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Friday, June 26, 2015

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Breaking News: Well, SCOTUS did it again. They made the correct decision and the troglodytes of wingnutistan are having horrific fits of apoplexy and conniptions (and any wingnut heads that did not explode yesterday are doing so today). Why you ask - Gay Marriage is a legal right everywhere in the USA, now.
Hey, wingnuts, yeah we're talking to you ...!  
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Climate Change Health Risk Is A 'Medical Emergency', Experts Warn

Climate Change Health Risk Is A 'Medical Emergency', Experts Warn"We see climate change as a major health issue, and that's often neglected in policy debates," Anthony Costello told reporters at a briefing in London.

The UN surprises everyone with a breakthrough deal to slow deforestation

A surprise deal emerged from UN climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany, this week: diplomats managed to reach a key agreement to compensate developing nations that agree to preserve their forests. And environmental and civil society groups had generally nice things to say about the deal.Deforestation has a huge effect on climate change. Activities like slash-and-burn agriculture account for nearly 20 percent of greenhouse gases emissions, according to the UN. Trees, of course, also play a key role in slowing climate change by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere.
Historically, deforestation has been an especially vexing probably for environmentalists, raising the concern of climate hawks and conservationists alike. This week’s agreement straightens out some key details of an initiative — called Reducing Emissions From Deforestation and Forest Degradation, or REDD+ — that negotiators hope will provide developing, forest-rich countries with incentives to slow and eventually halt logging of forested land.

Supreme Court Declares Warrantless Searches Of Hotel Registries Unconstitutional

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down warrantless searches of hotel registries in a 5-4 decision on Monday. Justice Sotomayor wrote the majority opinion in the case of City of Los Angeles v. Patel, scoring a victory for privacy advocates, who argued that Los Angeles’ city law violated the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unlawful searches without probable cause.
In writing her decision, Sotomayor stated:
A hotel owner who refuses to give an officer access to his or her registry can be arrested on the spot. The court has held that business owners cannot reasonably be put to this kind of choice.
Sotomayor was joined in protecting privacy rights by liberal justices Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg as well as swing justice Anthony Kennedy. The four wingnute justices — Chief Justice John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia dissented. Each of them felt the government should have the right to obtain hotel registries without first establishing probable cause.
In his dissent, Justice Scalia argued:
The private pain and public costs imposed by drug dealing, prostitution, and human trafficking are beyond contention, and motels provide an obvious haven for those who trade in human misery.
While wingnuts often like to claim that they are the party of less government, the wingnut justices on the Supreme Court aligned themselves with more government intrusion into the lives of individuals and small business owners. By contrast, the liberals on the court took the side of defending privacy and the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
While reasonable people can disagree on how much information citizens should be required to divulge to law enforcement officers when no probably cause exists, there can be no argument that wingnuts on the court have taken the position advocating more government when it comes to matters surrounding personal privacy. Antonin Scalia, in particular, has argued that the state has a right to violate the Bill of Rights because drug dealers and prostitutes might purchase a night in a hotel room, and that alone is reason enough in his warped  mind to disregard the Constitution of the United States.

