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Sunday, April 19, 2015

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North Carolina’s Governor Says Offshore Drilling Should Be Closer To Beaches

Bernie Sanders Rolls While Demonstrating How To Knock Down Fox News

Bernie Sanders on Fox News
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) rolled through all of Bill O’Reilly’s attempts to split the left while knocking down Fox News’s attempts to use him for propaganda purposes.
Sen. Sanders didn’t bat an eye when Bill O’Reilly began the interview by trying various techniques to get him to say something negative about Hillary Clinton. Sanders was aggressive and seized the interview from O’Reilly. He forced Bill-O to pivot away from his usual blustering attacks and towards a friendly softer tone. Sanders even got O’Reilly to admit that the top dog on Fox News agrees with him on some issues like money in politics.
What really stuck out was Sanders’s ability to shift O’Reilly and the interview anywhere he wanted it to go. It is rare that a guest on O’Reilly show is more aggressive than the host, but the senator from Vermont was aggressive without being combative. The segment never turned into a scream fest. In fact, Sanders handled Bill O’Reilly fairly easily by keeping the tone civil and not falling for the loaded questions that the Fox News host was leading trying to lead him with.
Bernie Sanders was able to successfully take apart Fox News by weeding through the bias that most of the questions were based on. Sanders took on the Fox News and showed them what a strong liberal looks and sounds like. O’Reilly could rely on his gimmick of being the voice for the “folks,” because he confronted with an authentic voice that works tirelessly for ordinary Americans.
The lesson for any member of the left who appears on Fox News is that it is important to be aggressive while not taking the questions at face value. The political motivation for Sanders to appear on Fox News is that he is trying to rally grassroots support on all sides for his potential presidential campaign.
Bernie Sanders wasn’t going to be used to divide the left ahead of 2016. In fact, it was O’Reilly who ended up bending to the iron will of the liberal champion.

4 Reasons Why State and Local Races Are Great News for Democrats

President Obama Shined at Working Mothers Town Hall

Obama TownHall

Bad News For Republicans As Americans’ Optimism About Finances Hits An 11 Year High

The bad news keeps piling up for Republicans as a new Gallup poll found that American optimism about their own finances has reached an 11 year high.
According to Gallup:
A majority of Americans, 52%, say their financial situation is “getting better,” the highest percentage to say this since 2004. It is also the first time since the recession that this sentiment has reached the majority level.
Gallup has been asking Americans whether their financial situation is getting better or getting worse since 2001. Americans were most positive about the outlook for their personal finances in 2002, when 60% said their financial situation was getting better, while they were least optimistic about their condition in 2011 (29%), as the government showdown over raising the debt ceiling led to instability in the stock market.
Not only is there a sizable gap between young and older Americans’ views, but there is also a significant divide between Republicans’ and Democrats’ perceptions of whether their financial situation is getting better. Thirty-eight percent of Republicans say their situation is getting better while 63% of Democrats say the same. Republicans barely budged from 37% last year, while Democrats jumped 11 points from 2014. Independents’ views fall roughly in between the two main parties, with 52% saying that their situation is getting better. This matches the overall percentage of Americans who say this.
Optimism about the economy is horrible news for Republicans who have been arguing over the course of the entire Obama presidency that his policies were failing and making the economy worse. The 2016 Republican candidates have all embraced the mantra that President Obama has failed, and that the path to true economic recovery is tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation, cuts to programs that benefit the middle-class and the poor.
The Gallup poll reveals that the only people who are buying the dire Republican rhetoric about the economy are fellow Republicans. Republican candidates who badmouth the economy run the risk of looking like they are out of touch with reality. The growing optimism is a perfect match for what us likely to be Hillary Clinton’s campaign message that she can turn the Obama economic recovery into an economic boom.
The Obama recovery is rolling, and the American people are noticing.

My Promise To Ted Cruz: I'll Buy A Gun To Fight Government Tyranny If You Win

My Promise To Ted Cruz:  I'll Buy A Gun To Fight Government Tyranny If You Win
It's what he wants, after all.

