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Friday, October 2, 2015

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Diversity - Another Thing republicans know nothing about ... !
Today is - National Diversity Day
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The shrub refugees

‘‘If you break it, you own it.” Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn Rule, warning the shrub of the consequences of invading Iraq, turned out to be dead wrong.
Make that half wrong. the shrub broke it — “it” being a swath of the greater Middle East. But the U.S. adamantly refuses to accept anything like ownership of the consequences stemming from the shrub’s recklessly misguided act.
Not least among those consequences is the crisis that finds refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the Islamic world in search of asylum in the West. The European nations most directly affected have greeted this wave with more hostility than hospitality — Germany, for a time, at least offering a notable exception.
For its part, the U.S. has responded with pronounced indifference. In a gesture of undisguised tokenism, the Obama administration has announced it will admit a grand total of 10,000 Syrians — one-eightieth the number that Germany has agreed to accept this year alone.
No doubt proximity plays a part in explaining the contrast between German and U.S. attitudes. Viewed from Wichita or Walla Walla, the plight of those who hand themselves over to human traffickers in hopes of crossing the Mediterranean plays out at a great distance. Syria is what Neville Chamberlain would have described as a faraway country of which Americans know nothing (and care less). And Iraq and Afghanistan are faraway countries that most Americans have come to regret knowing.
Such attitudes may be understandable. They are also unconscionable.
* * *
To attribute the refugee crisis to any single cause would be misleading. A laundry list has contributed: historical and sectarian divisions within the region; the legacy of European colonialism; the absence of anything even approximating enlightened local leadership able to satisfy the aspirations of people tired of corruption, economic stagnation, and authoritarian rule; the appeal — inexplicable to Westerners — of violent Islamic radicalism. All play a role.
Yet when it comes to why this fragile structure collapsed just now we can point to a single explanation — the cascading after-effects of a decision made by the shrub during the spring of 2002 to embrace a doctrine of preventative war.
The previous autumn, U.S. forces toppled the government of Afghanistan, punishing the Taliban for giving sanctuary to those who plotted the 9/11 attacks. the shrub effectively abandoned Afghanistan to its fate and set out to topple another regime, one that had no involvement whatsoever in 9/11.
For the shrub, going after Saddam Hussein’s Iraq formed part of a larger strategy. He and his lieutenants fancied that destroying the old order in the greater Middle East would position the U.S. to create a more amenable new order. Back in 1991, after a previous Iraq encounter, the shrub’s father had glimpsed a “new world order.” Now a decade later, the son set out to transform the father’s vision into reality.
The junta called this its Freedom Agenda, which would begin in Iraq but find further application throughout the greater Middle East. Coercion rather than persuasion held the key to its implementation, its plausibility resting on unstoppable military power. For the shrub’s inner circle, including Darth Cheney, Condom Rice, Dummy Rumsfeld and Puuk Wolfowitz (but not Powell), victory was foreordained.
They miscalculated. The unsettled (but largely ignored) condition of Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban already hinted at the extent of that miscalculation. The chaos that descended upon Iraq as a direct result of the U.S. invasion affirmed it. The Freedom Agenda made it as far as Baghdad and there it died.
That Saddam was a brutal tyrant is a given. We need not mourn his departure. Yet while he ruled he at least kept a lid on things. The shrub blew off that lid, naively expecting liberal democracy or at least deference to American authority to emerge. Instead, “liberating” Iraq produced conditions conducive to the violent radicalism today threatening to envelop the region.
The Islamic State offers but one manifestation of this phenomenon. Were it not for the shrub’s invasion of Iraq, ISIL would not exist — that’s a fact. Responsibility for precipitating the rise of this vile movement rests squarely with Washington.
So rather than cluck over the reluctance of Greeks, Serbs, Hungarians and others to open their borders to those fleeing from the mess the U.S. played such a large part in creating, Americans would do better to engage in acts of contrition.
On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, former president the shrub visited New Orleans, implicitly acknowledging that his junta’s response to that disaster just might have fallen a bit short. It was a handsome gesture. A similar gesture is in order toward the masses fleeing the region he set out to remake.
It’s never too late to say you’re sorry.

