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Sunday, September 13, 2015

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Like to see the wingnuts getting back what they dish out.
~ Bradley and Todd Whittaker
Hey, wingnuts, yeah we're talking to you ...!  
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Republicans are too stupid to realize peanuts are actually vegetables not nuts ... !
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Check out What President Obama and Bear Grylls Had to Eat in Alaska

If you weren't following President Obama's recent trip to Alaska, you missed out on some breathtaking photos ...

Online Campaign Ads

Like Sharia Law - Then You're A Republican

Can Black Republicans Win Black Votes?

Can Black Republicans Win Black Votes? Not Likely, UC Study FindsCan Black Republicans Win Black Votes? Not Likely

Are black voters more likely to vote for black candidates, regardless of political party affiliation? A new study by a University of Cincinnati researcher presents discouraging news for Republican leaders […]

This Republican Cabal Civil War Is So Much Fun!

The Truth Be Told


Plutocrats run it all

Plutocrats have captured it all: How Sheldon Adelson shows the need for campaign finance reform A billionaire extremist is buying his way to the top of the Republican cabal.
Thanks again, Citizens United!

An Analogy for the US Economy

Damn, Good Question


Jeb Bush Stole the shrub’s Tax Plan — It’s Not Worth Anything

Undeniable Proof Trump Is A Scam Candidate

Undeniable Proof Donald Trump Is A Scam Candidate – Only One Issue On His Website (IMAGES)Only One Issue On His Website
It’s more and more apparent that Trump has the “stupid” vote locked up.

The terrifying reason Trump is the front-runner

Jeb thinks he can beat Trump by attacking his liberal past. He clearly doesn't understand the nature of this beast

Cheap Copy


Peace Warrior Bernie Sanders Storms The Senate And Calls Out Republican Cabal Warmongers

While announcing his support for the Iran nuclear agreement, Senator Sanders (I-VT) called out the Republicans who wrong about Iraq and now oppose the Iran deal.
Those who have spoken out against this agreement, including many in this chamber, and those who have made every effort to thwart the diplomatic process, are many of the same people who spoke out forcefully and irresponsibly about the need to go to war with Iraq – one of the worst foreign policy blunders in the modern history of our country.

Sadly, people like former vice president Dick Cheney and many of the other neo-cons who pushed us to war Iraq were not only tragically wrong then; they are wrong now. Unfortunately, these individuals have learned nothing from the results of that disastrous policy and how it destabilized the entire region.

I fear that many of my Republican colleagues do not understand that war must be a last resort, not the first resort. It is easy to go to war, it not so easy to comprehend the unintended consequences of that war.
As the former Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, I have talked to veterans from WWII to Iraq, and I have learned a little bit about what the cost of war entails. In Iraq and Afghanistan, we have lost 6,700 brave men and women, and many others have come home without legs, without arms, without eyesight.
Let us not forget that 500,000 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came back to their families with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. The suicide rate of young veterans is appallingly high. The divorce rate is appallingly high, and the impact on children is appallingly high. God knows how many families have been devastated by these wars.
And we should not forget the many hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children who died in that war, and those whose lives who have been completely destabilized, including those who are fleeing their country today with only the clothes on their back as refugees. The cost of war is real.

Yes, the military option should always be on the table, but it should be the last option. We have got to do everything we can do to reach an agreement to ensure that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon without having to go to war.
The Republicans who are opposing the Iran deal want the American people to forget about their lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. It is not a coincidence that the same group of individuals who were so eager to go to war in Iraq is in complete opposition to a diplomatic solution in Iran.
The left has presented a united front on the Iran deal. The liberal leaders in the Senate have had President Obama’s back because they understand what is at stake. The Iran nuclear agreement is a matter of war and peace.
As Senator Sanders pointed out on the Senate floor, the same people who lied to us about Iraq, now want the American people to believe them about the Iran deal.
Republicans have less than no credibility on this issue, and Sen. Sanders did his country a great service when he reminded everyone about the Republican cabal’s record of pro-war lies.