Obama Goes Off On McConnell By Calling His Senate Leadership Embarrassing

Obama rips Mitch McConnell
President Obama ripped Mitch McConnell without mentioning his name by calling the Senate dysfunctional and calling McConnell’s leadership embarrassing because the Kentucky Republican is refusing to call a vote to confirm Loretta Lynch.
The President mentioned the recent bit of bipartisanship in Congress then went off on Mitch McConnell for holding up a final vote on Loretta Lynch.
President Obama said:
Yet, and what we still have is this crazy situation where a woman who everybody agrees is qualified, who has gone after terrorists, who has worked with police officers to get gangs off the streets, who is trusted by the civil rights community and by police unions as being somebody who’s fair and effective and good manager. Nobody suggests otherwise. Who’s been confirmed twice by the United States for one of the biggest law enforcement jobs in the country, has been now sitting there longer than the previous seven attorney general nominees combined, and there’s no reason for it Nobody can describe a reason for it beyond political gamesmanship in the Senate on an issue that’s completely unrelated to her.
This is the top law enforcement job in the country. It’s my attorney general who has to interact with his Italian counterparts, or her Italian counterparts, in dealing with counterterrorism issues, in dealing with Interpol, in dealing with our national security, in coordinating with our FBI.
What are we doing here? And I have to say there are times where the dysfunction in the Senate just goes too far. This is an example of it. It’s gone too far. Enough. Enough. Call Loretta Lynch for a vote. Get her confirmed. Put her in place. Let her do her job.
This is embarrassing a process like this.
President Obama didn’t mention Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s name. He didn’t have to. McConnell has made it very clear that he is going to continue to block a final vote on confirming Loretta Lynch until Democrats agree to the anti-abortion language that Senate Republicans added to the human trafficking bill. McConnell is refusing to fill the top law enforcement job in the country unless Democrats agree to language that they find objectionable.
McConnell is trying to prove his power by holding Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote hostage.
The president was right. McConnell’s games are embarrassing, but they aren’t embarrassing for Obama. Mitch McConnell is embarrassing himself and his party. What McConnell won’t publicly admit is that his party’s chances of keeping the Senate if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election are slim. Sen. McConnell is desperate to prove that he is capable of pushing through the Republican agenda. His desperation is behind his decision to hold a final vote on the Lynch confirmation.
Obama wasn’t only criticizing Senate Republicans for playing games. The President was taking McConnell to task for his poor leadership. Mitch McConnell can’t govern, so he is pulling a page out of the Boehner playbook and ruling by dysfunction. Democrats aren’t going to cave, so the biggest loser in this whole embarrassing fiasco is destined to be Mitch McConnell.

The Republican Cabal Blasts Obama On Cuba,’Forgets’ Reagan and Bush Had Relationships With Dictators

The “do as I say, not as I do” memes that permeate today’s GOP like a fatal and infectious disease continue to reach Olympian levels of hypocrisy.
President Obama, enlisting the help of the freaking pope, shocked many when he revealed that he had been working for quite some time to bring about a rapprochement with Cuba — the feisty communist island-nation that has perturbed American presidents for decades.
The act of starting a path toward the restoration of diplomatic relations with the erstwhile enemy could be likened to the moment when President Nixon normalized relations with China. But Nixon was the original angry white guy and wasn’t exactly the Dalai Lama when it came to forgiving his enemies, so naturally he wasn’t excoriated by the democratic opposition for his actions.
Senator Marco Rubio, perhaps upset that he couldn’t find a bottled water and looking to take a shot at the president to cement a potential 2016 run, slammed President Obama over his actions on Cuba.  Rubio, who previously lied about his parents escaping Castro’s Cuba and clings to the reactionary and cold war-like thinking, called Obama’s actions (ones that even freaking Rand Paul seems to agree) a “concession to tyranny.” But what little Ricky and his fellow Koch Brother-owned Republicans fail to mention (or grasp) is that Bush and Reagan had diplomatic ties with a great many dictatorships, and they were totally cool with it.
1. Zimbabwe
The Sub-Saharan african country that Americans never hear of (Africa is a country, right?), ruled by notorious dictator  Robert Mugabe, has diplomatic ties with the United States. In fact,  the US has given the country $400 million in humanitarian aid, according to juancole.com.
2. Belarus
FOr those unfamiliar with this small European country, think Putin’s Russia but not with as good PR. Belarus is one of the few nations that failed to adopt democratic norms and transition to democracy following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ruled by brutish dictator Alexander Lukashenko (scary looking man with a mustache and sexual frustration), western journalists have dubbed Belarus “Europe’s last dictatorship.”  and often criticized by Human Rights WatchNotwithstanding, The US has an embassy in the Belarusian capital of Minsk.
3. Brunei
download (1)
The Sultanate of Brunei is a great place for a man to just sit back and relax in a den full of scantily clad  harem. In fact, what happens in Brunei, stays in Brunei.  But seriously, what really happens in Brunei is a series of basic human rights violations. Nonetheless, the Us has fabulous relations with Brunei and maintains an embassy there.
4. Uzbekistan
download (2)
In 2011,  failed Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain famously didn’t know who the leader of U-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan when he turned the FSR into a rap remix. Most Americans didn’t even know this greater middle eastern country existed, but just figured it had to be evil and sucked for tailgating parties since it ends in stan.
The fact of that mater is that its leader, Islam Karimov, had his own freaking daughter locked up!  Okay, so maybe Americans would start loving Billy ray Cyrus if he were to do the same, but Karimov was a total di*k about it. In fact, Parade Magazine labeled Karimov as one of the “world’s worst dictators.” Nonetheless, the U.S. has diplomatic ties with Uzbekistan and the country has served its interests int the war on terrorism. IE, it has provided dark bases for some yummy rectal feedings.
5. Saudi Arabia 
Ah, always save the best for last. There’s really nothing else to say about Saudi Arabia other than that it is ruled by a decades-old absolute monarchy and bars all political parties and any form of public dissent. It also loves stoning women for doing nothing other than being women  (maybe it’s the dry heat or oilfield fumes?). But hey, this nation sits on a freaking dinosaur bones mausoleum so we have loved this country. Not only do we maintain diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia and have embassies, but we still have 5 military bases there after Invade Iraq part one and part deux.
6. Egypt

