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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Daily Drift

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Republicans - Brain Damaged ... !
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Obamacare Is Saving Lives: Early Cancer Detection And Treatment For Young Women On The Rise

Featured image credit: Will O'Neill via Flckr. CC 2.0
While the wingnuts are all about saving pennies, the left is about saving people. 
A new study shows that Obamacare is doing that in a big way.

Democratic Representative Vows To ‘File That Beautiful Lawsuit’ If Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Is Elected Pretender

Dem Rep Vows To ‘File That Beautiful Lawsuit’ If Canadian-Born Ted Cruz Is Elected President (VIDEO)“Call me crazy but I think the President of America should be an American.”

President Obama Angrily Makes It Clear That He Is Sick And Tired Of Gun Nuts Shooting Up This Country

In the aftermath of the Planned Parenthood standoff in Colorado Springs, President Obama issued a statement angrily condemning how gun nuts are so easily...

Trump, Carson, And NRA Stoke Domestic Terror

Trump, Carson, And NRA Stoke Domestic Terror

Paul Krugman on the Unforeseen Harm Trump Could Do If He Wins

Muslim Girl Slams Trump

Marwa Balkar (Facebook)
Peace symbol-wearing Muslim girl to Trump: I heard you wanted us to wear badges so I chose one for myself

What will it take to stop Trump?

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/ Flickr)
Striding on stage to the triumphant strains of Nessun Dorma , Trump has a surprisingly humble confession to make for someone defying all the laws of political gravity.

Trump: ‘I’m A Great Unifier’


An internal investigation has been launched into a profanity-laden anti-Muslim Facebook rant that a sheriff’s officer posted last week.

This 'Christian' Group Celebrates 9/11, But You Won’t Hear Trump Mention It

Trump’s discredited and spurious claim that “thousands” of Muslims lined the streets of New Jersey to celebrate 9/11 continues to be...

Trump Supporters Thrive on His Lies and Disinformation Aimed at Demonizing Their Target Groups

Bully Boy Trump Makes Reporters Use Escorts For Bathroom Trips

Bully Boy Trump Makes Reporters Use Escorts For Bathroom TripsTrump's campaign has regularly clashed with the press, but the latest report comes amid growing tension between the media and the wingnut front-runner.

Fox's Kurtz Admits Trump 'Stepped Over The Line' Mocking Disabled NYT's Journalist

Fox's Kurtz Admits Trump 'Stepped Over The Line' Mocking Disabled NYT's Journalist

Super PAC Pushing For Perry To Take Out Trump

Super PAC Pushing For Rick Perry To Take Out TrumpDesperate wingnut Super PAC wants Perry to come back and take out Trump.

Carsoncare: Carson’s Hilariously Failed Attempt At Universal Healthcare

Carsoncare: Ben Carson’s Hilariously Failed Attempt At Universal Healthcare
10 years, over $500,000 wasted.
Good job, Doc!
Read more 

Virginia Teabagger Lunatic Fringe Wingnut Compares Atheists To ISIL

Image via DC Clothesline
The hate against non-christians just keeps coming from wingnuts.
Read more

Lee Pretends Republicans Care About Americans Living In Poverty

Your Weekly Wingnut Roundup

Your Weekly Wingnut Roundup - November 28, 2015

The Real Reason Why the Kochs Developed a Sudden Passion for Prison Reform

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Daily Drift

Welcome to Today's Edition of The Truth Be Told.
Hey, wingnuts, yeah we're talking to you ...!  
The Truth Be Told is read in 205 countries around the world.

Republicans - Retarded and can't dance ... !
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The Closing of the American Mind

Sweet Karma: Obama-Appointed Judge To Hear Suit Against Trey Gowdy And The Benghazi Bull Shit

Sweet Karma: Obama-Appointed Judge To Hear Suit Against Trey Gowdy And The Benghazi BS
Trey Gowdy’s political positioning and his blatant anti-Clinton smear campaign are about to be dissected and demolished.

