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Friday, June 12, 2015

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Georgia Woman’s Constitutional Rights Violated After Pregnancy Related Illegal Arrest

pregant-jailA Georgia woman has been illegally arrested and had her constitutional rights violated after a social worker told police officers that she terminated her pregnancy by taking abortion pills.
23-year-old Kenlissa Jones of Georgia has been arrested and charged with malice murder and possession of a dangerous drug because she terminated her own pregnancy with LEGAL abortion medication. She is being falsely imprisoned in the Dougherty County jail.
In a statement, the group National Advocates for Pregnant Women said that there are no criminal statutes back up the arrest, “There are no criminal statutes in Georgia that permit punishment of women based on pregnancy or pregnancy outcomes — and the constitution, as well as human rights principles, prohibit such punitive laws directed to pregnant women….We call on leading anti-abortion organizations, who have publicly and repeatedly said that they oppose punishing women for having abortions, to stand with Kenlissa Jones and against the growing use of criminal laws to punish women for abortions or pregnancy outcomes. People who seek medical attention for any aspect of pregnancy — including prenatal care, labor and delivery, miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion — should not fear arrest. There is no role for police or prosecutors in reproductive health. Public health, fairness to pregnant women, and fundamental principles of human rights and dignity prohibit the use of state power to arrest and punish women for being pregnant and for the outcomes of their pregnancies.”
Jones is not alone. Anne Bynum in Arkansas was arrested for “concealing a birth”, and “abuse of a corpse” after she took medication to terminate her pregnancy at home. Purvi Patel of Indiana was convicted and is serving 20 years in prison for what Indiana called feticide.
Enough is enough.
Women are having their constitutionally-protected rights violated and further, being arrested and thereby falsely imprisoned to serve a religious ideology that has no place overtaking constitutionally-protected rights. What needs to happen here is Jones’ family need to sue the state of Georgia, the police department that is illegally detaining her, the police officer who arrested her and District Attorney Greg Edwards who continues to hold her, in spite of being told that the law doesn’t support their charges or arrest.

Obama and Science Score A Big Win As Judge Tosses Challenge to Climate Change Rule

Some will call this a win for President Obama or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which it is – albeit an expected one. But it’s really a win for all of us who are based in reality and thus realize that poisoning our environment is killing people.
On Tuesday the first judicial challenge to President Obama’s Clean Power Plan rule was tossed out by a federal appeals court, which ruled that the regulations are only proposals and thus can’t be judged yet by the court. The plaintiffs (energy companies and states) filed too soon.
So sad.
Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrote in the opinion concurring with the ruling, “Petitioners are champing at the bit to challenge EPA’s anticipated rule restricting carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. But EPA has not yet issued a final rule. It has issued only a proposed rule. Petitioners nonetheless ask the Court to jump into the fray now. They want us to do something that they candidly acknowledge we have never done before: review the legality of a proposed rule. But a proposed rule is just a proposal. In justiciable cases, this Court has authority to review the legality of final agency rules. We do not have authority to review proposed agency rules.”
Oh dear. Before wingnuts get all outraged about the “activist” courts, Kavanaugh, who was staff secretary under former Republican Pretender the shrub and worked for dumbya during the Florida recount of 2000 as well as helping to get former Democratic President Bill Clinton impeached, was appointed by a Republican. Yes, the shrub, who is sort of not the guy to mention if one is pretending that the courts are stacked against Republicans.
The June 2014 EPA proposal is part of President Obama’s goal via executive action to reduce carbon pollution by 30% from the power sector by 2030. This is naturally upsetting for climate destroyers because it sets the first ever carbon pollution standards for existing power plants. The White House charges that power plants are responsible for one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions.
The EPA describes the rule as follows:
In this action, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing emission guidelines for states to follow in developing plans to address greenhouse gas emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric generating units. Specifically, the EPA is proposing state-specific rate-based goals for carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector, as well as guidelines for states to follow in developing plans to achieve the state-specific goals. This rule, as proposed, would continue progress already underway to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired power plants in the United States.
Score one for President Obama’s executive actions on climate change, and a bigger one for the environment and the people’s health. Even the historically biased justices won’t hand conservatives/energy companies a free pre-pass to continue to poison us all.
Obviously, Republicans who largely stand against regulating what is killing us aren’t “pro-life”, and neither is anyone else who argues against reasonable efforts to reduce carbon pollution.