Trump’s Incoherent Anti-Iran Deal Rant Shows Why He Should Never Be Pretender

Trump anti-iran-deal-rally
Trump went on an empty demented rant at the wingnuts' anti-Iran deal rally that demonstrated why he should never be pretender.
Trump called the deal incompetently negotiated, and he promised that he won the presidency the four prisoners detained in Iran will be back in America before he takes office, because he is going tell Iran to return them.
Trump said that Democratic leaders are very, very stupid people, and we are not getting anything out of the Iran deal. Trump promised, “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning. Believe me.”
Trump was able to stay on the subject of the Iran deal for a few minutes before he turned to his favorite subject Trump, “We are going to turn this country around we are going to start winning bigly on trade, militarily, we’re going to build up our military. We are going to have such a strong military that nobody will mess with us, but we will never have to use it.”
Trump appears to have no idea what is in the Iran deal. Instead of making any sort of lucid argument, Trump went with his standard bluster about how he is the greatest thing in the world, and if Republicans vote for him, America will be great.
Trump should never be pretender. The man literally has no idea what he is talking about. He stands up, fires up the Trump self-hype machine, and wows Republicans with kind of bluster and empty tough talk that they love.
The anti-Iran deal rally has been a colossal flop. Hundreds of wingnut extremists are gathered in D.C. to stop a deal that they can’t stop. Trump continues to sell Republicans a fantasy. His incoherent delusion has become theirs, and instead of leading a party and movement, Trump demonstrated why he should never be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Five Disasters That Were Not Disasters According To Dick Cheney

by John DeProspo
Hindenburg_burningYou have to hand it to old Dick. When it comes to admitting the Iraq War was one of the biggest blunders of all time, he’s as stubborn as a mule about wearing a suit and tie! To this day, he defends the Iraqi invasion as a “good idea”. Facts simply do not faze the man.
“I was a strong advocate of going into Iraq,” said Cheney during a PBS interview. “I think that was the right decision then, and I still believe that today.”
Cheney has that rare gift of shutting out reality and making the insane seem rational. He is still spinning one of the worst foreign policy debacles in American history into something worthwhile. Here is a list of other man-made disasters and how a wily Cheney would have spun them to make you think otherwise.
Sinking of the Titanic – “The goal of the maiden voyage was to create world-wide excitement and press coverage. I think they accomplished those goals.”
Hindenburg Disaster – “In theory, there is nothing wrong with filling an 800 foot-long balloon with hydrogen. If that guy in first class hadn’t ordered the flaming Baked Alaska, everything would have been fine!”
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire – “I see nothing wrong with the owners locking the doors to the stairwells and exits. How else are you going to prevent workers from taking unauthorized breaks?”
Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill – “I’m an oil man and I can tell you there is nothing wrong with offshore drilling. Ocean water is liquid, so is oil. What’s the problem?”
Caitlyn Jenner – “ I don’t think he/she looks that bad!
Perhaps Paul Simon had Dick Chaney in mind when he penned this lyric from The Boxer: “The man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest… lie-la-lie …”

Republican Colonel Goes Off On Dick Cheney, Says He’s Officially ‘Lost His Mind’

Lawrence Wilkerson Dick Cheney is vehemently against the Iran Nuclear agreement, so we should all naturally support it. Just a few days ago, Cheney went on Fox News with...

The Perfect Advisor


Incompetent Boehner Forced To Cancel House Vote On His Own Iran Resolution

House Republicans are so inept that they were forced to cancel a vote on their resolution of disapproval on the Iran deal after a rebellion broke out on the lunatic fringe.
The Hill reported:
House Republican leaders are delaying a vote on the Iran nuclear deal scheduled for Wednesday because of a rebellion from rank-and-file wingnuts.
The House was to hold a procedural vote to begin 11 hours of debate on a resolution disapproving the deal at 1 p.m. Instead, they will gather at 4 p.m. to discuss strategy.
“We will continue the conversation on Iran from this morning and discuss strategy for the rest of the week,” a Republican cabal leadership aide said.
Members of the lunatic fringe wingnut House 'Freedom' Caucus are demanding that the Obama administration send side deals between Iran and international nuclear inspectors to Congress as part of the Iran deal now under consideration. Opponents of the deal have argued that the clock on congressional consideration of the deal has not even begun until these side deals are submitted.
Republicans are literally trying to change the definition of time by claiming that the clock on their window to consider the deal hasn’t started yet. The 60-day window for Congress to consider the deal is scheduled to expire on September 17. If House Republicans don’t get their act together within a week, they are going to lose their right to have any say on the deal.
Boehner and his leadership team are so bad at their jobs that they can’t keep Republicans together long enough to take a vote on a resolution that they all agree on.
The dramatics coming from the Republican side of the House are nothing more than pointless grandstanding. President Obama already has the votes in the Senate to block the resolution of disapproval, but Republicans may do the job themselves.
House Republicans spent the majority of the time that they were supposed to be considering the Iran deal on vacation, and like a student who ignored his/her homework until the last minute, they are now looking to get out of the assignment.
The overgrown Republican children in the House are throwing a new tantrum, and the worst parent/Speaker of the House in history is powerless to stop them.