Obama Administration Warns States They Can't Refuse To Accept Syrian Refugees

Obama Administration Warns States They Can't Refuse To Accept Syrian Refugees

Wingnut scaredy cats

From the Archives (from August 2010):
From politicalprof on Tumblr
So, I published this in 2010, but in light of the Republican response to the terror attacks in Paris, I thought it deserved a second airing:
One of the great ironies of the last 20 years, really since the fall of the Soviet Union, is that many politicians, many Republicans, present themselves as aggressive defenders of American freedom, but they are in fact cowards.
You know the type. These are the politicians who insist that the United States needs to fund its military far beyond anything anyone else in the world can even imagine doing, all the while seeing bogeymen around everywhere, all on the verge of destroying the United States. Likewise, they demand that the US use violence to impose its will and punish those who transgress our desires. They are the disciples of American triumphalism.
Yet at the same time, they quiver in the face of the eternal bogeyman. The “Ground Zero” mosque, some FOX commentators have told us, will be a “terrorist command center” in the heart of Manhattan. We are told we have to spy on our fellow citizens because the bad guy is coming to get us. Saddam Hussein is Osama bin Laden’s neighbor in terror, they insisted, and so we had to go over there before “they” came over here.
Now, I get the point. Fear, like sex, sells, and when you need to keep a defense industry alive, or when you need to advance a political agenda, it helps to have a public sold on the notion that some bad guy is on the verge of destroying you. And since the United States actually does have enemies, and actually does need to be able to defend itself as well as enact a foreign policy that supports its central role in world politics today, bogeyman claims seem credible. They “make sense” to the American people. (Which is, however, not to say that the United States really needs to have a military that is more expensive than that of the next 50 countries in the world combined–most of whom are our very close allies.)
But here’s the thing. The United States is really, stupendously, impossibly strong. For all of its social ills it is remarkably stable domestically. Its social, political and cultural influence is globally pervasive. It has fought at least one utterly ridiculous war–Iraq–and possibly two (Afghanistan) with very little impact on the daily lives of American citizens. (The limited domestic effect of the Iraq war is, of course, one of the sad reasons Americans have tolerated it for as long as they have.) Its people endured 8 years of one of the worst Presidents in American history and have beaten back at least the first wave of what might well have become another Great Depression. And through it all, children went to school and college, cars got bought and sold, and American Idol winners got chosen. American society, like the Dude, abides.
Even on that horrible day, 9/11, the core strength of the United States was clear–as was the profound weakness of our attackers.  After all, the terrorists that day had to steal American airplanes to enact their violence on the nation. This is not at all the same thing as the Soviet Union launching 20,000 nuclear weapons against American and allied targets. Or of Hitler sending 3,000,000 men 1500 miles into Russia, killing tens of millions as they fought for three years.
And, of course, rather than wilting after those attacks, Americans–and the rest of the world–grew stronger.
So even if the “Ground Zero” mosque were actually a “terrorist command center” (which of course it isn’t), the truth is that “they” can’t beat us. They can hurt us, but they can’t beat us. American culture is too big, too complex, and way, way too powerful to be beaten by something as weak and pitiful as a group of people seeking to impose their perverted understanding of 7th century Islamic values on the world at large.
It seems clear to me that the fear mongers and pro-violence blowhards are actually plain, old fashioned cowards. They see monsters under the bed. And then, not being idiots, they fashion a political agenda that serves their interests.
But cowardice like that ultimately hurts the United States. Our best security is in living up to our ideals, not recoiling from them when things get tough.
What America needs is heroes who believe in its ideals, not blowhards who trade in fear for political purposes.

