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Friday, November 20, 2015

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President ‘Zero Fucks Left’ Obama Openly Ridicules Trump: Running Against Him Would Be ‘Fun’

President ‘Zero F*cks Left’ Obama Openly Ridicules Trump: Running Against Him Would Be ‘Fun’Once again, President Obama shows that he doesn’t give one flying fuck what the loons on the lunatic fringe think of him.

Climate Change Is An 'Urgent' Threat

CNN's Chris Cuomo Commits A Real Act Of Journalism

Cuomo's interview with Alabama Governor Robert Bentley destroyed all the wingnut shrieking points.

U.S. Economy Mocks Wingnut Trickle-Down Bunk With Actual Record-Breaking Holiday Hiring Spree

Image via FlickrUnder President Obama, the U.S. economy just shattered all previous records for holiday job creation.

Red State Stupidity Confirmed: 9 Of The 10 Least Educated States Voted Republican

According to data compiled in a new study, 9 of the 10 least educated states in America also voted Republican in the last presidential election.
24/7 Wall St used educational attainment data from the U.S. Census Bureau to rank all 50 states in terms of higher education level. The results were not surprising to those who pay attention to our national discourse.
All ten of the most educated states in the United States voted for President Obama in 2012. The ten most educated states were Minnesota, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts. Only one of the ten least educated states (Nevada) voted for President Obama in 2012.
The ten least educated states were:
10). Idaho

9). Indiana
8). Oklahoma
7). Alabama
6). Nevada
5). Louisiana
4). Kentucky
3). Arkansas
2). Mississippi
1). West Virginia
A state being on the least educated list does not mean that all of the people who live there are not smart. Just as residing in a state is one of the most educated does not make an entire population brilliant, being on the least educated list doesn’t make everyone in a state dumb. There are people of different educational levels in every state.
What the data does reveal is that the red and blue state divide is that the political decisions made by voters have real cultural impacts. Republican-misled states have adopted cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations while slashing education budgets as a standard policy. In Louisiana, Jindal created a budget hole through tax cuts for the wealthy that nearly wrecked the state’s university system. Cuts to public education are usually one of the first orders of business undertaken by newly elected Republican governors.
In a broader context, the Republican cabal has transitioned into the cabal of belief. Republicans have stopped relying on facts to support their policies. There is a definite distrust of the public education system. Republicans run their states based on a belief in wingnut ideology, so it isn’t surprising that states that support a political cabal that has decided to create its own reality, have lower education rates.
There are lots of Democrats in these red states but the policies that come with electing anti-education politicians have real consequences. Red states have lower percentages of educated people. The fact that these states also support Republicans in presidential elections is not a coincidence.

Archaic Texas Laws Have Led Up To 240,000 Women To Perform Their Own Abortions

Archaic Texas Laws Have Led Up To 240,000 Women To Perform Their Own Abortions
The closing of safe, clean clinics across the state has brought the back alley abortion back to Texas.

France Vows To Take In 30,000 Syrian Refugees, Makes Republicans Look Like Cowards

France Vows To Take In 30,000 Syrian Refugees, Makes Republicans Look Like CowardsIn the face of fear and hatred, France just showed the true meaning of courage.

Obama Mocks Wingnuts On Refugee Rhetoric: They’re ‘Scared of 3-Year-Old Orphans’

Obama Mocks GOP On Refugee Rhetoric: They’re ‘Scared of 3-Year-Old Orphans’ (VIDEO)Obama laid into Republicans for their hateful rhetoric on Syrian War refugees.

Anonymous Declares War On ISIL, Takes Down 5,500 Terror-Linked Accounts In Two Days

Anonymous Declares War On ISIS, Takes Down 5,500 Terror-Linked Accounts In Two Days
What terrifies a terrorist?
Their private information.
Read more 

Republicans Suffocate Democracy By Leading The Most Closed Congress In US History

House Republicans demonstrated their contempt for democracy today by setting the record for being the most closed Congress in US history.
Rep. Louise Slaughter’s office said in a statement, “As House Republicans vote today on their 45th closed rule of this session of Congress—shutting down the amendment process and excluding the American people’s voice from the legislative process—they will set a record for the most closed rules ever passed and will enter the history books as the most closed Congress in history. This dubious milestone comes in the face of pledges from Ryan to oversee a more open and inclusive debate process that includes input from all members, majority and minority. By excluding lawmakers from the legislative process, House Republicans are left to pursue a politically driven agenda instead of allowing for commonsense amendments that could actually achieve bipartisan agreement. This divisive approach has empowered the most extreme teabaggers to pursue their radical agenda at all costs—an approach that has shut down the government, threatened our nation’s credit worthiness, and made partisan stalemate the new norm.”
In other words, since House Republicans took control of Congress they have shut down openness and debate with Democrats. House Democrats continue to be frozen out of the process.
Here is what has become of The People’s House since Republicans took over:
house closed rules
As Rep. Slaughter (D-NY) said on the House floor, “It is true that the trend toward more closed rules has been growing over the last 20 years—under the leadership of both political parties. But my Republican colleagues have taken this trend to new heights. The Republican Congress, for example, passed more closed rules in one week in October of 2013 than in an entire year under Democratic control.”
Ryan talked a big game about changing the House after he was elected Speaker, but far it has been business as usual. House Republicans are suffocating democracy by their refusal to include Democrats in the legislative process. Our governmental system was built on the notion of bipartisanship and compromise, but Republicans won’t even allow open discussion and debate.
Extreme partisanship has destroyed the legislative process. Ryan is saying one thing while doing the opposite as the reason for our broken government is spelled R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N.