The Entire World Knows The Republican Cabal's Trickle Down Is Disastrous For Americans And The Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), has finally conducted comprehensive research and reported what every conscious human being on Earth already knows like they know the Sun rises in the east …
Bernie Trickle Down
For most human beings, even idiots in America, there are just some things that are glaringly self-evident such as every day the Sun will rise in the East. One would like to believe that most Americans, even the idiots, surely comprehend that there are some economic policies that automatically produce deleterious results such as taking everything from the poor and middle class and giving it to the richest one-percent and expecting the entire population to become billionaires and the economy to flourish.
That insane concept, known as Republican trickle-down economics, has consistently failed to produce any benefits, economic or otherwise, to the nation’s economic health or 98% of the population. Although it is in no way a revelation, the world’s leading economic organization, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has finally conducted comprehensive research and reported what every conscious human being on Earth already knows like they know the Sun rises in the East; GOP trickle-down economics is a certifiable economic disaster that reliably retards economic growth, kills jobs, and increases income inequality.
The International Monetary Fund was created specifically to reduce poverty around the world, secure financial stability for all nations, promote high employment, and advance policies that ensure sustainable economic growth long into the future. The IMF’s purpose as an organization is contrary to conservative economics because it does not focus on creating more wealth for the already uber-rich or their highly-profitable corporations. The IMF was created in 1945 and is governed and accountable to the 188 countries that make up its near-global membership. It was America that conceived the idea of an international organization that would develop a framework for economic cooperation between the world’s nations to avoid a repetition of circumstances that contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s; circumstances Republicans continue promoting today without pause.
It is telling that regardless of the IMF or America’s intent in the late 1940s to avoid another devastating depression, including knowing exactly what not to do, Bush Republicans embraced “trickle down” economics and increased the number of poor Americans, decimated the middle class, retarded economic growth and crashed the nation’s economy. Now, just six years removed from the Bush-created Great Recession, the IMF issued a warning that the concept of trickle-down economics not only increases the  number of people in poverty, it is a major obstacle to economic growth and obviously increases income inequality.
In a new study conducted by IMF researchers, they report something that, apparently, everyone on the face of the Earth knows except America’s Republican Party and their wealthy conservative funders; trickle-down economics are disastrous for  any nation’s economy. IMF researchers also found that the primary feature of trickle-down economics, gross income inequality, not only “hollows out the middle class” and devastates “the poorest 20% of the citizenry,” it is the death knell for economic growth and a substantial majority of the population.
The IMF’s report focused on the idea that trickle-down economics, and the income inequality it fosters, is always bad, but it is especially bad for the people in the middle class and those on the lowest rung of the income ladder. The organization’s recommendation to spur economic growth, besides completely abandoning the concept of trickle down as sheer folly and an economic death wish, is helping the poorest 20% of the population by “raising the income share of the poor, and ensuring that there is no hollowing-out of the middle class.”
Preserving the middle class and raising the incomes of the poor is frankly something the IMF, real economic experts, President Barack Obama, Democrats, and any half-wit understands “is actually good for a nation’s economic growth.” The IMF report went farther than just condemning ‘trickle down’ as bad for everyone but the rich, the organization dismissed the entire concept of “trickle-down economics” and advanced the President’s belief that “the poorest 20% of citizens should make more money;” something Republicans reject out of hand as absurd and patently unfair for the richest one percent and their corporations. Republicans have demonstrated time and again that they could not care less that their absurd economic policy contradicts the blunt declaration of the IMF’s report that “an increase in the income share of the bottom 20% is associated with higher GDP growth” and greater economic stability, because they are only interested in increasing the income share of the rich that will never be sufficient until they have it all.
The IMF’s recommendations for economic prosperity are anathema to Republicans who have fought tooth and nail against proposals President Obama, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, and all Democrats have called for without pause; more investment in health, higher wages, and further progressive taxation. The study found that, “Fiscal policy already plays a significant role in addressing income inequality in many advanced economies (that are not America), but the redistributive role of fiscal policy could be further reinforced by greater reliance on wealth and property taxes, more progressive income taxation, removing opportunities for tax avoidance and evasion, and smarter targeting of social benefits.”
The IMFs recommendations for economic growth, and condemnation of Republican trickle down as damaging to an economy and a population, are not untested theories or conjecture. A quick look at Republican states that imposed harsh trickle down policies reveal that not only are states like Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Louisiana in dire financial straits, the people are suffering and getting poorer by the day. Not only do Republicans oppose rolling back regressive taxation that favors the rich, they have further taxed the poorest citizens in an attempt to plug gaping budget holes created by severe revenue shortfalls; shortfalls due to tax cuts for the wealthy and lack of spending by the poor who earn slave wages and face Draconian cuts to social benefits.
The IMF researchers could have saved themselves time, and certainly some expense, in reporting on the damage ‘trickle down’ wreaks on an economy by pointing out the Republican addiction to the failed policy that decimated America’s economy in eight short years of the Bush administration. If that was too old to be relevant, and it is not, then the world organization could have cited the current economic catastrophes unfolding in Republican-governed states such as Kansas, although there are many, many others, that is clinging to trickle down in spite of the damage to their economies and their constituents.
Recently, in a futile attempt to cover gross revenue shortfalls created by outlandish tax cuts for the rich, several Republican governors and legislatures have furthered the dire economic plight of the bottom 20% and middle class by instituting seriously regressive taxation targeting those who can least afford even one more economic attack; the poor and middle class. It is not that Republicans in the states, and Congress for that matter, do not know their precious trickle down agenda is retarding economic growth, killing job creation, and creating hardships for the poor, they just could not care less. Based on the imbecile residents who continue voting trickle down Republicans in office, it appears that many Americans could care even less that Republicans are crushing the economic life out of them.
One would like to think that all it would take for Republicans to see the incredible error of their trickle down economic agenda and damage to their constituents well-being is to read the latest IMF report. However, it is not like there is anything new in the international economic organization’s findings that are not in the history books going back to the New Deal, or the period directly following World War II when Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhower instituted progressive taxation that created America’s great middle class and drove economic growth the likes the world, or America, has never seen before or since then.
It is a sad state of affairs for this country’s economy and the majority of its citizens that it now appears that everyone on Earth understands the folly of the Republican ‘trickle down” economic theory. The truth is that at this juncture the only people on Earth who refuse to admit that their precious ‘trickle down’ is a recipe for economic demise, greater income inequality, economic devastation, and high unemployment, low wages, and an increased poverty are Republicans. It is also a sad truth that Republicans do, in fact, know their only economic agenda is disastrous for all but the richest one-percent and their corporations, they just refuse to admit it in a public forum where voters might hear them laughing about an economic agenda the whole world knows is a raging failure and yet is still popular among America’s incredibly stupid Republican voters.