You Broke It, You Bought It

Trump Is a Pathological Liar

It's Time to Stop Tiptoeing Around This.
Let's take a look at a few headlines about Trump lately:
CNN: Does Trump transcend the truth?
New York Times: Trump’s shortcuts and salesmanlike stretches
ABC News: Trump gaining strength despite questionable comments
The Atlantic: Trump's fact-free weekend
Washington Post: Trump is leading an increasingly fact-free 2016 campaign
NBC News: Amid outcry, Trump continues campaign of controversy
BBC: Trump 'wrong' in claiming US Arabs cheered 9/11 attacks
CBS New York: Evidence supporting Trump’s claim of Jersey City Muslims cheering on 9/11 is hard to come by
Business Insider: Trump declares massive victory on his widely disputed claim about 9/11
Los Angeles Times: When it comes to Syrian refugees and fighting Islamic State, Trump wings it
USA Today: Trump defends tweet with faulty crime stats as 'a retweet'
Fox News: Trump tweet on black crime sets off firestorm
It's way past time for this stuff. You can call Trump's statements lies or fabrications or even falsehoods if you insist on being delicate about it. But you can't call them questionable or controversial or salesman-like or disputed or even faulty. The man is a serial, pathological liar. Isn't it about time for the journalistic community to work up the courage to report this with clear eyes?

Trump accuses reporter of using his disability to ‘grandstand’ after being ripped for cruelly mocking him

Trump’s cruel impression of Kovaleski has been roundly condemned, with the exception of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough who found it amusing, causing the candidate to do damage control — by attacking the reporter once again.

Trump Demands Disabled Reporter He Mocked APOLOGIZE To Him

While most of America was spending time with their families, and quite possibly arguing over the dinner table about Trump (seriously), Trump himself...

Trump: 'There's Something We Don't Know About' Obama…

We knew Trump was about to go off on one of his trademark rants at a rally in South Carolina last night when he said of Muslims: “I know so many, they’re so great, they’re such good people.” Much as he tends to compliment immigrants before attacking them as likely rapi... MORE

Trump Embraces Conspiracy Website To Support His False Claims

Muslim NYPD Officers Slam Trump: We Served Our Country, What Have You Ever Done?

Featured image by Michael Vadon. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/80038275@N00/17029800149Donald Trump’s racism against Muslims in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks are now drawing fire from Muslim police officers in the New York Police Department.

Trump almost got it right: Some people were arrested for celebrating 9/11 — but they were Israeli

Several Israelis were arrested and eventually deported for acting suspiciously on 9/11.

We Found Trump’s ‘Celebrating 9/11 Muslims’ — Except They Weren’t Muslims

For some reason, a debate has raged over whether or not Muslims were celebrating in the streets of New Jersey after the attacks on our nation on September...

The Unprecedented Nightmare of Trump: He's Actually a Fascist

Republicans move to dump ‘fascist’ Trump

Many say the populist crazy talk is typical of the White House primaries, but Republican front-runner Trump’s increasingly incendiary remarks are leading some wingnuts ramp up attacks against him.

Republicans Hypocritically Call out Trump’s Fascist ‘Spy on Your Neighbor’ Proposals

