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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Daily Drift

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Give'em Hell.
~ Ben Berger
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Republicans - Stupid questions are all they ask if they ask any in the first place ... !
Today is - Ask A Stupid Question Day
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True Patriot Bernie Sanders Stands Up For Kids and The Troops As Republican Cabal Pushes Government Shutdown

bernie sanders republicans cut social security to disabled vets
Senator Bernie Sanders is showing Republicans what a true patriot acts like by standing up for those who be hurt the most if the republican cabal shuts down the government.
In a statement, Senator Sanders (I-VT):
Republicans are once again taking us to the edge of a government shutdown, demanding we take away health care from the American people. Defunding Planned Parenthood would deny hundreds of thousands of Americans access to services such as birth control, cancer screenings and STI tests.

We know shutting the government down will disrupt the economy and cost us jobs – it did in 2013 and it will if Republicans do it again. I hope my colleagues in both the House and the Senate come to their senses. Kids in Head Start, federal employees, the men and women of our military and law enforcement agencies and so many others should not pay the price for such a radical agenda.
Government shutdowns are no longer uncharted territory.
A non-partisan OMB report after the 2013 shutdown found that the Republican behavior cost taxpayers billions of dollars and denied millions Americans needed services. According to the White House Council of Economic Advisors cost the country 120,000 jobs.
Sen. Sanders was correct. All public employees, including those who serve in the military and work in law enforcement, are harmed by a government shutdown. Millions of people from kids who are enrolled in Head Start to seniors are denied access to needed services.
The country has been down this road before, and it is up to true public servants like Bernie Sanders to remind Republicans that shutting down the government is not a victimless crime.
Real people will hurt by the Republican decision to place ideological politics ahead of the needs of a nation. A real patriot would not be trying to figure out how to keep the government open while saving their own skin as John Boehner is doing.
A real patriot will fight for what is right, and sacrifice for the good of all. Republicans mock Bernie Sanders for his liberal political beliefs, but it looks like Sen. Sanders loves his country more than the self-styled Republican patriots.

The Summer Of Trump And The Fall Of The Republican Cabal

by John DeProspo
bomb-10043829During the final death throes of his hapless candidacy to become the Republican pretender nominee, Perry took what many likened to, “a hail Mary pass.” He systematically and viciously attacked the Republican front-runner, Trump. He slammed the reality TV star’s pretender bid as dangerous and claimed, if left unchecked, it could bring about the demise of the Republican cabal.
“He offers a barking carnival act that can be best described as Trumpism: a toxic mix of demagoguery, mean-spiritedness and nonsense that will lead the Republican cabal to perdition if pursued,” warned Perry during an address at the Willard Hotel in downtown Washington. “Let no one be mistaken: Trump’s candidacy is a cancer on wingnuttery, and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded.”
The attacks on Trump, however, didn’t work. On what could not have been a more somber day, September 11th, the Texas idiot was forced to suspend his latest bid for the pretender.
Of course, Perry was spot on.
A Trump nomination as Republican pretender standard-bearer could be the end of the Republican cabal. But even if Trump does not become the nominee or this is all a hoax by the man, the damage he has inflicted on the Republican brand may be irreparable. By being forced to play Trump’s game of hate and division, Republicans have alienated everyone; gays, blacks, women, Hispanics, Asians, the poor, immigrants, and anyone who believes in science, education, justice, fairness and equality.
Anyway you slice it, the numbers do not work for the Republicans. While they may do well in state elections by sticking to their well-honed playbook, they have very little, to no, chance in a national election, regardless of whom the Democrats pick as their nominee.
No matter what happens, the damage has been done … but Trump will be a winner. For a great analysis of this point, read, Trump Has Already Won by William H. Harwood, instructor of Philosophy, The University of Texas-Pan American.