House Republicans Try to Zero Out Funding for Family Planning

A Republican-misled House subcommittee is quietly trying to kill federal family planning funding. .
For the past couple of years, no doubt wary of "war on women" messaging, Republicans have been in semi-retreat on chipping away at contraception access. We haven't seen a revival of the attacks on contraception funding that helped nearly shut down the government in 2011. Those defending the Supreme Court's decision in Hobby Lobby v. Burwell focused on minimizing its impact, by incorrectly claiming it only affects some kinds of contraception. Some Republicans offered up a toothless bill supposedly meant to support making the birth control pill over-the-counter.
That's all changed. The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies just offered a budget proposal that would end federal family planning programs. "None of the funds appropriated in this Act may be used to carry out title X of the [Public Health Service] Act," the bill reads. Title X is the only federal program dedicated solely to providing contraception and other preventive reproductive health services.
That's right, they're trying to zero out Title X—the only federal program that directly subsidizes contraception—as well as other reproductive health care programs for low-income patients. Affordable STI tests? The pack of $15 birth control pills you get from Planned Parenthood? The Pap smear you got at the public health clinic? They want to get rid of all of it.
"Cutting the Title X Family Planning program could leave nearly 4.6 million people without care, including women in rural communities and low-income women who rely on Planned Parenthood and other providers for high-quality, affordable care," Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards argued in a statement. No doubt the word "abortion" is going to be tossed around to justify this defunding effort—just as it was in 2011—but this is not about abortion. By law, Title X funds do not and cannot fund abortion. This is about sex and sending the message that you shouldn't be having it for any reason but procreation.

Voters Aren’t Buying Media Whining About Dynasties Their Concern Is Money In Politics

