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Monday, September 28, 2015

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This Shrub Versus Obama Comparison Will Make Everyone Who Voted Blue Proud They Did

This Bush Versus Obama Comparison Will Make Everyone Who Voted Blue Proud They DidA comparison of the final year of Dumbyah versus the final year of Obama shows just how far we’ve come from the brink of ruin.

Hillary Clinton Unifies Democrats – Opposes Keystone XL On Climate Change Grounds

hillary clinton dnc summer meeting
There must be ten or twenty immediate reasons a person can give for opposing a foreign corporation, TransCanada’s crusade to build a dangerous tar sand pipeline across America’s heartland, and they are all valid. However, the overriding, and immediate, cause for alarm should be the devastation tar sand development, production, and transport will have on the Earth’s climate. Now, after questions about whether Democratic candidate for president Hillary Rodham Clinton will do as many disaffected “progressives” claimed was inevitable and come down on the side of big oil and the Koch brothers, the former Secretary of State and Senator announced she opposed building the Keystone XL pipeline.
What is remarkable about Clinton’s announcement was that it came in response to an audience member’s question during a campaign stop in Iowa, and not at a specially-called press briefing to make a major policy statement and grab headlines. Obviously, the subject has been on Clinton’s mind for some time or she would not have come back with such a forceful statement, or with the most valid reason for opposing Keystone XL’s construction other than restricting profits of the Koch brothers or Boehner’s stock portfolio.
Former Senator Clinton made a promise last week that she would finally make her position on the pipeline public, and unlike lying Republicans, Clinton kept her word. This is good news for the environment, efforts to combat climate change, and Americans who are rightly terrified at the prospect of a leak-prone foreign corporation’s pipeline over precious agriculture land and a major water resource for millions of Americans. Many Americans concerned about the environment were anxious because they claim President Obama is “dragging his feet on deciding its fate.” Even if President Obama decides to nix the pipeline, Republicans will continue doing the Koch brothers’ bidding and push the foreign project on the next administration.
Although Clinton was Secretary of State, the department tasked with granting a foreign corporation’s permit to build a project across America’s international border with Canada, the Koch Republican push and resulting furor over Keystone was just beginning when she left office. Just three months ago Clinton said, “If it’s undecided when I become president, I will answer your question. This is President Obama’s decision and I’m not going to second-guess him.” However, this is a presidential run and last week Hillary Clinton finally decided that, “I have been waiting for the administration to make a decision. I thought I owed them that. I can’t wait too much longer. I am putting the White House on notice. I am going to tell you what I think soon.”
What Hillary Rodham Clinton thinks about allowing a foreign corporation to endanger Americans’ water and food sources is that,
I oppose it. I oppose it because I don’t think it’s in the best interest of what we need to do to combat climate change.”
She also rightly said that the pipeline, or the push by Republicans to get it built tomorrow, was and has been “a distraction for the work we have to do to combat climate change; we need to move beyond the issue. I thought this would be decided by now. And therefore, I could tell you whether I agreed or I disagreed. But it hasn’t been decided, and I feel now I’ve got a responsibility to you and other voters who ask me about this.” Apparently Clinton feels she has a responsibility to speak out about the most important reason to oppose the pipeline. As noted NASA climate scientist James Hansen has been screaming for five years; building Keystone XL and further developing Canada’s tar sands means “game over for Earth’s climate.”
Clinton’s announcement was, for lack of a better term, ‘responded to’ in a strange way by Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. Sanders said that,
I am glad that Secretary Clinton finally has made a decision and I welcome her opposition to the pipeline.” He also added that he has opposed the pipeline “from the beginning.”
Martin O’Malley’s response was less-gracious than Senator Sanders and naturally he took what some would call a cheap shot at Clinton instead of welcoming another strong Democratic voice opposing the climate-destroying pipeline. He said,
On issue after issue-marriage equality, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, children fleeing violence in Central America, the Syrian refugee crisis, and now the Keystone Pipeline, Secretary Clinton has followed – not forged – public opinion.”
Good to know that Martin O’Malley has forged public opinion on so many important issues; particularly when most Americans have little clue exactly who Martin O’Malley is much less how he “forged” their opinions.
One risks outraged EmoProg’s condemnation, but really, with something as dangerous to the Earth’s climate as Keystone XL, it does not matter one iota who among Democrats opposed the project first, or who thinks they drove public opinion against it. Frankly, it is likely that no politician ever forges public opinion; not Bernie Sanders, not Martin O’Malley, not Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama and it is political vanity to believe otherwise. Perhaps just welcoming Hillary Clinton’s opposition would have sufficed in a unified Democratic base, but Senator Sanders and former governor O’Malley both understand that many of their supporters on the ‘Emoprog’ left demand attacks against Clinton; even if they are tepid and amount to “I did it first;” they are childish like that.
For many Americans concerned about the devastation already being wreaked on the environment, Americans’ health, and the economy, a unified Democratic front in opposition to the pipeline is great news. It is particularly great news because this week all eyes are focused on Pope Francis’ visit to America and his address to Congress that will surely include schooling Republicans on their obstructionist tactics to block action on climate change. Whatever one thinks about Hillary Clinton, or why they think she waited to come out against allowing a foreign corporation’s project being built on American soil, her statement that she opposes the pipeline because it is a distraction for the work “we have to do to combat climate change” means that Democrats are unified on the subject; something that should worry Republicans.