Koch-Republican Austerity Is Killing Michigan Democracy And Poisoning Residents

Bad things generally happen when corporate fascist take over government and eliminate democracy, and it is a fact of life many Michigan citizens have learned the hard way;…

Montana Republican: Why Should Americans Retire? Noah Never Did And He Was 600 Years Old

Montana Republican: Why Should Americans Retire? Noah Never Did And He Was 600 Years OldHere’s what happens when a creationist tries to use the bible to justify screwing over workers.

New-Age Pluck


Idaho Republicans: Public schools should use the bible as a science and law textbook

A politician swears on the Bible (Shutterstock)Members of the state’s Republican cabal have published a set of proposed resolutions following a central committee meeting this past weekend among Idaho wingnuts.

Bobby Jindal Remains Grover Norquist’s Puppet Governor Despite Louisiana Budget Mess

jindal-norquistDespite Louisiana facing a gaping 1.6 billion dollar budget hole, Governor Bobby Jindal (R) is still trying to honor his “no tax pledge” to anti-tax agitator Grover Norquist. To avoid raising taxes, Jindal is trying to push for crippling cuts to higher education and social programs.
Governor Jindal’s dogmatic refusal to find ways to raise revenue has made him incredibly unpopular with Louisiana voters. His stubbornness has also created conflict with state GOP lawmakers who recognize the severity of the state’s budget mess and are now arguing that raising taxes has become necessary for Louisiana’s fiscal survival.
Eleven Republican lawmakers wrote a desperate letter pleading with Grover Norquist to rethink his “no tax” position, and to give the legislature credit for the tax cuts they have already implemented over the past seven years. Norquist, predictably was unmoved and made no attempt to alter his fundamentalist anti-tax position. The fact that Republican state lawmakers in Louisiana feel that they have to beg for Norquist’s permission as they consider legislation is troubling in its own right, but Jindal is so thoroughly bought that he doesn’t even question Norquist’s decrees.
Jindal is paying no heed to lawmakers or to Louisiana residents because he apparently has his eyes set on running for President. He would rather say he never raised taxes during a presidential debate, than find a way to fix the fiscal disaster he has created in Louisiana. He is willing to burn bridges in his home state as long as he can ingratiate himself to Grover Norquist, the Washington DC-based president of Americans for Tax Reform.
Like so many other ambitious Republican politicians, Jindal has accepted the Norquist “no tax pledge” as an article of faith. He is happy to take his marching orders from Norquist because GOP politicians who wear Norquist’s anti-tax seal of approval, seem to think they are bullet-proof in election contests. In Republican circles, opposing tax increases is worn as a badge of honor, no matter how much damage the ideology actually causes in the states where it is applied.
Bobby Jindal has become so steadfastly loyal to Norquist, that he has forgotten who he works for. Jindal’s job is to represent the people of Louisiana, but the puppet governor apparently believes he works for Grover Norquist in Washington D.C. As Jindal contemplates a run for the presidency, he may soon discover that voters are looking for a leader and not a puppet.
Bobby Jindal is content to let the man who wants to shrink the federal government to the size it can be drowned in a bathtub, pull his strings. Dancing to his master, Jindal is already watching Louisiana drown. However, there is no reason American voters should let Grover Norquist’s puppet governor flood the rest of the country with his fiscal irresponsibility as well.

Even Republicans Think That Marco Rubio’s Financial Scandal Is A Big Problem

marco rubio fox news sunday
Several Republican agitators are saying that the scandal involving Marco Rubio’s debt and personal finances is legitimate and could be a big problem for his 2016 pretender campaign.
Politico spoke to several Republican agitators who discussed a New York Times story about Marco Rubio’s struggles surrounding excessive spending and debt:
“The parking ticket hit was bullshit, but this is real,” one Republican agitator said. “They were trying to lump them together when they are two different things, so that’s the Times fault. But Marco shouldn’t be able to get away from one legit story about how he can’t manage his own finances because the other story was bullshit.”