The press and Republicans have been pushing hard to make “dynasties” the issue of 2016.
US Capitol For Sale (Washington, DC)
Voters aren’t buying. They are worried about money in politics. Specifically wealthy individuals and corporations buying our government. In other words, take heart, the American people are more awake than we thought.
According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll (released several days ago, but got buried due to the horrific terrorist attack in Charleston that killed nine innocent people in their place of worship):
But only 4 percent of voters say their top concern are dynastic candidates — like Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul — who are from families who have run for the presidency before.
What are American voters really worried about, since Beltway narratives aren’t even making a dent? Oh, common sense things like the corporate/2% takeover of elections, dark money, negative ads:
American voters say their top concerns about the upcoming presidential election are wealthy individuals and corporations who might have too much influence who over wins, as well as campaigns that spend more time on negative attacks than proposing solutions, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.
What else can the press or Republicans do, faced with yet another Bush, especially after this one’s brother tainted the last name to such a degree that this will not really be a race? The idea was to create this notion of political dynasties, falsely equating a person who came from a middle class family but married someone who became President (who happened to come from very hard times) to someone who was born to a wealthy, established political dynasty and whose father and brother have both been president.
The reality behind this poll will not stop the Beltway narrative from being fully exploited for its inherent drama and easy writings. It won’t stop certain desperate politicos from tossing this charge around because they have nothing else to discuss. But it’s worth noting that America isn’t listening. It’s not resonating. Voters are not that stupid.
Voters seem to know what the problem is, and they have their eye on the ball.

North Carolina Republicans strip $3 million from UNC law school after professor slams voter ID

Young woman voter (Shutterstock)
Childish Republicans are punishing the University of North Carolina School of Law with a last-minute budget cut because the school employs a professor who has been critical of their policies.

President Obama's WTF Podcast Interview Was One Of His Best

President Obama's WTF Podcast Interview Was One Of His Best

Donald Trump Thinks African American Youths Are Worse Off Under Obama Than Slavery

Asked about race relations, Donald Trump blamed Obama, saying, "African-American youth is doing worse than virtually it's ever done." …
One reason the Republican Cabal must be so pleased to have Mr. Perpetual Bankruptcy running for Pretender AGAIN is because he really knows how to put their ideas out there, and they believe that they could win the White House if only they could get their ideas across.
So here you go. Trump Idea #1: African Americans are worse off under President Obama than at virtually any other time in history.
The Donald imparted his Republican wisdom, “African-American youth is doing worse than virtually it’s ever done.”
Asked about race relations in this country, Donald Trump thought the best thing he could do to add to the debate was to blame President Obama for making things worse than they’ve ever been for African American youth.
“We have an African-American president, I was never a fan… and certainly you would have thought he would be a cheerleader for African Americans who are really suffering right now more than anybody else in terms of jobs and everything else.”
“So you have an African-American president and African-American youth is doing worse than virtually it’s ever done. I mean we’ve had some pretty bad times in this country but virtually it’s ever done. And you would think that couldn’t have happened with Obama as president.”
In all of history, including slavery, the birther who doesn’t believe Obama was born in this country thinks African American youth have never suffered so much. This couldn’t be due to the Bush recession. It must be the first black President’s fault!
Rest easy white people! It’s Obama’s fault. That old favorite whinge of Republicans: “Wah, Obama. Fix it, daddy. Too hard to solve real problems. We’ll just be screaming in the corner and pointing fingers!”
It’s hard not to appreciate the wisdom of Donald Trump. I mean, whenever we’ve had a white president, which has been always till now, no white people were poor. The Great Depression? Obama’s fault.
So forget Obama’s push for raising the minimum wage and his healthcare reform achievement that brought affordable insurance to millions of Americans who previously had none. We’re not talking policy. We’re talking inflammatory rhetoric and blame.
Can we all just imagine what Trump has done for African Americans? Aside from blaming the first black President for the actions of white people against African Americans, I mean.
Maybe this kind of rhetoric isn’t helpful?
Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign with a rambling, and insane rant that claimed that Mexicans are bringing rapists into the United States. Trump also declared his love for Chinese communism and said that he should be president because he is really rich.
Trump wants to install corporate bosses to run America, ostensibly because they would make it rich, which doesn’t really make sense since so many corporations don’t pay taxes and only survive because the government subsidizes them or they declare bankruptcy Trump style. But also, corporations are not known to assist minorities, or really anyone but their profit line.
No matter. Donald Trump is getting out those Republican ideas, y’all. And Idea #1 is everything is Obama’s fault. So fresh!

