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Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Tom The Dancing Bug

Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Make Solar Power More Accessible

Kentucky governor tells county clerks: Do your jobs or get fired

Image: Gov. Steve Bashear, D-TN (Screen capture)
Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Steve Bashear has ordered the state’s county clerks to honor the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision and allow same-sex couples to marry or to resign from their jobs.

Help The Needy Get Fired

Image: Former school kitchen manager Della Curry (Screen capture)  

Black man who can’t pay bail has spent 6 years behind bars

Jailed (Shuttershock)
Warren McClinton has now spent nearly his entire 40th decade of life behind bars waiting for trial, even though he has never been convicted of any of the crimes.

Koch Brothers Are Ramping Up To Eliminate National Parks And Seize Federal Lands

A Koch and ExxonMobil-funded cabal is calling for an end to national parks and privatization of all federally-owned land.…
Most Americans, whether they complain about the government or not, have at least a passing interest in it remaining in existence for a variety of benefits they seldom bemoan receiving. What that means is that most Americans are in conflict with Republicans and their masters the Koch brothers who have made no secret they want the government eradicated with extreme prejudice from the top down. Republicans have duly served the Kochs’ interests by taking every opportunity to destroy every aspect of the government, except the military-welfare complex, by starving it of funding just to bolster their “government does not work” agenda.
A favorite target of Koch-Republicans is the National Park system that Republicans have so drastically underfunded that a Koch and ExxonMobil-funded organization is calling for an end to national parks and privatization of all federally-owned land. The argument being put forward by the executive director of Koch fossil fuel organization, Reed Watson, is that since the National Park system is hurting for funding, the only option is to first stop creating national parks and then cheaply sell off those already in existence. Why? Because according to the Koch brothers’ organization calling to sell off all public land and national parks, “True conservation is taking care of the land and water you already have; we can protect it properly.”
The group pushing to sell off (privatize) the national park system to the fossil fuel industry, and indeed, sell off all public land to the highest corporate bidder, is the Koch and ExxonMobil-funded Property and Environment Research Center (PERC). PERC, Exxon-Mobil, the Koch brothers, and Republicans across the nation contend that no state, federal, or local government has any right  to own any land within America’s borders; it is precisely the same argument trumpeted by seditious anti-American rancher Cliven Bundy. Although Bundy’s contention is that he, Cliven Bundy, retains “sole stewardship rights over government-owned land,” he clearly fails to comprehend that the Kochs have a different vision of what their stewardship as private corporate owners will entail. Unless Cliven Bundy owns monumental drilling, mining, or lumber operations, he should make no mistake that when the Kochs own all government land, he will have no stewardship rights, grazing rights or input into how the land is managed whatsoever.
The Kochs and ExxonMobil have already committed PERC to publicly call for an end to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) because it is one of America’s most successful parks programs. LWCF is not in financial jeopardy yet because Republicans have failed to end its budget-neutral status.  LWCF is budget-neutral as a result of using funds from offshore oil and gas development fees to fund projects across the country at the federal, state and local levels. The LWCF program supports some of nation’s “most iconic” national parks such as Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. It has also created tens-of-thousands of outdoor projects the general public uses regularly such as local parks and baseball diamonds in all 50 states. The Kochs want those local parks, like national parks, wilderness areas, and all federal land transferred to corporate ownership because “It just kills the fossil fuel industry and its allies that there’s any scrap of land that they can’t get their hands, or drilling rigs, on.” However, it is not for a lack of Republican efforts.
For example, last year as part of the ongoing Koch-funded and driven initiative to seize control of public lands from the federal government, Colorado Republicans, like Utah Republicans, introduced legislation calling for jurisdiction over federally-owned national forests, wilderness areas, national parks, and all Bureau of Land Management land. Now with PERC’s blatantly public involvement and push to privatize National Parks and federal lands, it appears the concerted effort is fully underway to seize government property to satisfy the greed of the Kochs and Exxon-Mobil by exploiting all federal land, including federally-protected wilderness areas and national parks, for fossil fuel profits. Three years ago Utah Mormons passed a law demanding that the federal government cede its ownership, and immediately turn over the titles of all federal lands in Utah including all wilderness areas and national parks the state planned to sell to the Koch brothers to “manage” as “owners” exempt from federal environmental regulations and oversight.
The concept of selling off federal land to the fossil fuel, mining, and lumber industry began in earnest in 1999 when the Kochs’ PERC complained publicly that “fully a third of the land area of the United States is owned by the federal government. Although many Americans support the preservation of those lands, the failure of socialism in the realm of resource economics is as evident as other areas of the economy.” Resource economic failure in Koch parlance means they cannot yet drill, mine, or log wherever they want and without being held to environmental regulations. So PERC offered some Koch reform criteria to convince the American people and disabuse the United States government of the idea it has any right to own any land in America. PERC asserts that, “land should be allocated to the highest-valued use, transaction costs should be kept to a minimum because auctioning off all public lands will enhance environmental quality and economic efficiency through private rather than public ownership.”
Americans should seriously start worrying, and pushing back against, these vile attempts by the Koch brothers and Republicans to sell off what is effectively the American people’s public land; particularly the 282 million Americans who visited the National Parks in 2011 alone. That figure does not include visits to state and regional parks, wilderness areas, or the many, many national monuments around the country or in and around the nation’s capital that are owned and operated by the people’s  government; the government the Kochs and Republicans want eliminated.
It is true that on their own, the Koch brothers are incapable of taking over all federal, state, and local government land and properties, but with Republicans doing their bidding in Congress and state legislatures, and Koch-funded groups like PERC, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation and many others openly calling for the end of government land ownership, the concept of public land, national parks, or wilderness areas free of drilling, mining, and logging operations is in jeopardy. It is not enough for the Kochs to take Americans’ government, workplace protections, pensions, healthcare, safe roads, schools, and bridges to privatization and eventual ruin, they are jockeying even now to take over Americans’ public land with little to no outrage or push-back from the people.