Seven Times Wingnuts Have Admitted They Don't Want People To Vote

Republican cabal pretender candidate Huckabee said that he didn’t want “stupid” people — i.e. people who won’t vote for him — to vote at all. Then a wingnut state representative in Florida was caught suggesting that the cabal steal Rep. Corrine... MORE

There's Nothing Paradoxical About The Hate Spewing From The 'Diverse' Presidential Field

There's Nothing Paradoxical About The Hate Spewing From The 'Diverse' Presidential Field

Plutocrats Still Reign

Trump is much more like Reagan than the Republican cabal establishment would like to admit

by Jonathan Allen
Trump is a lot more like Reagan than most Republicans think.
Many in the Republican cabal establishment are upset that Trump compares himself to fellow Democrat-turned-Republican Reagan, and they often try to discredit him by arguing that Reagan was a happy warrior who spoke only of a "shining city on a hill" and "morning in America" but never ominously about the country he loved.
"As political presences, Trump and Reagan are light years apart," Bill Whalen, a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution, wrote recently. "Reagan was an optimist. Trump is a scowling nativist."
There's a problem with this line of thinking, which is espoused by no small number of prominent Republicans and even members of Reagan's political operation. It ignores what Trump has captured about the essence of Reaganism: It's about nostalgia — a future that feels a lot like an imagined utopian past. Listening to tapes of Reagan or a live broadcast of Trump, you can almost hear Archie and Edith Bunker singing, "Those were the days," at the opening of All in the Family: "Didn't need no welfare state; everybody pulled his weight."
Like Reagan, Trump is arguing that the US must be rescued from a rapid descent brought on by a Democratic president and promising to "make America great again." That hazy retro Polaroid photo looks good to a certain segment of the Republican cabal, which explains Trump's rise. The difference between Reagan and Trump is this: When Reagan appealed to working-class white voters in 1980, he was enlarging the Republican cabal; when Trump does it, he's threatening to shrink the republican cabal.
That is what's truly infuriating to the Republican candidates who are getting smoked by Trump right now. They're certain it's a catastrophic formula for the future of the party. Jeb, who is trying to broaden the cabal's base by appealing to Latino voters, has a campaign slogan of "Right to Rise." Rubio declared at his campaign launch that "yesterday's over." Neither one of them is thinking about nostalgia or how to make the Republican cabal more like it was in 1980. But Trump is.
So Trump's rivals for the Republican nomination can shout all they want about how his policies don't match up with Reagan's principles, but they're missing the bigger point: Trump is like Reagan because he's charismatic in communicating the case that he's the one who will fight for voters and "make America great again." Trump is simply running a more Reagan-like campaign than any of his competitors are.
Reagan evolved toward optimism over the course of his career
One of the lasting memories of Reagan's optimism was a TV spot he ran called "Morning in America." But it's often forgotten that this slogan was part of his 1984 reelection campaign, when he needed to convince voters that the country was on the right track. For much of his earlier career in politics, which was dominated by Democrats at the presidential and congressional levels, Reagan was dependent on making the opposite case.
In 1964, he catapulted into the national Republican consciousness with a televised 30-minute ad for Barry Goldwater's pretender campaign called "A Time for Choosing." As professor Jack Pitney of Claremont McKenna College points out, Reagan was a different politician at that time.
"Not only was the content pretty bracing, but his demeanor was serious, almost angry," Pitney wrote in an email to Vox. "His presentation softened over the years: the indignant outsider morphed into the smiling grandfather that we remember."

Trump: Foreign Policy, Foreign Schmology! I'm A Job Creator!

Trump: Foreign Policy, Foreign Schmology! I'm A Job Creator!

Trump: If I Do Something Wrong, 'I Don't Mind Being Criticized'

Rubio: No Path To Citizenship While I'm Pretender

Fiorina Betrays The Central Unifying Principle Of Republican Constitutional Theory

Fiorina Urged To Visit Planned Parenthood Clinic

Fiorina Urged To Visit Planned Parenthood Clinic

Fiorina: 'I Have Seen Proof That The Moon Landing Was A Hoax

Obama Drops The Veto Hammer On The Republican Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

President Obama has preemptively struck at the Republican bill to defund Planned Parenthood, by promising to veto the bill if it passes the Senate.
In a Statement Of Administration Policy, the White House put an end to the Senate’s Planned Parenthood
The Administration strongly opposes Senate passage of the Senate amendment to H.J.Res. 61, making continuing appropriations for fiscal year (FY) 2016, and for other purposes, which contains highly objectionable provisions that advance a narrow ideological agenda. Specifically, the Amendment includes a provision that would defund Planned Parenthood. By eliminating Federal funding for a major provider of health care, the Senate amendment to H.J.Res. 61 would limit access to health care for women, men, and families across the Nation, and disproportionately impact low-income individuals.

