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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Republicans can't do Origami - it takes talent ... !
Today is - Origami day
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Birth Control Is Back Before The Supreme Court

10 Reasons Why Republicans Vote For Stupid People

10 Reasons Why Republicans Vote For Stupid People
Why do you think Republicans vote for stupid people?

Clinton Will Be 'Infinitely Better' On Her Worst Day Than Any Republican On His Best

Hewitt Pushes Latest Wingnut Fake 'Scandal' On Clinton's Email Server

Hugh Hewitt Pushes Latest Right Wing Fake 'Scandal' On Clinton's Email ServerNever mind that the Director of National Intelligence just cleared Clinton of having any classified information on her server, the lunatic fringe is going to continue to beat this dead horse until it's unrecognizable.

Simpson Slams 'Hypocrite' Companies For Making Billions While Opposing $15 Min. Wage

Morality police ‘ask for jesus while they’re diddling their secretary’

Alan Simpson speaks to KULR (screen grab)Simpson: Morality police ‘ask for jesus while they’re diddling their secretary’

‘Male violence against women’ is really the fault of ‘oversexualized’ girls

Sabrina Schaeffer speaks to PBS (screen grab)
Wingnut women’s coven leader: ‘Male violence against women’ is really the fault of ‘oversexualized’ girls

Is it a coincidence Vitter wants to make solar more expensive after getting $1 million from big oil?

Solar power represents a growing threat to oil producers, and both the Edison Institute and the Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity have run ads in various states warning of drastic rate increases for utilities over renewable energy fears.

‘It’s not American — it’s xenophobia’

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking in Las Vegas -- (RT - Screencap)
Fiery Bernie Sanders rips ‘old fashioned racism’ of Trump: ‘It’s not American — it’s xenophobia’

Fiscal 'Conservative' Walker Begs For Help Paying Off Million Dollar Failed Campaign Debt

Image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/8570675692During his failed campaign, Walker was spending $90,000 A DAY trying to get America to like him. It didn’t work and now he owes a fortune.

Wingnut Governor’s Junta Falsified Documents, Rigged Tests In Flint Water Reports

Featured image credit: Erin Brockovich via FacebookFar from being a “mistake,” falsified documents, skewed testing and criminal conduct inside the junta of Michigan's idiot Snyder caused Flint’s poisoned water. Here’s the proof.

Wisconsin Begins Drug Testing For Unemployment And Food Stamp Applicants, Which Is Illegal

New Jersey's Idiot Christie Vetoes Legislation Making It Easier To Vote In New Jersey

New Jersey's Idiot Christie Vetoes Legislation Making It Easier To Vote In New Jersey

Carson’s Statements On Drug Addiction Compared To A ‘Real’ Neuroscientist’s

Ben Carson’s Statements On Drug Addiction Compared To A ‘Real’ Neuroscientist’s (VIDEO)
Go home Carson, you’re drunk.
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Carson’s “proof” for story about hoax class is literally parody

Ben Carson, screenshot via YouTubeCarson’s “proof” for story about hoax class is literally parody
This is getting ridiculous.

A Pattern of Embellishments That Matter: Why The Media Should Be Investigating Carson

The major problem with Carson's tendency to embellish memories in a way that glorifies himself is it's best if a world leader is in touch with reality.…
ben-carson-eyes-wide-shutMaybe the media is crucifying Carson over nitpicking details. He clearly believes he is the only candidate this has ever happened to. And after all, Sunday morning Carson posted proof of one of his stories.
The top polling Republican pretender candidate is offering up proof for a story he told in his book “Gifted Hands” that the Wall Street Journal couldn’t verify about Carson being the only student willing to retake his psychology test after the professor said all of the tests burned, which resulted in the professor calling Carson the most honest student.
Follow this: The “proof” is a Yale Daily News post based on a parody issue of the News published by the Yale Record. Phew. Carson even shared the “evidence” on Facebook:
Ben Carson Facebook Post
Carson wants an apology, writing on Facebook, “On Saturday a reporter with the Wall Street Journal published a story that my account of being the victim of a hoax at Yale where students were led to believe the exams they had just taken were destroyed and we needed to retake the exam was false. The reporter claimed that no evidence existed to back up my story. Even went so far as to say the class didn’t exist.
Well here is the student newspaper account of the incident that occurred on January 14, 1970.
Will an apology be coming. I doubt it.”
Is he entitled to an apology from the Wall Street Journal?
The clipping is almost like the Carson story, in which 150 students walked out of a “Perceptions 301” class after the professor announced that everyone had to retake their psychology test due to the tests being burnt and the new exam was even tougher. Carson wrote that after he was the only student to stay in order to take the exam, a photographer from the Yale Daily News approached him to take his picture. The professor then announced it had been a hoax to see who was most honest, and offered Carson $10 for being the most honest student.
But the clipping being offered as proof doesn’t have any of those details – it’s basically a fake story about some Psychology 10 papers burning that fooled several students into taking a fake make up exam. Both are hoaxes, but the rest of the details are wrong.
The Wall Street Journal couldn’t find this photo Carson said was taken nor any mention in the paper of a class called Perceptions 301. OK, those could be minor details one would hope a writer would vet before publishing their own book, but not really a big deal.
The big deal is that no one was glorified as most honest.
In all of Carson’s stories that are currently at issue, unable to be verified, he is either glorified or violent, proof for the Republican evangelical base of his major redemption. It doesn’t work if these things didn’t happen.
While some journalists are arguing that these might be mild memory discrepancies, there is a pattern emerging that suggests that Carson has a very active imagination that turns even a parody in the college paper into an event where he is being honored as a result of his religious redemption.
Does Carson believe his own version of reality, even when confronted with contradictory facts? It seems so.
Politico’s money guy Ben White, whose opinions are usually pretty conservative, thinks Carson’s complaints about being vetted are unfounded, as this happens to every presidential candidate, “Also tell him to talk to Bill Clinton about draft-gate, marijuana-gate, Monica-gate, whitewater et al”:
Vetting happens to all presidential candidates. It’s not pleasant. It could be argued that we have taken it too far so as to eliminate anyone who is human, but Carson is not the person to make that argument.
The major problem with Carson’s tendency to embellish memories in a way that glorifies himself is it’s best if a world leader is in touch with reality. It isn’t about whether this specific meeting took place on Memorial Day (turns out the General was in Detroit later several months earlier, so it’s possible Carson mixed the dates up) or he made up this one story; but rather that there is a pattern of embellishment bordering on grandiosity that is troubling.
A person has to have a large ego to run for pretender, so a few embarrassing embellishments are to be expected. In fact we’ve seen this habit in most modern day presidents; but not so consistently as to suggest an inability to see things as they really are most of the time.
And if they do have this habit, they quickly learn that there is a new standard when running for president. Carson has no intention of learning this, he isn’t going to adjust. He isn’t taking in the widely available information and assimilating it in order to function better as a presidential candidate.
Carson is stuck gazing at that big painting of himself above his own fireplace, and no unpleasant tinges of reality are going go get through to him.

