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Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Obama And Ahmed Geek Out At The White House And Teach Wingtnuts A Big Lesson

Obama And Ahmed Geek Out At The White House And Teach Conservatives A Big Lesson (VIDEO)
This is why anti-science wingnuts have no hope in 2020.
Read more 

Joe Biden Calls For Free Public College For All

Sanders blasts broken system

Bernie Sanders (Screenshot/YouTube)
Sanders blasts broken system: Kids busted for pot while economy-wrecking CEOs are ‘too big to jail’

The Days of Slapping Execs On the Wrist For Company Crimes Are Be Over

We know how the song goes. The words may change but the music is the same. Volkswagen faces billions …

Republicans Want to Hold the Debt Ceiling Hostage Without Looking Completely Insane

Good Luck With That.
by Jordan Weissmann
166213140-rep-tom-mcclintock-and-rep-steve-scalise-r-chat-priorMcClintock, the main sponsor of a bill designed to give Republicans cover while bringing the United States to the brink of a disastrous default.
The Republican cabal has a problem (well, many, but we're focusing on one today). The U.S. government is set to hit its borrowing limit in about two weeks, and lunatic fringe hardline wingnuts in Congress have yet again decided that they would like to threaten a catastrophic national default by refusing to raise the debt ceiling unless President Obama agrees to major policy concessions. The first time the Republican cabal tried this kamikaze tactic in 2011, it worked fairly well, as the White House eventually agreed to major spending cuts to avoid a crisis. But when the cabal tried to repeat the trick in 2013, the effort ended in acrimonious failure as Obama chose not to negotiate and the public placed somewhat more blame on Republicans than Democrats for the standoff. More

The Truth Hurts


It’s Official: Bill Clinton Did 9/11

It has long been the position of the Republican cabal that 9/11 was the worst thing to ever happen to America, at least until Barack Obama was elected president (twice). But the cabal has never...

These Florida teabaggers plan to set up a secret vigilante court to arrest — and possibly execute — Obama

Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields (Facebook)“Grand jury powers come from dog,” Dowdell said, advocating a return to the post-Revolution legal system where there were no police departments and judges rode horseback to hear cases brought by groups of 25 citizens.
Somebody is about to be visited by the Secret Service

Senate Democrats Demand That RNC Pay Taxpayers Back For Benghazi Investigation

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid announced that Senate Democrats have sent a letter to the Republican National Committee demanding that the RNC pay the taxpayers back for their Benghazi investigation.
Reid called the panel a hit job on Hillary Clinton, “Former First Lady, United States Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify before the so-called Benghazi Select Committee tomorrow. In recent weeks, it has become absolutely clear that this committee is nothing more than a political hit job on Hillary Clinton.”
On the Senate floor, Democratic Senate Leader Sen. Harry Reid summed up what this “investigation” has accomplished:
– Republicans have spent $4.7 million of taxpayer money to attack Secretary Clinton.

– Republicans have done little to investigate the Benghazi attacks.

– And what little work House Republicans actually did reconfirmed the basic findings of all of the previous investigations.
House Republicans have used the tragic deaths of four innocent Americans and turned it into an appalling political farce. The very notion that an official House Committee was used as a political tool is inexcusable. It is even more disgraceful that nearly $5 million taxpayer dollars were spent on this political hit job.
Senate Democrats will continue to fight to get this sham of a committee disbanded. Weeks ago we sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner urging him to bring this disgraceful committee to an end. Today, Senate Democrats have sent a second letter to the Republican National Committee, requesting that it reimburse the American people for the Benghazi Committee’s expenses. That seems only fair since the so-called committee is clearly a Republican political organization.
Senate Democrats aren’t standing on the sidelines. They are demanding that the Republican National Committee pay the taxpayers back the millions of dollars that they have used for their political investigation of Clinton.
Getting the money back is not enough. The best thing that could happen would be for the political leaders to hear the calls of millions of Americans and launch an independent investigation into the illegal use of taxpayer funds for partisan political purposes by House Republicans.
I suspect that after Hillary Clinton knocks down the eight-hour spectacle of staged political theater that Republicans are planning, the House Select Committee on Benghazi will go off into a corner and die a slow political death.
Republicans need to be held accountable, and nothing less than a criminal investigation is enough. The House Republican abuse of power must stop.

There've Been More Investigations Of Benghazi Than Every Other Attack In The Last 20 Years Combined

The Truth be Told


Bridgegate Moron: Obama Ruined The Credibility Of The Presidency

Here's Why Republicans Really Want a No-Fly Zone in Syria

Russian Airstrikes "No fly zone" = "make a stand against the Russians and Iranians." But presumably, "Let's have a war with Russia and Iran" didn't test well in Republicans' focus groups. "No fly zone" is a marketing euphemism for "war."

Lying Fox News 'Analyst' Remanded To Jail for Posing ‘Significant Danger’ To Community

Lying Fox News Analyst Remanded To Jail for Posing ‘Significant Danger’ To CommunityThe Fox News 'analyst' who was indicted last week for lying about being CIA has been denied bail, as a threat to the community.

Bill Kristol Is The Wrongest Person In The World Right Now

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10 Freedom Caucus Members Publicly Reject Paul Ryan, Enough To Doom His Candidacy For Speaker

Paul Ryan has a big obstacle standing the way of becoming House Speaker: Math.

Potential Speaker Ryan Issued A List Of Demands To Republicans

Rubio Claims He Would Not Be Controlled By Billionaire Donor Adelson

If you believe that, we have some land 3 miles east of Miami we could let you have cheap ...