Senate Passes Resolutions To Kill Obama’s Power Plant Rule

House Republican: Hillary Clinton Tricked Us Into Looking Stupid On ‘The Benghazi’

Remember years ago, or maybe just last month, when Hillary Clinton spent 11 hours explaining to Congress exactly how she did Benghazi and why she did Benghazi and that she would do it again, for the...

The Truth Hurts


Ben Stein: Maybe Obama has a ‘strong hatred of America’ because ‘he’s part black’

Ben Stein just came out and said what many wingnuts have only hinted at for years.

Wingnut Takes Spat With NOAA Over Climate Study To Commerce Department

Republicans are obsessed with private morality

From Robert Reich 
Republican candidates have morality upside down. They're obsessed by private morality -- what happens in bedrooms between consenting adults, gay marriage, access to contraceptives, and when and how women can choose to terminate a pregnancy.
But they don't give a fig about public morality -- the corruption of our democracy by big money, suppression of the votes of minorities, soaring CEO pay while average workers get pay cuts, insider trading on Wall Street, misclassification of employees as "independent contractors," and corporate criminal behavior that never results in jail terms for executives.
Yet it is the deplorable condition of public morality -- the growing abuses of political and economic power -- that pose the gravest threat to the future of our society. We must demand a higher standard of behavior from corporate executives, Wall Street bankers, and the politicians who collude with them -- and leave private morality alone.

Indiana Wingnuts Introduce The Most Anti-LGBT LGBT Rights Bill Ever

Wingnut Lawmaker Calls Breitbart Hack Untruthful

Conservative Lawmaker Calls Breitbart Reporter UntruthfulFrom the "Pot calling the Kettle Black" Department:

Republican Cabal Suddenly Worried It Can’t Put Out the Fire (Trump and Carson) It Created

Ben Carson, Donald Trump

Cruz Gets Burned As CNN Reminds Him That His Own Father Was A Refugee

Image via Nation Of Change
This on-air hypocrisy will haunt Cruz for the rest of his pathetic campaign, and hopefully for the rest of his life.

Jindal Suspends Campaign - Finally

Jindal Suspends Campaign -- Finally

The Truth Be Told


Carson's Campaign Distances Itself From Its Ex-CIA, Iran-Contra Alum Adviser

Carson Advisor Defends His Client's Inability To Understand Foreign Policy

Carson Advisor Defends His Client's Inability To Understand Foreign Policy
Armstrong Williams tried to defend Carson against his own advisor's frustrations about Carson's inability to comprehend foreign policy.

The Wheels Fall Off Of Ben Carson’s Crazy Bus As Advisers Admit He’s Dumb On Foreign Policy

The wheels are closer to falling off of the Carson campaign as his own senior advisers have admitted that the top Republican contender needs to hold more foreign policy briefs so that they can smarten him up.
The New York Times reported:
Faced with increasing scrutiny about whether Mr. Carson — who leads in some Republican pretender polls — was capable of leading American foreign policy, two of his top advisers said in interviews with The New York Times that he had struggled to master the intricacies of the Middle East and national security and that intense tutoring was having little effect.
“Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information about the Middle East,” Duane R. Clarridge, a top adviser to Mr. Carson on terrorism and national security, said in an interview. He also said Mr. Carson needed weekly conference calls briefing him on foreign policy so “we can make him smart.”
If his advisers want the chance to make him smart, that means that he is not smart on foreign policy at this time. Carson may have been a brain surgeon, but being president requires different knowledge than practicing medicine. The problem with Carson is that every time that he has been asked a foreign policy question, he has sounded like a crazy person.
When Carson was asked about how to deal with ISIL, his mind took him to the United States getting into a shooting war with Russia. It is obvious that Carson, just like Trump, knows nothing about policy. It is so bad that even his own advisers are telling him that he needs to be educated.
Republicans have already admitted that they view both Trump and Carson as unfit for the presidency. What’s worse, is that neither of the top two Republican candidates look like they have any interest in increasing their knowledge about the issues. For Trump and Carson ignorance is a selling point.
Carson is such a risk to the security of the country that even the candidate’s own advisers are criticizing him. Carson’s run at the top of the Republican polls may soon be coming to an end.

All The Way To The NRA

14 Groups Getting Koch Brothers Dark Money To Turn America Into A Wingnut Playground

14 Groups Getting Koch Brothers Dark Money To Turn America Into A Right-Wing PlaygroundThese 14 organizations are getting millions in dark money from the right wing Koch Brothers in order to remake America in their image.