Republican Cabal Resurrects ‘No Child Left Behind’

Of Course Leaving Millions Of Children Behind
GOP Resurrects ‘No Child Left Behind’ — Leaving Millions Of Children BehindThe shrub-era failure is so pitiful that 27 Republicans joined EVERY Democrat in voting against it.

The Troubled History Of The Constitution’s Most Important Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment's promise of a freer, more equitable America came under attack almost immediately after its words were written into our founding document.

Graham Tries And Fails To Defund New Havana Embassy

Graham said he feared reopening the embassy would show other countries "yet another sign of continued American weakness."

Lack of Education is Deadly

And wingnuts prove it

Jeb! Says ‘People Should Work Longer Hours’

Image viaJeb! seems to think Americans just don’t work long enough hours, even though the numbers tell a different story.
Jeb ... a bigger idiot than his brother the shrub - We know, but it's looking more likely every day and no one thought anyone could out-idiot the shrub



Trump & Putin Approval Ratings TOGETHER Still Lower Than Obama

Featured image by DonkeyHotey. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/18058245844
Donald Trump thinks he can win the Republican nomination and the Latino vote. However, when his polling numbers compare to Vladimir Putin, he has to be laboring under serious delusions.

The Problem With The republican Cabal’s Meek Response To Donald Trump

Republican officials leaked that they told the anti-immigrant candidate to cool it, but Trump says they gave him their full support.

How The Republican Cabal Is Ceding The Public Debate To Donald Trump

Republican officials leaked that they told the anti-immigrant candidate to cool it, but Trump says they gave him their full support.

The Republican Cabal Leader To Trump: ‘Tone It Down’

Image viaYeah, Like That Will Happen
You know Trump is out of control when the rnc asks him to STFU. They are worried. Really worried.

No, Republican Cabal, Donald Trump's Anti-Mexican View Is Yours, Too

No, GOP, Donald Trump's Anti-Mexican View Is Yours, TooDonald Trump's anti-immigrant stance is actually the true position of the Republican Cabal and their voters.

Donald Trump Doesn’t Respond Well To Scrutiny Of His Hiring Of Undocumented Immigrants

The Most Violent Ammosexuals Also Have The Most Guns

Study: The Most Violent Ammosexuals Also Have The Most Guns
This explains a lot about gun culture in America.
Read more 

‘Bring Out The Death Squads’

Ann Coulter (Image courtesy of Flickr)Ann Coulter Calls For Republican Cabal To ‘Drive Up The White Vote’
Ann Coulter admiringly equates white people with “the death squad” and calls for getting out the white vote if the Republican Cabal wishes to win the 2016 election.