Walker Is Ready To Turn Back The Clock On Ethics And Campaign Finance In Wisconsin

Ryan Wants To Preserve His Work/Family Balance While Making It Harder For Poor Parents

Cruz and His Mad Scramble for the Hate Vote

Cruz picked up the endorsement of notorious bigot Sandy Rios, wowed the haters at a Texas megacult, and won the teabagger caucus in NC…
Ted Cruz value voters summit It’s a good time to be a hater in America. You have an entire political cabal devoted to catering to your hating, even though there aren’t enough of you to elect even their best candidate to the highest office in the land. In fact, never in the course of human history has so little been owed by so few for so little.
On Friday, Sandy Rios, the unAmerican antiFamily Asshat’s notorious anti-gay and anti-muslim agitator, endorsed Cruz for pretender. This is the outfit that boasts Bryan Fischer, the guy who says neither jews nor christians have First Amendment rights.
Sandy Rios herself has made the news before, as when she claimed being gay crashed Amtrak or called President Obama an atheist with muslim sympathies.
It is hard to make getting Sandy Rios on your side sound like an accomplishment, but this is the kind of talk Cruz loves, announcing on his campaign website that “Citing his strong commitment to wingnut delusions and respect for the fictional wingnut 'constitution'” that Sandy Rios has endorsed him for pretender:
“I am thrilled to have the support of three of the wingnuts’ delusion strongest voices for families, religious liberty and the unborn,” said Cruz. “We are running an aggressive grassroots campaign and their help engaging and motivating wingnut trolls gives our effort a great advantage.”
Sandy Rios is the Director of Governmental Affairs for the unAmerican antiFamily Asshats, one of America’s largest, anti-family grassroots covens, and host of “Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk” which can be heard on nearly 200 stations through the unAmerican antiFamily Radio Network.
So Cruz is proud to have the endorsement of a true hater like Rios, whose politics of exclusion are much like his own and his father’s.
And Rios, as haters go, is a valuable endorsement with a large public profile. Rios made further headlines among progressives and liberals this spring when MSNBC, including Chris Matthews, had her on as a guest to discuss the supposed “religious freedom” legislation without disclosing her history of virulent rhetoric.
People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch provides a full rundown of Rios’ hate speech, and it makes truly horrific reading. At a time when Republican candidates are scrambling for the hate vote, Rios’ endorsement lends credibility to the Cruz campaign and to Ted Cruz’s conservative bona fides.
Despite Lindsey Graham’s famous warning that the hate pool is limited, the hate vote is seen as critical by Republican pretender hopefuls. The Texas Tribune reports that Cruz joined five of his fellow hopefuls – Carson, Jeb, Fiorina, Santorum and Huckabee – in Texas to talk to a crowd of 6,000 at a baptist megacult Sunday, “lamenting the receding role of 'christianity' in public life and expressing alarm about growing threats to religious freedom”:
Among the hottest topics at the North Texas Pretender Forum was religious liberty, especially in light of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in June that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Cruz was the most vocal, recalling at length a rally he held earlier this year in Iowa spotlighting people who believe they were discriminated against for religious reasons.
“As these threats grow darker and darker and darker, they are waking people up here in Texas and across this country,” said Cruz, who received a rock star reception from the home-state crowd.
CNN correspondent Athena Jones also noted the “rock star welcome” and “Lots of whistles and cheers and hoots and hollers.”
And Cruz wowed them with his hate, prompting the following exchange between Prestonwood’s pastor, Jack Graham, and Cruz:
Graham: “My goodness, you know how to fire people up. You could be a preacher.”
Cruz: “It’s even worse, I’m a PK.”
Graham: “A preacher’s kid. The Lord seems to be elevating you and giving you favor with people and you’re certainly, here in Texas, you’re back home and we’re really glad that you are.”
Standing in the bosom of darkness as he was, Cruz was no doubt glad too. He won’t be feeling that love everywhere he goes. It is difficult for us non-cultists to understand the appeal. We hear Cruz speak and shrink back in horror, mouthing, “What the f#%&…” Cruz comes across as beady-eyed, mealy-mouthed and weaselly and if one word in ten is the truth it’s a miracle.
But this is what Republicans love. And Cruz gives it to them in spades. The day after the Texas hatefest, Cruz celebrated by winning the hate-vote in North Carolina
There is no doubt the haters will vote for a Republican and there is a certain amount of satisfaction to be had in watching lunatics scrabble for the vote of a few crazies who aren’t numerous enough to elect them.
It’s sort of anti-politics, because in politics, people actually want to get elected and that doesn’t seem to be the purpose here. Rather, the goal seems to be labeled as the one who hate is the strongest. And that person, according to expert hater Sandy Rios, a lot of haters in Texas and teabagger extremists in North Carolina, is Cruz.

Cruz's Daddy BUSTED

The story on which the Cuban-American evangelical has been dining out (and collecting speaker’s fees) doesn’t quite wash.

As Trump Rampage Continues, Republican Cabal Readies Elephant Gun

Trump vows to shut down US mosques to defeat ISIL

Donald Trump (screenshot)Trump vows to shut down US mosques to defeat ISIL — but admits he’s not sure that’s legal

I Read Trump’s Favorite Book (His Own) So You Don't Have to

5 of the Biggest Acts of Corporate Hypocrisy in America

Transgender crowd’ will use magnets to suck dog from your brain

Chris Kluwe destroys Houston Texans owner over anti-HERO donation

Chris Kluwe by Joe Bielawa.Chris Kluwe destroys Houston Texans owner over anti-HERO donation
Yet another masterful takedown from gay America’s favorite straight guy.

Wingnut Equates Having Multiple Sex Partners to Rape