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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Daiily Drift

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Republicans - No apples for you... !
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8 Reasons Reagan Was the One of the Worst Presidents Ever

8 Reasons Ronald Reagan Was the One of the Worst Presidents Ever (IMAGES/VIDEO) When I worked for Rock the Vote during the 2008 election, I covered the election from the youth perspective, for the youth perspective. I attended both...

Boehner's Gone

Boehner resignation a 'distraction' as House tackles budget
Values Voters Summit cheering Boehner's resignation (YouTube)
Wingnut 'Values' Voter crowd goes bonkers when they learn Boehner is resigning
Speaker of the House John Boehner listens to questions during a news conference (AFP)
Boehner (R-OH)’s abrupt exit from Congress Friday had his political enemies dancing in the aisles within minutes of his announcement that he will be stepping down at the end of October.
Ryan says he does not want House speaker-ship
McCarthy likely top contender for speaker
Get ready for the extreme lunacy of the lunatic fringe that Boehner held in check even with his limitless incompetence to fire up - lucky for us such bursts are quickly extinguished, but it will be painful for a spell.

Bernie Sanders Eviscerates Paul In Debate Over Senior Food Program

Featured image credit: video screen capture, via Brandon Weber on Facebook During a 2011 hearing on America’s senior hunger crisis, Senators Bernie Sanders and Al Franken threw their full support behind the Older Americans...