Chris Matthews Explain Consistency To Ted Cruz Like He’s A Child

Watch Chris Matthews Explain Consistency To Ted Cruz Like He’s A Child (VIDEO)
Cruz :”Those are good talking points.”
Matthews: “But they’re true!”
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Fox News Blames President Obama For The Most Unbelievably Stupid Thing

Fox News Blames President Obama For The Most Unbelievably Stupid Thing (VIDEO)
Obama Derangement Syndrome is a terrible illness.
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Kentucky County Clerk Demands His Bigotry Be Accommodated By The State Government

casey davis (1)
Casey County, Kentucky clerk, Casey Davis, showed up at his governor’s office without an appointment to get privileged standing for his bigotry against same-sex couples.  The governor was out of town, but Davis told the State Journal he had an “inspirational moment” after celebrating the Fourth of July.  “The part of our national anthem that talks about the bombs bursting in air and how our flag was still there made me think of how those men and women were persecuted (during the American Revolution) and homosexuals were afforded their rights and I’m afforded mine.”
The privilege he wants is for the government to set up a website to sell marriage licenses so that he can perform his job “without it conflicting with [his] religious beliefs.”  He also said, “I want [Governor Beshear] to call a special session about it.  My solution would be to what everybody else called the law of the land, is to have an online issuance for marriage licenses so it takes it out of the hands of the individual.”  And, “I think I deserve some sort of relief, that I took my oath to do this job to the best of my ability so help me God,” Davis said.  “I cannot go beyond what my conscience allows.”
Thomas Weddle, the attorney for Casey County, said Casey Davis is wrong on this issue and has two choices.  Casey can find a deputy clerk who will do the job or be removed from his job as County Clerk. Mr. Weddle might well have added that Davis is free to do as a similarly-situated counterpart in Mississippi did and resign himself.
All three options point to this fact:  Davis does not want to do his job.  His claim of religious beliefs is merely an attempt to give socially acceptable cover to bigotry.  That can work in the private sector or if the employee works for a church.  Not so for someone holding government office and who perforce must be willing to serve taxpayers – any and all taxpayers who ask him and expect him to do his job.  Such a person admits outright they are unwilling to do what they have sworn to do and want someone else to do constitutionally-mandated work for them.  Davis’s song and dance about an “inspirational moment” amounts to asking taxpayers to accommodate his bigotry.  He’s not asserting his religious rights, he’s claiming he is entitled to special treatment.
This is not to say online marriage licensing is a bad idea.  The prospect of modernizing service to taxpayers is always a good idea.
But there is something particularly galling about asking for the privilege of having the government support bigotry. We are indeed talking about bigotry here.  People choose to be bigots, to disrespect and discommode and even condemn others for who they are.  That is exactly what Davis is doing.
And stupidly at that.  As Republicans are so happy to point out regarding online health insurance exchanges, there can be problems with websites, meaning that eventually some applicants will have to have contact with a human being.  Also, someone has to set up the system in the first place, and someone else has to test it and someone else again will have to approve it.  And since it’s Casey’s idea, he ends up assisting in the very thing he opposes anyway.
Just another example of how bigotry, stupidity and demands for special privileges go hand in hand.

Extreme Lunatic Fringe Wingnut Hate Cabal Claims Hurricanes Created ‘Gay Heaven’ Of Southern U.S.

Featured image by Benson Kua. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons, altered by Rika Christensen/Liberalistics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same-sex_marriage#mediaviewer/File:Rainbow_flag_breeze.jpg The Oath Keepers, a lunatic fringe extremist hate cabal based in Las Vegas and focused on resisting federal “tyranny,” held a hate-filled rally in Florida...