It is true, Trump is a fascist, but so are Republicans, the Koch brothers, and millions of angry white racist evangelicals and the teabaggers …
Buyer’s remorse is an anxiety-caused condition recognized as a person experiencing regret after investing their hard-earned money into a less-than-desirable or faulty product. To hear most of the Republicans running for the pretender nomination, it is glaringly obvious that they are in the initial stages of buyer’s remorse after heavily-investing in fear and hate-mongering for six straight years and getting a faulty product in poll-leading Trump. Trump has nothing novel for a converted extremist Republican, but he is the first Republican to openly broadcast and embrace the well-conditioned teabagger-type mindset. Make no mistake, every last utterance from Trump’s fascist mouth is succor to the angry hateful Americans the Republican cabal created since Barack Obama has been in office.
Although Trump went to college to learn real estate, he must have spent an inordinate amount of time studying Nazi Germany in general and Adolf Hitler’s method of incitement against European Jews and East Germany’s dreaded “Stasi” secret police. A couple of Americans are likely aware that Trump already proffered a mandatory national registry for Americans practicing Islam, and government (secret police) surveillance of the nation’s mosques. To demonstrate that he is well aware the Nazi and Stasi practice of involving the population at large as spies to targeting “undesirables,” Trump told an audience he wants them to start spying on, and reporting to the authorities, their neighbors. Any American who doubts that Trump, by way of a six year Republican cabal conditioning project, is not using the Republican cabal fear, hate, and anger mongering to advance his fascism is likely white, evangelical, angry, racist and an avid Trump supporter.
During a rally in South Carolina on Tuesday, Trump told supporter that besides forcing American Muslims to register according because they are Muslims, and tasking the NSA, FBI, CIA, and local law enforcement to start heavily monitoring Islamic communities and mosques, that it was up to every American to start monitoring their neighbors. Trump said,
That’s the best way. Everybody’s their own cop in a way. You’ve got to do it. You’ve got to do it. The real greatest resource is all of you, because you have all those eyes and you see what’s happening. People move into a house a block down the road, you know who’s going in. You can see and you report them to the local police. You’re pretty smart, right? We know if there’s something going on, report them. Most likely you’ll be wrong, but that’s OK.”
Notice that Trump did not single out Muslims and Americans of Middle Eastern descent in that set of remarks? One just has to harken back over the past six years to comprehend Trump wants Americans to spy on and report Hispanic and African Americans as well as those who appear Middle Eastern. Trump began his campaign targeting Mexican Americans and Latino immigrants, and recently shifted his attention to assailing African Americans, so in calling on his supporters to surveil and report on their neighbors was to include non-white Americans.
Trump also condemned President Obama for not following the Nazi practice of monitoring the nation’s Islamic worship centers and Muslim communities. He said, “Why is President Obama so empathetic on not solving the problem? There’s something going on in the mosques and other places. There’s some nastiness, there’s some meanness there.” It is noteworthy that Trump received wild applause in calling for citizen-spies and one wonders how long before he calls for violent intervention instead of just spying and reporting; he did say “You’re pretty smart, right? We know there’s something going on.”
What is disgusting is listening to Republicans call out Trump’s fascist propositions as if they are surprised he is reaping support from the six year-long propaganda campaign against non-white non-christian Americans. Republicans have been fear-mongering about African Americans, immigrants, Hispanic Americans, and Muslims long before Trump began giving serious consideration to running for pretender, and now they are having buyers’ remorse and calling Trump a fascist.
At CNN, MJ Lee said, “After Trump started calling for stronger surveillance of Muslim-Americans, a handful of conservatives ventured to call Trump’s rhetoric something dangerous: fascism.” CNN’s Lee interviewed various historical scholars who all say that to one degree or another “Trump is, indeed, fascistic if not what we used to call a total fascist.”
A very “wingnut fellow” at the Council on Foreign Republican and Rubio advisor said, “Trump is a fascist. And that’s not a term I use loosely or often. But he’s earned it.”
Jeb’s national security advisor, Noonan wrote that “Forced federal registration of US citizens, based on religious identity, is fascism. Period. Nothing else to call it,”
and Deace, a hate-speech wingnut radio host in Iowa said that, “If Obama proposed the same religion registry as Trump every wingnut in the country would call it what it is — creeping fascism.”
It is true, Trump is a fascist, but so are Republicans, their owners the Koch brothers, and the millions of angry white racist evangelicals and the teabaggers the wingnut delusion has spent six years whipping into frenzied rage toward any and everything they regard as un-American; and it is a big “everything.
At this juncture, there is nothing Republicans can do, or say, to stop Trump’s fascist hate-mongering because it is working precisely as Republicans intended. A significant number of Americans are so angry, so racist, so religious, and so full of abject hate and rage for other Americans and Trump is reaping their electoral support. The truly sad commentary is that Republicans are not upset, or disagree with, everything Trump says, just that he is benefiting from their six-year investment and exposing the cabal for its concept of American governance; blatant fascism.