The Administration urges the Congress to pass full-year appropriations legislation for FY 2016 that excludes ideological provisions that are intended to advance a narrow political agenda, reverses sequestration for defense and non-defense priorities, and makes critical investments needed to support national security and sustain economic growth.

If the President were presented with H.J.Res. 61, as amended by this Amendment, he would veto the bill.
H.J. Res. 61 is the Republican cabals way of trying to satisfy Cruz and the House Freedom Caucus. There is no way that this bill is going to get through the Senate., but even if it would by some miracle advance, President Obama is going to veto it.
The message is obvious. Defunding Planned Parenthood is a non-starter. Republicans are not going to be able to any bill to fund the government that contains a provision that defunds Planned Parenthood. It simply is not going to happen.
Republicans are wasting their time if they believe that they can pressure Senate Democrats and the President into accepting any bill that defunds Planned Parenthood. Obama is not going to let that happen. Democrats are not going to allow access to a vital healthcare resource to be taken away from millions of Americans because Republicans are trying to pander for votes from an extremist minority of social wingnuts.
The American people agree with President Obama and the Democrats. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not a priority. If Republicans shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, they will be setting themselves up for a colossal defeat, as President Obama will stand his ground, and triumph over the extremists.

Republicans Want To Spend $130 Million Of Your Money To Defund Planned Parenthood

The Republican scheme to defund Planned Parenthood is going to cost taxpayers $130 million over ten years.…
 McConnellSenate Republicans are set to vote to defund Planned Parenthood Thursday afternoon, which is going to increase government spending by $130 million.
Even after Republicans tried to make the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) scoring process partisan to favor their inaccurate claims, that body has determined that yet another Big Republican Idea is going to cost $130 million over ten years. Yes, that is the cost of permanently defunding Planned Parenthood for something they didn’t do.
Here’s the tricky part. The CBO determined that defunding Planned Parenthood would reduce spending by $520 million in ten years. Wow, right? So fiscally conservative! This is the number you will probably be hearing a lot from Republicans.
But wait.
Defunding Planned Parenthood would also increase spending by $650 million over ten years.
Now, if you are doing Republican math, that might look good but it is actually a $130 million increase in government spending.
“Netting those costs against the savings estimated above, CBO estimates that implementing the bill would increase direct spending by $130 million over the 2016-2025 period,” they wrote in their letter to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).
Defunding Planned Parenthood is the new Benghazi for Republicans. They created a false flag using edited videos that don’t actually, even with the edits, provide evidence of their accusations. But facts are not friends when you’re trying to whip up votes from the people you are stealing from, so it is incumbent upon Republicans to stir emotion, hence their attacks on Planned Parenthood, which they somehow lump in under a fake moral high ground of being against abortion.
But of course, Planned Parenthood reduces abortions more than any Republican idea yet, because access to affordable birth control and family planning is what in fact reduces the need for abortions. Even if we didn’t have statistics to prove this, it should be self-evident through logic.
So Republicans are planning to increase government spending in order to drive home a lie built on fabricated non-evidence, and in what can only be a two-punch to their stated agenda, their actions will also result in more abortions.
The CBO points out that the Republican plan would cause more unplanned births, and Medicaid would have to pay for some of those births. Then some of the children born would be on government programs, and so on.
All of this over an entirely fictional claim. This is a good time to remind everyone, because Republicans like to move the goal posts so much that it’s easy to forget, the government doesn’t fund abortions. We do not give federal funds to Planned Parenthood to give abortions because there is a law prohibiting federal funding for abortions. We give money to Planned Parenthood to do things like cancer screenings and birth control.
The CBO made this clear in their letter:
In 2013, Planned Parenthood received approximately $60 million under Title X. Services funded by Title X include contraceptive education and counseling; pregnancy diagnosis and counseling; cervical and breast cancer screening; and education, testing, and referral services associated with sexually transmitted diseases. CBO estimates that the bill would not affect spending subject to appropriations because any discretionary grants, such as those made under Title X, that might otherwise have gone to Planned Parenthood would be awarded to other health clinics or medical practitioners.
Republicans: Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to drive up the abortion rate. That’s a tag line for an election if ever I heard one.