Note To Evangelical Republicans: This Is America, Love It Or Leave It

Evangelical Republicans hate America with religious passion because the Founding Fathers did not create a christian theocracy…
False Flag American Flag
The idea of nationalism is a person’s belief or ideology that involves identifying with and becoming attached to one’s home country, or simply put it is national identity. Although related, patriotism is often contrasted with national identity or nationalism in that it involves conditioning and personal behaviors that support one’s home nation regardless that nation’s policies, actions, and decisions. In this country, there is one segment of the population that is neither nationalistic or patriotic because they despise America, its laws, and its founding document and law of the land.
Over the past six-and-a-half years, it has become glaringly apparent that there is a segment of the population that deserves to hear that Republican mantra that if they do not love America then they should vacate the country. Of course, Republicans loyal to anti-American billionaires like the Koch brothers and corporations have certainly revealed that there is nothing about America they love or they would not crusade tirelessly to destroy the government. However, there is another wingnut cabal, also Republicans, that have demonstrated their abject loathing of America and it is time for unpatriotic, un-American, Constitution-hating religious Republicans to get out America and stay out.
Evangelical Republicans hate America with religious passion because the Founding Fathers and Constitution’s Framers did not create a christian theocracy governed by biblical dogmata. In fact, the religio-wingnuts have indicated in thousands of ways that not only do they hate America, they hate the Constitution even more in great part due to its guarantee of equal, civil, and due process rights for all Americans. Now it appears that the American flag is under attack from evangelicals. No matter one’s political affiliation, there is nothing that elicits greater outrage from Republicans, and most Americans for that matter, than disrespecting the American flag.
One form of disrespecting the American flag, and violating 4 U.S. § 7, is flying a flag, any flag, above the American flag like a baptist leech did in Cleveland County North Carolina. The evangelical bigot,  Rit Varriale, was sending an evangelical message that his kind are very, very angry that the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that the Constitution’s equal and civil rights guarantees apply to all Americans. To make his point, and reveal his hatred of America, Varriale raised a “christian” rag above the American flag to show his blatant disrespect for the Stars and Stripes, America, the Constitution, and the rule of law.
In a rant on his website the baptist bigot railed against LGBT Americans, the Constitution, the Supreme Court and America, the “home of the cowards” and called on 'christians' to  “Stand up to the courts! The bravest thing 'christians' can do today is stand up to the Supreme Court of the United States and say, ‘No!‘” As an aside, the christian bible mandates that good 'christians' “obey the government authorities,” but since neo-pseudo-christians hate America there is no reason to expect them to acknowledge the government’s, or Constitution’s, authority and it is why they have to leave, form their own theocracy; there are plenty in the Middle East.
The North Carolina asshole is not alone in hating a non-theocratic America. In Louisiana a state Supreme Court Justice claimed in a ruling that he is not obligated to follow the United States Supreme Court’s decision founded on the Founding Fathers’ intent that the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land. The moron, Jefferson D. Hughes, III, wrote that he cannot, and will not, follow the Constitution and inferred that LGBT people are child molesters in a case involving an adoption he said “is a most troubling prospect” because it was an “adoption by same sex partners of a young child of the same sex” even though that is not the case.
Republican governors have displayed their disdain for America and its Constitution by labeling the High Court’s ruling “judicial tyranny” and the Obergefell v. Hodges decision incited Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to issue an emergency executive order preemptively protecting evangelicals who are intent on violating the Constitution and Supreme Court ruling. Part of Brownback’s executive order was all for show, and likely to distract attention from his catastrophic economic actions, but it also sets up Kansas for myriad lawsuits and court battles based on the bible as the law of the land; lawsuits and court battles evangelical Brownback will never win. What religio-wingnut Republicans like Brownback, Scott Walker, Piyush Jindal, and Texas AG Ken Paxton reveal is not their 'christian' bona fides, but their sheer hatred of America that they are unable to transform into a christian theocracy. Obviously, since they do not love America, it is time for the lot of them to leave it.
This un-American, and pro-theocracy, movement is not reserved to evangelical clergy and Republican governors, legislators, and presidential candidates. In Decatur County, Tennessee, the entire county clerk’s office resigned en masse to protest the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land “for the glory of dog.” The elected county clerk, and staff, said the Constitution is wrong “because it goes against the bible and everything god intended it to be.” But the christian bible is not the law of the land, the United States Constitution is; “exactly as the Founding Fathers intended it to be.”
The religio-wingnut and their “onward 'christian' soldier” mentality has been anti-America and anti-Constitution since ronny raygun opened the theocratic floodgates and gave them keys to govern by theocracy. The level of rage in the evangelical movement is borne of having a high measure of success in inserting their bastardized version of christianity into government without opposition, and with tax exemption. It is telling that when the Supreme Court gave evangelical employers the right to control women’s reproductive rights, the religio-wingnuts cheered wildly. When the same Papal-5 on the High Court deconstructed the religious clauses of the 1st Amendment and allowed sectarian (christian) prayers at government meetings, the evangelical right were ecstatic.
However, when the High Court ruled that all Americans were guaranteed equal, civil, and due process rights in the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, the anti-America and anti-Constitution hatred erupted as expected. Why? Because the Constitution is the law of the land and the Court ruling affirmed that, at least for now, America is not a christian theocracy and as Founding Father John Adams stated, it is not in any way a christian nation.
During the 1960s when millions of Americans protested against the Viet Nam War, and seeing their sons and daughters, brothers and fathers, sent to die, wingnuts and Republicans adopted the mantra, “America, love it or leave it.” Nearly forty years later when Americans protested another senseless war of convenience in Iraq because their loved ones were being sent to die, Republicans and wingnuts accused them of “not supporting the troops, supporting the terrorists, being unpatriotic,” and resurrected the sixties’ mantra, “America, love it or leave it.”
Now because the nation’s highest Court confirmed that the United States Constitution is the law of the land, and applies equally to all Americans, religious Republicans and evangelical bigots have shown they hate everything about America. It is time, and long overdue, for all Americans that love the American flag and everything it stands for, and the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land to tell religious Republicans and evangelical maniacs that this is “America; love it or leave it.” For many, many Americans, the idea of evicting evangelicals and religious Republicans with their false "christian" rag from a country they hate with religious passion is not a silly mantra; it is a very serious demand.

