0002 percent of Ohio’s 7.7 million voters.
In the end, Husted’s efforts are proving to be an effective form of suppressing the vote. Between 2010 and 2014, voter participation in Ohio dropped by a whopping 22 percent.
Only 36.2 of eligible voter in Ohio cast ballots in the November 2014 general election.
According to Nonprofit Vote, Ohio ranked 34th in voter turnout.

Fiorina's Pretender Plan To Save The Economy: Stop Lazy Workers From 'Watching Porn All Day Long'

Fiorina's Presidential Plan To Save The Economy: Stop Lazy Workers From 'Watching Porn All Day Long' Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a wingnut, who is expected to announce a campaign for pretender, said over the weekend that she could improve the economy by cutting federal worker pay because they were "watching porn all day long."

Anti-Obamacare Sheriff Now Says He Needs $60,000 For Medical Bills, Still Refuses To Get Insurance

Karma gets you every time ... 
Anti-Obamacare Sheriff Now Says He Needs $60,000 For Medical Bills, Still Refuses To Get Insurance
You have got to be kidding me. . .

Tucker Carlson: I Am Against Whipping People Up Into A Frenzy Of Fear And Hatred Based On Lies

Tucker Carlson: I Am Against Whipping People Up Into A Frenzy Of Fear And Hatred Based On Lies
Pot, meet kettle. You're not the only one who's speechless.

Rush Limbaugh's Fixer Uses His $900/Hour PR Firm To Smear Activists

Rush Limbaugh's Fixer Uses His $900/Hour PR Firm To Smear Activists
The smaller the fish, the harder he hits.
Rush Limbaugh is a insane stupid drug-addled misogynist

Republican Jerk Actually Laughed While A Lawmaker Revealed Story Of Her Own Rape

A Jerk Actually Laughed While A Lawmaker Revealed Story Of Her Own Rape
If you doubt the frat boy mentality of these jerks, this will convince you.
Republican Jerk Actually Laughed While A Lawmaker Revealed Story Of Her Own Rape

‘Family Values’ teabagger Republican Threatens His Wife

Cough Syrup - Yeah, that's the ticket!
 ‘Family Values’ Tea Party Republican Accused Of Threatening His Wife
Why do wingnuts allow this guy to be the voice of “family values?”

Nebraska Farmer Makes Fracking Supporters Go Silent With Just A Glass Of Water

Nebraska Farmer Makes Fracking Supporters Go Silent With Just A Glass Of Water (VIDEO)
“So would you drink it? Yes or no?”
Read more



Montana House Refuses To Follow Other Red States Down The “Religious Freedom” Rabbit Hole

After a heated floor debate, the Montana House failed to pass a “religious freedom” bill, deadlocking on a 50-50 vote, effectively defeating House Bill 615 on Friday. H.B. 615, sponsored by Rep. Karl Glimm (R-Kila), would have placed a legislative referendum on the November 2016 ballot that, if approved by voters, would have legalized discrimination, if it was based on a person’s religious beliefs.
Similar to a law that was recently passed in the state of Indiana, H.B. 615 would have allowed for religious-based discrimination, such as allowing business owners to deny services to gay and lesbian customers. It also could have opened up a myriad of other opportunities for bigots to discriminate against people, under the cover of religion. For example, the law could have made it possible for a pharmacist to refuse to provide birth control to a woman, or for a doctor to deny treatment to a HIV patient who happened to be gay.
The vote fell mostly on party lines, with all 41 Democrats voting NAY, compared to 50 Republicans who voted YEA, with 9 Republicans joining the Democrats, in voting against the measure.
The debate on the House Floor was impassioned, with Democrats raising a number of objections to the legislation. Rep. Margie MacDonald (D-Billings) hoisted up a copy of The White Man’s Bible, a White Nationalist religious text, for the racist Church of the Creator (COTC), arguing that the language in the bill would essentially legalize anything done in the name of a religious belief system.
Crow tribal member Carolyn Peace-Lopez (D-Hardin) argued that the law could empower the nine active hate groups in the state, by granting them legal protection to discriminate against American Indians. She remarked:
American Indians are the walking dead because of how they’re treated by people who discriminate. And now we’re going to license it. We’re going to elevate it.
Rep. Bryce Bennett (D-Missoula), a gay lawmaker, noted that the law could be used to discriminate against him. Bennett stated:
I am a religious person, I believe in religious freedom, but this isn’t about that. This is about legalized discrimination of our neighbors and our friends and it’s about discrimination against people like me.
Following the debate, the House deadlocked on a 50-50 vote, preventing the measure from moving forward. The Democrats stayed unified in opposition, and with 9 Republicans defecting from GOP orthodoxy, they had the votes to stymie the measure.
By killing this ill-chosen piece of legislation, Montana has avoided traveling down the “religious freedom” rabbit hole that has legalized discrimination in so many other red states across the country. Laws that sanction bigotry, not only violate the rights of individuals, but they also invite the backlash of economic boycotts. Democrats and sensible Republicans need to unite in every state, to defeat measures designed to empower bigots to discriminate against people, based on “religious beliefs”.
Discrimination is no less ugly just because the person doing it says a prayer before or after they discriminate. “Religious freedom” laws that give legal cover for bigotry should be rejected throughout the country. Luckily Montana had just enough Democrats and sane Republicans to stop the law from moving forward. Just barely.