Bill Nye’s Awesomely Scientific Pitch For Women In This Brilliant Pro-Choice Video

Watch Bill Nye’s Awesomely Scientific Pitch For Women In This Brilliant Pro-Choice Video (VIDEO)
This…is perfect.

Bernie Sanders Is Surging And Has Cut Hillary Clinton’s National Lead By More Than Half

bernie sanders scott walker madison rally
A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released today found that Senator Bernie Sanders has cut Hillary Clinton national lead from 34 points to 15 points without Biden in the race.
According to the poll, the rise of Bernie Sanders is coming mostly from Democratic voters supporting him. Sanders has gained thirteen points of support between July and September. The Senator from Vermont has seen his support grow from 25% to 38%. Hillary Clinton has lost six points during the same period and dropped from 59%-53%.
Until Vice President Biden is a declared candidate for the Democratic nomination, using polling that includes him is akin to playing political fantasy football. Biden is currently not a candidate for the Democratic nomination, so any poll that includes the Vice President is engaging in a hypothetical.
The contest for the Democratic nomination is between Clinton and Sanders. The NBC News poll backs up what every previous poll about the Democratic contest has found. It isn’t that Hillary Clinton is unpopular with Democratic voters, but that Sen. Sanders is gaining in popularity.
Bernie Sanders is doing a lot of things right in his campaign. Sen. Sanders has a clear and simple message of economic populism that is driven by a belief that government should be working for the people, not billionaire political donors and corporations.
The Sanders campaign has reached out to red state Democrats that are all too often ignored by the national party. The Sanders campaign is energizing new voters to enter the process and is willing to fight for the issues that matter most to working Americans.
The biggest positive that Sen. Sanders has brought to the table has been a rejection of negative campaigning. His refusal to attack former Sec. of State Clinton has made his candidacy more acceptable to Democratic primary voters. Sanders isn’t running as a negative outsider bashing Clinton. In other words, he isn’t Trump.
The support for Sen. Sanders that was once most visible in the early primary states has spread to the national polls, which means that Democrats have a real contest for their nomination.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is on the march and continuing to rise