Ignorant Duck Dynasty Moron Thinks our Pagan Calendar Somehow Disproves Atheism

Duck Dynasty’s Silas “Si” Robertson told The christian post that there is no such thing as an atheist.
He based this in part on his experiences in Vietnam, he said, which is fine: his perceptions are his perceptions. But his other reason is just plain ignorance:
“I don’t believe there’s a such thing as an atheist. Because there’s too much documentation. Our calendars are based on jesus christ.”
This is just plain bad logic (we all have to do and use a lot of things we don’t understand or agree with on a daily basis), but that’s not his biggest problem.
His biggest problem is that it is untrue. Actually, our calendar is based on the Pagan Roman “Julian” calendar. That is, it was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BCE as a reform of the previous Roman calendar. Thus we got a 365-day year, 12 months, and an extra day every four years. A minute problem with the length of the year was not corrected until the Gregorian calendar sixteen centuries later, but even then, the months remained as they had been.
The big change after Caesar’s assassination were that the month of Quintilis became “Iulius” (July) in Caesar’s honor because it was his birth month, and Sextilis became “Augustus” (August) after Augustus, who was known to the Roman world as a “savior” and “the son of god.”
We thus have a year full of Pagan references: Besides July and August, Martius (March) is named in honor of Mars, the god of war, because that’s when campaigning season began, while Maius (May) is named after Maia, the goddess of growth, because, as you know, April showers bring May flowers.
Even the days of the weeks are Pagan on our calendars, from Sunday (the sun goddess Sunna’s Day), Monday (Moon’s Day after the moon god Mani), Tuesday (Tiw’s Day), Wednesday (Wodan’s [Odin’s] Day), Thursday (Thor’s Day), Friday (Frigg’s Day) – Heathen Norse gods all, while Saturday has retained its Roman Pagan reference to the god Saturn.
I don’t see jesus in there anywhere, do you?
The only thing remotely christian about the calendar is the numbering of the years. Whereas the Romans numbered them from the founding of the city, or the year of this or that consul or emperor, a monk’s miscalculation gave us a misplaced “year of the lord” (Anno Domini) 1, bringing us to 2015 today. The rest of the calendar is pure Pagan.
So by Si Robertson’s logic, our calendar proves all y’all are Pagans, not christians, and it says nothing at all about atheism, except that atheists weren’t invited to make the calendar.
I was so flabbergasted by Robertson’s very public betrayal of his ignorance (I mean, did he spend even a day in school?) that I decided I had to devote a little space to some of the other egregious examples of wingnut “out there-ness” I have been seeing.
They pass this stuff along to each other, and use them as imagined “gotcha” moments to send to Liberals and Progressives. I know you feel me.
We see them as “Look at how stupid I am!” moments (their Hitler socialist gotcha moment is actually a quote by Gregor Strasser, who was later killed by Hitler for saying such things, and more recently we have seen the fake Clinton-Gore Confederate flag pin), but they really think their trolling puts them points up on us, rather than functioning as persuasive arguments for contraception.
One dosen't want to say wingnuts are uninformed, but they are, and so it must be said. Certainly there are some who pay attention – we don’t dare paint them with too broad a brush – but I wish those wingnuts would show up and say something to the others who are making them all look bad.
One thing seems clear: if you are a conservative, you don’t correct other conservatives unless votes are at stake, and even then you just use one lie to dispel another. What you do do is just keep repeating the stupid endlessly till it shows up as memes on Twitter.
Like all those old emails wingnuts used to pass around before the advent of social media.
And it’s not like facts aren’t out there. They are. They’re increasingly accessible, in fact. But the more easily facts can be had, the less interested in them wingnuts are. You have to try really hard to remain ignorant in today’s world.
But wingnuts prove it can be done.
Tweets like those below reveal a lot about our ideological rivals, much more, in fact, than they do about the ideas or people they are criticizing. Fox News certainly gets a lion’s share of the blame, but even allegedly left-wing media outlets like The New York Times and CNN are not immune.
crowds at #BernieSanders rallies should be euthanized ...they are truly the dog crap on the shoes of life