CBO Confirms Obama’s Claim That Maintaining Sequester Destroys Jobs and Growth

The CBO determined that maintaining sequester-level cuts would lead to 500,000 fewer jobs and 0.4% less growth in 2016, and 300,000 fewer jobs and 0.2% less growth…
budget Crisis
One of the important lessons Americans should have learned over the past six-and-a-half years is that when the voters elected an African American man as President, Republicans wholly embraced governing by crises. A person from outside of America may believe that Americans want government by crisis, but recent polling reveals that is not the case. It is particularly true when a Republican budget crisis is driven by religion to deny low-income women access to cancer screenings and reproductive health services. By now, most Americans are aware that Republicans could not possibly care less that even their supporters do not want a manufactured crisis to threaten a government shutdown, or that their resolve to maintain harsh austerity in their precious sequester will devastate hundreds-of-thousands of Americans’ jobs and thwart economic growth and continued recovery.
President Obama has pleaded, cajoled, and attempted to shame Republicans into sitting down and negotiating spending legislation for the next fiscal year before the October 1st deadline, but that would put a damper on the ‘govern by crisis’ plans favored by Republicans. What is surprising in a way is that there are Republicans who agree with President Obama that the time for negotiating a bipartisan budget that corrects the Republican cabal sequestration disaster is at hand, but they are beholden to McConnell and his bosses  Cruz and Lee whose only religious bona fides are on the line. While Republicans in the House and Senate are driving the shutdown crisis and rejecting any proposal to negotiate a way out of the sequester, the Congressional Budget Office released a damning report about the economic tragedy of keeping sequestration cuts in place.
It was never reported by mainstream media, but a couple of weeks ago the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) formally announced, and warned Republicans that their promised failure to provide relief from automatically triggered cuts to critical national priorities would lead to 800,000 fewer jobs and 0.6% less economic growth; the CBO parroted President Obama, most Democrats, and a few semi-sane Republicans and recommended a bipartisan budget agreement to provide responsible relief from sequestration.
Specifically, the CBO determined that maintaining sequester-level cuts would lead to 500,000 fewer jobs and 0.4% less growth in 2016, and 300,000 fewer jobs and 0.2% less growth in 2017. For Koch Republicans, the idea of killing 800,000 Americans’ jobs and retarding America’s world-leading economic growth while an African American man is in the White House is just business as usual and a way to slow down the President’s economic success.
One of the biggest obstacles to getting a budget deal finished by the October 1st deadline besides the religious right’s demand that poor women be denied reproductive health services and cancer screenings through Planned Parenthood is Republican leaders demanding sequestration level cuts stay in place while military spending is increased. It is true the religious defunding crusade is a great help for Republicans intent on governing from crisis to crisis with shutting down the government as their primary bargaining chip, but the Republican cabal leadership’s demand to keep sequester level domestic cuts in place is why there have been no negotiations to date.
In fact, the theocracy issue aside, the biggest obstacle, and why there have been no negotiations, is that Democrats insist that any increases in defense spending be matched dollar for dollar with increases in non-defense domestic programs. Republicans naturally want much, much, much more spending on the military paid for with many, many more cuts to domestic spending. Up to today, McConnell is never going to allow any negotiations to change sequester spending levels because he still claims the Budget Control Act, the Sequester, was the Republican cabal’s greatest accomplishment in the past five years despite the damage it wrought on economic growth, job creation, and general welfare of the American people.
There are very few in government who believe the sequester was a beneficial crisis, and there are Republicans who agree with the President that the time to fix the sequester is long past. In fact, one Republican senator admitted that not all Republicans are crisis-oriented or willing to deliberately kill jobs and hamper economic growth. The anonymous Senate Republicans said, “A few of us have suggested that we should start talks and get something going with Democrats, but Mitch has been very consistent.” It is likely that McConnell is not enamored with the prospect of angering the real Senate and House leader Cruz.
Last month, according to Dent (R-Penn), several senior members of the “House Appropriations Committee, including the panel’s chairman, Rogers (R-KY) took a chance and actually told the Republican leadership that the time to negotiate a way out of the impasse is now, not in the shadow of the papal visit or a government shutdown Oct. 1.”
Like President Obama and a few Republicans, Democrats have also called for bipartisan budget negotiations to avoid a crisis including Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid. Reid laid out who is standing in the way of both avoiding a government shutdown and saving 800,000 jobs and economic growth. Reid parroted something that is a persistent issue when Republicans have a say in governing, “there is no good reason to wait until the last minute. We’ve known for months that government funding runs out on Oct. 1. Senate Democrats have been calling on Republicans for months – both publicly and privately – to sit down with us and work out a bipartisan path so that we can avoid another shutdown. So far, we’ve been met with nothing but silence. I say to my Republican colleagues, let’s get started – there is no good reason to wait until the last minute.” Bernie Sanders actually went along with President Obama and said, “We must end sequestration now ahead of the end of the fiscal year and prevent a budget showdown that will help nobody. It makes no sense to head towards a crisis when we have a clear path towards a better solution.”
It is tragic, actually, that over the past six-and-a-half years there have been clear paths toward better solutions than heading to another senseless budget crisis, but Republicans will not comport government without crisis unless they achieve their goals. The current goal is maintaining sequestration-level cuts for all domestic programs, increasing military spending, eliminating Planned Parenthood funding, drastically slashing social safety nets and eliminating anti-poverty programs; all demands that Democrats and President Obama will not support. Many Americans have been led to believe the emerging crisis is solely about Planned Parenthood funding, and that may be somewhat true. However, at the rate Republicans love killing Americans’ jobs and retarding economic growth that the CBO warned is the result of not addressing sequester cuts, pundits should consider the real impetus for the looming crisis is the Republican cabal’s rejection of eliminating their precious sequester.

Unions Celebrate As The Koch Brothers Fail To Buy The White House For Walker

Unions are celebrating the rapid demise of union busting national disgrace, the idiot Walker.
Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) said in a statement:
In the end, even the Koch brothers couldn’t save Walker and his negative, anti-worker message. America heard what he had to say, and decided that a man who could compare decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans to terrorists was unfit for the highest office in the land, or any other office for that matter.

Americans aren’t fooled.They understand that a campaign against unionized employees is a campaign against working families to lower the wages, benefits, and working conditions of all workers.