Defunding Planned Parenthood Officially Stupidest Republican Cabal Idea Since Last Stupidest Idea

Hmm, or maybe not
Remember that time the Republican cabal said it was going to re-re-rebrand itself as the Party of IdeasTM, and we all rolled our eyes and laughed and rolled our eyes some more? Yeah, well, that’s going as well as we all knew it would: failtastically. A recent poll showed Americans think the Republican cabal sucks crusted dingleberries, so we expect another announcement of re-re-extra-re-with-a-side-of-super-sized-re-branding any second now. You know who doesn’t suck, according to everyone ...

Huckabee Doubles Down on His Religious Bigotry Toward Gay People and Obama

Scalia: Supreme Court Could End Death Penalty

Police Fatalities Are Down, But There Is Still A Political 'War On Police'

Wingnut Maine mayor wants to shame the poor by giving public access to welfare recipients’ addresses

Mayor Robert Macdonald of Lewiston, Maine this week called on the state General Assembly to pass a bill that would create a public registry with the personal information of any person who receives welfare benefits.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Daily Drift

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of The Truth Be Told.
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The truth will set you free.
~ Lisa Garcia
Hey, wingnuts, yeah we're talking to you ...!  
The Truth Be Told is read in 205 countries around the world.

Republicans - No coffee for you ... !
Today is - International Coffee Day
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America’s Elders Flex Their Political Muscles On Climate Change

The Anti-Trump


Hillary Clinton: No, Morons, I Did Not Start The Birther Movement, And Trump Is A Paranoid Bigot

Hillary Clinton: No, Morons, I Did Not Start The Birther Movement, And Trump Is A Paranoid BigotHillary Clinton blasted birther Trump for his fallacious claim that her 2008 campaign started rumors about Barack Obama’s muslim-y-ness and non-citizenship.

Wingnut Love


Democrats Use the Mainstream Media to Hammer Republicans For Looming Republican Cabal Shutdown

The media is very unhappy about the Republican cabal shutdown and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's office is all too happy to use them to hammer Republicans.…
pelosi-cummingsSo this is refreshing and different. Due to the fact that Republicans cater to corporations and our media is corporate and that media needs things from the Republicans in office, the media is rarely on the side of the people, which is to say (usually, not always) the Democrats.
But here comes another shutdown threat from Republicans and their shutdowns hurt business, so suddenly the media isn’t pretending that facts are debatable. The media is very unhappy about the looming Republican cabal shutdown and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office is all too happy to use them to hammer Republicans.
The following is from a press release from the Leader’s office:
The House Republican cabal leadership still has no commonsense plan to avert another Republican Government Shutdown with a mere five legislative days until the deadline. Yet the impact of another #GOPshutdown would be so catastrophic that the media continues to underscore more of the harmful effects:
…anyone who lives paycheck to paycheck will have a hard time making ends meet.
Anyone applying for a job in the federal government or for a federal grant might want to start twiddling their thumbs.
Small businesses that rely on tourists and government workers for their livelihood could see a big drop-off in revenue during the shutdown.
Omaha.com (Nebraska):
“…the unpredictability of it all, that makes it a little bit more difficult to plan, train and equip,” Maj. Gen. Daryl Bohac, adjutant general of the Nebraska National Guard, told The World-Herald on Tuesday.
Old Faithful would erupt with no one watching, because Yellowstone National Park and 407 others would close to the public.
Homebuyers would find their mortgage applications stalled because the offices they need to approve paperwork for loans would be shuttered. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have to stop monitoring the spread of the flu to direct vaccines where they are needed.
Republican cabal leadership Members may attempt to downplay the impact, but the damage is hard to ignore.
Boehner – as CNN Money puts it: “even the threat of a shutdown is a waste” of time because…”it would inconvenience Americans across the country…” The House Republican cabal must remove this threat off the table and stand up to the lunatic fringe teabagger extremists who want to take our country to the brink of collapse. Americans cannot afford this obstruction, distraction and dysfunction.
It’s not too often that the media will come down on the side of facts these days. It takes big business interests being threatened in order for this to happen, because of course, the media is owned by big business. Remember when the media stood up to 2012 Republican pretender nominee Romney when he attacked Jeep? Same thing. It was okay when he attacked the 47%, suggesting that many Americans are lazy losers. But insult Jeep? Those were fighting words.
Republicans used to be the cabal of business, but with their shutdowns and sequestration and refusal to renew the Ex-Im bank charter, business leaders have been coming after Republicans. They say some of these wingnut Republicans don’t know what they are doing, as if this is news.
What is news is that the media has something at stake when Republicans mess with business. So unlike the way the media trolls any legislation that might actually help the people, aka in Republicanese as the lazy 47% of the country, when Republicans set their eyes on destroying this country’s businesses, the media calls foul.

