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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Obama Drops The Veto Hammer On The Republican Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

President Obama has preemptively struck at the Republican bill to defund Planned Parenthood, by promising to veto the bill if it passes the Senate.
In a Statement Of Administration Policy, the White House put an end to the Senate’s Planned Parenthood
The Administration strongly opposes Senate passage of the Senate amendment to H.J.Res. 61, making continuing appropriations for fiscal year (FY) 2016, and for other purposes, which contains highly objectionable provisions that advance a narrow ideological agenda. Specifically, the Amendment includes a provision that would defund Planned Parenthood. By eliminating Federal funding for a major provider of health care, the Senate amendment to H.J.Res. 61 would limit access to health care for women, men, and families across the Nation, and disproportionately impact low-income individuals.

The Administration urges the Congress to pass full-year appropriations legislation for FY 2016 that excludes ideological provisions that are intended to advance a narrow political agenda, reverses sequestration for defense and non-defense priorities, and makes critical investments needed to support national security and sustain economic growth.

If the President were presented with H.J.Res. 61, as amended by this Amendment, he would veto the bill.
H.J. Res. 61 is the Republican cabals way of trying to satisfy Cruz and the House Freedom Caucus. There is no way that this bill is going to get through the Senate., but even if it would by some miracle advance, President Obama is going to veto it.
The message is obvious. Defunding Planned Parenthood is a non-starter. Republicans are not going to be able to any bill to fund the government that contains a provision that defunds Planned Parenthood. It simply is not going to happen.
Republicans are wasting their time if they believe that they can pressure Senate Democrats and the President into accepting any bill that defunds Planned Parenthood. Obama is not going to let that happen. Democrats are not going to allow access to a vital healthcare resource to be taken away from millions of Americans because Republicans are trying to pander for votes from an extremist minority of social wingnuts.
The American people agree with President Obama and the Democrats. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not a priority. If Republicans shut down the government over Planned Parenthood, they will be setting themselves up for a colossal defeat, as President Obama will stand his ground, and triumph over the extremists.

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