Cruz Calls Obama 'The World's Leading Financier Of Radical Islamic Terrorism'

An Unhinged Palin Gets The Iran Deal Wrong Then Lectures Obama About Unicorns

At a rally full of wingnuts saying shockingly silly things, even for them …
sarah palin iran deal rally
Palin is back and still devoted to making sure all Americans become aware of just how low the Republican cabal has fallen.
So at a rally full of wingnuts saying shockingly misinformed things — even for them — in an effort to “stop the Iran deal”, Palin called the Iran deal a “treaty” in yet another gaffe. She also accused President Obama of being on a unicorn and some other stuff that made no sense.
Palin seems to have been overtaken by her bitterness and gone over some kind of cliff from which there is no return:
“Only in an Orwellian Obama world full of sprinkly fairy dust blown from atop a unicorn as he’s peeking through a really pretty pink kaleidoscope would he ever see victory or safety for America or Israel in this treaty,” Palin screamed, coming closer and closer to being totally unhinged. “You don’t reward terrorism. You kill it!”
So, I haven’t the will to address all of this. Really quick:
A) The Iran deal is NOT a treaty. A treaty would require a different approval process, one which would give Republicans more power to kill it.
This explains why Gohmert (R-TX) vowed to “quit Congress and await ‘nuclear Holocaust’ if Iran deal passes”, saying he wants the deal to be treated as a treaty. If Congress will treat it as a treaty, Gohmert will take his toys and go home. (Something to consider.) Several days ago, he introduced a resolution to call the Iran Deal a treaty.
However, even Republicans have agreed it is not a treaty. They gave that up when they passed the Iran Review bill. Wingnuts are super angry at Republican leaders over this, so they are just pretending none of it happened. I mean, why not deny reality and go back on their word? Isn’t that what trolls do?
From Roll Call:
Their argument was that the Senate has the constitutional prerogative to ratify treaties (the Senate technically approves a resolution of ratification) with a two-thirds majority and that senators forfeited their role in the process by passing the Iran review bill.
Under that bill, just 34 votes will be needed to uphold a presidential veto of a disapproval resolution, just more than half of the 67 needed to ratify a treaty.
But recent precedent is squarely on McCain’s side, notwithstanding the Webster’s definition of a treaty as “an official agreement that is made between two or more countries or groups.”
And the vast majority of international agreements in recent decades haven’t been submitted to the Senate for approval.
So Republicans, facing their own humiliating defeat on the Iran deal, want a do-over and Palin is just climbing on her “Orwellian unicorn” to pretend that this particular dream is real.
To be fair, it is most likely that Sarah Palin does not actually know that the Iran deal is not a treaty. Someone probably told her it was and she decided it proves Obama wrong again, so off she went.
B) President Obama does not reward terrorism. He is the one who got Osama bin Laden, while the shrub said he didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about Osama. No, Republicans don’t get to rewrite this part of reality either.
C) While Palin in an expert in aerial wolf hunting and thus killing, and she shows a lust and startling zest for killing, she has never actually done one thing to “kill” terrorism. Not from a land in Alaska from whence she may or may not have tracked Putin, and not even when she quit her job as governor half way through.
In fact, Palin doesn’t kill terrorism, if anything she has carelessly fed the growing domestic terrorism and record breaking threats against this president. She is in part responsible for the rise of the violent teabaggers in 2010, due to her accusations that Obama was someone who “sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country?” and “This is not a man who sees America as you see it and how I see” and was going to “fundamentally change” America”. Palin accused Obama of trying to kill her child with affordable healthcare with his “death panels”. Those are some pretty scary notions if you believe them. (See the sadly gullible teabaggers.)
For more wingnut fun, cops roughed up a protester while Palin was speaking (maybe someone who doesn’t believe in Palin’s Orwellian Unicorns?).
Good times! It’s all unicorns and pretty sparkles until the edges start to fray and give way to the bitter reality that everywhere she has turned since her 2008 mega-stardom morphed into her being the short lived Queen of the Angry People in 2010, Palin has been an unwanted failure.

Palin Refers To Black Lives Matter Protesters As ‘Dogs’

Sarah Palin
She’s mind-bogglingly dimwitted.

