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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Editorial Comment

Welcome to The Truth Be Told, we're glad you stopped by to read today.
We hope all our readers in the USA that celebrated the holiday weekend had a wonderful time of it this year.

First the good news:
Our friend Judy has agreed to come on board and help edit this blog.
She is a wonderful lady, who has a wild streak that knows no bounds.
She is also the first lady to staff this blog that is not a twenty-something (other than the Mrs.).
While there is nothing wrong with the ladies that have staffed and volunteered here over the years it is nice to have a lady who has experienced more.
Judy actually was a big hair fan as a child - yep, she's been here since those heady days.
Her perspective will only add to our stellar reputation.
Along with Brooke (who, by the way, has not reached the twenty-something category, she is a sexy 19year-old) we now have a great team here at The Truth Be Told.

More good news:
Our readership has not lessened as the holidays and winter months begin.
While the growth has slowed a mite as always occurs during the winter months, the steady readership has sustained itself throughout at each growth plateau - we grow, level off and grow again.
Word of mouth works ... we have always been a word of mouth blog - no advertising, no incentives to read us other than the diversity and honesty our readers find here and pass the word on to others.

Even more goods news:
The troll infestation has been eliminated.
Through hard work and law enforcement vigilance we have eradicated the trolls that had attempted to infest and pervert The Truth Be Told.
While only a couple of trolls remain at large the rest are either behind bars or awaiting sentencing for a plethora of criminal activity that were discovered because they were foolish enough to attempt trolling here.
Internet trolls really are stupid just like the trolls in the folk-tales round the world that have been told for ages - they all have one common theme ... stupidity on the part of the troll.
Any new attempt by trolls will be swiftly dealt with.

Now the bad news:
Oh, wait there is no bad news.
Be Happy, Be Free
*It drives the wingnuts more insane when you do!

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