Anonymous Launches Operation To Shut Down Westboro baptist cult

Anonymous responded to the Westboro baptist cult’s plan to picket the funerals of the Charleston shooting victims by launching an operation aimed at shutting down the hate cabal.
In a press release, Anonymous explained why they are coming after the Westboro baptist cult, “The so-called Westboro baptist cult is not actually a cult at all. Rather, it is a small but well-funded and highly organized hate cabal. It’s core leadership and membership consists of a single family, the Phelps. They specialize in picketing funerals and spewing their unique and disgusting brand of hate, disturbing grieving family members and the public in their time of loss. Over the past approximately five years, Anonymous has confronted them several times, both online and on the ground – over their announced plan to picket certain funerals. In each and every case, our combined cyber and ground operations were enough to cause the WBC to cancel their plans to picket entirely. In addition, these Anonymous campaigns have decimated the membership ranks of the Westboro baptist cult, and cost them tens of thousands of dollars in damages to their cyber infrastructure. But this can never be taken for granted. And so when the Westboro baptist cult recently announced their plans to picket at least some of the upcoming funerals in South Carolina for the “Charleston 9″, Anonymous once again moved into action.”
The group offered a message to the grieving people of Charleston, “We ask that you put these hateful people from your mind entirely. Anonymous has this for you. We know how to deal with these animals, and we will do so. Forget them. Let us handle this for you as our gift of condolence for your unspeakable loss.”
Anonymous also issued a final warning to WBC:
We are coming for you. We will defeat you just as we always have. Your best bet is to stop this foolishness at once. We know you will not, so you can fucking….EXPECT US.
The Westboro baptist cult is planning on picketing the funerals of the Charleston shooting victims because in their warped view Rev. and state Sen. Clementa Pinckney “did an evil thing” when he attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. The WBC is picketing the funerals as a warning to people to stay away from Hillary Clinton fundraisers.
WBC has never been above exploiting the pain and misery of a community to push their hate-filled agenda. Anonymous would be doing the world a favor by successfully shutting down the Westboro baptist cult.

In case we're looking for a one-word summary ...


Michael Moore’s Tweet Speaks The Truth, So Naturally, Wingnuts Blow A Gasket Over It

Michael Moore’s Tweet Speaks The Truth, So Naturally, Wingers Blow A Gasket Over It (IMAGES)Documentarian Michael Moore tweeted a truth about the Charleston shooter. The wingnuts, predictably, loses their shit.

Police Bought White Supremacist Mass Killer Burger King, Eric Garner Got A Chokehold

Police Bought White Supremacist Mass Killer Burger King, Eric Garner Got A Chokehold (VIDEO)
Freddie Gray didn’t make it to the police station. Eric Garner didn’t live long enough to be arrested. Dylann Roof? Well, police took him out to Burger King after he slaughtered nine black people.

Scott Walker Took Money From Racist Cabal that Inspired Dylann Roof’s Terrorist Attack

Add Scott Walker (R-WI) to the list, as it's revealed that he took thousands from the Council of 'Conservative' Citizens (CofCC).…
scott walker
The list of Republicans who took money from a known hate group keeps growing. Add Scott Walker (R-WI) to the list, as it’s revealed that he took thousands from the Council of 'Conservative' Citizens (CofCC).
The moron is expected to announce his 2016 candidacy any day now.
Scott Walker is going to forfeit $3,500 in gubernatorial campaign donations that came from the wingnut hate cabal that inspired the racist terrorist attack by Dylann Roof, according to report by the Guardian :
Following an inquiry from the Guardian, a spokeswoman for Walker said he would be giving up money he received in recent years from Earl Holt, the president of the Council of 'Conservative' Citizens (CofCC).
“The governor will be donating this money to charity,” the spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said in an email.
Holt’s Council of 'Conservative' Citizens propaganda was heavily cited on what seems to be Dylann Roof’s manifesto.
It will surprise no one to discover that Holt donated to the Teabagger Express, among other wingnuts. The teabaggers after all, were known to carry signs suggesting the first black President was an ape, using the n-word, and more. Their racist motivation wasn’t exactly well-disguised.
Lest you have any doubts of their intentions, the CofCC put out a statement after the terrorist attack inspired by their rhetoric that killed nine people, in which they basically said this is wrong, but if things don’t get better for white people, expect more violence:
Council of 'Conservative' Citizens defends Roof's "legitimate grievances"
Of course, mainstream Republicans are being funded by a white nationalist group. This isn’t a surprise. Just read Holt’s online comments and they closely mirror the way Republicans speak about minorities, except Republicans use the Southern strategy of “disguised” racism. Comments written in Holt’s name say that black people were “the laziest, stupidest and most criminally-inclined race in the history of the world.”
Other Republican 2016 candidates who received money from the group are Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY), Rick Santorum (R-PA). And Mitt Romney received money in from them in 2012.
Campaigns are supposed to check out groups who donate, but most pocket the cash without looking sideways, so it’s not clear that Republicans knew they were taking money from a racist hate group. In fact, Republicans are falling over themselves to return the money now.
But the real question is why did his racist hate group want them in office so much that they donated $65,000 to Republicans?