“Marco made 800,000 on his book, plus his Senate salary,” one Republican agitator said. “Then the Rubio people are like: The Times are just attacking a normal guy with normal problems!”
“It’s fine, I get the playbook, but they shouldn’t be allowed to just spin that,” the strategist said. “I don’t think there’s anyone in Iowa who has student loan debts and an 80,000 boat and a 50,000 car.”
The stories about Rubio’s excessive spending and financial issues are nothing new. In 2012, Reuters reported, “Before joining the Senate last year, his name surfaced in an Internal Revenue Service investigation of the Florida Republican Party’s use of party-issued credit cards. He frequently had used his party credit card for personal use, and later reimbursed the card company for about $16,000. Rubio’s handling of his personal finances contrasts sharply with the image of him on his Senate website, which highlights Rubio’s efforts to prevent Washington from piling up debt.”
At best, Marco Rubio is a hypocrite. At worst, he is a reckless spender with a history of shady deals who can’t be trusted manage his own checkbook, much less run the country. The New York Times piece contains too much detail to be easily dismissed and has opened the door for more journalists to dig into Rubio’s financial history.
Republicans may be hoping that they can bury the Times piece as a partisan hit job, but Rubio wasn’t living the life of an average American, and his reckless spending skeletons may doom his presidential campaign.

Chris Christie Calls For Starting A War With China

christieAt a Goffstown, New Hampshire town meeting on Monday, New Jersey's Chris Christie advocated adopting a “military approach” to dealing with China. Although the New Jersey moron has not officially kicked off his candidacy, his foray into discussing foreign policy in the first GOP pretender primary state, left little doubt about his intentions.
Christie told the town hall audience that America needed to take a “military approach” and let the Chinese ”know there are limits to what they’re allowed to do.” In discussing China’s activity in the South China Sea, Christie added:
That is an issue that we can handle militarily by going out there and making sure that we show them that we don’t respect their claims to these artificial islands in the South China Sea that they’re building, that they’re saying are theirs that are hundreds and hundreds of miles from the coast of China and are clearly in international waters. We need to send that signal to the Chinese very clearly that we do not acknowledge nor will we respect their claims to those areas.
Christie has been trying to gain traction in the crowded GOP pretender field, but he has been unable to set himself apart from other candidates. Social wingnuts distrust him, and free market fundamentalists have better options as well.
Chris Christie’s comments on China appear to be an effort to win over neo-wingnut foreign policy hawks. Though Jeb Bush and South Carolina's Lindsey Graham may also be vying to carve out that niche, Chris Christie raised the ante by hinting at taking military action against China.
The problem for Christie is that talk is cheap and while his calls for military action may sound like tough talk, he lacks a realistic plan for how to conduct such action without triggering potentially dangerous consequences. It is one thing to engage in bellicose saber-rattling rhetoric on the campaign trail to drum up votes, and quite another matter to engage in a confrontation with China’s large military force.
Chris Christie’s rhetoric is irresponsible, and America would do better to reject him in favor of a more sober and diplomatic leader. The last Republican president launched a costly and needless war in Iraq. One can only imagine how much worse trying to start a war with China would turn out.

Clown Car


Wisconsin Just Made Sure Guns Get Into The Hands Of The Angry And Vengeful Sooner

Wisconsin Just Made Sure Guns Get Into The Hands Of The Angry And Vengeful SoonerUnfortunately, this isn’t surprising anymore…

Montana off-grid survivalist killed family, then himself, because wife was ‘mocking’ him

Michael 'Augustine' Bournes
A man who fatally shot his wife and three children in a remote Montana forest cabin over the weekend then set his house on fire and committed suicide was described by police as a survivalist who lived off the grid.

Kansas Backs Off Yet Another Part Of The ‘Teabagger Experiment’

Brownback Will Eliminate Kansas’ Judiciary If It Fails To Rule In His Favor

Republican Sam Brownback signed a bill into law that eliminates the state's entire judicial system if the Supreme Court rules against an 'administrative law'

