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Friday, August 21, 2015

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How Obama Outsmarted Republicans And Virtually Guaranteed Victory On The Iran Deal

President Obama outsmarted Republicans by using their own obstruction and gridlock against them to set up an environment that virtually guarantees him victory on the Iran deal.
In The New York Times, John Harwood broke down the gridlock that Obama is using to his advantage:
So, notwithstanding an acrimonious debate, polarization makes the United States’ acceptance of the Iran nuclear deal very likely.

That is because the mechanism for congressional consideration, agreed on by Republican leaders and the White House, reverses the typical legislative imperative. Instead of requiring an extraordinary majority to act, it requires one to stop action — which means partisanship is all President Obama needs to approve the deal.

The Republican-misled House and Senate can pass a resolution next month disapproving the deal, as lawmakers in both parties expect they will. Mr. Obama can then veto that resolution, as he has promised to do. To override that veto and block the deal, Republican leaders would need two-thirds majorities in each chamber. That would require roughly 25 percent of congressional Democrats to abandon the president on his biggest foreign policy initiative. In 21st-century American politics, that is an exceptionally high bar.
Currently, Republicans do not have the 60 votes that will be required to pass the resolution of disapproval in the Senate. It is possible that McConnell could get there, but it is very telling that no Senate Democrats have joined Chuck Schumer since he announced that he will be voting against the deal.
If Republicans do manage to get the needed 60 votes, Obama will veto the resolution. The President has the votes in the House and Senate to sustain his veto.
President Obama sowed the seeds for this victory by using Congress’s own partisanship as a weapon. By setting up the agreement so that Republicans would have to break character and court Democratic votes, the White House was able to turn the years of Republican obstruction and gridlock into his biggest asset.
Obama outsmarted McConnell and Boehner. With a government shutdown looming at the end of September, the Republican leaders in Congress have bigger problems than the Iran deal.
Republicans will give their speeches, and cast their votes, but in the end, the President will win just like Obama planned.

Bernie Sanders Proposes To Boost Worker-Ownership Of Companies

What happens if a business is owned and run by the people who work there, and not by some distant, already-wealthy investors?

Spending More On U.S. Medical Research Hasn't Led To New Cures

What's Going Wrong?

Local Officials Have Pushed To Criminalize Homelessness For Years. The Feds Are Starting To Push Back

The federal government appears to be getting serious about combating local laws that turn homeless people into criminals.

The True Origin Of ‘American Exceptionalism’ The Republican Cabal Refuses To Talk About

Photo CC by Bubbels
Many Republican cabal shrieking heads claim that Alexis de Tocqueville invented the term ‘American Exceptionalism’ but the true origin is far more ironic.

Walker Embarrasses Himself By Holding Up A Protester’s Sign

Let’s make this image go viral!

Walker Plans To Kill 9,800 Americans A Year By Taking Away Their Health Insurance

Republican Candidates’ Obamacare Alternatives Are The Same As They Were In 2008

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Republican Cabal As Trump, Carson And Cruz Top The Republican Field

trump carson cruz
A Fox News poll released on August 16th, showed Trump continuing to enjoy a dominant lead in the Republican race for the 2016 pretender nomination. Trump polled at 25 percent in the 17 candidate field, well ahead of retired neurosurgeon Carson who was in second place with 12 percent support. Cruz was in third place at 10 percent, with no other candidate in double digits.
Trump’s commanding lead is no longer surprising, given that he has been comfortably ahead in several recent national surveys, released from multiple different polling firms. What makes the Fox News poll so frightening for republican cabal agitators, however, is that Trump’s nearest competitors are not establishment favorites like Jeb, Walker and Rubio. Instead, if Trump falters, Carson or Cruz appear to be next in line to ascend to the top of the Republican cabal clown car pack.
Shrieking heads have long argued that Trump will eventually fade as voters take a more sober look at the Republican options and cease their reckless flirtations with candidates on the fringe. However, that “conventional wisdom” is predicated on the notion that Republican voters both want to win in 2016, and that they recognize that choosing a more moderate candidate is their path to victory.
However, the Fox News survey suggests that Republican cabal voters are disinterested in choosing one of the Republican establishment candidates with extensive experience governing. In fact, given their preference for political outsiders like Trump and Carson, Republican voters may even see elected experience as a liability. “If you’re part of the government, you’re part of the problem”, they reason. The notable exception to that adage is Texas idiot Cruz, whose main accomplishment as senator has been as an obstructionist who keeps the U.S. Senate from getting things done.
Republican cabal leaders have spent the better part of the last two decades stirring up their base with anti-government rhetoric. That strategy has helped them steal seats from Democrats, but not without consequences for establishment Republican cabal politicians, who are now facing the wrath of the anti-government voters they helped cultivate. With Republican cabal voters looking at Trump, Carson and Cruz as their potential saviors, its pretty clear that the angry mobs are not just upset with Barack Obama.
They have grabbed their pitchforks and torches to go after the Republican establishment as well. Jeb and Walker may not have noticed yet, but Republican voters aren’t looking for somebody with executive experience as governor. Instead, they are looking for a candidate with little or no experience, because they have been conditioned to virtually reject the idea of governing at all.