#BernieSanders is a socialist..like Greece, Puerto Rico & Spain Libs too stupid to understand what that means #EdShow #TheFive #FeelTheBern

They reveal also that wingnuts do not know what socialism is. This is not surprising, given they get their information from Fox News, but it is embarrassing to see so many ignorant Americans advertising that ignorance to the world.
#TheFive Absolutely, Bernie is forcing Hillary to move more to the left.
If the #left loves slavery they'll love this! #TheFive #BernieSanders
But the left doesn’t love slavery. It just seems to be assumed that this is true. Nor does socialism equate with slavery. it is just assumed that it does.
Probably Americans in general don’t fully understand socialism, but this is particularly true of the political right. We have so many things in this country thanks to socialism, things conservatives use and love. But then, these are the save people who can wave Confederate flags at our first black president and still love his healthcare.
We have to understand the differences between stupid and ignorant. But while they are not the same thing, that does not mean that the same person cannot also be stupid and ignorant. The problem is, of course, that if you are stupid, you are too stupid to realize you are stupid.
Their wild-eyed insistence that these failings somehow apply to us on the left is almost charming, and would be, if it was not threatening to destroy our country.
Somebody has to be the adults, and that weight, alas, falls to us. So let’s shoulder the burden, keep the snickering to a minimum, and despite being buffeted with stupidity and ignorance (I haven’t even mentioned all the hate) and get on with the business of making this a better world for us all.
Even the ones too stupid and ignorant to realize we are helping them. Even Si Robertson.

Anti-Vaxxer Vows Lawsuit After Daughter Gets Vaccinated Behind Her Back; Is Mocked Into Oblivion

Anti-Vaxxer Vows Lawsuit After Daughter Gets Vaccinated Behind Her Back; Is Mocked Into Oblivion
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Youth Pastor Molested Girl 100’s Of Times

Image via Raw Story A Missouri youth pastor has been arrested for molesting a girl hundreds of times over the course of five years, yet religio-wingnut “christians”...

Huckabee Didn’t Want To Teach AIDS Prevention Because It ‘Legitimized’ Homosexuality

Huckabee Didn’t Want To Teach AIDS Prevention Because It ‘Legitimized’ HomosexualityKeep this man away from any and all public office. He’s dangerous.