Ronald Reagan is to republicans what McDonald’s is to food; it’s actually kind of crappy and unhealthy but we simply venerate it anyway.

Prior to being ousted in the 2011 Arab Spring, Mubarak experienced quite a kinship with Ronald Reagan. Time has shown that Egypt might have been better of with the pro-west strongman, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he had a lot of enemies killed and suppressed his own people for decades. What makes this relationship especially contradictory is that Reagan was credited for helping end the Cold War and importing democracy. But the fact of the mater is that he supported a great many nasty dictators, in what would be known as the Kirkpatrick Doctrine.
As Wikipedia points out:
The Kirkpatrick Doctrine was the doctrine expounded by United States Ambassador to the United NationsJeane Kirkpatrick in the early 1980s based on her 1979 essay, “Dictatorships and Double Standards“.[1] The doctrine was used to justify the U.S. foreign policy of supporting Third Worldanti-communistdictatorships during the Cold War.[2
Cuba has unquestionably suffered under the thumb of Fidel Castro. But ever since he has become a washed up mob boss in a track suit and handing power over to his brother Raul Castro, attempting a rapprochement with Cuba and working to achieve the same type of diplomacy and economic reforms like with Deng Xiaoping in China has never been more important.

Senate Democrats Push McConnell To The Breaking Point By Refusing To Back Down

Senate Democrats sent a strong message to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by refusing to back down on their demand that anti-abortion language be removed from the human trafficking bill.
In remarks on the Senate floor, Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said:
The most important question for a party in power is simply: “Can you govern?” Or in other words, “Can you steer this ship? Can you pilot this great nation of ours?” We are just over 100 days into this Republican-controlled Congress, and it is already clear that the Republican Leader and his side are not up to the task.

For evidence, look no further than Republican’s botched handling of the human trafficking bill before the Senate. The Majority Leader and the Assistant Majority Leader took a good, bipartisan piece of legislation and steered it right into the rocks.

What has taken place on the direction of human trafficking is an effort to obfuscate, to hide the real purpose of the legislation. We all agree that human trafficking should stop. With this legislation we have before us is a step in the right direction and we want to support that legislation and our friend the republican leader says all ire complaining about is a sentence or so. That’s why people spend all these years going to law school and taking these contracts courses. That’s why my friend, Assistant Republican Leader who served as a trial court judge, a Texas Supreme Court justice, he dealt during his entire career with lawyers coming to him talking about sentences in a contract or sentences on a piece of legislation. That’s what this is all about. And we should eliminate those sentences that here allow Hyde to be expanded to non-taxpayer money. We cannot allow that to happen.
It’s over 100 days into this Congress, we should move forward and get this bill done and it’s time on this legislation Republicans right the ship. If human trafficking legislation is any indication, Republicans haven’t a desire to govern dependably and I think that’s unfair. I hope, I hope that this cloture vote will be defeated. Perhaps at that time people will finally come to the realization we’re willing to do whatever needs to be done to change this language so that Hyde language does not apply to taxpayer dollars.