Threat Of Violent Revolution If Anti-Immigration Candidate Trump Doesn't Steal The Office In 2016

Larry Klayman is a perpetually angry white man upset about what his pea-brain imagines is "the growing tyranny" of the Obama Administration…
Trump Arpaio
The election of the first African American President in 2008, and his re-election in 2012, has elicited more threats of violent revolution and overthrow of the government than there are states in America. It does not matter if it is gun fanatics, teabaggers, racists, religious fanatics or anti-immigration agitators, there has been no relief from threats of revolution since President Obama has been in office. Now, even though Barack Obama is not in the running for President in 2016 due to Constitutional limitations, there is another threat of a violent revolution and war of independence if the “right” anti-immigrant candidate does not steal the Oval Office.
There is little dispute that one of Trump’s greatest appeals to hate-driven wingnuts is his anti-Hispanic immigrant position. In fact, Trump has invigorated the anti-immigration delusion championed by Arizona sheriff teabagger racist Joe Arpaio and his anti-American legal advocate Larry Klayman. Klayman, in particular, sees an opportunity to install a like-minded white pretender who pledges to deport immigrants en masse to begin the great American racial purification process and return America to its “European heritage.” However, since he cannot, of his own accord, place an anti-immigrant bigot in the White House, Klayman is issuing threats, again, of violent revolution if an anti-immigration, anti-establishment candidate like Trump does not steal the Oval Office in November 2016.
Klayman is perpetually angry about what his pea-brain imagines is “the growing tyranny” of the Obama Administration, particularly its immigration policy. However, he is incredibly incensed now since a Federal Appeals Court “unanimously rejected” a lawsuit he brought on behalf of Arizona’s anti-immigration teabagger racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Klayman and Arpaio filed the lawsuit to stop President Obama from doing something every president since Harry Truman has done; take executive action on immigration enforcement. Since his lawsuit was summarily rejected because neither he nor Arpaio have any legal standing to challenge an executive order, Klayman pledged to use the wingnut Supreme Court to put a stop to “the growing tyranny” of an African American President doing what a bunch of white presidents did; many more than once.
Still, it does not matter what every other president did, Klayman is certain that because President Obama issued an executive order on immigration enforcement, “Our country is dying, and most Americans are beginning to flock to Trump and other anti-establishment pretender candidates. Tomorrow, if real, honest, non-establishment leaders fail to steal office, such as a president who can arrest the downward spiral of the nation, revolution will break out as it did in 1776. All political persuasions in this country have had it, and the judicial, legislative and executive establishment will be taken to the guillotines.”
Klayman contends that “as a lawless president, shredding the U.S. Constitution, Obama unilaterally granted amnesty to 6 million illegal aliens plus work permits. However, Arpaio’s case was dismissed in December for lack of ‘standing.’ Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of Arpaio’s case. Sadly, this does not surprise me. I have always expected that the questions will have to be decided in the U.S. Supreme Court. Is there hope the Supreme Court will stand up against growing tyranny to protect our Constitution? Even that hope is rapidly vanishing.”
First, there was nothing in the President’s immigration order that came close to granting amnesty to 6 million undocumented immigrants, or even one; and Klayman knows it. Second, what Klayman also knows is that according to the 2012 decision, the John Roberts wingnut Supreme Court ruled that the President’s immigration enforcement order is perfectly legal, and Constitutional. Whether Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or rebellion-minded Larry Klayman like the decision is irrelevant, but obviously they do not like it and Klayman’s threat is that unless an anti-immigration champion like Trump is pretender, there will be a 1776-style war for independence to topple the United States government and send it to the guillotines. All because the anti-Latino immigrant Trump, teabagger and Arpaio cabal hate Hispanic immigrants so deeply that if they cannot rid the nation of immigrants with a Trump pretender junta; there will be a 1776-style revolution to overthrow the government over an immigration order the court said is legal.
According to the High Court ruling explained by Republican Justice Anthony Kennedy, “one principal feature of the ‘immigration’ removal system is the broad discretion exercised by the Executive Branch and immigration officials. Federal officials, as an initial matter, must decide whether it makes sense to pursue removal at all.” The case centered around Arizona’s nasty “papers please” law and Justice Kennedy’ opinion did much more than strike down provisions of a racist state law; it purposely included language highlighting the “broad discretion the executive branch enjoys in matters relating to immigration enforcement.”
In fact, it was that “broad discretion on matters relating to immigration enforcement” that Presidents Reagan, both shrubs, Nixon, Clinton, Eisenhower, Carter, Ford, and Kennedy used to issue executive immigration orders without lawsuits, or threats of rebellion unless an anti-immigrant anti-establishment maniac like Trump steals the Oval Office. However, this is not the first, and likely not the last time Larry Klayman threatened, and actually predicted, a violent revolution to overthrow the government because an African American man is doing the job Presidents are tasked to do as head of the Executive Branch of government. The last time Klayman summoned “millions” of like-minded seditious Americans to “overthrow Obama” to stop the unconstitutional “government tyranny,” the revolution fizzled out; instead of “millions of angry, fearful Americans of all political persuasions” storming the White House, about 100 people showed up.
Klayman is probably feeling emboldened and powerful with the popularity, especially in Arizona, of a like-minded anti-immigrant hate-monger like Trump among what a Reagan and shrub senior advisor called “crazy and stupid” know-nothings in the wingnut delusion. However, Trump may be popular with the teabagger anti-immigration crowd, but despite Klayman’s delusional thinking, “most Americans” are not “flocking to Trump.” The only Americans flocking to Trump are the crazy, stupid, and extremist Republicans that may indeed be stupid enough to join in a “revolution against the government like it was 1776” if their hero does not steal the oval office in 2016.
In the same way that Trump is never going to be pretender, the coward Klayman will never lead a violent revolution to “take the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government to the guillotines.” There are simply far too many Americans of all colors and demographics, real American patriots, who have had just about enough of seditious teabagger “government overthrow” threats and will put un-American traitors like Klayman, Arpaio and probably Trump where they belong; out of America and out of our misery.

