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Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Editorial Comment

Welcome to the Saturday Edition of The Truth Be Told.

This expanded edition was brought about by the immense amount of lunacy being spewed from the wingnuts. The volume has been such in the past two weeks in particular that it has been impossible to keep up with all the sheer madness and report it here on The Truth Be Told.
As a result we determined that expanding the weekend posts would help bring the blog back to a more timely manner, since we were expanding one section of the blog we decided to expand all four sections.
This may only be a one off expansion or it may become a more or less regular feature depending on the insanity of the wingnuts and the volume of garbage they produce.

Enjoy and Have Fun

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Just Got Completely Screwed By FIFA

No Pay Inequality? U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Just Got Completely Screwed By FIFA There are those who think men and women are treated equally and nothing needs to be done to level the playing field in regards to pay and treatment —...

International Court Judge And Holocaust Survivor Slams War Criminal Dick Cheney

Image via Wikimedia Commons Dick Cheney should look over his shoulder for the rest of his pathetic life because the long arm of the law is coming for him, says a former International...

This Comedic Meditation Tutorial Could Be Just The Tool For Coping With Republicans

(Image courtesy of YouTube screen capture)
Meditation for the modern political era.
Read more 

Bernie Sanders Strikes The Heart Of The Koch Empire With Bill To Give Solar Energy To The Poor

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hit the Koch brothers where it counts by proposing new legislation that make solar energy more accessible for low-income families.
Sanders detailed his plan in a statement:
“While the cost of solar panels has gone down in recent years, it is still out of reach for millions of low-income families that need it the most,” said Sanders. “Families across this country struggle to pay electricity bills and access to solar energy can help reduce these costs.”
The Low-Income Solar Act of 2015 was introduced on the same day the White House proposed an initiative to make solar power more accessible to households and businesses. The Sanders bill would provide $200 million in loans and grants through the Department of Energy to offset the upfront costs for solar arrays on community facilities, public housing and low-income family homes. These projects would be required to prioritize loans for woman- and minority-owned small businesses and set aside funding for developing solar arrays in Appalachia, Indian tribal lands and Alaskan native communities.
“The scientific community tells us very clearly if we’re going to reverse climate change and the great dangers it poses for the planet we must move aggressively to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy,” Sanders said. “We can achieve this goal, save families money and protect the planet for future generations.”
Giving low-income families access to affordable, clean energy would be an economic game changer. It is also the worst nightmare of the Koch brothers. The Kochs have spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding climate change denial.
Any legislation that would get Americans to use fewer fossil fuels is bad news for Charles and David Koch. The Kochs have tried to keep their climate change denial funding a secret, but word has leaked out over the last few years.
Bernie Sanders is taking the fight to the Koch brothers and other corporate interests who are helping to keep low-income people in poverty by fighting against clean energy.
Sanders is walking the walk while talking the talk. He is one of the few members of Congress who will take on the Koch brothers and fight for ordinary Americans.

The Return Of Glass-Steagall?

The Return Of Glass-Steagall?
The sponsors said in a statement that the legislation would make big banks that are "too big to fail" smaller and safer and minimize the likelihood of a government bailout. 

ROFL Screwup Of The Year

Teabagger Idiot Botches Veto Procedure, 19 Democratic Bills Become Law
ROFL Screwup Of The Year: GOP Governor Botches Veto Procedure, 19 Dem Bills Become LawMaine's lunatic fringe wingnut teabagger  Paul LePage allowed 19 bills, including one very important veto to his base become law because he’s too pig-headed to understand judicial process.

Is Bernie Sanders really a socialist?

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Senator Bernie Sanders (C), I-Vermont, speaks during a news conference to discuss legislation to restore pension guarantees, in front of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, June 18, 2015 (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)
The Democratic candidate describes himself as one, but it can be hard to detect the traditional hallmarks of socialism at his increasingly popular rallies

How Could China’s Economic Collapse Lead To President Bernie Sanders?

Poster of Cultural Revolution, produced by the People's Republic of China, source Wikimedia Commons
As China’s market continues its slide downwards, what will its ripples do to the United States in an election year?

Democrats Prove They’re The REAL ‘Family Values’ Party With Latest Senate Proposal

Featured image by Pink Sherbet Photography. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/4269396864This is why both parties aren’t the same. Democrats might be beholden to their handlers, too, but at least they’re trying to make life easier for working families.