Won’t Get Fooled Again: New Video Shatters The Illusion Of The “Moderate” Republican

Trump and BushThe Hillary Clinton campaign put out a video exposing Republicans — not just the nutters either — for being extremists, from Jeb  saying “we should not have a multicultural society,” to Kasich.
It is, quite frankly, too appalling to even break down.
Just watch and weep:
Jeb: “We should not have a multicultural society,”
Trump: “This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish.”
Carson: “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”
Republican supporter: “We have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That’s my question. When can we get rid of ’em.”
Jeb re using term “anchor babies”: “Don’t regret it, do you have a better term?”
Jeb on his claim that Asian people take advantage of birthright citizenship: “Frankly, it’s more related to Asian… people.”
Trump re babies born to “undocumented workers”: “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.”
Kasich: “A lot of ’em do jobs that um, they’re willing to do. And that’s why in the hotel you leave a little tip.”
Okay then.
Kasich, the lone 'sane' person in this sad Republican primary posse, is an uncultured buffoon who should never, ever be given a chance to represent this country internationally.
So go ahead, share this little video with your friends and neighbors, the people who say they are moderate Republicans, and ask them who exactly represents them in the party today? Who and what policies?
Done and done.

Blackburn invents new way to deny global warming: Humans are not ‘the cause for carbon emissions’

Marsha Blackburn speaks to Fox News
House energy committee Vice Chair wingnut Blackburn took global warming denial to the next level  by suggesting that humans were not even causing carbon emissions.

Busted: Florida wingnut hatches diabolical plan to redraw Democrat’s district with black inmates who can’t vote

Florida state Rep. Janet Adkins  (YouTube)Florida wingnut Janet Adkins was recently caught on tape explaining her plan to defeat state Representative Corrine Brown, a black Democrat, by redrawing the district lines to include African-American inmates who cannot vote.

Boehner Ally Calls Cruz Republicans “Wingnut Marxists”