Trump Wants Americans to Denounce their Neighbors, Gestapo-Style

Trump went all Third Reich this weekend by calling on neighbors to denounce neighbors to the police, and not to worry about being wrong ...
trump-denunciations Donald Trump said Tuesday during a campaign stop in South Carolina that Americans should inform on each other and denounce their neighbors to the authorities:
“People move into a house a block down the road, you know who’s going in. You can see and you report them to the local police.
“You’re pretty smart, right? We know if there’s something going on, report them. Most likely you’ll be wrong, but that’s OK.
“That’s the best way. Everybody’s their own cop in a way. You’ve got to do it. You’ve got to do it.”
You’ve got to do it. Most likely you’ll be wrong, but that’s OK.
Does Trump know that as a recent book about Nazi Germany’ Gestapo (Secret State Police) tells us, “The Gestapo was not bound by any legal or administrative accountability or burden of proof.”
You’ll probably be wrong when you denounce your neighbors but that’s okay. Proof is for losers.
The authors, Carsten Dams and Michael Stolle, relate that while denunciations can occur even in democratic states (obviously Trump is proof of that) and “represent to a certain extent the normal condition of any political intervention,” they point ominously to the fact that in the Third Reich it was “men from the lower and middle classes who make up a disproportionately large percentage of the denouncers.”
And from where do all Trump’s supporters come from today? He’s speaking to the right crowd.
How effective is denouncing? Dams and Stolle tell us that, “Most people denounced others because of private interests and base motives such as envy, revenge, anger, hatred, or malevolence.”
In other words, for the same reasons people were accused of being witches.
They also tell us that the typical denouncer remained anonymous “out of cowardice or fear” and that “anything out of line with the supposedly healthy national feeling was denounced.”
That’s a rather broad definition of sin, to say the least. Denunciations in the Third Reich were extensive and historians have spoken of a society “under its own surveillance” – which is exactly what Trump is proposing here by telling people they are “their own cop in a way.”
There was even an attempt in the Third Reich to make informing on your neighbor a legal obligation. In fascist societies, you don’t help your neighbor. You rat him out. And then giggle in glee as you watch him hauled away.
Trump, fully in keeping with the spirit of ratting out your neighbor and what might be happening behind closed doors, went after the synagogues, er, um…I mean the mosques again, saying “There’s something going on in the mosques and other places. There’s some nastiness, there’s some meanness there.”
But not in the churches where gays and lesbians and Muslims and Pagans and others are regularly slandered, apparently. It’s all good if you’re white and “christian.”
He told the crowd how he felt about Obama: “I call him the great divider. I am going to be a unifier. I’m going to be the best protector. I’m going to fight like hell for this country.”
Right. By turning Americans against each other. Denunciations right and left. What a great way to unify a country.
Trump is a fascist. He regularly espouses fascist ideals and proposes to employ fascist methods in his governance of America. He wants everyone to join him in fascism so America can become the Fourth Reich and finish the work of the Third on behalf of white folks feeling oppressed by the equality of everyone else.
Trump asked the crowd, “[Why is President Obama] so empathetic on not solving the problem?” The real question is, “Why is Trump so eager to demonize entire groups for the actions of a few if they don’t happen to be white?”

Trump Wants Neighbors To Monitor Each Other

Bericht über die Nachbarn, dass Ihr Job ist.  
Heil unserem Führer
Donald Trump Wants Neighbors To Monitor Each Other

Here’s some of the biggest and boldest lies told during the 2016 race for president

Trump’s claim that Arab Americans cheered during the September 11, 2001 attacks is just the latest in a string of falsehoods from US presidential candidates.

Kasich Wants You To Think He’s A Moderate: That’s A Big Fat Lie

Featured image credit: DonkeyHotey via Flckr, cc 2.0Kasich is as rude and arrogant as Trump, as extreme as Cruz or Paul, and at least as crazy as Carson. He’s also a much better manipulator, which may make him the most dangerous wingnut candidate of all.

