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Saturday, June 20, 2015

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Today is - World Refugee Day
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The Pope Is The Climate Change Churchill Humanity Desperately Needs

Michelle Obama Remarks To Muslim Women Upset Wingnuts

We Need A New Social Contract For A Nation Of Freelancers And Contractors

We Need A New Social Contract For A Nation Of Freelancers And Contractors

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is America’s Favorite SC Justice, Clarence Thomas Is Least Favorite

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted from June 11th to June 14th 2015, found that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is America’s favorite Supreme Court Justice and Clarence Thomas is the nation’s least favorite justice. The poll of 1,129 U.S. voters found that when asked who their favorite justice was, 19 percent of voters chose Ruth Bader Ginsburg as their top choice. Sonia Sotomayor and Clarence Thomas were tied for second with 11 percent of voters selecting each of them as their favorite justice.
When asked who their least favorite justice was, Thomas was the top choice of 18 percent of voters, followed by Ginsburg at 12 percent and Antonin Scalia at 10 percent. The fact that Thomas and Ginsburg were among the top three most liked and most disliked justices is evidence that they are the two justices most closely identified with the polar extremes on the court, with Ginsburg representing the left wing of the court, while Thomas is viewed as the farthest right-wing justice on the court.
Overall, the public has a slightly negative view of the Supreme Court, with 35 percent holding a favorable opinion of the court compared to 41 percent who have an unfavorable view of the court. Individual justices fare a bit better. Six of the nine justices have a net favorable rating.
Justices Scalia, Thomas and Roberts are the three justices who do not have positive favorable ratings. Justice John Roberts has a negative 18 to 27 favorable to unfavorable ratio.  Justice Antonin Scalia is viewed favorably by 27 percent of American voters compared to 29 percent who view him unfavorably. The polarizing Clarence Thomas has a neutral 32 to 32 favorable versus unfavorable rating.
The popularity of each justice predictably falls along partisan lines with Democrats holding favorable views of Clinton and Obama appointees, while GOP voters prefer Republican appointed justices. However, Independents, like Democrats, also regard Ruth Bader Ginsburg as their favorite Supreme Court Justice and Clarence Thomas as their least favorite justice. The view of Independents suggests that middle of the road Americans recognize that Clarence Thomas is the most ideologically extreme member of the court, and that he is less trustworthy than the most liberal justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats Bust Republicans For Refusing Release Full Transcript of Benghazi Deposition

Republicans keep saying their costly and far-fetched Benghazi obsession is all about transparency. And yet, once again, they are refusing to show the public the full transcript of…

No Matter How The Media Tries To Spin It, Hillary Clinton Leads Every Republican Candidate

Hillary Clinton
A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on June 16, 2015, shows Hillary Clinton still leads the presidential race in every conceivable match-up. The national survey of 1,129 registered voters, including 492 probable Republican primary voters, and 471 probable Democratic primary voters, found Clinton dominating the Democratic field, and leading all Republicans in general election head to head contests.
The PPP national survey found Clinton still holds a commanding 65 percent to 9 percent lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary field. Sanders has made inroads in recent polls in New Hampshire, but Clinton is still dominating the national race. She polls well with every significant Democratic constituency, but she is running especially strong with African-American voters. 83 percent of black voters favor Clinton over any of her Democratic opponents.
The PPP poll also finds that Clinton is currently the strongest Democratic general election candidate. She holds a modest lead over every Republican presidential hopeful. Florida Senator Marco Rubio comes closest to Clinton, trailing just 46-43 percent. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who barely leads the GOP field, trails Clinton by a similar 46-42 margin. Clinton also leads both Jeb Bush and Chris Christie 45-41. Her lead over the remaining GOP candidates — Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul –ranges from between 5 and 7 percentage points.
When matched up against GOP front-runner Scott Walker, Clinton fares 12 to 16 percentage points better than any of her Democratic rivals. Clinton’s 4 point lead over Walker contrasts with Sanders, O’Malley, Webb, and Chafee all trailing Walker by 8 to 12 percentage points.
With the presidential election still well over a year away, the dynamics of the race could change dramatically between now and November 2016. However, Hillary Clinton’s advantage has proven resilient over months of polling. There is no question that she has a strong base of support nationally, which makes her a formidable candidate in both the Democratic primary and the general election field. She remains the odds on favorite to become the 45th President of the United States.

