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Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Liberals Pitched A Near-Perfect Game This Supreme Court Term

Legacy Sealed: Obama’s Approval Ratings Soar After Historical Wins For Progress

(Image courtesy of WikiMedia)
All signs point toward a highly favorable legacy.

Millions Of Workers Will Be Eligible For Overtime Pay -- Thanks, Obama!

Millions Of Workers Will Be Eligible For Overtime Pay -- Thanks, Obama!President Obama announced new regulations broadening the classifications of workers eligible for overtime pay.

Two Of The World’s Largest Countries Are Joining Forces To Fight Climate Change

US and Cuba set to announce deal to reopen embassies

US and Cuba reportedly set to announce deal to reopen embassies
Editor's Note: The announcement has been made.

The Republican Death Star Is Crumbling As CNN Beats Fox News For 4 Straight Days

The long-term problems at Fox News were exposed as CNN beat Fox News among the key age 25-54 demo for four straight days last week.
TV Newser reported:
According to Nielsen data, CNN beat Fox News for first place in the demo most coveted by advertisers from Thursday (6/25) through Sunday (6/28). Fox News remained first among total viewers.
During Friday’s huge news day-the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, the escaped prisoners in New York, terror attacks in Europe-CNN won the demo for total day with an average audience of 243,000 (compared to Fox News Channel’s 193,000).
In prime, CNN won in the demo each hour from 4 p.m. ET through 11 p.m., with Anderson Cooper taking a narrow win over FNC’s O’Reilly Factor while Bill O’Reilly was off for the night, and Wolf Blitzer beating FNC’s The Five by a big margin, 405,000 to 277,000.
The rating data reveals two problems for Fox News. First, Fox News is not the place where viewers go to get their breaking news coverage. Secondly, Fox News can’t attract younger viewers to replace their aging and dying viewer base.
Younger viewers avoid Fox News like the plague. The whole purpose of moving Megyn Kelly to 9 PM was to attract younger viewers. The Five was also intended to attract younger viewers. Instead, Wolf Blitzer and his beard of doom is attracting more younger eyeballs than Fox News.
Fox News is a big fish in an evaporating cable news pond. Jeff Zucker appears to be well on his way to righting the ship at CNN. Zucker has found that mix of hard news, original series, and documentaries appeals to a broad spectrum of viewers.
As long as Fox News has the conservative market cornered, they will continue to lead in terms of overall viewers, but when one examines the long-term future, Fox News has some real problems. The United States is moving back to the left as a country, and the big bad Republican media Death Star that is Fox News is beginning to show signs of crumbling.

The Truth be Told


Donald Trump accuses Univision of trying to ‘suppress’ his campaign in $500 million lawsuit

GOP presiential candidate Donald Trump on 'The Late Show' during an October 2013 appearance. [CBS]
The insane moron (ahem, excuse us, Donald Trump) filed a $500 million lawsuit against the Univision network.

A More Meaningful Gesture Than Taking Down The Confederate Flag: Expand Medicaid

A More Meaningful Gesture Than Taking Down The Confederate Flag: Expand Medicaid
A More Meaningful Gesture Than Taking Down The Confederate Flag: Expand Medicaid
Pulling down the flag is the least they can do.

Justice Department Report Says Police Exacerbated Violence In Ferguson

Congressman Tries To Quietly Preserve Coal Loophole

California Lawmakers Crack Down On Anti-Vaxxers

Colorado Court: Use Of Public Funds For Private Schools Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Colorado Court: Use Of Public Funds For Private Schools Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL
The state of Colorado has rejected the act of siphoning taxpayer dollars to send children to private schools, the majority of which function as religious indoctrination institutions.

Therapy Needed


Girl Scouts returns $100,000 to bigot

Girl Scouts eat ice cream (Youtube/Girl Scouts of Western WA)

Scalia's Dissent in Obergefell (Same-Sex Marriage) Case Would Criminalize Justice Thomas's Marriage

Paul Abrams Headshot by Paul Abrams
Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent in Obergefell v Hodges -- the case that declared that denying same-sex couples marriage licenses violated the equal protection and due process clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment -- is best known for its tantrums and, as usual for the politician Scalia is rather than the jurist he is supposed to be, its hypocrisy.
Missed in Scalia's childish histrionics was his so-called 'originalist' approach for interpreting the Constitution (when it suits him, that is -- those who voted on the Second Amendment could not possibly have been thinking about semi-automatic assault weapons or 25 bullet magazines, but Scalia holds that those are protected).
In Obergefell, Scalia asserts that he knows that the people who voted to approve the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 were not thinking about same-sex marriage when they voted, and, therefore, the original intent of that Amendment prevents Scalia from finding a right to same-sex marriage in its guarantee of equal protection under the laws.
That same approach, however, would make Justice Clarence Thomas's interracial marriage illegal, and subject to criminal prosecution in Virginia, the Thomas's state of residence. As assuredly as voters in 1868 were not thinking about gay marriage when they voted for the Amendment, they certainly were not approving it to enable interracial marriages.
Interracial marriage, "miscegenation," was not only impermissible in Virginia, it was a criminal offense subject to time in jail. Citing the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court overturned the Virginia and other state statutes in the poetically-named case, Loving v. Virginia, in 1967.
According to Justice Scalia's reasoning, the people voting on the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 did not contemplate interracial marriage as what they were protecting by passing it. Hence, Scalia would have to say that Loving was wrongly decided.
That would make Scalia's wingnut buddy, Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginny, subject to imprisonment in Virginia.

Here’s How Bigots Are Responding To ‘Rainbowed’ Profile Pics On Facebook

Those “rainbowed” profile pics supporting gay marriage really bother the bigots. They’ve adopted their own “overlay” to show support for hate, and it makes no sense at all.
26 million and counting have turned their profiles rainbow - so much for the support for equality being a 'minority' thing as the wingnuts and bigots want you to believe.

Yet Another Unhinged Rant As Bill O'Reilly Attacks Liberals And Supreme Court

Yet Another Unhinged Rant As Bill O'Reilly Attacks Liberals And Supreme Court Bill-O is off the rails again over the rulings from the Supreme Court on the ACA and gay marriage.

Idaho county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage

Closeup portrait, mad, angry, upset, hostile, senior mature woman (Credit: Shutterstock.com)
"She has the right to think what she wants to think and say what she wants to say, but not on taxpayer property and not on the taxpayers’ payroll."
Go ahead ... marry the dog. As far as we can determine there is no law in Idaho prohibiting her from marrying her dog. Now having the marriage consummated may be a different story, we haven't looked into Idaho's laws concerning sex with animals because quite frankly we don't care.