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Friday, November 13, 2015

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President ‘Zero Fucks Left’ Obama Takes HUGE Step For Nationwide LGBT Protections

President ‘Zero F*cks Left’ Obama Takes HUGE Step For Nationwide LGBT Protections
This is HUGE!
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5 Reasons Barack Obama Isn't The Shrub

5 Reasons Barack Obama Isn't George W. Bush
Republicans are all running for pretender based on the premise that Barack Obama is a failure on the magnitude of the shrub.

Racist Facebook Rage Descends Upon President Obama As He Debuts His New Page

Racist Facebook Rage Descends Upon President Obama As He Debuts His New Page (IMAGES)
As predicted, the hate rolls in…
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Anyone Who Calls Obamacare a Job Killer is “Either Ignorant of or Not Interested in the Facts”

It's tough to find a Republican who is not pushing outright falsehoods about Obamacare. They are either ignorant of or not interested in the facts.…
“Anyone who wants to call the ACA a ‘job killer’ is either ignorant of or not interested in the facts,” Jared Bernstein and Ben Spielberg wrote in the Washington Post.
We mention this today because you heard a lot about repealing Obamacare during the last Republican 'debat'e, and not much of it will be anchored in facts or truth. It’s tough to find a Republican who is not pushing outright falsehoods about Obamacare. Cruz has been falsely claiming for years that Obamacare is the biggest job-killer in America. Jeb has said, “You get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that doesn’t suppress wages and kill jobs.” Jindal has pushed the myth that Obamacare kills jobs, “Why not delay all of the mandates in Obamacare [which] has become such a job killer in our economy.”
Both writers are from the the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. They went over the latest job numbers and they agree with previous studies; Obamacare is not a job killer. Not only is Obamacare reducing the number of uninsured as intended, but it is also not a job killer. Sorry Republicans.
A few points to remember from the Washington Post:
Strong health-care employment growth shouldn’t surprise anyone. Demand for labor is derived from the demand for the goods and services that people want and need. Thus, we’d expect the expansion of health coverage to boost jobs in that sector — in addition to driving historically large reductions in the number of Americans without health coverage, saving states money and slowing growth in health-care costs.
Yet House Republicans are still trying to repeal parts of the law, claiming that “many of the key elements of Obamacare [are] harming individuals and families [and] hurting job creation.” Fox News hack O’Reilly maintains that, “While some of the poor benefit, other Americans are punished because the job market is smaller.” Some presidential candidates agree: Jeb calls the ACA “the president’s job-destroying health-care law” and Cruz’s site asserts that “Obamacare is causing millions to lose their jobs.” Cruz and Rubio aren’t even content to repeal parts of the law — they want to repeal the entire thing.
But but…Obama is just subsidizing jobs in healthcare with rich people’s money! Nope, not that either:
Even if we’re generous here and assume that those shouting “job killer” mean that the gains in the health-care sector are coming at the expense of the rest of the job market, there’s no evidence to support that claim, either.
“Well,” injured Republicans will huff, “Obamacare is certainly turning America into a part-time nation!” We’ve addressed this in the past when it was also found to be untrue, but as a reminder:
Nor is there any evidence that Obamacare is causing a shift from full-time to part-time jobs — the number of involuntary part-time workers is actually down since 2013 (and as Dean Baker notes, the evidence that the ACA’s premium subsidies may be encouraging voluntary part-time work is a good thing), while full-time employment has been steadily rising. Again, steady job growth is surely a function of the broad employment recovery, not health reform, but it is yet another trend going the wrong way for the critics.
Discussing September’s job numbers, Jason Fuhrman, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, noted, “Full-time jobs more than fully account for all job gains since early ’10, with part-time jobs holding steady.”
In reality, Obama is setting records for job growth. The October jobs report showed that President Obama has overseen 68 consecutive months of private sector job growth. That’s 13.5 million private sector jobs over 68 straight months. He has also overseen the strongest three years for overall job creation (even with the Republican sequester impacting the public sector) since 2000.

Bill Nye Demolishes Climate Deniers

Bill Nye Demolishes Climate Deniers: 'The Single Most Important Thing We Can Do Now Is Talk About Climate Change'

America's Empire of Chaos

As Republicans Call For Its Elimination, Clinton Releases Plan To Strengthen The VA

Political Polls Less Accurate Than Ever

The fracturing of modern communication methods has made the standard political poll almost worthless. Polls conducted by landline phone tend to skew toward older, more conservative voters. Internet polls tend to skew toward younger, more liberal voters. And it’s harder than ever to get anyone to participate at all.
The modern public-opinion poll has been around since the Great Depression, when the response rate—the number of people who take a survey as a percentage of those who were asked—was more than ninety. The participation rate—the number of people who take a survey as a percentage of the population—is far lower. Election pollsters sample only a minuscule portion of the electorate, not uncommonly something on the order of a couple of thousand people out of the more than two hundred million Americans who are eligible to vote. The promise of this work is that the sample is exquisitely representative. But the lower the response rate the harder and more expensive it becomes to realize that promise, which requires both calling many more people and trying to correct for “non-response bias” by giving greater weight to the answers of people from demographic groups that are less likely to respond. Pollster.com’s Mark Blumenthal has recalled how, in the nineteen-eighties, when the response rate at the firm where he was working had fallen to about sixty per cent, people in his office said, “What will happen when it’s only twenty? We won’t be able to be in business!” A typical response rate is now in the single digits.
There are real-world consequences to political polls, no matter how inaccurate. For example, only the top-polling Republican candidates take part in the televised debates during prime time. And even worse, politicians use polls to determine what issues American voters care about and what they think the government should do about them. The New Yorker explains the problems with polling and had some examples of elections that number crunchers failed to predict.