No One’s Safe: Wall Street In Fear Of Republicans Destroying Their Businesses

The idea of wingnuts being in charge of the House is terrifying Wall Street, which should indicate that the Republican cabal has already ceded the mantle …
With Boehner’s (R-OH) resignation, the wingnuts are in charge of the House. This prospect is terrifying Wall Street, which should indicate that the Republican cabal has already ceded the mantle of “cabal of business”. It just hasn’t become official yet.
“And on Wall Street, fear set in at the prospect of another showdown over the government’s ability to pay its debt, support its export businesses and simply keep its doors open,” Jonathan Weisman and Michael D. Shear writing at the New York Times reported.
If wingnuts don’t shut down the government in the next few weeks, they will surely do it in December when whatever short-term funding bill Boehner can extract from his nutters — or most likely ram through his nutters with the help of Democrats — will expire.
More from the NYT:
The new speaker, elevated to the country’s third-highest constitutional post by a conservative rebellion, will face demands from those same rebels to extract concessions from a president who has little to lose by standing firm.At stake for conservatives will be the one clear victory they have scored since the teabagger devolution of 2010: firm statutory limits on spending signed into law in 2011, which Mr. Obama has said he can no longer abide.
In turn, the Republican cabal, already wrestling with the effect of Herr Trump’s populist insurgency on its non-existent chances at the White House, could find itself with the political challenge of justifying to moderate voters yet another Washington crisis, prompted by an even more obstreperous, confrontational House majority.
The House will be run by the petulant bratty toddlers who have already cost taxpayers and businesses billions of dollars just so they could throw a temper tantrum in front of their friends. These are the same people claiming a moral high ground as they steal from babies to fund oil companies.
Republicans keep saying that liberals are ruining business with oversight and regulation, but it is actually Republican shutdowns that are doing the most damage to businesses and the economy. And Wall Street knows it. Just a few months ago business leaders accused Republican wingnuts of not knowing what they were doing.
“They really don’t have a clue what they’re doing or the damage they’re going to inflict on small businesses in America by closing the Ex-Im bank.”
Reasonable liberals want Wall Street businesses to be overseen, not utterly destroyed. They want responsible stewardship that rewards hard work and treating labor well. They disparage what big business has become and a government that steals from them to feed the greed of big business. That is not the same as hating business. The government is supposed to be helping “human people” as the Pope put it, not being used as a mechanism from which to steal from and abuse the people.
None of this would be happening if Republicans hadn’t catered so much to big business — in ways that can’t be justified — that they’ve had to scrounge around for the lowest forms of life who would be willing to hawk their wares, searching for a special combination of egomania and willful ignorance that renders the person incapable of seeing that they are being used like yesterday’s trash. (Hello, Palin.)
Now Frankenstein’s monster is attacking its maker. Wall Street is terrified.
There won’t be a grown up in charge anymore, no one who can right the ship for the sake of the Republican cabal’s image. The Jihadist Johnnies are at the helm and there will be no denying it.
Boehner’s resignation is the cherry on top of the death of the “moderate Republican” delusion. There are no more effective moderate Republican policies or politicians. This in an election year is not what Republicans needed, but it is also not what Wall Street wants and even more importantly, real people will be harmed by another republican cabal shutdown.
It’s all chaos, terror and dread in D.C. and on Wall Street. But soon enough the disastrous results of the takeover by the nihilistic carnival barkers and tent revival snake oil salesmen will be evident enough. Just in time for Xmas, like the Scrooges they are.
Meanwhile Boehner can finally sleep again at night, knowing he will soon be free of the relentlessly pecking “wacko birds”.

Democrats Win Big As Boehner Announces No Shutdown and No Defunding Planned Parenthood

John Boehner Face The NationBoehner announced a huge win for Democrats on Face The Nation. Boehner said that the government won’t be shut down, and he made it clear that Planned Parenthood will remain funded.
Boehner was asked about if the government will shut down on CBS’s Face The Nation, and he answered, “No. The Senate is expected to pass a Continuing Resolution next week. The House will take up the Senate bill. We’ll also take up a select committee to investigate these horrific videos that we’ve seen from abortion clinics in several states that really raise questions about the use of federal funds and raise questions about aborted fetuses that were born alive.”
Face The Nation host John Dickerson asked if the continuing resolution will require Democratic votes to pass, and Boehner said, “I’m sure it will, but I expect my Democratic colleagues want to keep the government open as much as I do.”
The only thing that House Republicans are getting in exchange for keeping the government open is another money wasting special committee to investigate the Planned Parenthood videos. The videos have already been proven to be edited fakes, but Republicans are about to waste millions of taxpayer dollars so that another government shutdown will be avoided.
Boehner knows that Democrats will support the continuing resolution because he has already got the votes lined up from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. The deal is done, and conservatives who wanted to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood are screwed.
In reality, all Boehner did was make the potential government shutdown the next Speaker’s problem by kicking the can down the road, and running for the exit as quickly as possible, but conservatives who were calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood lose, because the government will stay open, and the organization will not be defunded.
This is all a big win for Democrats. Boehner can hype his special committee all he wants, but the reality is that the government won’t be shut down, and Planned Parenthood will still be funded.

House Democrats Blast Republican Plan to Create Committee on Planned Parenthood

When House Republicans announced a new witch hunt against Planned Parenthood, Democrats were swift and decisive in their response…
In order to investigate videos already proven to be edited fakes, to not show what Republicans claim they show, House Republicans have decided to create a select committee to spearhead a new anti-Planned Parenthood witch hunt.
Moron Blackburn (R-TN) announced:
“To get answers for the American people, we are significantly ramping up our oversight and investigative practices.”

