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Sunday, October 25, 2015

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Americans More Optimistic About Sanders’ Presidency Than About Any Other Candidate

Voters are less pessimistic about Bernie Sanders' ability to run the country, than they are about any of the other announced candidates.…
An unprecedented number of major party candidates are running for president. Yet, Americans remain pessimistic about the entire presidential field going into 2016.
An NBC/WSJ poll asked Americans about individual candidates and whether they were optimistic/satisfied or uncertain/pessimistic about the ability of each individual candidate to do a good job as president.
With every candidate, more voters were uncertain or pessimistic than optimistic or satisfied, but of the announced candidates, voters were less pessimistic about Bernie Sanders than any of the other candidates. 43 percent of American voters expressed optimism about a Sanders’ presidency, compared to 50 percent who did not. His net (-7) optimism to pessimism score was better than Hillary Clinton’s (-13) or any of the Republican candidates.
Voters were much more optimistic about both Sanders and Clinton than they were about Republican cabal front-runner Trump (-35), Cruz (-32), Jeb  (-26) or  Fiorina (-24). The only Republicans that voters were not deeply pessimistic about were Rubio (-13) and  Carson (-8).
Joe Biden, who announced on Wednesday that he was not seeking the presidency, was the one potential candidate who generated slightly more optimism than Sanders. 46 percent of American voters would have viewed a Biden presidency optimistically compared to 52 percent who would have been uncertain or pessimistic.
Americans have become so pessimistic that even the best candidates only inspire tepid optimism. Nevertheless, it is clear that Sanders, and to a slightly lesser extent, Clinton, give Americans more cause for optimism than most of the Republican cabal candidates.
While conservatives are doing their best to scare Americans away from electing a “democratic socialist” named Bernie Sanders, voters are apparently less nervous about Sanders than they are about the other candidates running for president. America’s optimism for Sanders is decidedly cautious. However, voters are far less pessimistic about Sanders’ ability to run the country than they are about Trump or Jeb’s ability to lead the nation.

Vets For Bernie

Bernie Sanders Was Asked If Presidents Need To Believe In Dog, Gives Beautiful Answer

Bernie Sanders Was Asked If Presidents Need To Believe In God, Gives Beautiful Answer (VIDEO)
Bernie Sanders continues to pull no punches, even when it comes to religion.

Poll Shows Americans Agree With Bernie Sanders On This Major Topic

Poll Shows Americans Agree With Bernie Sanders On This Major TopicA new poll shows Bernie Sanders spoke for all of America on this major topic.

Top Democrat Wipes The Floor With Republicans In Less Than Two Minutes

Top Democrat Wipes The Floor With Republicans In Less Than Two Minutes (VIDEO)
This is perhaps the SINGLE BEST MOMENT of the entire 11-hour Benghazi hearing, aka “witch hunt.” This top Democrat took less than 2 minutes to completely shut down Republicans.

Stop Hillary PAC Exposes Actual Vast Wingnut Conspiracy

Stop Hillary PAC Exposes Actual Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Gowdy’s Select Benghazi Committee is a disaster.

Five Of The Republican Cabal's Craziest 'Benghazi Cover-Up' Conspiracy Theories

The 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, was viewed by some on the Right as the subject of “the biggest cover-up in history” and a sign of the coming apocalypse, so it came as no surprise that House Republicans eventually organized a special committee to investiga... MORE

8 Disgusting Things To Remind You Just Who Wingnut Soon-To-Be Speaker Ryan Really Is

8 Disgusting Things To Remind You Just Who Right-Wing Soon-To-Be Speaker Paul Ryan Really Is (IMAGES)From Ayn Rand to Medicare vouchers and fetal personhood laws, this dude is bad news for America. Here’s why you should be worried…

House Wingnuts Will Let Ryan Be Speaker, But Only If He Wears 'Kick Me' Sign ...

Previously, on "As The House Republican Cabal Burns": Wonky Wisconsin Wunderkind Ryan (R-Stairway To Heaven) had reluctantly agreed to swoop in and save the damsels in distress. The damsels in distress being, of course,...

Cruz Uses Campaign Money To Buy His Own Book Just To Resell At Huge Markup To Gullible Supporters

Cruz Uses Campaign Money To Buy His Own Book Just To Resell At Huge Markup To Gullible Supporters
The Republican grift machine in action.
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Cruz Says He Won't Attack Any Republican Rival, Proceeds To Attack All Other Republicans In The Race

David Brody posted clips from a recent interview with Cruz, in which the typically sycophantic Brody thanked the Republican pretender candidate for refusing to criticize his Republican cabal rivals, a frequent Cruz talking point. Of course, in the very n... MORE