Why Bill Maher is Right, and Joseph Farrah is Wrong

Bill Maher poked the religio-wingnuts' persecution myth full of holes. Joseph Farrah's attempt to discredit Maher only discredits himself…
Joseph Farrah took issue with Bill Maher’s denunciation of the 'christian' persecution myth – the myth of modern persecution that is, spouted almost daily by any Republican public figure you care to mention – like Farrah himself. Farrah called his column, Bill Maher – Let me Explain 'christian' Persecution.
This would be great. But somebody first needs to explain it to Joseph Farrah. I will undertake that task here, because, well, it’s what I do.
In one of the classic, unfunny non sequiturs of the 21st century, Maher said on his sleazy HBO “Real Time” show: “Wingnuts who constantly whine that christianity is under attack from liberals have to explain why there are over 3,000 cults in the U.S. but only 400 Whole Foods. Clearly your side is winning.”
I beg to differ. The moment was hilarious. So is Farrah’s rebuttal:
“Mike Huckabee says, ‘We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of christianity.’ Ted Cruz says, ‘There is no room for 'christians' in today’s Democratic Party.’ What?” Maher asked. “Eighty percent of Democrats in Congress are 'christian' and 78 percent of Democratic governors. You can look this shit up, you know.”
Well, let me clarify a few things.
It may be true that 80 percent of Democrats in Congress claim to be 'christians'.
It may be true that 78 percent of Democratic governors claim to be 'christians'.
It is definitely true that the Democratic president of the United States claims to be a 'christian'.
The persecution of 'christians' by 'christians' has always begun with the denunciation of heresy, that the side about to take it high gets told they are not really 'christians'. The side doing the persecuting of course are always – just ask them – real 'christians'.
Farrah quibbles that Maher is wrong, that there are 300,000, not 3,000 cults, but asks, “How many of those more than 300,000 cults are really providing the salt and light in their communities for which they were charged by their lord and savior? (Matthew 5:13-16)?”
What’s funny is that Farrah’s gang of religious thugs are not really 'christians' themselves. They have forgotten jesus exists. They quote almost entirely from a cherry-picked copy of the old testament. I have argued many times before, and I believe the point cannot be contested, that without jesus, you are not a 'christian'. It is, after all, ultimately a religion about jesus.
But Farrah can no more quote from jesus’ sermon on the mount than a vampire can bathe in holy water. It violates his beliefs. And his ranting here about “salt and light” is just more fake 'christian' hypocrisy and false outrage over people not doing something he himself doesn’t believe in.
None of this is terribly surprising. Historically, Abrahamic monotheism has always needed somebody to persecute. Not to say all members of judaism or christianity, but there has always been a hard core who are more than willing to use religion as an excuse to oppress.
They have generally gotten their way, through pogroms and crusades and book and people burnings and other terroristic activities because, well, as we have seen in the modern world, fanatics do get their way.
And there has been no want of fanatical intellectuals to offer them excuses. Look at Augustine and his just war doctrine. English theologian John Spencer (1630-1693) agreed with Medieval jewish scholar Maimonides (1135-1204), “in seeing the principle and overall purpose of the Law as the destruction of idolatry.”
Idolatry is to be defined as anything the fanatics don’t approve of, which these days includes the environment (the earth itself), and especially, government (it’s okay to make corporations into idols because that’s where the money comes from).
King Josiah Destroys a Pagan Altar - That altar today is the U.S. ConstitutionIs it? In 622 or 621 BCE, in what is a well-known story, King Josiah of Judah (639-609) ordered a reconstruction of the Temple and his priests found a text which “revealed the traditional practice of the cult of YHWH in Judah had been wrong.” This was the excuse needed to wipe out once and for all those pesky ancient, traditional (and polytheistic) tendencies of the jewish people. Josiah was not the first to try.
That seems to be what has happened today, that these fanatics have discovered that mainline Protestants have been doing everything wrong, that, as Santorum has said, they are serving Satan. You know, because actually including jesus in a religion about jesus is something only Satan could be sneaky enough to do.
Josiah’s targets included the worship of Baal and Asherah, according to 2 Kings 23:4-7. Even the foreign cults which had received patronage as early as the time of Solomon were not spared. And the traditional hilltop worship of the dogs of the jewish people (the “high places” of the old testament) was wiped out: “And he brought all the priests out of the cities of Judah, and defiled the high places where the priests had burned incense from Geba to Beersheba” (2 Kings 23:8).
We have seen the religio-wingnuts' attempt to associate Baal once again with the things they don’t approve of (Glenn Beck blamed Occupy Wall Street on Baal, Rick Perry says “homosexuality” is one of Baal’s strongholds, and Rick Perry pal John Benefiel claims Baal controls America).
Just as a quick aside here, did you notice jesus mention Baal even once? I did. He did talk about how evil rich people are, and how blessed the poor. How rich people served Satan because that’s how you get rich. Just sayin’.
All Josiah’s activities – breaking altars and pillars and cutting down trees and desecrating holy places with “the bones of men” (2 Kings 23:10-14) sounds a great deal like the work of those busy missionaries in 9th century Germany with the Irminsul and sacred groves substituting for the Asherah poles. Today it would be Festivus poles. And it sounds a lot like the religio-wingnuts' plan for mosques or any other holy place not their own.
Gentiles and Pagans were not the only targets of persecution. It is accurate to say nobody loves persecuting 'christians' like other 'christians', and history proves it. In the fourth century, “the century opened by the Peace of the cult, more 'christians' died for their delusions at the hands of fellow 'christians' than had died before in all the persecutions.”
As Fox hack Gretchen Carlson says, “I’m all for free speech and free rights, just not on December 25th.” Which means no, you’re not for free speech and free rights. Rather the opposite in fact.
Read the United States Constitution, darlin’. You too, Joseph. While you’re at it, crack open those bibles. Then get back to the real 'christians' and explain why you threw jesus under the bus. Then explain to us how you are the real 'christians'. A 10-point quiz will follow.
Farrah has already failed of course. He claims, “Persecution couldn’t stop the spread of christianity – not the genuine form of faith of the early believers.”
Of course, there was no persecution then, any more than there is persecution now. As that great evangelical 'christian' Thomas Jefferson observed, “Had not the Roman government permitted free inquiry christianity could never have been introduced.”
Sad to say the cult has been less open-minded in matters of belief.
‘Cause fella, as George Carlin put it, “Millions of dead people. All because they gave the wrong answer to the dog question.”
The people asking that question claimed to be'christians', and Joseph Farrah is only the latest to be asking that question. That means you, Joseph Farrah, are not among the persecuted, but among the persecutors.