Walker Doesn’t Think So Good, Hypothetically

Ladies and gentlemen, we would just like to apologize for all the times we’ve suggested that Walker isn’t very bright, because we finally understand where he’s coming from. It’s not that he’s too stupid to answer questions like whether evolution is real science, or where gays come from. It’s that he simply does not choose to answer questions that have no bearing on his immediate reality, because really, what’s the point? It’s a crazy ol’ world out there, and if you go saying that you believe a thing is “true” or “untrue,” or that we should do a thing, or not do it, then you are moving away from reality as it stands right now, and that is a metaphysical ball of wax that Scott Walker is simply not going to get his fingers all waxy with. More

Republican hearings on Planned Parenthood missing just one thing: Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood, via Fibonacci Blue / FlickrRepublican hearings on Planned Parenthood missing just one thing: Planned Parenthood
Because why bother getting the opinion of the organization the hearing is about?

A Shrub Appointee Throws Boehner a Bone In His Crusade To Take Healthcare Away From Millions

Even with the best lawyers tax money can buy and a judge appointed by the shrub, Boehner barely got his day in court.…
Boehner healthcare suit
Even with the best lawyers tax money can buy and a judge appointed by the shrub, Boehner barely made it through the first hurdle of his attempt to get the courts to take healthcare away from millions of Americans. That hurdle is whether the party bringing the suit has a right to do so and if the court has the right to consider the suit.
After multiple failures in the courts, after several reputable lawyers refused to take this suit and rejection by the lower courts, not to mention the political failures Boehner welcomed this small victory. While some argue that the procedural standard is high, the fact remains the only thing this judge decided is that Boehner gets to have his day in court – on the taxpayer’s dime of course.
Judge Rosemary Collyer, granted Boehner standing for the portion of his suit that challenges the Obama Administration’s use of executive powers to realize a cost sharing program with insurance companies, for eligible policy holders.
I am grateful to the Court for ruling that this historic overreach can be challenged by the coequal branch of government with the sole power to create or change the law,
Several times the Judge emphasized this ruling is restricted to considering if the court has a right to hear the case but that the ruling shouldn’t be read as a “victory” for either side.
“The Court stresses that the merits have not been briefed or decided; only the question of standing has been determined,”
Of course, Boehner ignored that part of Judge Collyer’s ruling in his effort to make it appear that recognizing his right to a day a court is the same thing as justifying his claim of “overreach.”
Judge Collyer threw out the portion of the law suit that challenged the Treasury Department’s decision to delay the employer’s mandate. In legal terms, this was really a big deal.
In reality, that is what the suit was all about. Boehner initiated the lawsuit on this basis.
Yes, you read that right. While Republicans criticized the employer’s mandate earlier on, when that strategy failed, they opted for complaining about its implementation being delayed.
So, when it comes down to it, Boehner’s “victory” is about as small as it can be.
The Obama Administration announced that it plans to appeal Collyer’s decision immediately.
In a written statement to The Hill, spokeswoman Jen Friedman wrote,
The district court’s decision is unprecedented and the Department of Justice has indicated it plans to seek immediate appellate review… This case is just another partisan attack, and we believe that ultimately the courts will dismiss it for what it is — an inappropriate attempt to involve the judiciary in disputes between the other branches,
This lawsuit is the latest Republican ploy to destroy the Affordable Healthcare Act. For Boehner and company this is partisan politics. For the millions of Americans who wouldn’t have healthcare if not for the Affordable Care Act, this is Republicans, once again, playing politics with their lives.

Anti-gay ‘historian’ leading pro-Cruz PAC says bible forbids finding an AIDS vaccine

David Barton
The moron who will be controlling millions of dollars in his role as head of Republican cabal pretender nominee Cruz’s super PAC is under the delusion that scientists will not be able to create a vaccine for the AIDS virus because he thinks a bible verse says AIDS is dog’s retaliation for sin.

Religio-wingnut hate-speech radio hack wants to ‘throat-punch’ Fox guests for criticizing Kim Davis’ lawyer

Radio host Steve Deace during a December 2013 appearance.

Sex-Crazed Michigan Teabaggers Beg For Light Spanking, Ooh Yeah, Just Like That

No, I believe *I* have the floor!The sleazy, exceedingly stupid scandal involving Michigan teabaggers Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the family-values wingnuts who concocted a fake gay scandal to cover up their real hetero affair, is grinding toward its embarrassing shame-soaked close, with both legislators asking that they be censured rather than expelled from office. The House released its full report Tuesday on the investigation of the pair’s conduct, and the office of House Speaker Kevin Cotter has called ...