They Love Him, They Really Do

Group Of White Nationalists Seek To Overtake Town, Name It After Trump

Group Of White Nationalists Seek To Overtake Town, Name It After Donald Trump
A white-supremacist supporting and idolizing Trump? 
I’m shocked.

Klansman Planned To Use Death Ray To Attack President Obama, Muslims

Klansman Planned To Use Death Ray To Attack President Obama, MuslimsKKK member faces WMD charges for death ray he planned to use on muslims and the White House.

This Undocumented Worker Works For Trump And Wants You All To Know Something

This Undocumented Worker Works For Trump And Wants You All To Know Something (VIDEO)
He knows he could lose his job, but is speaking out anyway.
This needs to be seen by everyone…

Racist Fears Have Long Driven Attempts To Restrict Birthright Citizenship

From Dred Scott to the Chinese Exclusion Act, America has a dark history of trying to deny citizenship to certain groups.
Headshot of Amanda Terkel by Amanda Terkel
<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption"><span style="color: #252525; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px; background-color: #ffffff;">The case of Wong Kim Ark, who was born in San Francisco to Chinese parents, went to the Supreme Court in the late 19th century on the issue of birthright citizenship rights for immigrants' children who were born in the United States. </span></span>
The case of Wong Kim Ark, who was born in San Francisco to Chinese parents, went to the Supreme Court in the late 19th century on the issue of birthright citizenship rights for immigrants' children who were born in the United States. 
Prominent figures in the Republican Party in recent days have expressed renewed interest in repealing the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which would take away the automatic right of those born in the United States to become citizens of the country. Even a number of the Republican cabal pretenderl candidates argue that this privilege has been abused and is no longer necessary in modern times.
But rescinding birthright citizenship privileges would return the U.S. to some of its darkest chapters, when politicians tried to deny citizenship rights to black people and when the country was overtaken by anti-Chinese xenophobia.
Walter Dellinger has been trying to push back against the anti-birthright citizenship movement since the mid-1990s, when he served as a top legal official in President Bill Clinton's administration and testified against such an effort before a House committee.
He told The Huffington Post Tuesday that the country is at a "critical moment" in this debate, when a major political party may nominate as its presidential candidate someone who embraces the end of birthright citizenship.
"It would fundamentally change the identity of America," Dellinger said, "to create a permanent caste that was excluded from citizenship generation after generation."
Citizenship by birth has been enshrined in common law since America's founding. The first time in the nation's history that this right was taken away for a group of people was in 1857, when the Supreme Court issued its shameful Dred Scott decision holding that black people, either free or slave, could never become U.S. citizens.
<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">Dred Scott unsuccessfully sued for his freedom, leading to the Supreme Court's infamous 1857 decision, Dred Scott v. Sandford.</span>
Dred Scott unsuccessfully sued for his freedom, leading to the Supreme Court's infamous 1857 decision, Dred Scott v. Sandford.
Eleven years later, the U.S. rectified that mistake and ratified the 14th Amendment, which states, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."
One of the arguments critics put forth for doing away with this provision is that it has served its purpose. Slavery is gone, they say, and it's no longer applicable to modern times.
In 2010, Paul (Republican-Ky.), who is now running for pretender, argued that it might be time to "amend the Constitution because I don't think the 14th Amendment was meant to apply to illegal aliens. It was meant to apply to the children of slaves."
But in fact, the framers of the 14th Amendment were thinking of immigrants' children, as they made clear in an 1866 debate on the Senate floor.
Cowan (Republican-Pa.) was an opponent of birthright citizenship and specifically worried about the measure leading to an influx of immigrants. When he asked whether the proposed legislation would cover children of immigrants, Conness (Republican-Calif.), a supporter, said it would:
COWAN: I am really desirous to have a legal definition of "citizenship of the United States." ... Is the child of the Chinese immigrant in California a citizen? [...]

CONNESS: The proposition before us...relates...to the children begotten of Chinese parents in California, and it is proposed to declare that they shall be citizens. ... I am in favor of doing so.
There was a substantial amount of racism wrapped up in fears about granting birthright citizenship to immigrants' children. Cowan said senators should consider what would happen if California, for instance, were "overrun by a flood of immigration of the Mongol race."
Anti-Chinese sentiment was high in the late 19th century, with people worried that Chinese immigrants -- who were viewed as racially inferior -- would come in and take away the jobs of hardworking Americans. In response, politicians passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which essentially stopped Chinese immigration and barred Chinese residents of the U.S. from becoming citizens.
Officials also tried to stop the American-born children of Chinese immigrants from becoming citizens. Wong Kim Ark was born in San Francisco to Chinese immigrants. When the U.S. government refused to grant him citizenship, he challenged the decision under the 14th Amendment, and his case went to the Supreme Court. The Court affirmed in United States v. Wong Kim Ark (1898) that immigrants' children born in the United States are entitled to citizenship.
The Supreme Court noted in its majority opinion that the importance of birthright citizenship was indicated by the fact that it was codified as an amendment, rather than as a regular law.
"The same congress, shortly afterwards, evidently thinking it unwise, and perhaps unsafe, to leave so important a declaration of rights to depend upon an ordinary act of legislation, which might be repealed by any subsequent congress, framed the fourteenth amendment of the constitution," the justices wrote.
Dellinger warned that people who want to get rid of birthright citizenship should think more carefully about the implications.
 "Today, it serves a very important function, that no one can go back to previous generations and find out that your claim to be a citizen is faulty because your grandparent or great-grandparents was not lawfully in the country," he said. "That's the critical importance of wiping the slate clean."
"If it weren't for birthright citizenship, people could go back and say, 'We found out your great-grandparent arrived at Ellis Island under a different name, and therefore none of her descendants are citizens either,'" Dellinger added. "Birthright citizenship eliminates all of those questions."