Why Trump Has Become The Best Thing Possible For The Party — The Democratic Party

Why Trump Has Become The Best Thing Possible For The Party — The Democratic Party Donald Trump is mean, crass, and uncouth. He makes the average Republican candidate for Pretender look like a friendly little gnome happily handing out...

There are 470 people running for president in 2016

Image: Presidential candidate Harley Brown (screen capture)
There are 470 people running for president in 2016 — and most of them make Donald Trump look sane

Why Republican Primary Clown Car Isn't At All Funny

Politix Update: Why Republican Primary Clown Car Isn't At All Funny
The reasons for this mess that you will read about over and over again in the mainstream media are a lack of cabal discipline, tons of money and a changing of the cabal guard.

Wisconsin Republicans Seek To Eliminate Days Off For Workers Along With The Living Wage Law

Wisconsin GOP Seeks To Eliminate Days Off For Workers Along With The Living Wage LawAnd just think, Scott Walker wants to be our next president so he can make the rest of America be just like Wisconsin.

Wingnuts Photoshop A Picture Of Hillary In A Pathetic Attempt To Label Her A Racist

Right-Wing Photshops A Picture Of Hillary In A Pathetic Attempt To Label Her A Racist (IMAGES)
This attempt to smear Hillary Clinton was an epic failure.

All Republican cabal pretender hopefuls decline speaking invite to America’s largest annual gathering of Latino leaders

Sen. Ted Cruz
If the Republican cabal thinks they’re going to win more Hispanic voters in 2016, they appear to have decided that speaking at large gatherings of Latino leaders isn’t the way to go.

Fox News 'Doctor' Says It’s OK For Men To Hit Women, Because Of ‘Gender Equality’

New Social Studies Textbooks In Texas Do Not Mention KKK Or Jim Crow Laws

Image via Wikipedia
Because keeping the future generations uneducated on history provides the security of having a solid base of Republican voters.

Bet You Can’t Guess Who’s Using Undocumented Workers For His New Hotel

Bet You Can’t Guess Who’s Using Undocumented Workers For His New Hotel
The hypocrite’s name rhymes with Ronald Grump…

Ann Coulter To Republicans: 'Drive Up The White Vote; That's Your Base'

Ann Coulter, the hack who spewed “Adios, America!,” appeared on the “Joyce Kaufman Hate Show” on Monday to offer her advice to the current Republican pretender candidates to “drive up the white vote” rather than trying to expand their base. Kaufman, a fellow lunatic fringe, anti-i... MORE

Crybaby Brownback Legalizes Discrimination In Kansas By Executive Order

Crybaby Governor Brownback Legalizes Discrimination In Kansas By Executive OrderBrownback makes good on his temper tantrum promise to defy the Supreme Court and “protects christians” by legalizing discrimination.

Wingnut: Stop Worrying About Climate Change, Focus On Crimes Against 'christians'

Instead of climate change, Jeff Duncan said DHS should worry about "illegal aliens murdering beautiful innocent lives" and "folks who want to do great harm to 'christians'."

Why This Teabagger Wants To Stop Debating Whether Climate Change Is Real Or Not

"All the chatter about is climate change real or not, I'm not sure how that helps my constituents," he said.

Bad Cops

Police beating man during arrest (Screenshot/Jasmyne Cannick)

Ryan Reynolds: I Support Gay Marriage Because ‘I’m Not A Monster’

Ryan Reynolds: I Support Gay Marriage Because ‘I’m Not A Monster’ (VIDEO)According to Ryan Reynolds, only “monsters” would not support same-sex marriage…and he’s right.

Rush Limbaugh Sinks To New Low

The Slimy Sleazeball Goes After Gay Child From Viral Photo
Rush Limbaugh Sinks To New Low – Goes After Gay Child From Viral Photo (VIDEO)
This is just downright nasty…
Read more

Hell Freezes: Fox News Hack Actually Condemns Anti-Gay Pastor For Flying Christian Rag Above US Flag

Image via Raw Story
This is what happens when Fox News is faced with having to choose between patriotism and religious freedom when a 'christian' pastor flies the 'christian' rag above the American flag in protest of same-sex marriage.

How wingnut pseudo-christianity promotes what it claims to hate

Bristol Palin, oldest daughter of former Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, at a book signing in Phoenix, Arizona (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)America’s high rate of abortion can be directly attributed to wingnut pseudo-christianity’s obsession with controlling and suppressing sexuality.

More wingnuts explain that marriage isn’t supposed to be about love or happiness

Mike Huckabee speaks to Fox News (screen grab)