Fox News Gets Desperate and Calls The Confederate Flag The Flag Of The Democratic Party

In a desperate attempt to hide their role in pushing the GOP’s racist rhetoric, Fox News is claiming that the Confederate flag is the flag of the Democratic Party.
Fox News hack Andrea Tantaros said, “You know what baffles the mind? This isn’t a Republican flag. Historically this was the flag of southern Democrats, remember that, fact? I find this flag offensive. This flag represents the fight in slavery, and it was a flag that the southern Democrats — Democrats — used to fly against Northern Republicans so I’m not sure why Republicans are getting peppered over this.”
Tantaros brought up an old time favorite misleading statement by the right. Southerners did support the Democratic Party, but what Fox News likes to leave out is that racist ideological strain left the Democratic Party and moved over to the Republicans during the Civil Rights movement.
It is ridiculous for anyone to claim that the Confederate flag is the flag of the party that is led by the nation’s first African-American president. It is even more absurd for Fox News to ignore the fact that it was Republicans who supported flying the Confederate flag over the state capitol.
Republicans are getting hammered for this because they are the party that pushed for the Confederate flag as a symbol of “Southern heritage.” The Confederate flag is not a Republican flag or a Democratic flag. It is a Naval Jack that bigoted morons perverted into a symbol of slavery, racism and hate.
There is only one political party in the United States that has been using racism to scare and divide the country, and that is the Republican Party.
Fox News is getting desperate and pulling out all of the stops to spin away the right’s trafficking in racial politics. Fox is even out of step with Republicans like South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who is set to call for the flag to be taken down.
The years of Fox News supported racial hate are coming back to bite Republicans and their cable news network. Fox News embraced the racial dog whistles, so now they own the ugly symbolism of the Confederate flag.

Wingnuts On Twitter Outraged After Wingnut Haley Calls For Removal Of Confederate Flag

Righties On Twitter Outraged After Gov. Haley Calls For Removal Of Confederate Flag (IMAGES) The racist motive behind the murders of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina, has caused a renewed call to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds...
Don't you just love it when the wingnuts eat their own!

Asinine Fox And Friends Publicity Stunt Nearly Kills A Man On Live TV

The idiots at Fox really don't need to continue to prove what idiots they are - we know
Featured image credit: video screen capture, courtesy of News Funnies on youtubeHe threw the axe. He missed the target. He hit the man that was standing directly behind it. We’ve seen a lot of stupid from Fox, but this fiasco is just beyond words.

Wingnut Heads Exploding Over Photo Published Of Ted Cruz At Gun Range

Right Wing Heads Exploding Over Photo Published Of Ted Cruz At Gun Range
Why? You'd think all the lunatic fringe gun nuts would be whooping it up.

Tylenol Has A New Ad Campaign: Wingnut Meltdown in 3…2…1…

Tylenol Has A New  Ad Campaign: Right-Wing Meltdown in 3…2…1… (VIDEO)Johnson and Johnson is unveiling a new ad campaign for Tylenol. And, boy, are the wingnuts going to hate it!