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Monday, June 29, 2015

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VA Needs Doctors

Doctor via Shutterstock
The Veterans Administration needs more doctors
Problems with the VA’s medical system are exacerbated when they can’t hire enough people.


Even China Cares More About America Fixing Broken Bridges Than Republicans Do

Even China Cares More About America Fixing Broken Bridges Than Republicans Do
Investing in ourselves is good for not only our own economy, but the entire world.

House Passes Chemical Reform Bill, Delighting Chemical Industry

by Shawn Drury
One of the biggest applause lines at a rally for a Republican presidential hopeful comes when the candidate bashes the EPA. It’s nearly Pavlovian at this point. Thanks to the public relations arm of the GOP known as Fox News, there are segments of the population who see the EPA as nothing more than a bunch of bureaucrats standing in the way of endless riches for small businesses.
The fact is, environmental regulations keep us safe. Without these laws there would be an untold amount of chemicals in our air, land, and water. And some of those laws, like the Toxic Substance Control Act, are woefully out of date. Passed in 1976, the TSCA is both obsolete and toothless. Critics say the TSCA did not give the EPA the ability to label something as toxic and gave it little guidance on the chemical regulation process.
For example, the chemical that spilled into a West Virginia river last year, which caused tens of thousands of people to go without water for months, was not considered toxic. Believe it or not, asbestos is still legal in the United States. The EPA tried to ban it, but it lost in court in 1991. It hasn’t tried to ban a chemical since.
State environmental agencies could conceivably fill in where the EPA has not, but many of those, thanks to governors like Rick Scott in Florida, have seen their budgets slashed.
An attorney and advocate for chemical-regulation reform told Think Progress that 85,000 chemicals have been commercialized since 1976 and only a thousand have been “well-tested for their human health and environmental effects.”
But the House of Representatives is on the case. On Tuesday, the GOP-led body passed a reform to the TSCA. The bill requires the EPA to test at least 10 chemicals a year, but offers little else in the way of keeping our air, land, and water clean. The new bill requires the EPA to prove a chemical is dangerous before testing it.
In a statement, the Environmental Working Group noted:
The bill would allow chemical companies to pay for quick reviews and approval of their favorite chemicals. But promised reviews of the truly dangerous chemicals that persist in the environment and build up in Americans bodies could languish for lack of funding Congressional appropriators.
Coming out in favor of the bill? The American Chemistry Council.
The Senate is expected to take up a similar bill before it goes to summer recess. That legislation was more to environmentalists’ liking, but it too has been criticized for being too friendly to the chemical industry. How friendly? Well, Hearst got a hold of an early draft of the bill which showed the author to be…The American Chemistry Council.
That’s right; lobbyists for the chemical industry were literally writing the legislation that is meant to prevent them from polluting.
I don’t think this is what the framers had in mind when they put pen to paper and began work on the Constitution.

ACA Ruling Safeguards Subsidies No Matter Who Occupies The White House

ACA Ruling Safeguards Subsidies No Matter Who Occupies The White House

Here’s How Republican Pretender Candidates Are Responding To Obamacare Decision

Here’s How Republican Presidential Candidates Are Responding To Obamacare DecisionIt turns out Republicans will reveal their health care alternative AFTER they are voted into office.

Scalia’s Obamacare Dissent Was Really Just A Childish Temper Tantrum

Scalia’s Obamacare Dissent Was Really Just A Childish Temper Tantrum
Scalia’s temper tantrum is meme worthy. Any takers?

Obamacare victory shows the failure of Scalia’s wingnut 'revolution'

Justice Antonin Scalia (Flickr/Stephen Masker)
One can debate the appropriate moniker for the ACA, and one can debate whether we should call this the Roberts Court or the Kennedy Court, but what is beyond debate is that this is not the Scalia Court.

No Wonder ...

And in terribly tragic news ...

Roger Ailes

Kansas Abortion Law - NO


Trumped up

From the "What an Idiot" Department:
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)Donald Trump vows to sue Univision for cancelling Miss USA: It’s ‘common sense’ that Mexicans are rapists

Texas' Greg Abbott picks homeschooler to chair State Board of Education

Donna Bahorich picked to chair Texas State Board of Education (Facebook)
A Texas watchdog group expressed concerned this week after Gov. Greg Abbott named a new chairperson to the State Board of Education who has never sent her own children to a public school.
If you want an education better not go to Texas. If you want to be a stupid, ignorant moron, then by all means head to Texas.

E.W Jackson: Charleston Cult Shooter Was A Left Wing Socialist

Anti-gay religio-wingnut agitator and Virginia Republican idiot E.W. Jackson stopped by Colorado Republican  moron Gordon Klingenschmitt's hate speech program recently to rant about his 'theory' that the murder of nine black cultgoers by a white supremacist gunman in South Carolina ... MORE
It may be just an old wives tale, but look at those eyes - those are crazy eyes. He is certifiably insane so there is something to that old 'crazy eyes' adage.

Want to spread islamic law - Be a Republican

Traffic wardens gave two parking tickets to car with a dead man in driver's seat

parking-ticketMamadou Barry, 47, racked up two parking tickets in New York while sitting in his car. He was dead at time. "Officials said they were investigating why wardens had failed to give Mr. Barry a third ticket," reports Biebuzz.

Bad Cops

Pepper spray cannister (Shuttershock)
Charles Edelen was arrested on battery and criminal recklessness charges.

Why Do Racists Always Support Republicans?

Ever notice how when a horrifically racist organization gets entangled in politics, it's always one cabal that racists support

Black Cult Set Ablaze In NC

Investigators Haven’t Ruled Out Hate Crime
Image via Twitter/CharlotteFDBased on our nation’s history of racially motivated cult burnings – this one is certainly suspect.