The early demise of the Wisconsin idiot’s misbegotten campaign should serve as a warning to all other candidates for office: You can’t win an election by attacking working people you’re asking to vote for you.
Walker’s loss is America’s gain.
President Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO summed up the feelings of many union members, “Walker is still a disgrace, just no longer national.”
Walker’s failure to launch as a pretender candidate was good news for union members and all workers on two fronts. First, Walker was the chosen candidate of the Koch brothers, who believed that Walker would be the Republican candidate who was most likely to carry out their agenda. Secondly, Walker tried to save his struggling campaign by reviving his union busting agenda. However, Walker’s support continued to drop in the polls.
Walker’s failure as a candidate represents the failure of union busting as a national political issue. The Koch brothers lost their top candidate, as the nation’s biggest union buster completely flopped as a pretender candidate.

U.S. Congressman To Republicans: You’re Acting Just Like Kim Davis, Do Your Job

Featured image by Emw - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. "We're Closed" sign by geralt. Licensed under Public Domain via Pixabay. Images merged by Rika ChristensenThe comparison is apt. Teabaggers are refusing to do their job due to an ideology.

White House Releases Official Statement, Calls The Entire Republican Cabal Racist

White House Releases Official Statement, Calls The Entire Republican Party Racist (VIDEO)Wow. The White House has just officially labeled the entire Republican cabal racist. President Obama isn’t playing around his last year in office. This is unprecedented.

The Pope's Visit Is Illustrative How Screwed Up The Republican Cabal Has Become

Wingnuts Now Saying That Obama Birtherism Is Hillary Clinton’s Fault

Wingnuts Now Saying That Obama Birtherism Is Hillary Clinton’s Fault

Republicans Try To Rig The 2016 Election By Blocking LEGAL Immigrant Citizenship and Voting

All of the chatter on the Republican campaign trail is about illegal immigration, but Republicans are pushing back on an effort by President Obama to get legal immigrants citizenship and registered to vote. There is an effort mounting on the right to stop legal immigrants from becoming citizens and voting.
According to Politico:
It turns out that many Republicans consider legal immigration a more immediate and existential threat to the republican cabal than illegal immigration. While the total number of illegal immigrants is estimated at 11 million, there are more than 13 million permanent legal residents — and that number could grow at a clip of a million a year.


Wingnuts have increasingly been raising the alarm about legal immigration as a more imminent threat to Republican power than any possible pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented people living in the U.S.
Just last month, immigration hard-liner Sessions (R-Ala.) called for reducing the number of green cards issued each year, warning that the government is on track to allow 10 million new permanent residents into the country over the next 10 years. While his analysis focused on what he considered the potential negative economic impacts, the political implications were unsubtly telegraphed in the states cited to put the 10 million figure into perspective: The new residents would be “larger than populations of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina combined.”
The Republican objection to immigration is about keeping the electorate small, white, and wingnut. Republicans saw what happened when new voters of color entered the political process in 2008 and 2012. Demographics are not working in their favor, so the opposition to citizenship for immigrants is another way to keep people from voting.
Instead of competing for the support of these potential voters, conservatives are putting their efforts into excluding them from the electoral process.
As a reminder, these are legal immigrants that Republicans are trying to keep from becoming citizens and voting. This group of immigrants followed the rules and did everything the correct way, but conservatives are still trying to stop them from becoming citizens and voting.
The Republican cabal can’t win a contest of ideas, so they are going to try to rig the game. Legal immigrants should respond to these tactics by completing the six-month long citizenship process and immediately registering to vote.

The Candidate Cutoff For The Next Republican Cabal 'Debate' Should Be 5 Percent

It's time for the rnc to cut down the amount of clowns allowed to participate in the next debacle (ahem, excuse us, 'debate')..

When Will Another Pretender Candidate Bite The Dust?