Alan Grayson: I'll File Suit If Cruz Is The Nominee

Rubio Says to Ignore SCOTUS Decision and First Amendment

Rubio continues the Republican narrative that the bible they haven't read trumps the Constitution they haven't read…
rubio-gods-law It’s a two-fer from Rubio, dissing on not only the Supreme Court but on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Like other Republican pretender hopefuls, he does not to understand that the United States Constitution and not the bible is the law of the land.
We know that, because nowhere in the Constitution does it mention the bible or “dog’s law,” let alone even mention dog. It’s really a no-brainer, and that in itself really says it all. It also explains why Rubio appeared with David Brody of CBN’s The Brody File Wednesday, to say that Obergefell and Roe are “not settled law.”
Except: United States Constitution.
But Rubio doesn’t care about that:
“We are clearly called, in the bible, to adhere to our civil authorities, but that conflicts with also a requirement to adhere to dogs rules. When those two come in conflict, dog’s rules always win. “In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin, violate dogs law and sin, if we’re ordered to stop preaching the lies, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that. We cannot abide by that because government is compelling us to sin.”
Of course, the government is not compelling anyone to sin. Nobody is telling Rubio to marry a man or to eat shellfish or to cut his hair, let alone to take the lunatic’s name in vain. The government IS asking him not to impose his beliefs on others.
So what to do about this non-problem? For Rubio, the answer is clear:
The states should “do everything possible within the constraints that its placed upon us” to curtail abortion rights, before insisting that government officials “ignore” Supreme Court rulings if they believe they conflict with “dog’s rules.”
What we need, he is saying, is more Kim Davises.
This is the same guy who tried to wheedle his way out of the Marriage Equality debate at the Pretender Family Forum in Iowa last week by claiming,
“The debate is about how do you define an institution, the institution of marriage, which has been defined the same way for all of human history. That’s what the debate is about. It’s not about discriminating against anyone. The debate is about how do you define an institution.”
Which is funny, because far from being defined the same way all through history, it isn’t even defined the same way all through the bible he is pretending to claim as the highest law.
There is no justification for what Rubio claims we need. The Constitution is quite clear on that. The Constitution is quite clear as to its status as the law of the land and the role of the Supreme Court as the highest court in the land. He might try reading it sometime.
All this no doubt sells with the Republican base, which seems never to have heard of the United States Constitution, or which somehow confuses it with the bible. It’s really rather a short document and there is no excuse to remain unfamiliar with what it says, given that it establishes our country and the laws by which it is governed.
Certainly, Rubio will never sit in the Oval Office. We all know that even if he does not. But these endless attacks on the United States Constitution by what must increasingly be termed American fascism, take their toll.
The entire wingnut apparatus is slipping toward fascism and millions of Americans have been indoctrinated to believe that the bible none of them have read takes precedence over the Constitution none of them have read.
How could anything go wrong?

Rubio Says ‘Dog’s Rules’ Trump Supreme Court Law, Advocates For Theocracy

Featured image by Donkey Hotey. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/14783309488/The bible has zero legal standing in our system of government, and any candidate who believes otherwise should be automatically disqualified from seeking public office.

Kochs' Push for Criminal Legal Reform Is Aimed at Protecting Corporate Lawbreakers

by Thom Hartmann 
It looks like the Koch brothers have scammed us once again.
When news first came out that Charles and David Koch - the Koch brothers - were supporting criminal legal system reform efforts in Congress, many of us thought, "Wow, they're actually doing something good for once." And for good reason, too.
Criminal legal reform has, over the past few years, become one of the very few legitimately bipartisan issues in US politics, and given their public statements, it really looked like Kochs were joining that bipartisan consensus for all the right reasons.
Here, for example, is Charles Koch on a recent episode of "Morning Joe" talking about why we need to reform drug laws. Sounds pretty persuasive, right? Boy, were we naïve.

Wingnut Hysteria Explodes as American Mosques Face Angry Protests and Hate Over Past Week

Lawmakers investigating Walmart ...

Lawmakers investigating Walmart-backed bills that would allow employers to opt out of workers comp

Anti-Gay Agitators Are Running Out Of Places To Shop!

In her WingNutDaily column yesterday, Mission America’s Harvey lamented that religio-wingnut agitators like herself who boycott pro-LGBT businesses are running out of places to shop. “Well, it’s that time again — time to get out the Xmas list and start hitting the... MORE

How These Gay and Bisexual Members of Congress Sold Out Desperate LGBT Syrian Refugees

Equality should be the standard for anyone in the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. And Polis, Sinema and Maloney failed miserably at meeting that standard.