‘Voting Machines Are Fucked’

‘Voting Machines Are F*cked’: The Daily Show Explains Major Flaw In American Elections (VIDEO)‘Voting Machines Are Fucked’: The Daily Show Explains Major Flaw In American Elections 
This is definitely something every American voter who cares about the integrity of the electoral process needs to see.

New Hampshire Republican Proves Republican Cabal Correct About Voter Fraud By Committing It

New Hampshire Republican Proves GOP Right About Voter Fraud By Committing It
Yet another Republican was busted demonstrating his cabal’s expertise in voter fraud.
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Bristol Palin: Starbucks cups ‘are an attempt by the left to make 'christians' look stupid’

Ah, no ... they do such a bang-up job of it themselves they need no assistance from we sane normal people.
Bristol Palin urged her 'followers' not to fall for the controversy over Starbucks’ holiday cups because it was “an attempt by the LEFT to make 'christians' look stupid.”

13 things everyone would know if we really had a ‘liberal’ media

If we have a “liberal media,” where are the liberal stories?

Neil deGrasse Tyson infuriates wingnuts by pointing out simple gun violence statistics

Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses extraterrestrial visitors in a video posted on March 4, 2015. [YouTube]
Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted out a statistic showing that it only took five weeks for household gun deaths to match the number of Americans killed by terrorism since 2001 — and angry gun lovers quickly set out to shoot the messenger.

5 Republican governors who trashed their states in the name of wingnuttery

Several states in the U.S. currently have Republican governors who came into office on promises of small government and boy, have they delivered.

Bernie Sanders Responds To The Clown Car’s Minimum Wage Debate Garbage, And It’s Awesome

Bernie Sanders Responds To The Clown Car’s Minimum Wage Debate Garbage, And It’s Awesome (TWEETS)
Bernie Sanders wasted no time tweeting his position as the Republican cabal candidates advocated for continuing the pandemic of poverty in America.

Trump Calls U.S. Wages Too High

Surprise, surprise. Trump wants a race to the bottom on wages just like the rest of the Republican pretender candidates.

The Truth Hurts


Cruz Is The Latest Liar In The Biographical Category

Cruz Just Declared 'War' On Atheists, In The Campiest Way Possible

Ted Cruz Just Declared War On Atheists, In The Campiest Way Possible (VIDEO)
He really didn’t think this sentence through.
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Rachel Maddow BLASTS The Wingnut Candidates Who OPENLY Support ‘Kill The Gays’

Rachel Maddow BLASTS The GOP Candidates Who OPENLY Support ‘Kill The Gays’ (VIDEO)Three Republican pretender candidates attended a “kill the gays” rally this past weekend, and Rachel Maddow just beautifully TORE THEM APART.

Maddow Calls Out Wingnuts For 'Kill-The-Gays Rally' Appearance

As the three Democratic presidential candidates were attending a South Carolina candidate forum hosted by Rachel Maddow on Friday, three Republicans running for pretender were at a conference organized by a radical right-wing pastor who has defended the death penalty for homosexuality. MORE

Jeb Caught Bragging About His Disastrous Legacy On Education

Jeb Bush Caught Bragging About His Disastrous Legacy On Education (TWEETS)
Here’s something to keep in mind.
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Jeb Wants To Get Rid Of ALL Obama Progress, Go Back To His Brother’s Failed Policies

While at the Republican pretender 'debate' on Tuesday, Jeb declared that he would like to overturn all the progress President Obama has done to reverse...

The Truth Be Told


Stephen Colbert’s Utter Destruction Of What Little Cred Carson Had Left Is Magical

Stephen Colbert’s Utter Destruction Of What Little Cred Ben Carson Had Left Is Magical (VIDEO)
It didn’t seem possible to make Carson look any more ridiculous until Colbert took a whack at it. Wow!

Another Weird Carson Story: Did He Refuse A DNA Test In A ‘Blackmail’ Paternity Suit?

Another Weird Ben Carson Story: Did He Refuse A DNA Test In A ‘Blackmail’ Paternity Suit?
Carson literally wrote an op-ed where he told people to come clean and be honest. So, what’s with all of his lies?

Fox’s Dash Goes Birther Defending Carson

Fox’s Stacey Dash Goes Birther Defending Ben Carson
 Dash - the world’s most wooden, least insightful pundit ever – suggested Carson deserves a pass for questions about his autobiography because we should be investigating President Obama’s “sealed records” instead. You know, the ones that are not sealed.

Carson: 'People Who Know Me Know That I'm An Honest Person'

Then nobody knows him because everyone knows he's not an honest person ... we know what he is - he is what we call a liar.

Ben Carson or Ben Ghazi?

Republican U.S. pretender candidate Carson, under attack for embellishing key elements of his biography, lashed out at critics during a debate on Tuesday and said he did not like being “lied about.”