Clinton Plans To Improve Obamacare By Capping Drug Costs

Clinton Plans To Improve Obamacare By Capping Drug Costs

A Republican Just Offered A Serious Idea For Combating The Gender Wage Gap

Government Shutdown Would Cut Off Food Stamps To Tens Of Millions, USDA Says

Mathematician Declares War On Kansas Republicans For Committing Election Fraud

Image via Pitch.comA Wichita State University statistician is on a mission to prove that Kansas Republicans have committed election fraud.

‘Republicans Can’t Answer This One Question’

Bernie Sanders: ‘Republicans Can’t Answer This One Question’ (VIDEO)
Bernie Sanders silences cocky Republicans on Capital Hill every time he asks them this one question.

All Of The Ways Republicans In Congress Are Going After Your Reproductive Rights

Nine Things The Pope Said At The White House That Pissed Off The Republicans

Nine Things The Pope Said At The White House That Will Piss Off The Republicans (VIDEO)Here are nine things Pope Francis said that will make the republican cabal and Fox News totally lose their shpadoinkle.

Fox hack explodes in 20-minute tirade after Pope Francis praises Obama on climate change

Fox Business host Stuart Varney (screen grab)Fox hack explodes in 20-minute tirade after Pope Francis praises Obama on climate change

Religio-Wingnuts Encounter the Constitution and Toss their Collective Cookies

The Religio-wingnuts had a bad week with Constitution. 
You wouldn't think people could be this, well, dirt stupid, but they can, and they are…
Perkins-fire Oh, they are at it again, yes they are. Fresh from the Kim Davis martyrdom, we have just seen Republicans try (and fail) to impose a 20-week abortion ban on American women, and Carson state categorically (and in defiance of the United States Constitution) that a Muslim should not be president.
Not content, those who had not already jumped on the stupid bandwagon, hastened to follow. Perkins, eager to reveal that he, too, has failed to read the Constitution, jumped in with Carson, claiming on his “Washington Watch” radio program that islam doesn’t have First Amendment protections because it’s not really a religion:
Religious freedom and our liberty is ordered liberty under the Constitution. And as Dr. Carson pointed out, and I know this is driving the left crazy, that Islam is not just a religion, Islam is an economic system, it is a judicial system, it is a compressive system which is incompatible with the Constitution. That’s what Dr. Carson said and he happens to be correct.
Of course, if islam is not really a religion, then neither is christianity. How is it, if christianity is not a judicial system, that the religio-wingnuts want to control our lives with its own version of Sharia Law, called the Law of Moses? And if it is not an economic system, why do they subject us to endless Barton monologues on the subject? Why claim jesus was a capitalist, that capitalism was in his DNA?
As far as what is or is not a religion, islam was understood by our Founding Fathers to be a religion, just as was christianity. It is the world’s second-largest religion, in fact. And the religio-wingnuts want to delegitimize and disenfranchise it on the sole basis that it is not christianity.
Never mind that we could argue Perkins’ own religion is not christianity either. Given the absence, you know, of anything resembling christ.
But Perkins was far from the only one talking out of his backside.
Hate speech radio hack Savage says (and I’m paraphrasing here, but accurately, I think) that only psychopaths are tolerant. I know, right?
President Obama appointed a gay men to be Secretary of the Army, and of course, the religio-wingnuts lost their cookies, heads exploded, and absolute mayhem ensued, along with the death of all common sense and reason.