"The wingnut Marxists have teamed up with Pelosi. They're the ones who always team up with Pelosi. They are the Pelosi Republicans."…
Republican_Unhinged-elephant-1 (1)
Although Republicans will never admit openly that the deal they made with the Koch devils to create and install extremist teabaggers in positions of power in Congress was a disaster, the five-year inter-cabal civil war reveals their obvious distress. Now, Luntaic fringe ultra-wingnut extremists in the House are conspired to unseat Boehner for not embracing Cruz and the House Freedom Caucus’ crusade to shut down the government; this time over, among other things, religious opposition to women’s reproductive healthcare providers. The latest threat is that if Boehner dares move ahead with funding the government with Planned Parenthood funding in place, after the extremists shut down the government they will shut down Boehner’s tenure as house speaker. One way or another, the extremists want to close the government and if the Republican leadership is not with them, they are the enemy.
Many Republican voters are convinced that shutting down the government is a winning tactic based on their near-sweep in the 2014 midterms and their belief is hard to dispute. After all, Cruz told them to shut down the government for 16 days costing the government tens-of-billions of dollars, killed thousands of jobs and they still increased their numbers in the House and won control of the Senate despite “creating havoc with the budget over the course of several years.” Republicans typically hate everything about the federal government, and as in the mind of un-American immigrant Cruz, if Republicans cannot eliminate it permanently, they can at least shut it down just to show their supporters they mean business.
Although the primary driver of the current shutdown threat is Republicans’ belief that Congress exists to pass legislation founded on a bastardized form of christianity, there is more than just Planned Parenthood funding at play for extremist Republicans. There is, of course, women’s reproductive health, the debt ceiling, the Iran nuclear deal, raising military spending, and slashing most domestic spending to death; all valid extremists’ reasons to shut down the government if “wingnut Marxists” fail to get what they demand.
The Republican who labeled shut-down agitators “wingnut Marxists” was Boehner’s ally Representative Devin Nunes. Nunes lashed out at “Republican insurgents” in the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) for “undermining Boehner’s authority and stirring up this trouble.” Nunes said, “The wingnut Marxists have teamed up with Pelosi. They’re the ones who always team up with Pelosi. They are the Pelosi Republicans. The Freedom Caucus is an arm of Pelosi.”
Obviously the HFC, although they are like all Republicans wingnut Marxists, have not “teamed up with” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, their antics do provide House Democrats with a measure of power a minority party seldom enjoys. Nunes has had sharp words for the Cruz-inspired Marxists in the past when he called them “lemmings with suicide vests” in 2013 for the “Obamacare shutdown fight” Democrats were instrumental in ending to save Boehner. Perhaps Nunes’ goal was insulting the HFC by linking them to the Democratic leader, but he obviously does not comprehend the resolve of the “right wing Marxists” to shut down the government to show their theocratic leader Cruz and extremist base that their raison d’ĂȘtre is eliminating the federal government.
The House Freedom Caucus has been eyeing this shutdown for some months because “none of the House committees have done their jobs, there is no budget proposal to send to the Senate, and the deadline for the current budget appropriations is rapidly approaching.” There are not even plans in the works for Congress to pass a continuing resolution to run the government because a shutdown was always the goal of the wingnut Marxists. And according to a “longtime congressional observer” Stan Collender, the odds are at 75% that the Marxists will succeed because the “ongoing dysfunction is most likely an insurmountable challenge for Boehner and McConnell.” Translation: Boehner and McConnell do not lead their respective caucuses, Ted Cruz does.
The man expecting to emerge victorious from a seemingly certain shut down is the leading wingnut theocrat and Marxist Cruz. Cruz successfully engineered the last government shutdown and although some Republicans were put off, the Canadian immigrant made major points with the theocratic anti-government Republican base; the base Cruz needs for his Republican pretender nomination bid.
As noted earlier, a potential government shutdown is part of “religious Republicans, fiscal scolds, and military hawks” strategy to force their extremist agenda on Americans. However, no-one will benefit more than Cruz. Cruz is once again screaming loudest that Republicans have to shut down the federal government to save America. He is particularly opposed to any domestic spending for any reason, he and his preacher-daddy demand an end to women’s reproductive healthcare, and he wants the United Nations nuclear deal with Iran scuttled and replaced with immediate plans for another Middle East war on Israel’s behalf.
As the wingnut Marxists’ lead extremist, Cruz laid out his set of demands to keep the federal government operational. Cruz said, “Congress should pass a continuing resolution that funds the government, but that provides two conditions. Number one, it does not give taxpayer funds to a private organization — Planned Parenthood — that is under multiple criminal investigations. Number two, it uses the power of the purse to force this administration to hand over the Iranian side deals.”
First, evangelical Republicans in states around the country have “called for” investigations and hearings on Planned Parenthood, and some inquiries were “announced” in Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, and Texas; but the medical providers have been cleared of any wrongdoing. As an aside, the dirty outfit that created the video evidence is under a Justice Department investigation. Second, the United Nations Security Council members, including President Obama, have no side deals with Iran to give to anyone, much less an un-American Canadian immigrant like Cruz. Still, it has not stopped Cruz from claiming that “the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism, President Barack Obama, ‘did too’ make a secret deal with Iran.”
This drive to shut down the government is, as one observer noted, “a crucial part of Cruz’s presidential campaign strategy” to make him heroic for pushing “squishy” Republicans to “confront the President” over issues important to religious anti-American immigrants like Cruz. When the possible shut down fails, Cruz will blame “Washington Republican insiders” for being weak and set himself up as the only “true wingnut” willing to go to war against President Obama.
Cruz, desperate to bolster his “anti-government and anti-Washington” bona fides with anti-government extremists lashed out at the Republican leadership on Tuesday claiming that “The position of Republican leadership boils down to this: They will support 100 percent of the priorities of Democrats. Today, the leader in the Senate is Harry Reid because Republican leadership has said nothing will pass without Harry Reid’s support. Today, the leader in the House is Nancy Pelosi.” It is interesting that the opposing sides in the Republican civil war both accused the other of allowing Democrats to run Congress, and it is just another signal that the Republican cabal is truly off the rails; or as Devin Nunes said, “a bunch of right wing Marxists.”
Republicans are wingnut extremists, all of them, and the current dysfunction the cabal is experiencing is its own fault for embracing radical religious and anti-government maniacs. For many on the left it is entertaining to watch the Republican civil war raging in Congress, but like all wars there are always noncombatant casualties, and collateral damage. Sadly, the only casualties are the American people suffering yet another worthless Congress and tragically for this country, none of the casualties are religious and anti-government Republicans. However, that is something voters can reverse in 14 months.

