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Monday, July 6, 2015

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Suck It, Jumpers

White House Fence Goes Medieval With Iron Spikes
Suck It, Jumpers: White House Fence Goes Medieval With Iron Spikes (VIDEO)
The fence surrounding the White House is having 7-inch spikes added to the top. They are a temporary deterrent against nutjobs jumping over.

Sanders’ Carpe Diem: Missive Asks Americans ‘Why Not?’ Seize Reins, Correct Country’s Course

(Image courtesy of Flickr)
The course the U.S. takes from here is entirely in our own hands.
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In Madison, Bernie Sanders Draws Largest Crowd Of 2015

In Madison, Bernie Sanders Draws Largest Crowd Of 2015 By attracting massive crowds, Sanders can build a movement around him and present the impression of momentum as he campaigns for wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and beyond.

The Bernie Sanders Revolution Grows As 250,000 People Donate $15 Million To His Campaign

bernie sanders fundraising
The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign announced that Sen. Sanders has raised $15 million from 250,000 Americans since April 30. The Sanders message is spreading, and supporters are opening up their wallets to take their country back.
In a statement, the campaign said:
Altogether, Sanders’ campaign brought in some $15 million since April 30, when he launched his bid for the Democratic Party presidential nomination.
Ninety-nine percent of the almost 400,000 contributions by some 250,000 individuals were for $250 or less.
The average donation was $33.51.
Counting all sources of campaign revenue – including the sale of T-shirts, bumper stickers and other merchandise – nearly 87 percent of the total amount raised during the quarter came from the donors who contributed $250 or less
At his speech in Madison, WI, Sanders said, “I am more than aware that my opponents will be able to outspend us. But we are going to win this election. They may have the money but we have the people. And when the people stand together, we can win.”
Hillary Clinton has raised three times more money from individual donors, but Sen. Sanders is drawing record-setting crowds and surging in the polls. The Sanders momentum has gone from something that supporters discussed on the Internet to a legitimate buzz in the political world. Recent polling revealed that Democrats give Hillary Clinton high marks on honesty, leadership, and trustworthiness, but Bernie Sanders has captured their imaginations with a message of revolution.
Sen. Sanders is leading a grassroots movement of the people whose goal is bigger than a presidential election. Bernie Sanders is out to defeat the billionaires and return the American government back to ordinary Americans. The message is revolution, and the Sanders revolutionaries are opening their wallets to fund their candidate.

Obama’s Winning Streak Continues

Economy Adds 12.8 Million Jobs Over 64 Straight Months
President Obama's economy has added 12.8 million private sector jobs over 64 straight months of job growth, extending the longest streak on record. …
And they called him a lame duck. President Obama’s economy has added 12.8 million private sector jobs over 64 straight months of job growth, extending the longest streak on record.
Thursday’s job announcement numbers put another feather in the cap of the President’s legacy, as he has now presided over 64 straight months of private sector job growth. Yes, that’s right. The Department of Labor announced that the economy added 223,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.3 percent:
Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 223,000 in June, and the unemployment rate declined to 5.3 percent, the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in professional and business services, health care, retail trade, financial activities, and in transportation and warehousing.
Insert right wing screams here as business leaders are telling Republicans that they don’t know what they are doing, after they failed to renew the Export-Import Bank’s charter.
From the administration’s Council of Economic Advisers:
The private sector has added 12.8 million jobs over 64 straight months of job growth, extending the longest streak on record. Today we learned that total nonfarm employment rose by 223,000 in June—and all those jobs came from the private sector. Although total job growth was revised down somewhat in April and May, much of the revision is attributable to lower government employment than previously estimated. On the whole, our economy has added 2.9 million new jobs over the past twelve months, near the fifteen-year high achieved in February.
Of course, as President Obama keeps saying, all is not well. Not only have we had major cuts in the public sector, thanks in large part to Republican cuts and their sequester, but Americans need more good paying jobs. Additionally, the labor force grew more slowly in June than it usually does. “Over the past sixty years, the labor force has grown by 1.8 percent in June on average before seasonal adjustment—more than three times faster than May, the next fastest month. But this June, the labor force only rose 0.4 percent.”
Betsey Stevenson, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers, said in a statement “Our economy has now added 5.6 million jobs over the past two years, the strongest two-year job growth since 2000.” But she cautioned, “But despite this progress, there is more work to do. We must continue to build on the positive trends underlying our economy by ensuring that Americans working overtime receive a fair day’s pay, opening new markets for U.S. goods and services through expanded trade, increasing investments in infrastructure, providing relief from the sequester, and raising the minimum wage.”
(Note the administration keeps pushing that trade deal among their other pushes of raising the minimum wage and paying fair overtime wages.)
Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi couldn’t help but contrast the longest stretch of private sector job growth with the Republican shutdown of the Export-Import Bank’s charter, “June’s job’s report shows our economy continuing to move in the right direction, extending the longest uninterrupted stretch of private sector job creation in our history. Yet again and again, the shutdowns and manufactured crises of the Republican Congress have put this progress at risk, costing our country jobs, weakening our economy, and undermining hard-working families.”
And noting that construction jobs are low for this month, it’s a good time to bring up the Republican failure to do anything with infrastructure like the long-term Highway and Transit Trust Fund bill.
“Earlier this week, Republicans forced the expiration of the Export-Import Bank’s charter, endangering thousands of export-reliant jobs and small businesses across America. House Republicans still have no plan for the long-term Highway and Transit Trust Fund bill needed to avert the crisis they punted to the end of this month — inaction that threatens hundreds of thousands of good paying construction jobs and critical infrastructure projects.”
Pelosi nailed the prevailing mood of the country in her last paragraph, saying in part, “Hard-working families deserve better than a Congress that shows so little interest in their jobs, their wages and their communities.”
Republicans and pundits have been clinging to the fact that employment numbers are adjusted over time and that is true. For example, the Department of Labor notes, “With these revisions, employment gains in April and May combined were 60,000 lower than previously reported. Over the past 3 months, job gains have averaged 221,000 per month.”
But 221,000 job gains per month is the Republican idea of bad news? We’ll take it. Also, before Republicans get too smug, let us not forget why those numbers were revised down — lower government employment than previously estimated. That would be the Republican contribution to the jobs numbers. They lowered them. Maybe we should be talking about that.
There is a 64 month streak of gaining private sector jobs and that hasn’t changed even after the numbers are revised. I think it’s safe to stop trolling the facts and start asking Congress why they haven’t done a thing to help Americans get better paying jobs.
President Obama is on a streak of legacy making wins, from the Supreme Court’s ruling that Obamacare is Constitutional to opening an embassy in Cuba to the new job numbers, it’s been a good few weeks for the President’s record.