Huckabee already informed us all that “Homosexuality is not a job qualification,” but Savage went a step further and claimed on Friday,
You don’t understand that a person can be insane and not look crazy, you don’t understand the definition of psychopaths, do you? We have an openly mad president who is doing everything he can as quickly as he can to decimate everything that this country stood for, stands for and would stand for.
Savage isn’t making any sense. Apparently, gay men “decimate” what he stands for, which as we can all see, is an unreasoning hatred and bigotry of everyone not like himself (or as some are sure to suggest, everyone like himself, if you take my meaning).
And he wasn’t finished:
As Brian Tashman describes it on Right Wing Watch:
Savage, who recently wondered if seltzer water’s “little bubbles of carbon dioxide poisoned the brains” of liberals, also beseeched his listeners not to listen to “the communist, Maoist vermin in the media” composed of “left-wing America-haters, family-haters, dog-haters, church-haters, family-haters, drug addicts almost every last one of them.”
“Almost every one of those psycho-leftists are on drugs.”
Haters gonna hate. And then claim everybody else is the hater. I think we know who the psychopath is. I can’t remember our articulate president ever talking like this.
Which leaves us Cass of the 'christian' anti-defamation coven, who, in defense of Kim Davis, says elected officials should refuse to obey “unlawful” orders from “an increasingly tyrannical, statist, secular government” – because those orders don’t come from dog.
You would like to ask yourself what part of the United States Constitution Cass doesn’t understand, but you’d be wasting your time. Yeah, you don’t get this kind of stupidity every day. I’d direct Cass myself to the Constitution but he wouldn’t read it anyway, because it would violate his belief that it is something it is not.
Simply put, dog doesn’t run the country. Never did. Never will. Can’t hold office, can’t vote. Dog isn’t in the Constitution.
Political power belongs to us, the people. And we don’t speak for dog. We speak for ourselves, and chose the leaders we want – at least when Republicans aren’t rigging elections and turning our votes into votes for them.
Collectively, the religio-wingnuts sound like a bunch of little kids shrieking as they watch a horror movie. And that is what the United States Constitution is for them: a horror movie. A movie where everybody has equal rights, even people who follow other religions, even women, and even gays and lesbians oh my.
They so badly want the United States Constitution to be the bible that they insist they are identical even when they’re nothing alike, even when the Founders expressly rejected religious tyranny in their writings, and warned of mixing religion and government. You wouldn’t think people could be this…well, dirt stupid…but they can, and they are.
It’s been hard on the religio-wingnuts lately, and its getting harder with Bernie Sanders, and now the Pope, piling on. If you want them dry-heaving, you can do your part by choosing each day to be a good human being and showing a little tolerance of the diverse and pluralistic culture around you. They really hate that.
Really, we should be good people just because we should, but let’s face it, a little added incentive doesn’t hurt.

Texas wingnut cabal promotes viciously anti-muslim blog post

A Texas Republican coven tweeted — and then deleted — a link to a viciously anti-muslim blog post.

I Feel 'Sorry' For Coulter

She opens a window into her soul, and the fetid stench is enough to knock you over.

Carson Outraged That Liberals Are Mocking Him For Believing Scientists Are Sent By The Devil

Ben Carson Outraged That Liberals Are Mocking Him For Believing Scientists Are Sent By The Devil (VIDEO)Carson: Don’t “denigrate me for” my belief that evolution is a Satanic lie.

