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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Hey, wingnuts, yeah we're talking to you ...!  
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Finally a day Republicans can celebrate - see them celebrating below ... !
Today is - World Snake Day
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Psychologists are known for being liberal

African-American woman thinking (Shutterstock)
Is the field of social psychology biased against political wingnuts?
Speaking as a Psychologist:
No, social psychology  is biased toward Reality.
However, Reality IS biased against wingnuttery.
So, you may extrapolate from there.

Bloom County Is Back!

Bloom County Is Back
Wingnuts look out Bloom County is gunning for you

First Lady Bashing Gone Wrong

Check Out The Picture The Wingnut Base Is ‘Outraged’ Over
Oh those silly wingnuts.  It must have been a slow Fox ‘News’ day when they came up with this one.
This picture, showing the president with his hand near his heart is meant to cause an uproar of outrage among the imbeciles who frequent pages like Nation In Distress.  The First Lady, looking as stern as can be with arms folded, just refuses to acknowledge the country they think she hates.
It took me all of three seconds to notice the painfully obvious fail.  See if you can spot it:
That’s right, it appears that NOBODY else has their hand over their heart.  Does that mean that all of those service men and women hate their country and only the President cares?
That doesn’t quite fit the mold, does it?
The simple truth is that this is just another reason for the right to spew hate over nothing.  It’s another opportunity for the ignorant buffoons who don’t have three seconds to spare to call Michelle Obama a Wookie or “Moochelle.”
How very clever.
This isn’t the first (or second, or third, or fourth) time a picture like this has appeared.  They are either taken completely out of context or blatant photoshops.
The most famous has to be the “left hand over their hearts” photo, that can still be found circulating through wingnut covens and pages:
Obamas Left Hand Pledge-HEART_Outline
This obvious bit of photoshop went so far as to move the President’s lapel pin to the correct side, but forgot about his buttons.  That and a simple search for the original image makes this one especially ridiculous:
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama
My personal favorite is the “getting off of Air Force One holding hands” conspiracy theory. Wingnuts claim that the Obamas are some sort of arranged marriage between a trans-gender woman (Michelle) and her gay husband (Barack).  To prove it they claimed that the only way they could be seen holding hands like a “normal” couple was via Photoshop:
Oh my.  You would think that with the resources of the Federal government at their disposal that the Obamas could have done a better job of faking this one. Here’s an original picture of their arrival that day.  Amazingly, Michelle only has two hands:

Dislike for politicians is an American tradition.  Satire about them is something political cartoonists have been doing for a couple hundred years.  This, however, is intentional defamation for the purpose of creating more hate, if that’s possible, towards a President who has done more for this country than the last three Republicans combined.
Luckily, only the painfully stupid will buy this crap, giving the rest of us plenty to laugh at them about.
Editor's Note: July 25 -2015
We had an anonymous reader ask why we were so mean on this post.
Sorry to disappoint you but we are not the mean ones here.
This post is about how the wingnuts treat the First Lady  - and 'mean' would be an understatement.
Normally we do not respond to any anonymous comments (we will not post any anonymous comments, ever), as a matter of principle.
However here either the questioner is naive and misread the post or a wingnut troll wanting to whine that we are being mean to them.
So we responded to the naivety  with a factual answer.
If it was a wingnut troll all we can say is tough, you are mean and ugly people and will be treated accordingly.

Famous Economist DESTROYS Jeb Bush For ‘Work Longer Hours’ Comment

Featured image by Michael Vadon. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jeb_Bush_at_CPAC_2015.jpg#/media/File:Jeb_Bush_at_CPAC_2015.jpgNobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman gave his take on Jeb Bush’s “work longer hours” comment. Suffice it to say, Jeb doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Cruz's 'A Time For Truth' Belies Its Title

Surprised? Nah, neither are we ...
Cruz's 'A Time For Truth' Belies Its Title. Surprised? But, seriously, WHAT KIND OF AWFUL reporter would accept the wolf's report on who's to blame for the tragedy in the henhouse?

Republican Cabal Lashes Out At Ted Cruz Over ‘Fantasy’ In His Book

Grab The Popcorn! This is gonna be fun!
Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/8571616606His fellow Republicans in the Senate are less than pleased with what they claim are lies, exaggerations and just plain fantasy in Ted Cruz’s new book. Let the autophagy begin!
Don't you just love it when the snakes eat their own. 

Black Wisconsin Lawmaker Kicked Out Of Walker Event

Black Wisconsin Lawmaker Kicked Out Of Walker Event

During Scott Walker’s Announcement Speech He Listed Every Reason He’s A Douchebag

During Scott Walker’s Announcement Speech He Listed Every Reason He’s A Douchebag
He’s very proud of being an anti-woman, union-busting asshole.
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How Many Lies Can Scott Walker Cram Into One Ad?

The Terrible Reason Scott Walker Can't Bull Shit His Way Into Being Pretender

Florida Republican: Donald Trump is a Democratic plot to make Republican cabal look stupid

A Florida wingnut suggested that Donald Trump’s bombastic presidential campaign may be a Democratic plot to make the Republican cabal look bad. 
No, it is not a plot by Democrats, but we're more than happy to let you wingnuts do the job of making yourselves look stupid.
Keep up the good work, by the way.

Trump: I Am ‘The Most Militaristic Man In The Room,’ Dodged Military Service

Trump: I Am ‘The Most Militaristic Man In The Room,’ Dodged Military Service
Donald Trump is just another hypocritical Chicken Hawk.
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Think Pinatas Are Cool?

Wait Till You See The Donald Trump Butt Plug 
Think Pinatas Are Cool? Wait Till You See The Donald Trump Butt Plug (IMAGE)
This is what happens when you piss off an entire population of people:
Your likeness gets turned into a butt plug.

Wingnuts Play Social Media To Divide The Left

Right Plays Social Media To Divide The Left

Here's a hint for you though: T'ain't Working MaGee
So you're getting nothing anyway.

Wingnut Anti-Woman Lunacy

Featured image by DonkeyHotey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/6842535378
An op-ed in The New York Times discusses why government funding for long-term birth control, particularly for poor, teenaged girls, is a monumentally...

Another LGBT Victory Looms As Military Prepares To Lift Ban On Transgender Soldiers

Another LGBT Victory Looms As Military Prepares To Lift Ban On Transgender SoldiersIn as few as six months, transgender people will be able to serve openly in the military.
Cue wingnut explosion in 3..2..1…

Sleazeball Steve King Wants Congress To Officially Resolve That Equality ‘Perverts’ Marriage

Wingnut Media Reports The World Will Enter A ‘Mini Ice Age’ In The 2030’s

U.K. tabloids, wingnut media, and others are (mis)reporting that the Earth will enter a "mini ice age" in the 2030s. In fact, the reverse is true.

Fox News goes nuts over clinics that give teens free birth control

Elizabeth Hasselbeck (YouTube)Nothing gets wingnuts more riled than the thought of unsupervised teens or women managing their own bodies.