They're Nutty, Delusional, Scary & All Destined To Be Losers

Politix Update: They're Nutty, Delusional, Scary & All Destined To Be Losers

Republican Frontrunners Know Nothing About Being President

Where Jeb Tweets The Stupidest Wingnut Tweet Of Them All

Where Jeb! Tweets The Stupidest Right-Wing Tweet Of Them All

Carson, as Wacko as We Thought

Cruz Names 'Cancer Is A Fungus' Lawmaker To Leadership Team

Cruz is hoping to boost his efforts to win the caucus in Nevada, the fourth state to vote in the Republican cabal pretender race, by adding moron Michele Fiore to his Nevada Leadership Team. Fiore’s record is so extreme and at points positively bizarre that she seems to be a perfect fit for... MORE

Handwriting Analyst: Trump Is A Dick, Cruz Is ‘Dogmatic.’

Handwriting Analyst: Trump Is A D*ck, Cruz Is ‘Dogmatic.’ Like We Didn’t Know That? (VIDEO/IMAGES)From the "Tell us something we didn't know" Department:
A handwriting analyst tells us a whole bunch of stuff we already know.

The Republican Cabal is Outraged by Trump?

'I'm angry, but I'm really mostly scared'

'I'm angry, but I'm really mostly scared': Fear and anger fuel Trump idiots on the campaign trail

Trump Won’t Prove He’s a ‘Super Genius’

Make that can't

Trump’s Immigrant Grandpappy Made The Family Fortune On Stolen Land, Hookers And Booze

Trump’s Immigrant Grandpappy Made The Family Fortune On Stolen Land, Hookers And Booze
Trump is descended from the worst Germany had to offer.
Read more 

Neo-Nazis target Mississippi and Idaho residents with ‘white genocide’ robocalls

Confused woman answers silly phone call (Shutterstock)
The calls promote messages that have circulated for years on the far-right fringes and, in some cases, originated with neo-Nazi pretender candidate Bob Whitaker.

Wingnut teabagger Says ‘No Food Stamps, Freeloader!’ If You Have Money Saved Or Own Things

GOP Governor Says ‘No Food Stamps, Freeloader!’ If You Have Money Saved Or Own Things
It doesn’t matter if you owned things before you lost your job or are trying to save to get back on your feet, the moron LePage says sell it all or no help for you.

Islamic State executes child and 9 adults after accusing them of being gay

Horrific: Islamic State executes child and 9 adults after accusing them of being gay

Dumb Tennessee Wingnuts Have New Plan To Ban Gay Marriage

It Is A Stupid Plan.
But they won't.
Oh, Tennessee. You are such a pretty state, and yet you house some of the biggest A Idiots ever to have been whelped onto American soil. So these two Tennessee wingnuts, Mae Beavers (it’s a perfectly nice name, stop laughing!) and Mark Pody, have a idea inside their brains for how to get rid of all the gay marriage, and it is a stupid, bad idea. It also won’t work, but shhhhhh, those are details we can work out later ...

Michigan Wingnut: Planned Parenthood teaches sex ed so they can drum up more abortion business

Image: Michigan state Rep Tom Hooker official portraitMichigan wingnut Tom Hooker believes that the health the reproductive health organization is telling kids to indulge in sexual behaviors that will generate more unwanted pregnancies to terminate.

'I Don't Believe In Women Voting'

Theodore Shoebat Declares That 'Women Have No Place In Politics'
In addition to his video railing against President Obama for nominating a "flaming fag" to lead the Army, lunatic fringe extremist wingnut agitator Theodore Shoebat posted another hour-long video on his website today lionizing Vladimir Putin for being the greatest 'christian' leader in the world ... MORE

Ex-hedge funder buys rights to AIDS drug and raises price from $13.50 to $750 per pill

Ex-hedge funder Martin Shkreli - TwitterA former hedge fund manager turned pharmaceutical businessman has purchased the rights to a 62-year-old drug used for treating life-threatening parasitic infections.
And the world reacted vehemently to his actions and he has altered them