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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trump Is a Pathological Liar

It's Time to Stop Tiptoeing Around This.
Let's take a look at a few headlines about Trump lately:
CNN: Does Trump transcend the truth?
New York Times: Trump’s shortcuts and salesmanlike stretches
ABC News: Trump gaining strength despite questionable comments
The Atlantic: Trump's fact-free weekend
Washington Post: Trump is leading an increasingly fact-free 2016 campaign
NBC News: Amid outcry, Trump continues campaign of controversy
BBC: Trump 'wrong' in claiming US Arabs cheered 9/11 attacks
CBS New York: Evidence supporting Trump’s claim of Jersey City Muslims cheering on 9/11 is hard to come by
Business Insider: Trump declares massive victory on his widely disputed claim about 9/11
Los Angeles Times: When it comes to Syrian refugees and fighting Islamic State, Trump wings it
USA Today: Trump defends tweet with faulty crime stats as 'a retweet'
Fox News: Trump tweet on black crime sets off firestorm
It's way past time for this stuff. You can call Trump's statements lies or fabrications or even falsehoods if you insist on being delicate about it. But you can't call them questionable or controversial or salesman-like or disputed or even faulty. The man is a serial, pathological liar. Isn't it about time for the journalistic community to work up the courage to report this with clear eyes?

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