Many Republican Pretender Candidates Want To Repeal 14th Amendment

If most of the Republican cabal pretender field had their way, the 14th Amendment would be stripped from the Constitution. And if that happens, we’d all be living in a wingnut hell-hole.

Republican Candidates Race To Match Trump’s Extreme Immigration Policy

Now, THAT is a terrifying thought if there ever was one. 

Every Republican Is Racing To Change The Constitution

Carly Fiorina Wants To Get Rid Of The National Minimum Wage

Poverty Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Poverty Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Republicans have developed six new incredibly sadistic techniques for torturing the poor

Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com
Republican-misled states are sharpening their fight against the poor, and then paralyzing their attempts to fight back.

‘Houseparents’ at 'christian' camp for at-risk children arrested for sexually molesting teens

Michael Paul Magill, 30, and Jennifer Nicole Magill, 32, who work at the Christian Children’s Ranch, were last arrested last Friday for molesting two teenage girls. 

The Appalling Evil of the Religio-Wingnuts and All Their Works

Take a look at these troglodytes: the whole edifice of religio-wingnut 'christianity' is rotten, and that therefore all its fruits will be
If the Republican cabal has gone crazy (and it has), this development did not take place before wingnut 'christians' went off the deep end. The two are tied together. The Republican cabal of the Goldwater era is the point to which we can trace covens like the 'Moral Majority' and Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson, though the roots go much deeper than that.
They began their takeover of the Republican cabal and in so doing, infected the Republican cabal with their bizarre ideas about religion’s place in government. It’s been all down hill from there, and the craziness seems to pick up speed every year.
It has gotten so bad now that they do not even bother dealing in reality anymore. They just make reality up to suit their needs and attack that. Never mind that it has no bearing on actual reality, the stuff we live and breathe everyday.
The other night n HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a look at televangelists, specifically, the prosperity gospel – you know, profiteering for jesus in private jets. “This is about the cults that exploit people’s delusion for monetary gain,” he said, making clear that many cults do good work. But, warns Oliver,
The Prosperity Gospel argues that wealth is a sign of dog’s favor, and donations will result in wealth coming back to you. That idea takes the form of ‘seed faith’—that donations are seeds that you will one day get to harvest.
If what Oliver has to say about this subversive movement taking place right under our noses is not enough, Right Wing Watch has compiled some further disturbing examples of televangelist behavior to be shared with you. RWW calls them “extreme” and most of you will probably agree. At the same time, you probably know people who fall into this category to one degree or another.
The ex-wife of Scott Roeder, the man who murdered Dr. George Tiller, explained how Roeder was an average guy when they were first married but eventually became extremely invested in the prosperity gospel movement and began sending large sums of money to evangelist Robert Tilton (John Oliver discussed Tilton on his show). After that, Roeder found himself unable to pay his bills and so he stopped paying his taxes and, from there, proceeded to go completely off the deep end.
Televangelist Creflo Dollar yesterday insisted that the Devil was behind his arrest following his 15-year-old daughter’s 911 call where she reported that Dollar choked and punched her, a story corroborated by her older sister.
Religious Right leaders are lining up to endorse Rod Parsley’s new book, The Cross, which is about how American culture and even non-christian 'christian' cults have “degraded the significance of the cross.”
[…]Mike Huckabee recorded a video promoting Parsley’s new book, and interviewed him on his radio show.
On the 700 Club, Pat Robertson told an elderly viewer who has been tithing since childhood that she wouldn’t have health issues, and therefore medical expenses, if she was tithing properly.
