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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Lunatic Fringe Is Melting Down: Trump Declares He Will No Longer Appear On Fox News

The Trump caused Republican meltdown has now consumed Fox News, as the Republican frontrunner has announced that he will no longer appear on Fox.
trrump-fox-logoDonald Trump is tearing at the core fibers of the Republican Party. Fox News is the media megaphone that keeps the right united. If there is one thing that Republicans can agree on, it is that they trust Fox. Well, they used to trust Fox News until Trump came along.
The billionaire is using Fox News’s own argument against them. Fox is built on the idea that the rest of the media is liberally biased and treats Republicans unfairly. Fox News has spent decades drilling the message into their viewers heads that the media is out to get them.
The message itself built a weakness into the Fox News/viewer relationship. If Fox News viewers believe that there is bias in the media, since the network itself is a part of the media, it has always been possible for their own viewers to figure out that bias exists at Fox News.
Republicans don’t care if the network is biased against Democrats, but they do care if Fox appears biased against other Republicans. Trump is turning Fox News’s own viewers against them, and Fox place as a crucial role in the Republican cabal.
As the Republican cabal has become more fragmented, Fox News has been a consistently unifying message delivery system. By attacking one of the few pillars of Republican unity, Trump is turning the cabal’s primary into a total free for all.
If Republican viewers doubt the credibility of Fox News, they will be open to getting their information from somewhere else a.k.a. Trump. Fox News needs access to the Republican frontrunner more than Trump needs access to them.
The worst possible scenario is becoming a reality for the Republican cabal. Trump is exploiting the divides on the lunatic fringe, and blowing up the Republican cabal. This is great news for Democrats, as even Fox News is being taken down a few pegs by Trump.

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