“We will move to establish a new select subcommittee that will focus its full attention, resources and subpoena power on getting to the bottom of these horrific practices.”
Republicans have already ignored all the answers they demanded, and Blackburn went on to repeat the same tired Republican lies about the videos:
“I know this is difficult to talk about, and it should be. But on these videos, they haggle over prices, they casually sift through body parts.”
She claimed,
“These are some of the most abhorrent, inhumane things imaginable, and they do it all as if it is just routine — an expected part of doing business.”
House Pro-Choice Caucus leaders immediately denounced the Republican cabal plans. Co-Chairs Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY), and Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), called the plan “Nothing more than a taxpayer-funded witch hunt intended to rationalize their efforts to restrict Americans’ access to health care”:
WASHINGTON, DC — As House Republicans announced plans to create a select committee to investigate Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice Caucus co-chairs Reps. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Diana DeGette (D-CO) today released the following statement:
Our country has urgent issues that must be addressed, starting with preventing another partisan government shutdown in just a few days’ time. Instead, House Republicans have unveiled plans to create a Benghazi-style committee to attack Planned Parenthood, proving that Republican cabal efforts to restrict access to health care are snowballing out of control. Trotting out heavily edited videos to justify another publicly funded smear campaign against Planned Parenthood is the lowest form of political pandering and will do nothing to solve the very real problems facing our nation.
Republicans have already wasted millions of dollars on their attempts to take away Americans’ health care and millions more fabricating a scandal over Benghazi even after three committees found the charges were baseless. And with multiple committees looking into Planned Parenthood without finding any laws broken, Republicans are returning to a tactic that wastes taxpayer money and produces no substantive information. While Republicans apparently can’t find the money to fix our crumbling roads, bridges, and schools, they’re jumping out of their seats to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on yet another political stunt.
This move by Republican leaders is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded witch hunt intended to rationalize their efforts to restrict Americans’ access to health care. We urge Republican leaders, in the strongest possible terms, to not waste the House’s time, money, or dignity on this craven political ploy.
Nancy Pelosi also issued a statement on this latest Republican plot to undermine the health of American women:
Pelosi Statement on Republicans’ Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health
Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after it was announced House Republicans will seek to create another radical select committee to investigate Planned Parenthood:
The Speaker’s resignation has not yet broken Republicans’ fevered obsession with shutting down the government at the expense of women’s health. House Republicans are planning yet another taxpayer-funded Select Committee to burn more of the millions of taxpayer dollars they’ve already spent playing politics – this time with the goal of taking lifesaving preventative care away from millions of American women.
Planned Parenthood provides a lifeline to millions of women every year, who often cannot afford cancer screenings or well women care anywhere else. One in five American women has relied on a Planned Parenthood health care center in her lifetime, and an independent forensic investigation has demonstrated the videos were manipulated to smear Planned Parenthood. Clearly, there must be a thorough investigation of the blatant wrongdoing of the group that clandestinely filmed and selectively edited these videos, likely in violation of numerous state and federal laws.
Make no mistake: House Republicans have renewed their war on women’s health. With this Committee, Republicans are trying to make it easier to shut down the government and harder for millions of women to access the lifesaving health care they need. Hard-working families deserve better than a taxpayer-funded Republican Committee fixated on dismantling women’s health.
Over the past seven years, we have learned that Republicans have no intention of governing, but rather leaping from invented crisis to invented crisis in an effort to delegitimize everything that fails their extremist litmus test. Planned Parenthood is simply their new Benghazi.
And despite all their talk of budgetary frugality and fiscal responsibility, Republicans have shown there is no amount of money they will not spend to further their invented scandals, no time too precious to waste on witch hunts to appease their bigoted and narrow-minded base.
If they showed even a fraction of this passion for doing their jobs, imagine how much fuller our recovery would have been since 2008.
But rather than deal with climate change or inequality as the post asked, they will, with all the false righteousness they can muster, fiddle while the world literally burns around them.