Angie’s List Halts Indiana HQ Expansion in Response to Religious Tyranny Act

Angie's List is the latest to stand up in opposition to Indiana's discriminatory RFRA, and this one could cost Indiana 1,000 jobs…
The cesspool state of Indiana is becoming a fly-over state, as freedom-loving Americans flee Hoosier theocracy for saner climes. We have already seen the reactions of the NCAA, GenCon, The Disciples of Christ, and Salesforce. Yelp and Eli Lilly have also expressed disappointment in the law.
We can now add to the list Angie’s List – you may have seen their commercials.
They are a word-of-mouth business rating network. And this one is going to cost Indiana more than just hurt feelings. It is going to cost Hoosiers some money – and about 1,000 jobs.
Apparently, word-of-mouth is that Indiana is not the place to be. So in the spirit of the free marketplace so touted by Republicans, Angie’s List has announced that they’re going to delay going forward with a $40 million expansion to their Indiana headquarters.
Of course, the egregiously misnamed Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is touted as a protection for businesses, but this is one business that is not amused.
This is what co-founder and Chief Executive Bill Oesterle had to say:
“We are putting the ‘Ford Building Project’ on hold until we fully understand the implications of the Freedom Restoration Act on our employees, both current and future. Angie’s List is open to all and discriminates against none and we are hugely disappointed in what this bill represents.”
And what timing. Turning the old Ford assembly plant into a new office space was to have had its groundbreaking in a few days.
Ironically, Oesterle, a Republican supported Pence for governor.
On Saturday he had this to say:
Look, I’m very proud to be a Republican. I’m concerned about the direction that the legislature and governor have chosen to go here. … I’m concerned that very valid input around this type of legislation is not being heard in the Statehouse.
Of course it’s not being heard. Did you hear the one about the Republican Congresswoman who asked her constituents to post their “Obamacare horror stories” on Facebook and was swamped with success stories praising the president’s healthcare law instead? Did she change her mind about the law? Her answer: because she got only success stories, she used recycled stories from a GOP website to denounce Obamacare anyway.
They don’t want to hear the truth. Until Oesterle and other Republicans realize the full extent of the problem, it is going to continue to be a problem, and the people of states like Indiana are going to suffer for it. Pence’s corporate owners will fly him to basketball games, an option not open to most Hoosiers.
Oesterle seems to understand the source of the hate, at least, pointing to a photograph of Pence signing the RFRA into law:
That photograph told me everything I needed to know. I’ve been on the other side of this issue with them for a long time, going back to the governor’s (Daniels’) campaign. That’s when I first became exposed to those people. The most prominent three figures standing directly behind the governor were those three individuals.
He was speaking of Micah Clark of the homophobic and anti-Semitic American Family Association of Indiana (see some of his hateful quotes at GLAAD), Eric Miller of the ironically-named Advance America (whom NUVO calls the “most powerful man in the Indiana statehouse”), and Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute (see some of his hateful quotes at GLAAD) – all vocal supporters of religious tyranny and discrimination in the state of Indiana.
Maybe we should thank Pence for pulling these people out of the shadows in a way we can only dream of doing here. By all means, let’s have some more photo ops. As many of us have observed, the GOP is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a pity the mainstream media refuses to receive.
The worst of it is – and I know this as a fact because I have family there – Republican Hoosiers will blame Obama for their economic woes, not the fact that they live in a Red State. They haven’t, and they steadfastly refuse, to learn a thing.
Even as the denunciations continue:
You may have noticed on Friday that Apple CEO Tim Cook, of the company that the phones that many of those Hoosier Republican bigots no doubt use – and who also just happens to be gay – has also come out against the law, tweeting,
On Saturday, there came a joint statement from the NBA, WNBA, and the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever joining the NCAA in denouncing the RFRA:
The game of basketball is grounded in long established principles of inclusion and mutual respect. We will continue to ensure that all fans, players and employees feel welcome at all NBA and WNBA events in Indiana and elsewhere.
Pacers and Fever owner Herb Simon had this to say, and it is not something Mike Pence wanted to hear:
The Indiana Pacers, Indiana Fever and Bankers Life Fieldhouse have the strongest possible commitment to inclusion and non-discrimination on any basis. Everyone is always welcome at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. That has always been the policy from the very beginning of the Simon family’s involvement and it always will be.
You have to wonder at what point enough will be enough. It is up to the people of Indiana – Hoosiers – to affect change in the next election. The people they voted into office are taking Indiana down a dark and troubling path, to a place America thought it had escaped from two hundred years ago, when bigotry was commonplace.
We have slowly, if imperfectly, and in fits and starts, but sometimes with glorious success like the Emancipation Proclamation, the Civil Rights Act, and other shining deeds, continued to crawl out of that gutter. We might never reach our exceptions and our hopes, but we continue to try.
In a single act, the state of Indiana has committed itself to 13th century-style bigotry and persecution of minorities in the name of religion. It is illegal, un-American, and it is wrong, and if it is to end, Hoosiers will have to wake up and realize they’ve put fascists in charge of their state. All we can do meanwhile, is fly over the accursed place, or if you have to stop, enter only places that bear this sign:

Indiana Is A Great Place To Be A Bigot

Indiana Is A Great Place To Be A Bigot
Upped to YouTube a couple of days ago by the Internet Action Force. https://youtu.be/5LH2FVxrj4k