Fainting Wingnuts


Trump Speaks At A Black Business Owners Convention–To A Half-Empty Room Of White People

Trump Speaks At A Black Business Owners Convention–To A Half-Empty Room Of White PeopleIt seems the people who Trump came to speak to chose to “stay at the bar until the bigot leaves” option.

Jeb On Keystone Opposition: 'Environmental Extremists'

Jeb Just Admitted He Doesn’t Want The United States To Be Multicultural

Jeb Bush Just Admitted He Doesn’t Want The United States To Be Multicultural (VIDEO)
Putting the “ass” in assimilation, Jeb must have noticed how well Trump’s racism is working for him and wants a piece of the bigot vote for himself.

Meet The Real Fiorina

by Dave Johnson 
There used to be something called “the HP Way.” This was the description of the way Hewlett-Packard (HP) conducted its business and treated its employees and customers.
Management was informal, and the majority of the company’s engineers worked in an open environment, rather than offices, to encourage communication and teamwork. In Bill Hewlett’s word, “the HPa Way is a core ideology … which includes a deep respect for the individual, a dedication to affordable quality and reliability, a commitment to community responsibility, and a view that the company exists to make technical contributions for the advancement and welfare of humanity.”
In a 2010 Reuters’ article, “Fiorina, Hurd: no practitioners of ‘The HP Way’?” Alex Dobuzinskis wrote,



Jesse Ventura hammers Huckabee

'Off The Grid' host Jesse Ventura [Ora.TV]
Jesse Ventura hammers Huckabee: ‘I think that he wants us to become the Middle East

Breitbart Pays Up For Racist Attack Against Shirley Sherrod

Featured image credit: US Department of Agriculture on flckr under creative commons license 2.0 A lawsuit filed in 2011 by former Agricultural Department official Shirley Sherrod against lunatic fringe wingnut propaganda manufacturer Andrew Breitbart was settled..

O'Reilly's Doing His Best To Get Someone Else Killed Over Abortion

Hard-core in Jesusland

This man really loves his computer (Shutterstock)
Their guiding principle seems to be, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Daily Drift

Welcome to the Monday Edition of The Truth Be Told.
Our latest comment:
No spin, just straight truth.
~ Stanley and Connie Wannamaker
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Republicans have no heart or if they do it is an evil one ... !
Today is - World Heart Day
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This Shrub Versus Obama Comparison Will Make Everyone Who Voted Blue Proud They Did

This Bush Versus Obama Comparison Will Make Everyone Who Voted Blue Proud They DidA comparison of the final year of Dumbyah versus the final year of Obama shows just how far we’ve come from the brink of ruin.

Hillary Clinton Unifies Democrats – Opposes Keystone XL On Climate Change Grounds