A Martyr In His Own Mind: Carson Thinks He’s Doing You A Favor By Running For Pretender

NBC Meet the Press interview with Chris JansingMuch like his Republican opponent Jeb, Carson would rather be doing something else other than running for president. But sacrifices must be made. You’re welcome.
In an NBC Meet the Press interview with Chris Jansing, the Republican pretender candidate announced that he would rather be doing something else. This is not fun for Carson, but he is doing it because it’s the least he can do for our freedoms.
“Would I have preferred to be doing something else? Certainly,” he said. “But it is important to me. And when I think about the sacrifices that were made by those who preceded us in order that we might have the freedom that we have now, it’s the very least that I can do.”
Carson continued to complain about the media for trying to vet him after NBC also talked to four people who knew him in grade school and failed to find one person to corroborate the stories he told in his books about his pathological temper and subsequent redemption. CNN and NBC both tried and failed to find one person who saw Carson’s temper in his youth, a redemption story that is central to his popularity with the Republican evangelical base.
Carson proudly attributed the media’s bias to firing up his supporters, saying it’s almost an “us versus them thing”, which is actually nothing new for politicians and especially Republicans who are usually able to successfully blame the media for their own failings.
The top polling Republican candidate wouldn’t confirm that it was now his brother whom he attacked, and said his brother wouldn’t be discussing the alleged violent episodes Carson referred to in his book, in which he says he referred to attacking a friend whom he a few days ago claimed was actually his brother (this was not noted in his book, contrary to normal procedure).
“My brother’s not interested in talking to the media,” Carson said. “And a number of other people aren’t either, that I’ve talked to.”
Dr. Carson hasn’t been able to prove that he almost took a hammer to his mother or tried to stab a friend as he claimed.
There is no evidence that Carson was offered admission to West Point as he has claimed many times. The dinner he claimed this offer came after did not happen when he said it did, and there is no evidence it happened at all right now. When confronted with this, Carson said this episode took place but he might have gotten the timing wrong.
When asked why no one remembers him playing the role of rescuing white students in a riot as he claimed or why the Wall Street Journal couldn’t find any evidence that the Yale story about being called the “Most Honest” student he told was accurate, Carson complained about that no one vetted President Obama and his college records are sealed.
NBC’s Chris Jansing came right back, “I’d love to see your college records, would you like to release them?”
Carson dodged this offer, and tossed back a ball saying they should ask only if he were intentionally hiding records like he believes President Obama is doing. So that’s a no to unsealing his records at this time. But later when asked what he thinks is fair game regarding vetting, he mentioned things like criminal activity, which doesn’t support his ongoing obsession with President Obama’s college transcripts.
Carson feels he is being unfairly vetted because he is a threat to “secular progressive movement in this country.” So Carson thinks he’s being unfairly vetted because of his religious beliefs, that’s the underlying message. He’s bordering on the same grandiose martyrdom we see in Cruz, Bachmann and Palin, “I’m a very big threat because they can look at the polling data and they can see that I’m the candidate who’s most likely to be able to beat Hillary Clinton. They see that.”
Jansing asked if this was fun for him, and Carson replied, “Would I have preferred to be doing something else? Certainly. But it is important to me. And when I think about the sacrifices that were made by those who preceded us in order that we might have the freedom that we have now, it’s the very least that I can do.”
Carson is going through all of this for our freedoms. He’s a martyr already in his own mind.

‘Welcome to the big leagues'

Daily Beast correspondent Jackie Kucinch on CNN's New Day - screencapture
‘Welcome to the big leagues': CNN guest mocks Carson for whining about reporters asking questions

After Scrutiny From Outlets Owned By Wingnuts, Carson Blames ‘Secular Progressive Movement’