The New Overtime Rules Explained In Less Than 2 Minutes

The Obama administration has announced new regulations that would dramatically expand the number of salaried workers eligible for overtime pay.

Fox Business hack: Paying overtime is just more ‘giveaways’ to the ‘permanent minimum wage club’

Fox's Elizabeth MacDonald (screen grab)
Still further proof the idiots at Fox News have no clue about anything

Trump: He Is ‘Exposing A Lot Of The Dirty Truths Of The Republican Cabal’

Latino Leader On Donald Trump: He Is ‘Exposing A Lot Of The Dirty Truths Of The Republican Cabal’

Yet Another Business Dumps ‘The Donald’ Due To Racist Remarks And It’s Another Big Name

Image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore
And, another one bites the dust. . .
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Texas' wingnut attorney general Ken Paxton faces felony indictment

A first-degree felony conviction in Texas can result in 5 to 99 years in prison.

Glenn Beck Pretty Sure Non-Existent Navy Yard Shooter Was Probably A Muslim

More the from land of utter delusion ...
Early last Thursday morning, it was reported that a shooter was on the loose at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., but those reports eventually turned out to be false after D.C. police responded and found "no signs of a shooter, no shooting and no injured." Predictably, Glenn Beck opened his radio... MORE

Chicken Express Offers Free Meal With Handgun License, Wingnuts Orgasm

Chicken Express Offers Free Meal With Handgun License, Conservatives Nearly Climax (IMAGE)Why are wingnuts making fast-food chicken restaurants their new political battleground?

Senators Push For Hearings On Homegrown Terrorists Like The Charleston Shooter

‘Murica Not Muhammad

Wingnuts Are Outraged That Their Killers Are Called Terrorists
‘Murica Not Muhammad: Righties Outraged That Their Killers Are Called Terrorists
Rather than address the problem they created, the wingnuts instead try to deflect attention, reassign blame and distance themselves from those who clearly kill in the name of ‘Murica, not Muhammad.

Beyond “Blackface”

Why George Takei Was Right About Clarence Thomas
Wingnuts are outraged that George Takei got so mad after Justice Clarence Thomas said slaves had "dignity" that he likened the sitting justice to being a clown in blackface…

Montana Man Inspired By SCOTUS Ruling Applies To Marry 2nd Wife

A Montana man said Wednesday that he was inspired by the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to apply for a marriage license so that he can legally wed his second wife.
Oh, and FYI - wingnuts, he is one of your own ... a mormon.
Well, so much for the Liberal 'agenda' and the apocalypse coming about due to marriage equality.
The first 'challenge' to that equality out of the gate is not from Liberals but from a wingnut ... now who could have seen that one coming?
(Liberals you can keep your hand down that was a rhetorical question for you)
Pardon us we should point out he is the first man to seek to marry more than one woman due to the SCOTUS ruling - the first 'proposal for 'different' marriage status was the a wingnut female in Idaho who wants to marry her dog because if 'gays' can marry she can marry her dog ... there has been no word from the dog on the matter.

A 3rd Federal Court Strikes Down Louisiana’s Gay Marriage Ban

Louisiana's idiot Bobby Jindal (R) said he would wait for a third and final federal court ruling declaring bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional before recognizing gay marriages in the state, and last Thursday morning a district judge gave him just that.

It’s Perfectly Legal For This Tennessee Hardware Store To Refuse Gay Customers

There is also nothing illegal about not patronizing his hardware store either.
If you choose not to give him any business and he refuses business - so be it, you can spend your money elsewhere and he can be deprived of increased revenue.
Now should you choose the give him THE business ( i.e., the  middle digit of your hand in an upraised position, etc.) for his asinine 'views', well, he deserves them and can do nothing about it either.

Wingnut ‘christian’ whore John Hagee Has Meltdown Over Marriage Equality Ruling

Image via Wikimedia
Religious welfare queen John Hagee has finally commented on the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling and, of course, it’s a meltdown of biblical proportions.