Carson Vows to Punish Liberal Colleges if He Can Steal the Job of Pretender

Carson wants to punish liberal colleges for teaching things he doesn't approve of - "extreme political bias" - otherwise known as facts.…
carson-liberal-colleges Carson has been pushing the meme that what he calls “political correctness” persecutes 'christians'. Now he has promised, if elected, to persecute liberals instead, the purveyors, he says, of that political correctness.
Appearing on The Glenn Beck Hate Radio Program, Carson was asked during a Q&A if he would do away with the Department of Education if elected. Carson’s answer was surprising. While he says he opposes national education standards, he really doesn’t, because he supports a set of standards that exclude what he calls “political correctness.”
Carson: “I actually have something I would use the Department of Education to do.”
Beck: “Would it be pack boxes for the State Department? The IRS?” (laughter).
Carson: “It would be to monitor our institutions of higher education for extreme political bias and deny funding if it exists.”
Beck: Well I like that.
You mean defund jokes like Liberty University, which positively rakes in our tax dollars while it functions as a propaganda institute? No, of course not! He’s talking about “political correctness” here.
Political correctness is a Carson euphemism for rejecting persecution by the religio-wingnuts and its Republican lapdogs. If you decline Carson’s anti-constitutional insistence that some values are more equal than others, for example, you are guilty of political correctness.
Free speech? No, if all religions are not equal before the law, as Carson claims (though the Constitution insists they are), then why should the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech extend to all?
After all, the religio-wingnuts have long been pushing the idea that it does not extend to some groups, like muslims, and even jews. This is a 'christian' country, they say, founded by and for 'christians'. Carson has already claimed that the Founding Fathers would reject a muslim president, even though they explicitly did accept the idea of a president of ANY religion.
Never mind any of that stuff the Founding Fathers actually said. We’ll just put new words in their mouths and David Barton can write all our “history” books.
It would seem Carson lost a “turn the other cheek” or two somewhere along the way. You would think if dog is telling him to run, he’d tell his candidate to read his bible first. You know, just because.
Even Thomas Jefferson, who had no time for miracles, admired jesus’ morality. Carson’s? Not so much, I think. The only way Carson gets Jefferson to agree with him is by putting words in his mouth, and he has shown he is perfectly willing to do that.
Carson, at every opportunity, shows himself to be a hater of all the ideals that make America unique in the world, of all the things the Founding Fathers held dear. In fact, by embracing the idea of muzzling free speech, Carson has shown himself to be less a lover of liberty than a lover of totalitarianism.
And here he is speaking out of both sides of his mouth at once.
He says he opposes Common Core right after revealing his plans for liberal colleges, because, you can be sure, of the Republican meme that the federal government, through Common Core, mandates what is taught. At the same time, Carson embraces the idea that the government should mandate what is taught by punishing them financially if they don’t teach Republican orthodoxy.
The problem is not, and has never been for conservatives like Carson, that Common Core mandates what is taught, but that it doesn’t mandate the right things, in other words, things like the idea that science is optional.

Carson Doesn't Want To Gut Medicare

Ben Carson Doesn't Want To Gut Medicare; He Wants To Kill It Entirely
That ought to play well in Peoria.

Jeb loses his cool when student ‘dreamer’ asks him about immigration at Koch brothers event

Dulce Valencia and Jeb Bush (Facebook)
Jeb loses his cool when student ‘dreamer’ asks him about immigration at Koch brothers event

The Truth Hurts


O’Reilly wants San Francisco official arrested after she rips Fox and ‘hateful’ wingnuts

Fox News hack O’Reilly was upset on Wednesday that his network was criticized by name by a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors during the board’s vote to keep supporting its “sanctuary city” policy.

Rubio Caught Openly Violating Ethics Rules By Begging For Money On Fox News From Inside The Senate

via Wikimedia CommonsMarco Rubio could be in a world of trouble for violating ethics rules, and there is incriminating video to prove it via Fox News.

Sad Troll Paul Issues Dire Warning About Liberals To Conspiracy Nutter Jones

Lawmaker's Bill Would Force Lunatic Fringe Teabagger LePage To Live By His Own Rules For Welfare Recipients

A Maine Democratic lawmaker has filed a bill that would force lunatic fringe wingnut LePage (R) to live by the same rules that he wants to impose on welfare recipients.

Public campaign financing is ‘like giving your wife your checkbook’

Gov. Paul LePage (YouTube/screen grab)Lunatic fringe teabagger wingnut LePage: Public campaign financing is ‘like giving your wife your checkbook’

Texas officials raid Planned Parenthood health centers — but won’t say why

Texas' idiot Abbott said this week “the gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed,” but so far the state has released no evidence of illegal activity by the group.

4 Things Trump Better Learn About Immigrants

The Republican Cabal’s Really Going to Do It

Trump Calls Up Fox To Announce His Dumbest Idea Yet

Donald Trump Calls Up Fox To Announce His Dumbest Idea Yet (VIDEO)
Trump’s idiocy knows no bounds.
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‘Back To The Future 2’ Screenwriter Confirms: Yes, Biff Tannen Was Based On Trump

‘Back To The Future 2’ Screenwriter Confirms: Yes, Biff Tannen Was Based On Trump
Did you ever notice this?
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Ohio Senate approves measure to cut funding for Planned Parenthood

Ohio Senate approves measure to cut funding for Planned Parenthood

Alabama Addresses Voter Suppression Accusations By Keeping Rural DMVs Open One Day A Month

Negativity, anxiety and fear

Let’s see what the peer-reviewed research has to say about the wingnut brain.

War, torture and mass surveillance

Exceptional is the new book from former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, is not. It is nothing more than an unhinged rant that smacks of sedition