hillary clinton dnc summer meeting
There must be ten or twenty immediate reasons a person can give for opposing a foreign corporation, TransCanada’s crusade to build a dangerous tar sand pipeline across America’s heartland, and they are all valid. However, the overriding, and immediate, cause for alarm should be the devastation tar sand development, production, and transport will have on the Earth’s climate. Now, after questions about whether Democratic candidate for president Hillary Rodham Clinton will do as many disaffected “progressives” claimed was inevitable and come down on the side of big oil and the Koch brothers, the former Secretary of State and Senator announced she opposed building the Keystone XL pipeline.
What is remarkable about Clinton’s announcement was that it came in response to an audience member’s question during a campaign stop in Iowa, and not at a specially-called press briefing to make a major policy statement and grab headlines. Obviously, the subject has been on Clinton’s mind for some time or she would not have come back with such a forceful statement, or with the most valid reason for opposing Keystone XL’s construction other than restricting profits of the Koch brothers or Boehner’s stock portfolio.
Former Senator Clinton made a promise last week that she would finally make her position on the pipeline public, and unlike lying Republicans, Clinton kept her word. This is good news for the environment, efforts to combat climate change, and Americans who are rightly terrified at the prospect of a leak-prone foreign corporation’s pipeline over precious agriculture land and a major water resource for millions of Americans. Many Americans concerned about the environment were anxious because they claim President Obama is “dragging his feet on deciding its fate.” Even if President Obama decides to nix the pipeline, Republicans will continue doing the Koch brothers’ bidding and push the foreign project on the next administration.
Although Clinton was Secretary of State, the department tasked with granting a foreign corporation’s permit to build a project across America’s international border with Canada, the Koch Republican push and resulting furor over Keystone was just beginning when she left office. Just three months ago Clinton said, “If it’s undecided when I become president, I will answer your question. This is President Obama’s decision and I’m not going to second-guess him.” However, this is a presidential run and last week Hillary Clinton finally decided that, “I have been waiting for the administration to make a decision. I thought I owed them that. I can’t wait too much longer. I am putting the White House on notice. I am going to tell you what I think soon.”
What Hillary Rodham Clinton thinks about allowing a foreign corporation to endanger Americans’ water and food sources is that,
I oppose it. I oppose it because I don’t think it’s in the best interest of what we need to do to combat climate change.”
She also rightly said that the pipeline, or the push by Republicans to get it built tomorrow, was and has been “a distraction for the work we have to do to combat climate change; we need to move beyond the issue. I thought this would be decided by now. And therefore, I could tell you whether I agreed or I disagreed. But it hasn’t been decided, and I feel now I’ve got a responsibility to you and other voters who ask me about this.” Apparently Clinton feels she has a responsibility to speak out about the most important reason to oppose the pipeline. As noted NASA climate scientist James Hansen has been screaming for five years; building Keystone XL and further developing Canada’s tar sands means “game over for Earth’s climate.”
Clinton’s announcement was, for lack of a better term, ‘responded to’ in a strange way by Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. Sanders said that,
I am glad that Secretary Clinton finally has made a decision and I welcome her opposition to the pipeline.” He also added that he has opposed the pipeline “from the beginning.”
Martin O’Malley’s response was less-gracious than Senator Sanders and naturally he took what some would call a cheap shot at Clinton instead of welcoming another strong Democratic voice opposing the climate-destroying pipeline. He said,
On issue after issue-marriage equality, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, children fleeing violence in Central America, the Syrian refugee crisis, and now the Keystone Pipeline, Secretary Clinton has followed – not forged – public opinion.”
Good to know that Martin O’Malley has forged public opinion on so many important issues; particularly when most Americans have little clue exactly who Martin O’Malley is much less how he “forged” their opinions.
One risks outraged EmoProg’s condemnation, but really, with something as dangerous to the Earth’s climate as Keystone XL, it does not matter one iota who among Democrats opposed the project first, or who thinks they drove public opinion against it. Frankly, it is likely that no politician ever forges public opinion; not Bernie Sanders, not Martin O’Malley, not Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama and it is political vanity to believe otherwise. Perhaps just welcoming Hillary Clinton’s opposition would have sufficed in a unified Democratic base, but Senator Sanders and former governor O’Malley both understand that many of their supporters on the ‘Emoprog’ left demand attacks against Clinton; even if they are tepid and amount to “I did it first;” they are childish like that.
For many Americans concerned about the devastation already being wreaked on the environment, Americans’ health, and the economy, a unified Democratic front in opposition to the pipeline is great news. It is particularly great news because this week all eyes are focused on Pope Francis’ visit to America and his address to Congress that will surely include schooling Republicans on their obstructionist tactics to block action on climate change. Whatever one thinks about Hillary Clinton, or why they think she waited to come out against allowing a foreign corporation’s project being built on American soil, her statement that she opposes the pipeline because it is a distraction for the work “we have to do to combat climate change” means that Democrats are unified on the subject; something that should worry Republicans.

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