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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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Republicans - Can't even write bad poetry ... !
Today is - Bad Poetry Day
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Non Sequitur


Native American Voting Rights Act seeks to close 17 percent turnout gap

Can't Vote, via Daniel Lobo / Flickr
The Voting Rights Act of 1964 doesn’t fully apply to Native Americans.
This bill would change that.

Obama Administration Warns Republican cabal

Try To Illegally Defund Planned Parenthood, Things Will End Badly For You
Obama Admin Warns GOP: Try To Illegally Defund Planned Parenthood, Things Will End Badly For YouStates trying to defund Planned Parenthood are breaking the law – and President Obama isn’t having it.

Bernie kicking into overdrive

The Sanders campaign is looking more like the real deal.

Bernie Sanders Schools Chuck Todd On Why He Is Nothing Like Trump

chuck todd bernie sanders meet the press
It took Bernie Sanders roughly 25 seconds to school Chuck Todd on why he is nothing like Trump.
When Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd brought up the media’s favorite lazy comparison between Trump and Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate explained why he is nothing like Trump.
Sanders said, “Here’s the difference. I am not a billionaire. My family doesn’t have a whole lot of people. We are raising our campaign contributions from 350,000 people who are contributing on average Chuck, $31.20 apiece. That’s our response to out to working class people, to go out to the middle-class people and gain support. I think that’s a little bit different approach than Trump’s.”
The comparison to Trump is an insult to what Bernie Sanders is accomplishing. The media loves Trump because he understands how to produce entertaining television. Trump is running a made for TV campaign.
Trump isn’t drawing tens of thousands of people to his events, and the people who are supporting Trump have little in common with those who are supporting Bernie Sanders.
Senator Sanders is a public servant with decades of experience in fighting for ordinary Americans. Senator Sanders proposes real legislation and policy. Trump has done none of these things. Republicans are flocking to Trump because he has perfected the Fox News style of hype and empty bluster.
Bernie Sanders isn’t succeeding because of publicity and hype. Senator Sanders is drawing the big crowds because of his authenticity and message. Chuck Todd was clever in that he tried to compare the two campaigns based on the kinds of supporters that they are drawing, but there really is no comparison.
Trump is a television creation born out of a combination of reality TV and Fox News. Bernie Sanders is a real deal candidate who has been building his grassroots support outside of the media spotlight for years.
Trump’s success is the culmination of years of Republican purges of intellect from their cabal, whereas the success of Bernie Sanders is a clear indication of the leftward movement of the Democrats.
Bernie Sanders has nothing in common with Trump, as the Democratic candidate made crystal clear to Chuck Todd.

Quick Hits

Hillary Clinton chides Jeb on brother's role in Iraq leading to ISIL
Hillary Clinton slams Jeb for blaming Iraq problems on Obama instead of on his brother where they belong

Liberal Fox Guest Blows Her Top After shrub Aide Blames Iraq On Hillary Clinton: 'This Spin Is Insane'

Jeb Keeps Forgetting ...

Jeb Bush Keeps ForgettingThat outside the wingnut bubble (and outside the Beltway Media bubble that enfolds it) not everyone has agreed to go along with the fairy tale that history began on January 20, 2009.

CNN Hacks Heap Praise On Walker's Ridiculous Analogy Comparing Iran To Teenagers

CNN Hacks Heap Praise On Walker's Ridiculous Analogy Comparing Iran To Teenagers 

Republican 'Outreach'


13-Year-Old Hilariously Lampoons Trump In Awesome Viral Video

13-Year-Old Hilariously Lampoons The Donald In Awesome Viral Video (IMAGE/VIDEO)
This girl definitely wins the internet today.
Read more 

Trump Tells His Biggest Lie By Claiming To Break Bernie Sanders’ Crowd Records

trump at iowa state fairAfter his helicopter had landed at the Iowa State Fair, Trump claimed that he is breaking the crowd records of Bernie Sanders.
The billionaire said, “Actually, the venues have gotten larger and larger because we’ve really gotten some tremendous crowds. We’re doing record breaking crowds, and I’m so honored when I saw the recent polls with Iowa leading by a lot, but we have actually. We started with the smaller venues, and we’ve gotten bigger and bigger. The crowds have been enormous actually.”
It isn’t a coincidence that Trump would invent record-breaking crowds a day after Bernie Sanders announced that had to move his Iowa event to a bigger venue due to increasing crowd expectations.
The truth is that Trump isn’t breaking any records. His biggest crowd was a little over 4,000 in Las Vegas. Sanders set the record last weekend when 28,000 came out to see him in Portland, OR. Trump’s best crowd is about seven times less than the Sanders record.
The media isn’t bothering to fact check Trump. He is making it all up as he goes along, and no one is challenging him. During his press conference at the Iowa State Fair, it would have been nice if one of the reporters would have stepped up to the plate and said, “Mr. Trump, what you are saying is just not true.” However, it is apparently too much to ask our facts optional media to hold candidates to any reality-based standards.
No matter how hard Trump tries, he will never be Bernie Sanders. Trump is a rich guy wannabe, while Bernie Sanders is the real deal leader of an authentic grassroots movement.

Trump: I Get My Military Advice From Watching Shows

From the "The Asylum called - one of their inmates is missing" Department:

Trump Advises Automakers To Kill Jobs To Increase Corporate Profits

Trump's plan to help U.S. automakers sounds an awful lot like Romney's underhanded tactics at Bain Capital…

Erick Erickson waves white flag

Erick Erickson, via Gage Skidmore / FlickrErick Erickson waves white flag, asks angry Trump monster he created to lay off the hate mail
Erick Erickson’s spent years cultivating all kinds of wingnut crazy, and it just turned on him.

A Third, A Fourth and A FIFTH


Investigations Into Planned Parenthood Are Falling Totally Flat

Fast And Furious

Fox News Tells One Lie Every 14 Seconds In Segment On Seattle Minimum Wage
Featured image credit: Elf Sternberg via Flckr, creative commons license 2.0During a recent segment titled “Minimum Wage Hike Killing Jobs In Seattle,” Fox probably didn’t break any of its previous records on the number of lies told, or the speed at which the network tells them, but they sure gave it a good try.

Michele Bachmann: Obama Fulfilled End Times Prophecy With Iran Deal, So Celebrate!

In an interview with religio-wingnut radio hate speech hack Jan Markell, batshit crazy lunatic fringe insane moron Michele Bachmann once again claimed that President Obama is ushering in the End Times, this time citing the nuclear agreement with Iran as proof of the arrival of the Last Days.  MORE