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Sunday, July 19, 2015

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President Tactfully Avoids Mentioning Who Armed Iran In The First Place

Thanks to Obama’s Deal With Iran, We See Republican Cabal’s True Colors

The word “historic” isn’t often an understatement, but it’s tough to find a word that adequately captures the world-changing nature of the deal the United States, Iran, and several other countries reached early this morning to curb Iran’s nuclear program. If nothing else, it fundamentally changes the nature of the relationship between the U.S. and one of our most entrenched opponents, possibly for generations.
Without a crystal ball, we can’t say for certain if this deal will ultimately succeed or fail; it’s up to the Iranians to choose to respect the deal or not. What we do know is that if you want more peace and less war in the world, this is a day to celebrate.
But Republicans aren’t celebrating. They woke up to news of the deal and didn’t hesitate to come claws-out, immediately attacking the deal and President Obama before the ink was dry on the signatures. Just  look at what some of the presidential candidates have already said about the deal:
Marco Rubio
It will be left to the next President to return us to a position of American strength and re-impose sanctions on this despicable regime.
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Lindsey Graham to Bloomberg: Iran deal is "akin to declaring war on Israel" http://bit.ly/1O9NkhV 
Scott Walker
.@BarackObama’s nuclear agreement with will be remembered as one of America's worst diplomatic failures. - SW
Laura Ingraham
.@CarlyFiorina: "History tells us that Iran will cheat. Contrary to what this administration has said; this will give Iran nuclear weapons."
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Chris Christie
My statement on the
Does that rhetoric sound familiar? It should. A nuclear deal with Iran is vastly different from the Affordable Care Act, but the Republican cabal's reaction is exactly the same. Attack a real plan that solves an intractable problem, promise to undo it, and fail to offer any alternatives.
The Republicans have been attacking these negotiations for months, before the parties reached a deal. Their reaction to the deal now that the details have been hammered out was entirely predictable. (I’m kicking myself for not pre-writing this story.)
Republicans are making it clear they have no serious interest in peace, or even America’s national security. Just like Obamacare, the deal this administration struck with Iran is nothing more than a target for their partisan rancor. The merits are meaningless to the Republican cabal. It’s just fuel for the political fire. At least they don’t have centrifuges.


Senate Rejects Effort To Teach Kids About Climate Change In School

Emails show NC Republican elections board member tried to close early voting site on college campus for partisan reasons

Alaska Governor Sidesteps Republican-Misled Legislature, Expands Medicaid On His Own

Ron Paul Supports Iran Deal; Calls Trump 'Dangerous'

Ron Paul Supports Iran Deal; Calls Trump 'Dangerous'


Trump Is Such A Liar That Politifact Is Worried About Becoming ‘The Trump Channel’

Trump Is Such A Liar That Politifact Is Worried About Becoming ‘The Trump Channel’The Donald says so many idiotic things that the popular fact-checking site has had to go into overdrive.

Wisconsin Giving $250M To Billionaire-Owned Basketball Arena Days After Cutting $250M In Education

Wisconsin Giving $250M To Billionaire-Owned Basketball Arena Days After Cutting $250M In Education If you want to see the priorities of politicians, follow the money. In Wisconsin, that means watching Republican  Scott Walker and his friends...

Papa John’s Franchisee Faces Jail Time Over Stealing Workers’ Wages

The case for keeping religious tax exemptions is non existent

Republican pretender candidates flock to small creationist cult in Iowa

Bobby Jindal (Derek Bridges/Flickr)
A small Iowa cult that teaches the universe is only 6,000 years old is a big draw for Republican pretender candidates.

Warren Buffett Broke Out His Checkbook And Made 'christian' religio-winguts Really Mad

Warren Buffett Broke Out His Checkbook And Made Christian Conservatives Really Mad
Oh dear, the 'christian' religio-wingnuts are not amused.
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This Costco Cake Is Sending religio-wingnut 'christians' Into A Tizzy

Do you notice something about this cake? What do you want to bet these same people call us “politically correct” for wanting the Confederate flag off of government property.

Someone Finally Tells Anti-Gay Texas Governor To ‘Go To Hell’ To His Face

Image via Screenshot
Someone finally had the guts to tell Abbott to “go to hell” to his face for being a prick toward gay people. Frankly, more people should do this more often to other anti-gay public officials.

Reddit Racists Given Notice – Your Days Are Numbered

Reddit Error Page
Popular website Reddit became a bastion of hate speech, and the management has now declared enough is enough.

Black Woman Who Drove To Texas For New Job Found Hanging In Jail Cell Days Later

Black Woman Who Drove To Texas For New Job Found Hanging In Jail Cell Days Later (VIDEO) Many are asking what happened to an African-American woman who drove to Texas for a new job, but was found days later, dead in a jail cell. Sandra Bland...

San Francisco Official Doubles Down: Fox News Is A ‘Propaganda Machine, Nothing More And Nothing Less’