Bernie-mentum Spreads As Huge Demand For Sanders Forces Nevada Event Into A Bigger Hall

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders has announced that due to high demand their upcoming events in South Carolina and Nevada were moved to larger venues.
In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced the need to change venues to bigger halls:
Responding to swelling interest, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign moved town meetings set for this weekend to much bigger spaces in Las Vegas and Charleston, South Carolina. The campaign also made contingency plans to accommodate the thousands of people who have indicated they plan to see Sanders on Saturday in Denver.
“The more people get to know about Bernie and what he stands for the more they want to be part of his political revolution,” said Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager. “I think there’s just a hunger out in the country for someone to speak to the issues that really affect the lives of middle income and working families,” he added.
The events are free and open to the public, which makes turnout projections difficult to calculate precisely, but Weaver said the campaign changed the event sites in Nevada and South Carolina based on indications that much bigger crowds of people plan to attend than were initially anticipated.
Bernie Sanders is the hottest candidate in either party. His campaign has a grassroots momentum behind it that is unmatched at this time. It is unknown whether this enthusiasm will translate to votes, but Sen. Sanders has something special going.
Sen. Sanders has events planned for Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, And Charleston, SC on Friday and Saturday. It looks like the sellout crowds that Sanders has been drawing are no fluke. Sen. Sanders seems to be well on his way to building a movement against the Koch brothers and other billionaires who are trying to buy our government.
Sanders has put himself out there, and the people are responding. Bernie-mentum is real, and it’s spreading west.

Bernie Surge Storms The South As Sanders Event Moved To Bigger Venue In South Carolina

The momentum behind the Bernie Sanders campaign for president is spreading from New Hampshire to South Carolina as interest was so high in Sanders’ message that the campaign was forced to move his upcoming speech in Charleston to a larger venue.
Over the weekend, the state chapter of the AFL-CIO labor union group jumped the gun and effectively backed his candidacy before being forced to walk its message back. Last night, on the eve of Clinton’s arrival, Sanders’ campaign said it had to change the venue for his upcoming swing through Charleston due to overwhelming local interest. That announcement — which pointedly noted that the new venue is a high school gym located on President Street — came just hours before Clinton was set to unveil a new plan to combat youth unemployment through tax credits for businesses who hire apprentices.
The former secretary of state continues to maintain a commanding lead over the Vermont senator in most national and early state polling — including in South Carolina, where Sanders has no permanent staff. But the liberal challenger has been creeping toward her in New Hampshire polls and the energy and overflow crowds of his recent early state events are attracting notice.
The Sanders campaign has a very good problem. Support for their candidate is much higher than expected, so they have to accommodate bigger crowds. Recent polling in New Hampshire has finally convinced many in the media that the support for Sen. Sanders is real. There is an energy among Sanders supporters is very real, and it is pushing the Clinton campaign in the exact way that many hoped it would.
There is a pent-up desire for an authentic grassroots movement in response to the Great Recession. The desire to reclaim a country that is under threat from corporations and billionaires with a political agenda is palpable. Bernie Sanders spent parts of the last few years going to states like South Carolina and speaking to Democrats and progressives who are too often neglected and lumped in with their Republican rulers. Sen. Sanders has been working the grassroots of America’s discontent for a long time, and his efforts are paying off.
The Sanders movement isn’t so much about rejecting Hillary Clinton as it is a response to income inequality, real unemployment, Wall Street, Citizens United and political influence of a handful of conservative billionaires. The basic issues that Sanders talks about on the campaign trail resonate with voters in every state red or blue across this country.
Bernie Sanders is saying out loud what millions of Americans have been waiting years to hear. It’s no surprise that so many people would be interested in his message, but this is just the beginning. The Sanders campaign needs to start thinking about reserving many more bigger venues because the momentum looks to be just getting started.
Editor's Note: Bernie cancelled this event due to the mass murder at a Charleston cult and has urged his supporters than had tickets to the event to donate to the cult for the victims.
Bernie has class - something rare among modern society and unheard of in modern American politics ... until now.

Republican Cabal Holds Obamacare Football For Press To Fawn Over

GOP Holds Obamacare Football For Press To Fawn Over
Predictably, the noise machine cranks up with all sorts of hollow promises.

Donald Trump Gets A Lesson In Reality As He Pines For Oprah But Ends Up With Sarah Palin

trump-palinDonald Trump wants Oprah Winfrey to be his running mate, but instead of Oprah, resident Republican crazy person Sarah Palin stepped up to champion his candidacy.
Trump told ABC News that he thought Oprah Winfrey would be his ideal running mate, “I think Oprah would be great. I’d love to have Oprah. I think we’d win easily, actually.”
Sorry, Trump, but Oprah was never going to happen.
Instead, Sarah Palin resurfaced and claimed the mantle of number one Trump fan.
From deep within her Facebook bunker, Palin wrote:
Mr. Trump should know he’s doing something right when the malcontents go ballistic in the press! There is no denying Donald J. Trump’s accomplishments and drive to create opportunity for every willing American to succeed. His own success is testament to the job-creating achievements made possible when one applies the courageous and tenacious pro-private sector precepts we need to fire up the economy. Trump joins a competitive field of GOP candidates that will duke it out in the arena of ideas and track records, a field representing diverse achievements. This, in contrast with the pro-big government party’s practice of merely anointing a chosen one, thus robbing voters of healthy debate.

