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Monday, July 27, 2015

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Vindication of Denial


Jon Stewart: Covering Donald Trump’s Campaign Feels Like Masturbation

Jon Stewart: Covering Donald Trump’s Campaign Feels Like Masturbation (VIDEO) Whether we like it or not, Donald Trump’s clown-show of a campaign is getting coverage everywhere. You can’t go a day without The Donald making...

Rachel Maddow and Seth Meyers laugh their asses off at Donald Trump’s Republican Cabal ‘frontrunner’ status

Rachel Maddow and Seth Meyers (NBC)

Trump Threatens Third Party Run

Trump Threatens Third Party Run

Trump Bashes Secretary Kerry For Breaking His Leg

Trump Bashes Secretary Kerry For Breaking His LegJust a small, obnoxious tidbit from his interminable interview on Fox and Friends. 

Out There


Rachel Maddow Schools Santorum On His Appalling Lack Of Understanding Of Basic Civics

So this happened. Rachel Maddow finally got a Republican pretender candidate on her show. Turns out that Rick Santorum had the cojones to appear in

Wage Board Approves $15 An Hour For NYC Fast Food Workers

Wage Board Approves $15 An Hour For NYC Fast Food Workers

Jeb Wants You To Work Harder, But He Doesn’t Want You To Have ‘Benefits And Stuff’

Jeb Bush Wants You To Work Harder, But He Doesn’t Want You To Have ‘Benefits And Stuff’ (VIDEO)
He makes Mitt Romney look worker friendly.

Pill Popper


More Than 100 Doctors Tell Big Pharma To Stop Making Cancer Drugs So Expensive

The Equality Act Could End Legal LGBT Discrimination For Good

The Equality Act creates federal LGBT nondiscrimination protections, but it also does more than that.

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro still whining that trans woman who wants to ‘spank’ him made him feel scared

Zoey Tur and Ben Shapiro on HLN (Screenshot)
Breitbart's moron Ben Shapiro is apparently still reeling from his humiliating on-camera run-in with transgender Inside Edition reporter Zoey Tur.
Ben Shapiro is a spineless wimp and got better than he deserved.

The Big Problem With The Republican Cabal’s Crusade Against ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Oak Flat: The Latest Land Grab From Native Americans

Oak Flat: The Latest Land Grab From Native AmericansAn attachment to a "must-pass" bill gives sacred Native-American land to a foreign mining company. How did this happen and what can we do about it? 

As militiamen 'stand guard', Army tells recruiters to treat all armed civilians as a threat

Image: Armed civilian stands outside Army recruitment office (Screen capture)
The military is responding to the waves of civilians who have positioned themselves outside of recruitment centers in the name of  'protecting' U.S. personnel.

Here’s how our criminal justice system is biased

Rosemary Aquino arrested by sheriff's deputies in Martin County, Florida on Feb. 1, 2015 [YouTube]
From start to finish, the system reflects the problems and biases of the humans who run it.

Oklahoma prosecutors seized assets from suspects to pay down their student debt and live rent-free

Suited man with money bag (Shutterstock)
Law enforcement authorities argue that civil forfeiture is necessary to fight drug trafficking.

Deputy indicted for false info in search warrant for drug raid that left toddler maimed

Bounkham "Bou Bou'" Phonesavan (Family handout)
A federal grand jury in Georgia has indicted a former sheriff’s deputy involved in a drug raid that left a 19-month-old child severely burned from a flash bang grenade explosion.