More proof today’s Republicans would NEVER elect Ronald Reagan:

1. He (imperfectly) insisted that the 11th commandment was, “thou shalt never speak ill of another Republican.”2. While I hated the content of his message, Reagan generally campaigned in an upbeat tone, offering solutions to problems and appealing to the capacity of American people for redemption and change, rather than simply fear and loathing.
3. Reagan gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants, raised taxes multiple times, dealt with the Iranian regime (illegally), and talked to the greatest threat of his era – the Soviet Union.
Pretty much any of these would disqualify him in 2016.

Republicans Willing to Take Food From 45 Million People Over Planned Parenthood

All we have to do so 45 million low income Americans can eat, is be willing to deprive millions of poor women of reproductive healthcare…
Religious fervor is not a mark of excellence from any perspective, but when a group of religious fanatics take their religious delusion to the extreme it is relatively certain that some innocents are going to suffer. Although America was founded as a secular nation and its founding document prohibits Congress from legislating according to religion, a rabid group of religious Republicans are pushing an issue that is going to make over 45 million innocent Americans suffer by taking away their food.
Now that there is less than a week for Republicans in Congress to pass a spending bill, they are shoring up their support to shut down the government over whether or not they can legislate according to bastardized American neo-christianity. On Tuesday, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) warned Congress, grocery stores, and poor children, the elderly, poverty-level working Americans, and the disabled that if Republicans shut down the government over women’s reproductive health, over 45 million Americans will go hungry. A USDA spokesperson said that
USDA will not have the funding necessary for SNAP benefits in October and will be forced to stop providing benefits within the first several days of October.”
Unlike the last Republican government shutdown over being prohibited from taking away millions of Americans healthcare, there are no cash reserves available for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, food stamps) benefits to be dispersed as normal. The USDA alerted all state SNAP administrators not to process any October food stamp dollars as normal because the way things are looking, there is not going to be any funding for normal government operations on October 1st because religion, women’s reproductive health, and the lust “wingnut Marxists” have to close the government.
As has been the case over the course of President Obama’s tenure in the White House, Republicans absorbed the news that over 45 million Americans will go hungry with a typically criminal hostage demand. The chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Roberts (R-KS) said Democrats can allow 45 million low income Americans to eat if Democrats restrict millions of poor women from access to reproductive healthcare, cancer screenings, and family planning. Roberts said Democrats just have to get their religious house in order and “get on board with the Republican cabal religious effort to cut off funding for low income women’s healthcare;” then 45 million Americans can eat in October.
Roberts said, “The best way to ensure SNAP recipients receive needed support is to vote for the continuing resolution” that wipes out low income women’s healthcare. “I’m prepared to do so, and if members are so worried about SNAP funding, they should too.”
Despite that Planned Parenthood has been cleared from wrongdoing in following 1993 legislation approving donating tissue to medical research, a growing number of Republicans want its funding cut off according to the religious right. If they cannot put an end to poor women’s healthcare access, they will happily put an end to poor children, the elderly, disabled, military personnel, and working families’ food assistance. It is the perfect hostage situation for religious Republicans because no matter what the congressional outcome, one substantial group of Americans is going to suffer.
According to data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), nearly a half of all SNAP benefits go to children, and 82 percent of all SNAP benefits go to vulnerable houses that include a child, an elderly person, or disabled person; over sixty percent of that food aid goes to people holding down one, and often two, jobs; obviously poor children, elderly Americans, and disabled people cannot work. There are, by the way, very stringent asset tests for recipients, both individuals and family households. The recipients also have to be very poor, such as in earning below 130 percent of the federal poverty line, or about $25,700 a year for a family of four in fiscal year 2015. With minimum wage amounting to roughly $15,080 annually, it explains why so many working families require food assistance and why raising the minimum wage substantially may help reduce the need, and expense, to provide basic nutrition assistance for 45-plus million mostly working Americans to require aid just to feed their families.
It is typical that Republicans are not only willing to make 45 million poor Americans go hungry to “establish religion,” their ploy will also deal the economy more typical Republican damage. Shutting down the government and cutting off food assistance will adversely affect the economy because SNAP benefits not only pay for themselves, they “generate two dollars of economic activity for every dollar of benefits distributed by the USDA.” Economists have noted for decades that “plugging up the flow of money to low-income working families, the elderly, and disabled to grocery stores where they shop has a devastating ripple effect on businesses and tax revenue for public treasuries.”
The USDA also warned that the timing of this possible religious shutdown will “exacerbate that natural chain of harmful knock-on effects for most SNAP beneficiaries who have already spent down their full monthly benefit;” usually by the midpoint of any given month. The USDA’s advanced warning about SNAP benefits being cut off, although kind, does little to help Americans who have spent last month’s food stamp allotment, but according to some pundits it does “serve as a practical heads-up to the impending religious Republican damage to the economic ecosystem surrounding the food stamps program.”
Republicans cannot operate unless they are taking something from large numbers of Americans and when they face obstruction from Democrats their only recourse is shutting down the government. In the last shutdown Republicans wanted to take away affordable healthcare insurance from millions and millions of Americans; when they were stopped they shut down the government and cost Americans jobs and the government billions of dollars. Now they want desperately to take away women’s healthcare or they will shut down the government again.
It is blackmail, hostage-taking, and criminal by any reasonable standards and this time it is founded in a truly bastardized form of the christian delusion; something no politician is willing to say out loud. Oh, they throw around the “ideology” word, but let’s be honest; if Republicans cannot impose an evangelical and catholic religious delusion that 'christians' control women’s reproductive health, they have no qualms doing the Americanized neo-christian thing and withhold food from over 45 million hungry children, seniors, disabled people, military families and hard-working underpaid Americans.