How big business invented the 'theology' of ‘christian libertarianism’ and the gospel of free markets

Jesus casts the moneychangers out of the Temple (Shutterstock)
The inside history of how evangelical preachers were used to infuse society with the economic dogma that plagues us today.

Meet The 'Doctor' wingnuts Depend On To Justify Anti-Transgender Hate

Religio-Wingnut Pulls Out Of Gay-Friendly Bank, Joins Bank Sponsoring Pride Event

Christian Evangelist Pulls Out Of Gay-Friendly Bank, Unknowingly Joins Bank Sponsoring Pride Event (AUDIO)
Now everyone knows Franklin Graham is a moron and didn’t do his bigot banking research.

Mike Huckabee Says Josh Duggar’s Child Molestation Confession Doesn’t Count

Mike Huckabee’s defense of the Duggars hit an absurd level of hypocrisy when he claimed that Josh Duggar’s confession doesn’t really count during an appearance on Fox News.
Transcript via Fox News:
huckabee-duggarHUCKABEE: Megyn, he was an unadjudicated minor at the time that this happened. You’re an attorney. You understand that a person is innocent until proven guilty.
KELLY: But he confessed.
HUCKABEE: He was never adjudicated. He did not confess in a court of law. The law does not hold him accountable, even if he confesses. The bigger issue is not Josh, the bigger issue, the girls. How were the girls served? How were the victims served by the exploitation, by the release, the unlawful release, I’m going to go back and emphasize the illegal unlawful release of that information. It was not about the victims. It was about trying to go after the Duggars. They have been known as a family that is a Christian family. If a Liberal has anything like this kind of situation, it’s no big deal. And I think we all have heard the comparison between this and Lena Dunham who wrote about it in her book.
According to Huckabee, the Duggars are being persecuted by liberals. Apparently, a conservative evangelical Christian’s confession of several acts of child molestation only counts if it is made in a court of law. It is a tribute to the cumulative delusions of Fox News, the Duggars, and Mike Huckabee that they would continue to push the idea that Josh Duggar’s police report was illegally released.
Springdale City Attorney Earnest Cate has already debunked the idea that the release of the police report was illegal, “”On 5/20/15, in full compliance with Arkansas Law, the Springdale Police Department responded to a records request under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. The requested record was not sealed or expunged, and at the time the report was filed, the person listed in the report was an adult. Any names of minors included in the report, as well as pronouns, were redacted from the report by the Springdale Police Department in compliance with Arkansas law prior to release.”
Huckabee is trying to boost his flat-lining presidential campaign by playing that favorite card of Republicans everywhere; the media is out to get us.
Child molester Josh Duggar and his crime covering up parents have been turned into martyrs by Fox News and Mike Huckabee. The effort to defend the Duggars has hit an illogical level of absurd. If the Duggars are an example of his theory of criminal prosecution, Mike Huckabee is unfit to be president.