Kochs Secretly Fund the NRA, Chamber of Commerce, Religio-Wingnuts and Club For Growth

Every wingnut at every level of government spouts the same lie, the same twisted logic, to harm American workers…
It is quite possible that among this horrid sea of ignorance and willful stupidity infecting America, there are probably more than a couple of Americans who are aware that the Koch brothers openly boast about their very substantial investment in Republicans’ political campaigns. Even Charles Koch admitted that he expects results for the amount of money he and his brother spend to transform America into a libertarian society where government is abolished and replaced by an evangelical fundamentalist CEO and corporate board of directors.
To achieve their goal, the Koch’s secretive network distributes hundreds-of-millions in funds to rabid wingnut cabals that do their bidding as activists, lobbyists, propagandists and staunch Republican advocates. One of its primary “networks” affectionately known as the “Koch brothers’ secret bank,” Freedom Partners, does not have to expose their donors’ names because they register as 501(c)6 tax-exempt non-profit and chamber of commerce; but they do have to file tax documents. The group is made up of all those wealthy donors who shell out a minimum $100,000 membership dues annually just to attend the Kochs’ bi-annual secretive summits to plot the governments’ demise.
Now, according to a tax filing by “Freedom Partners chamber of commerce,” Americans can see which anti-government advocacy groups are getting the lion’s share of Koch and friends “secretive” millions. Of course they distributed significant amounts to the usual suspects like anti-regulation fossil fuel lobbies, Americans for Prosperity, Concerned Veterans for America, some nasty group targeting Latinos, and a group funding evangelicals; besides the millions to the other religious war on women crusaders.
What apparently surprised some was that the tax filing showed the Koch cabal handing out millions in “grants” to other anti-government groups already affiliated with and funded by the Kochs through ALEC, but not really included as part of “the network.” Cabals such as the corporate advocacy group the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the anti-union lobby Club for Growth, and the fear-mongering gun manufacturing lobby the National Rifle Association.
To get an idea of the scope of the two billionaires’ influence over Republicans and control over American politics nationally and the state level, consider the Club for Growth; a lunatic fringe-wingnut anti-government political group established in 1999. It was once unknown where the cabal got its funding, but now it is apparent it is from “the Kochs’ and extremely wealthy wingnuts intent on severely stripping the nation’s budget” to bankrupt government. In fact, the Club for Growth was “a key player in  Scott Walker’s move to eradicate the state’s organized workers,” and has been working diligently on “a national strategy to get newly elected Republican governors to destroy labor and unions;” likely a step toward the Republican cabal’s intent to return to 1920s America. Club for Growth works in concert with ALEC and the State Policy Network, both Koch-funded cabals, at the state level to undermine worker rights, steal public pensions, and eliminate unions.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a cabal that works against workers as a lobby for corporations and big business, including advocating for shipping more Americans’ jobs overseas, is intricately connected to the Koch brothers through ALEC. A recent revelation is that anti-government crusader Grover Norquist, the Kochs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and ALEC all work closely together. Besides lobbying and funding Republicans, they regularly use each other as a “reliable” source of information and data. Data that Norquist, the Kochs, the Chamber, and ALEC use to get Republican leaders at the federal, state, and local level jumping to do and say whatever they dictate. It is why every wingnut at every level of government reliably spouts the exact same lie, uses the same twisted logic, and expects the same result that always harms American workers.
Most Americans know the NRA and its very close connection with the Kochs through their legislative arm ALEC, but their influence on Republican policy goes beyond arming every man, woman, and child in America; they are also influencing at least one Texas Republicans’ crusade to prevent even one Syrian refugee from entering his country. Dale is an NRA-backed Republican and noted guns-everywhere advocate who actually said on television that refugees cannot come to America, at least not Texas, because it is too easy to buy guns in his state. Dale even sent an urgent appeal to Texas’ Cornyn and Cruz, and Texas’ congressmen McCaul and Carter to block Syrian refugees’ entrance to America. Dale letters said;
While the Paris attackers used suicide vests and grenades, it is clear that firearms also killed a large number of innocent victims. Can you imagine a scenario were (sic) a refugees (sic) is admitted to the United States, purchases a weapon and executes an attack? Do whatever you can to stop the Syrian refugee program.”
It is unclear where the Kochs publicly stand on Syrian refugees, but they are funding compassionless gun-nuts through ALEC and the NRA. They are also influencing the religious rights’ attack on women, secular government, equal rights, and the LGBT community through very substantial funding both directly and through their now not-so-secret network.
The Kochs claim their only interest is in promoting free markets and smaller government, but like the Republicans, Chamber of Commerce, ALEC, the NRA, and fanatical evangelical extremists they are dirty liars. The Freedom Partners’ tax filing proves they have invested tens-of-millions of dollars to influence every facet of American society and have adversely affected every American citizen, and the nation. At least now Americans may understand that contrary to what Republican man-turned-god Reagan said, the government is not the source of all of Americans’ woes; it is the Koch brothers, Republicans, and their dirty un-American anti-government “network” and now there are official tax documents to prove it.

New Filings Show Koch Brothers Give Millions To Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice Groups

The Kochs' Freedom Partners gave more than $1 million to a group that describes itself as “deeply concerned about the hearts and souls of those who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or 'transgendered.'”