Why Wingnuts Are So Filled With Hate

O’Reilly Will Not Stand for Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Hitler Bashing

Bill O’Reilly Will Not Stand for Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Hitler BashingO’Reilly loves comparing people on the left to Nazis. So, why is it wrong for the DNC chair to take issue with Hitler memorabilia at a Republican cabal fundraiser?

Trump Fail

The bible-thumping by Trump fails to win over religio-wingnut voters

Carson Says He’d Consider Religion As Probable Cause For Searches

Gohmert Calls Boehner A Dictator While Claiming Republicans Have Been The Only Cabal Willing To Compromise

Gohmert Calls Boehner A Dictator While Claiming Republicans Have Been The Only Party Willing To Compromise

Jeb Promises Not To Give Freeloading Black People ‘Free Stuff’

Jeb Bush Promises Not To Give Freeloading Black People ‘Free Stuff’Jeb’s starting to alienate minorities just as skillfully as Trump.

Fiorina Gets OWNED Trying To Take Credit For Something She Didn’t Do

Carly Fiorina Gets OWNED Trying To Take Credit For Something She Didn’t Do (VIDEO) Fiorina frequently tries to tout her record at Hewlett-Packard as “successful” on the campaign trail even though she was fired from...

Jindal Finally Says Something I Agree With

I don't agree with Jindal about much, but if he wants every Republican in Congress to quit like their dear leader Boehner, who am I to argue?

Republican Crazy On Steroids

Jindal Wants To Fire The Entire House
jindal teen arrested with clock
Jindal (R-LA) wants to fire elected officials — but only in D.C., obviously… Because he’s an elected official in Louisiana.
Basically this is the right wing idea of making government smaller to make government better on steroids. Jindal wants to just get rid of everyone, especially people like Boehner who actually know things. Sure, Boehner wasn’t a good leader and coming on the heels of Nancy Pelosi’s exceptionally productive leadership he looked even more inept, but Boehner only had two choices: Bow to the teabaggers or quit.
So Jindal is running for pretender as the person who wants to fire everyone in D.C., as if replacing everyone will make things better. But replacing Republicans with new Republicans will only lead to more moronic Cruz types — the selfish, grand-standing delusionals who use government to raise money for themselves.
The Republican cabal is imploding on itself, and even the tamer crazies like Jindal are falling like dominoes into the power vacuum built by the lunatic fringe extremists in the cabal. The pull clings to even the sane ones, dragging them down into the quicksand until they have no choice but to save themselves or cave to an ugliness that will not go down well in history.

Golden Rule


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