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Monday, September 28, 2015

Even Republicans Reject Another Shrub as Jeb Falls to Sixth Place In Iowa

Jeb is tied for sixth place in Iowa with Huckabee at a weak 6 percent of the vote in the Republican cabal field.… 
A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of Iowa Republican voters released on September 22nd shows the Republican cabal race still being dominated by political outsiders. Trump continues to lead with 24 percent, to 17 percent for Carson, and 13 percent for Fiorina. Behind the three candidates who have never held elected office, Cruz (TX) and Rubio (FL) round out the top five, each polling at 8 percent support.
Conspicuously absent from the lead pack is former Jeb. Jeb is tied for sixth place in Iowa with Huckabee. Both men are polling just 6 percent in the Hawkeye state. Jeb continues to hemorrhage support in Iowa. A month ago he was in fourth place at 11 percent, but in the past thirty days he has seen his support nearly cut in half.
Jeb hasn’t done himself any favors by reminding voters of his family connection with the failed juntas of his brother and his father. While Republican cabal voters are less likely than the general population to view the shrub’s junta negatively, even they can become uneasy when Jeb says silly things about his brother “keeping us safe”.
Jeb’s struggles in Iowa, and across the nation, are likely to continue, because Republican voters do not particularly like him. In Iowa, 40 percent of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of Jeb, compared to just 38 percent who hold a favorable opinion of him. With such tepid support from the party’s base, Jeb has little room to grow.
The only candidate who saw a comparable decline in support in Iowa from August to September was Wisconsin's idiot Walker, and he saw the writing on the wall and quit. Jeb managed to stay one percentage point above the Walker line in Iowa (Walker polled 5 percent in the PPP survey, which was conducted prior to his announcement that he was suspending his campaign).
However, unless jeb picks up momentum soon, he could be the next major Republican candidate to exit the race for lack of support. Given the direction his poll numbers are heading, it may not be long before we say good bye to Jeb’s 2016 candidacy. Even Republican voters seem uninterested in another shrub junta.

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