Key to conservative’s victory is to do our own vetting of each candidate, focus on their ability to unleash America’s entrepreneurial spirit and dramatically shrink government in order to prioritize our nation’s security. That means we ignore the media’s participation in the liberals’ Pantsuit Politics of Personal Destruction. THEN, on an even playing field, in 2016 we charge forward after the radical left hears America shout, “You’re fired!”
Trump’s announcement made no sense, which is why Palin is apparently such a big fan. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump work the same side of the street. Both are reality television cartoon characters who pretend to be involved in Republican politics to get some free publicity and make a quick buck. Both Trump and Palin are Republican con artists.
The sick thing about Trump’s press conference is that there is an audience in the Republican Cabal for a racist candidate who screams look at me constantly while making absolutely no sense at all. Donald Trump appeals to the same people who support Palin.
Donald Trump may wish for the credibility of Oprah Winfrey, but his reality is Sarah Palin.

Marco Rubio Supports Torture

Wingnuts Go Into Full Panic Mode When Baseball Fans Chant ‘4 More Years’ At Obama

Conservatives Go Into Full Panic Mode When Baseball Fans Chant ‘4 More Years’ At Obama
Too dumb to realize it was merely wishful thinking, wingnut extremists pull out the 22nd amendment and prepare to mobilize an army of imbeciles to enforce it.

Texas Spending $800 Million To Build Its Own Personal Border Army

Texas Spending $800 Million To Build Its Own Personal Border Army The jokes about Texas seceding from the country are becoming a bit too real. Now the state, already stockpiling its own gold reserves and terrifying its...

Texas Says ‘Fuck The Constitution’ And Decides To Deposit Fantasy Gold To Back State Currency

Texas Says ‘F*ck The Constitution’ And Decides To Deposit Fantasy Gold To Back State CurrencyDirectly against the US Constitution, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a bill to create a state run currency.

NH wingnuts demand RNC official shut up or resign after learning she supports gay marriage

Lesbian couple relax embracing at the park and kissing (Credit: Shutterstock.com)
The Sentinel Source reported on Wednesday that New Hampshire Republican James W. McConnell (R) had drafted a resolution calling on Republican National Covenwoman Juliana Bergeron to step down.

Southern Baptist Lunatic Preaches Insurrection At Convention, States bible Outranks SCOTUS

Southern Baptist Leader Preaches Insurrection At Convention, States Bible Outranks SCOTUS
The Southern Baptists seem to think that their fantasy book trumps the Constitution. Fine. Let them go found their own country, then.

Girl who watched Wichita cops gun down her dad grows up to see cops gun down her war veteran son

Icarus Randolph (US Marine Corps)
When Beverly Alford-Allen’s son suffered a mental breakdown last summer, she was afraid to call 911 out of fear that it would mean a death sentence for the Iraq War veteran. But the desperate woman called police, anyway.

Rush Limbaugh’s Death Spiral Continues As He Gets Demoted To Low Rated Boston Station

The end is coming for both Rush Limbaugh and wingnut hate speech radio as Limbaugh has seen his show demoted and shipped off to another low rated small station.…
The end is coming for both Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio as Limbaugh has seen his show demoted and shipped off to another low rated small station. Boston has become the latest city to send Limbaugh into a dark corner of the radio dial.
The good news for Rush Limbaugh: One month after being notified he was getting dumped by his Boston talk radio host station, the talker has a new AM home in the city.

The bad news: The station currently boasts a 0.6 rating, trails four non-commercial stations in the market, and becomes yet another big-city, cellar-dwelling outpost that Limbaugh is forced to call home.

The station, WKOX, is the type of “bottom-rung” affiliate that Limbaugh was rarely associated with during his halcyon days as the king of talk radio. But those days seem to be dwindling as the Boston fall from grace has previously played out for Limbaugh in places like Los Angeles and Indianapolis. In each instance, Limbaugh exited a prosperous, longtime radio home and was forced to settle for an also-ran outlet with miniscule ratings.
The Sandra Fluke incident was the moment when it all started to fall apart. Activists mobilized and instead of protesting Limbaugh targeted his advertisers with a boycott. The strategy had been successfully previously used to get Fox News to yank Glenn Beck off of their channel, but unlike Beck, Limbaugh attacked a private citizen with such misogyny and hate that the public reaction was swift and severe.
Fortune 500 advertisers fled and never came back. Limbaugh’s expensive deal caused radio stations to lose money by airing his show. Stations are being forced to carry Limbaugh and are paying him for the privilege of watching their ratings drop while losing money. Limbaugh’s show has been demoted to low-rated stations in New York, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Boston.
Limbaugh’s decline offers a peek into what could be the future for Fox News. Limbaugh and Fox News both attract the oldest audiences in their respective mediums. Both have not been able to attract younger viewers to replace their older base audience. Limbaugh was once considered to be the most influential voice in the Republican Cabal, but he has quickly slid into irrelevance. The demographic problems that plague Limbaugh are also nipping at the heels of Fox.
Rush Limbaugh is in a media death spiral, and if Fox News can’t attract younger viewers, they are destined to follow in Limbaugh’s footsteps.

Rush Limbaugh Is Really Angry With Pope Francis