Televangelist Rod Parsley pulled out a bong onstage this week at his Columbus, Ohio megacult to demonstrate that people cannot hide their immoral actions from dog. During his deluded rant, Parsley also danced in a fat suit with people dressed up as McDonald’s French fries, took shots with his pianist, frantically scratched himself to show the dangers of taking prescription drugs and dropped fake money from the ceiling to condemn greed. Parsley also reminded his congregants that withholding money from his lucrative ministry was a similar offense in the eyes of dog.
It is worth noting here that Pat Robertson said if we keep mocking him, dog will smack us down. Probably, like me, you won’t worry about what passes for a pissant dogling in Robertson’s warped mind, so we’ll spit in his eye.
If the IRS has a difficult time defining exactly why some groups should be tax exempt and some should not, the religio-wingnuts do not. You might remember when they came down themselves on the Prosperity Gospel, and baptist press tried to pin it all on Paganism, saying the Prosperity Gospel is “pagan teaching with a 'christian' face.”
Blaming Paganism for the Prosperity Gospel is like blaming liberals for Trump. We all know exactly who is to blame, but the one thing you can count on with religio-wingnut types is the complete disavowal of personal responsibility.
You need look no further than the case of Michigan teabaggers Republicans Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. He is a father of four and she a mother of three and needless to say, they were not married to each other.
Faced with being caught out in adultery, Courser, a shining example of anti-gay evangelical 'family' values, decided to pretend to be caught out in a gay affair, ordering anonymous smears be directed at him. This would “inoculate the herd” in advance of the truth about he and Gamrat coming out.
If all this is not vile enough, Courser then tried to excuse it all by first blaming the “Lansing mafia” for his problems, and then, in a long, rambling discourse on Facebook, “original sin,” a Manichean concept incorporated into orthodox christianity by the woman-hating Augustine of Hippo.
The beauty of his attempted evasion of personal responsibility is that people on Facebook were not letting him get away with it. But the reason I mention it is to show that the religio-wingnuts are in no position to cast stones at the Prosperity Gospel.
If you look not only at its talking heads, from David Lane to Ralph Reed to Pat Robertson, you see this is a group that is as corrupt and self-serving as any that has ever existed. It would be impossible for anything even as appallingly vile as the Prosperity Gospel to darken their names.
And here is why:
You need look no further than the Duggars and to the Republican cabal’s defense of the indefensible on their behalf, to Cruz’s self-promoting “messianism,” to Huckabee’s refusal to let a raped 10-year-old girl have an abortion, to Rubio’s opposition to exemptions in cases of not only rape but incest, and last but not least, to Lively’s claim that Religious Freedom applies only to 'christians' to see that the whole edifice of religio-wingnut 'christianity' is rotten, and that therefore all its fruits will be rotten.
These people must not be allowed to win.
They want our country. They want, like the creepy old men of Duck Dynasty, to marry our 15-year-old daughters, to rape our 10-year-old daughters and force them to give birth to their rapist’s children. They want to probe the vaginas of our wives and sisters and daughters, and they want you to pay them for doing it.
Then they’ll teach our kids that a bunch of Bronze Age patriarchs who didn’t know where the sun went at night, know more science than actual scientists, that once you get pregnant, what you eat can change the sex of your fetus, and that dog is causing global warming to punish us not because they molest their daughters, but because same sex couples want to get married.
There are no words in the English language suitable to describe the appalling things they say and do. I won’t even try here. If you look at the worst the old testament has to offer in intolerance, you will see just a tithe of the horrors being offered by our own religio-wingnuts.
They are utter and unrepentant evil.