Like I said, we’re just over 100 days into this Congress. It’s not too late. There is time for Republicans to right this ship, if they want to. But if the human trafficking legislation is any indication, Republicans haven’t any desire to dependably govern.
Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans are trying to prove that they can strong arm their agenda past the Democrats. For Republicans, this legislative battle is about demonstrating their power. Democrats don’t want to set the precedent of agreeing to anti-choice language that gets unnecessarily attached to legislation. Senate Democrats have a legitimate complaint about what Sen. McConnell has done to this piece of legislation.
Reid pointed out in his remarks that Democrats have offered four different potential solutions, but Republicans have rejected them all. Senate Republicans are tanking their own legislation by turning it into a partisan power play, Republicans have demonstrated that they aren’t interested in coming to the middle and governing. The difference is that it is Mitch McConnell’s job as Majority Leader that is on the line.
McConnell has grown increasingly desperate to demonstrate that he can lead a majority that is capable of governing. Democrats are well aware of McConnell’s desperation, which is why they aren’t backing down. Pushing is coming to shove for Sen. McConnell, and he has to make a decision. Either he is going to come to the middle and govern, or he is going to go down with the sinking Republican ship.
One thing is certain. Democrats aren’t going to be strong-armed, and they are not going to back down.

Congratulations on ignoring public

Over and over, you tune out those meddling citizens

TO: Legislators and other political leaders
FROM: The Powers That Be
SUBJECT: That meddling public
We wanted to send this quick memo just to commend you on your performance in ignoring members of the public on matters that directly affect them. As you know, this is an essential part of our approach to governing, and your performance recently has been stellar.
Indulge us and let us single out a few individuals who have shone brightly in this regard.
First, N.C. Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry. Cherie has ignored a state law that requires her to meet with an outside advisory committee at least twice a year. Despite this burdensome regulation, Cherie has shown the courage not to call a single meeting of this group in five years.
The 11 citizens on the State Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health include labor advocates, a migrant labor expert and three others with an understanding of worker safety issues. They could be quite an annoyance as Cherie fashions a business-friendly approach at the agency created explicitly to look out for workers. Aside from not wasting precious time hearing from these labor advocates, Cherie is saving the state several dollars in travel reimbursements each year by not following the law. Thank you, Cherie, for your existence in the labor commissioner’s office.
Another group seeking to diminish the public’s input is Rep. Skip Stam and his colleagues of both parties who seek to abolish protest petitions in North Carolina. For nearly 100 years, those petitions have let ordinary citizens make developers work harder to show that their rezoning request is a good move. With House Bill 201, Skip admirably strikes a blow for the developers and raises the bar on the affected neighbors. Well done, Skip!
Skip’s bill also changes local policy from Raleigh, which brings us to our next honorees: Sen. Trudy Wade of Greensboro and Sen. Chad Barefoot of Raleigh. Trudy, in the face of opposition from the public and even fellow Republican legislators from Greensboro, has shepherded a bill through the Senate that would overhaul the Greensboro City Council. Her bill would cut the number of members and change how they are elected. It has been an unpopular idea and would surely be defeated if the people of Greensboro could vote on it. Congratulations, Trudy, for pushing on despite that.
Similarly, Chad led an effort to redraw the Wake County commissioner districts. Democrats won all seven seats last year, which cannot stand. Chad’s bill will take care of that. Opponents of the bill learned about one opportunity to speak out against it only two hours before the meeting convened. Then, legislators defeated an effort to let voters have a say on the change, and Chad’s bill is now law.
That’s the way! Now the rest of you, go and do likewise.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/opinion/editorials/article18526277.html?utm_content=buffera0618&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#storylink=cpy

Rick Scott Would Rather Sue Obama Than Expand Medicaid

Rick Scott Would Rather Sue Obama Than Expand Medicaid
Even Republicans in Florida are furious over his stubbornness to approve the Medicaid expansion.

House Republicans Harm Working People By Passing A $3 Million Tax Cut For Millionaires

