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Friday, October 2, 2015

Republican Crazy On Steroids

Jindal Wants To Fire The Entire House
jindal teen arrested with clock
Jindal (R-LA) wants to fire elected officials — but only in D.C., obviously… Because he’s an elected official in Louisiana.
Basically this is the right wing idea of making government smaller to make government better on steroids. Jindal wants to just get rid of everyone, especially people like Boehner who actually know things. Sure, Boehner wasn’t a good leader and coming on the heels of Nancy Pelosi’s exceptionally productive leadership he looked even more inept, but Boehner only had two choices: Bow to the teabaggers or quit.
So Jindal is running for pretender as the person who wants to fire everyone in D.C., as if replacing everyone will make things better. But replacing Republicans with new Republicans will only lead to more moronic Cruz types — the selfish, grand-standing delusionals who use government to raise money for themselves.
The Republican cabal is imploding on itself, and even the tamer crazies like Jindal are falling like dominoes into the power vacuum built by the lunatic fringe extremists in the cabal. The pull clings to even the sane ones, dragging them down into the quicksand until they have no choice but to save themselves or cave to an ugliness that will not go down well in history.

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