White House hires first openly transgender staff member

White House hires first openly transgender staff member
Wingnut Meltdown in 3, 2, 1 ...

Republican National Coven Endorses Anti-Gay Discrimination

Republican National Coven Endorses Anti-Gay Discrimination

Religio-Wingnut Lawyer Debunks Religio-Wingnuts' Favorite Shrieking Point On Gay Marriage

Anti-gay agitatorss have claimed that the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down same-sex marriage bans in Obergefell v. Hodges will lead to a tidal wave of oppression and persecution — just as they did following the passage of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act in 2009. Struggling to find ... MORE

Cruz Holding Rally To Honor ‘Victims’ Of Gay Marriage

Save The Date, Bigots: Ted Cruz Holding Rally To Honor ‘Victims’ Of Gay Marriage Cruz will use his time at the Iowa State Fair “soapbox” to highlight what he considers some of the most persecuted people in country:...

Rubio Says He’ll Appoint ‘Vagina Czar’ To Enforce Abortion Ban

Marco Rubio Says He’ll Appoint ‘Vagina Czar’ To Enforce Abortion Ban (Satire)
It has to be pointed out that this is SATIRE for those who are wingnuts and are too stupid to know what satire is ...
It is pretty damn good satire in that it really is hard to tell the difference between it and actual desires of wingnuts like Rubio. 

Two Women Make History By Passing Army’s Elite Ranger School

And The Sexists Attack
Sexists Attack: Two Women Make History By Passing Army’s Elite Ranger School (IMAGES)
Sexists are refusing to believe these two women made it through Army Ranger school and are creating sick rumors about it.