Even Republicans Reject Another Shrub as Jeb Falls to Sixth Place In Iowa

Jeb is tied for sixth place in Iowa with Huckabee at a weak 6 percent of the vote in the Republican cabal field.… 
A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of Iowa Republican voters released on September 22nd shows the Republican cabal race still being dominated by political outsiders. Trump continues to lead with 24 percent, to 17 percent for Carson, and 13 percent for Fiorina. Behind the three candidates who have never held elected office, Cruz (TX) and Rubio (FL) round out the top five, each polling at 8 percent support.
Conspicuously absent from the lead pack is former Jeb. Jeb is tied for sixth place in Iowa with Huckabee. Both men are polling just 6 percent in the Hawkeye state. Jeb continues to hemorrhage support in Iowa. A month ago he was in fourth place at 11 percent, but in the past thirty days he has seen his support nearly cut in half.
Jeb hasn’t done himself any favors by reminding voters of his family connection with the failed juntas of his brother and his father. While Republican cabal voters are less likely than the general population to view the shrub’s junta negatively, even they can become uneasy when Jeb says silly things about his brother “keeping us safe”.
Jeb’s struggles in Iowa, and across the nation, are likely to continue, because Republican voters do not particularly like him. In Iowa, 40 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of Jeb, compared to just 38 percent who hold a favorable opinion of him. With such tepid support from the party’s base, Jeb has little room to grow.
The only candidate who saw a comparable decline in support in Iowa from August to September was Wisconsin's idiot Walker, and he saw the writing on the wall and quit. Jeb managed to stay one percentage point above the Walker line in Iowa (Walker polled 5 percent in the PPP survey, which was conducted prior to his announcement that he was suspending his campaign).
However, unless jeb picks up momentum soon, he could be the next major Republican candidate to exit the race for lack of support. Given the direction his poll numbers are heading, it may not be long before we say good bye to Jeb’s 2016 candidacy. Even Republican voters seem uninterested in another shrub junta.

There’s Nothing Better Than Colbert Effortlessly Making Fun Of Trump To His Face

There’s Nothing Better Than Colbert Effortlessly Making Fun Of Trump To His Face (VIDEO)
This entire interview was fan-freaking-tastic…

The Lunatic Fringe Is Melting Down: Trump Declares He Will No Longer Appear On Fox News

The Trump caused Republican meltdown has now consumed Fox News, as the Republican frontrunner has announced that he will no longer appear on Fox.
trrump-fox-logoDonald Trump is tearing at the core fibers of the Republican Party. Fox News is the media megaphone that keeps the right united. If there is one thing that Republicans can agree on, it is that they trust Fox. Well, they used to trust Fox News until Trump came along.
The billionaire is using Fox News’s own argument against them. Fox is built on the idea that the rest of the media is liberally biased and treats Republicans unfairly. Fox News has spent decades drilling the message into their viewers heads that the media is out to get them.
The message itself built a weakness into the Fox News/viewer relationship. If Fox News viewers believe that there is bias in the media, since the network itself is a part of the media, it has always been possible for their own viewers to figure out that bias exists at Fox News.
Republicans don’t care if the network is biased against Democrats, but they do care if Fox appears biased against other Republicans. Trump is turning Fox News’s own viewers against them, and Fox place as a crucial role in the Republican cabal.
As the Republican cabal has become more fragmented, Fox News has been a consistently unifying message delivery system. By attacking one of the few pillars of Republican unity, Trump is turning the cabal’s primary into a total free for all.
If Republican viewers doubt the credibility of Fox News, they will be open to getting their information from somewhere else a.k.a. Trump. Fox News needs access to the Republican frontrunner more than Trump needs access to them.
The worst possible scenario is becoming a reality for the Republican cabal. Trump is exploiting the divides on the lunatic fringe, and blowing up the Republican cabal. This is great news for Democrats, as even Fox News is being taken down a few pegs by Trump.

South Park Takes On Trump And The Anti-Immigrant Wingnuts

South Park Takes On Donald Trump And The Anti-Immigrant Right (VIDEO)
South Park is taking on Trump and the anti-immigrant wingnuts in America.
Read more 

Trump To Wingnut Cabal Exposing His Flaws: Pull Your Attack Ad Or Get Sued

Trump To GOP Group Exposing His Flaws: Pull Your Attack Ad Or Get Sued (VIDEO)So I guess this means he’ll sue his opponents every time they run an anti-Trump ad, too.