boehner-thumbs-up-485x311House Republicans made it clear whose side they are on today by voting to pass a $3 million tax cut for millionaires and billionaires.
The final vote was 240-179 along mostly party lines.
Speaker of the House John Boehner tried to sell his tax cut millionaires and billionaires as a bill that helps families by righting a wrong, “Family farmers, ranchers, and small business owners work tirelessly to create jobs in our communities, put food on our tables, and – God willing – have something to pass on to their children and grandchildren. Taking away that opportunity with a massive death tax bill is simply wrong. And while the money is nothing more than a drop in the bucket to the federal government, it can prove devastating to families – forcing them to sell land, lay off workers, and even shut down entirely. The Death Tax Repeal protects families and small businesses, and makes it easier for them to grow and plan for the future. We’ve also taken another step to bring more certainty to the tax code by extending and making permanent a provision allowing families and small businesses to deduct sales tax from their tax filings, helping them keep more of what they earn. These are common-sense bills that make the tax code simpler and fairer for hardworking families and I urge the president to reconsider his opposition to these measures.”
The White House debunked Boehner’s death tax fairy tale in their threat to veto this bill, “Repealing the estate tax exclusively benefits just the wealthiest one or two estates out of every thousand—which would receive a tax cut averaging more than $3 million each—because current law already exempts more than $5 million of wealth for individuals and more than $10 million of wealth for couples from the tax. Given these large exemptions, well over 99 percent of Americans, including virtually all small businesses and family farms, do not pay any estate tax. H.R. 1105 would also shift a greater share of the tax burden onto working Americans at a time when the top one percent already holds more than 40 percent of the Nation’s wealth and wealth disparities have risen to levels not seen since the 1930s.”
Republicans have made it clear who they are standing with. The GOP isn’t supporting hard working people who are falling behind a little more each day. John Boehner showed more sympathy for the plight of a few thousand of the richest families in the country than he ever has for working class Americans.
The good news is that Senate Democrats are certain to block this bill, and if, by some off chance, the legislation would get to President Obama’s desk, he has promised to veto it. This vote demonstrated the Republican priorities in the clearest way.
John Boehner loves to claim that he works for “The People’s House,” and today’s vote demonstrated exactly who the people are that the Speaker is working for.

No War On Women?

Diddling the Lobbyist

House Republican leading transportation panel dating airline lobbyist

Cops have killed way more Americans in America than terrorists have

Police have killed more Americans on U.S. soil since the year 2000 than the Islamist terrorists. At Vox, Anand Katakam created an interactive map with data from Fatal Encounters, a nonprofit working to build a national database of police killings. This database, and the map Vox created, shows that US police have killed at least 5,600 people since the year 2000. That's many more than have died in terrorist attacks on American soil.
A huge majority of the more than 5,600 deaths on the map are from gunshots, which is hardly surprising given that guns are so deadly compared to other tools used by police. There are also a lot of noticeable fatalities from vehicle crashes, stun guns, and asphyxiations. In some cases, people died from stab wounds, medical emergencies, and what's called "suicide by cop," when someone commits suicide by baiting a police officer into using deadly force.

As It Moved To Seize Home, Bank Never Told Widow Her Loan Was Insured

As It Moved To Seize Home, Bank Never Told Widow Her Loan Was Insured
Bank of America, Select Portfolio Servicing — a company that collects mortgage payments — and a Florida insurer all face a federal lawsuit in California.

Judge Forces Mormon Cult Abuse Victims To Pay Half Their Abuser’s Legal Fees

Judge Forces Mormon Church Abuse Victims To Pay Half Their Abuser’s Legal Fees
This takes victim blaming to a whole new level.
Read more

Low wages mean more than $150 billion in public assistance for working families

Republicans tend to talk like there are two distinct groups of people: working people, and moochers on government aid. This doesn't mean Republicans support policies that benefit working people, like a minimum wage increase or paid sick leave, but it's a strong moral distinction they like to make. In reality, though, most people-73 percent of them-receiving government aid are from families where at least one adult is working at least part-time.
A new study from the University of California Center for Labor Research and Education looks at participation in four key aid programs-Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program, Temporary Aid to Needy Families, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-finding that:
...  between 2009 and 2011 the federal government spent $127.8 billion per year on these four programs for working families and the states collectively spent $25 billion per year on Medicaid/CHIP and TANF for working families for a total of $152.8 billion per year. In all, more than half-56 percent-of combined state and federal spending on public assistance goes to working families.
More than half of fast food workers are enrolled in one of these programs; nearly half of child care and home care workers are, as are one in four part-time college faculty. That means these are industries where low pay from employers is subsidized by public assistance-by taxpayers. Some states are looking to combat this, and not just by raising the minimum wage:
In Connecticut, for example, a legislative proposal calls for large employers to pay a fee to the state for each worker who earns less than $15 an hour. In 2016, California will start publishing the names of employers that have more than 100 employees receiving Medicaid, and how much these companies cost the state in public assistance.
On April 15, workers in several of the industries where low wages force high use of public assistance-fast food and home care and, yes, higher education-will be joining together to fight back with a national day of action. With median wages stagnating and economic inequality soaring, this is a fight for the broader middle class.

Burger King Co-Founder Worried More About The Dollar Menu Than His Employees

Burger King Co-Founder Worried More About The Dollar Menu Than His EmployeesYou know what would help reduce the debt in this nation? Getting people off government assistance. You know what would get people off of government assistance?...
Burger King Co-Founder Worried More About The Dollar Menu Than His Employees