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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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President Obama’s Fiscal Discipline Cuts the Federal Deficit Below The 50-Year Average

If Americans need an example of true fiscal responsibility, they can look at the state of the economy under a fiscally responsible Democrat, President Barack Obama.
President Obama
One of the predictable aspects of any Republican campaign is their promise to bring fiscal responsibility to government, rein in federal spending, slash debt and deficits, and foster an economic boom unseen in human history by giving the rich greater tax cuts. By now only a person who has been comatose for the past thirty-five years is unaware that fiscal responsibility is contrary to any Republican’s economic agenda. An agenda that entails higher spending, greater debt, and fewer services for the people under the guise of budgetary constraint. Those policies are not and have never been fiscally responsible; they are fiscally responsible and unique to every Republican juntas’ economic failure.
If Americans need an example of true fiscal responsibility, they can look at the state of the economy under a fiscally responsible Democrat, President Barack Obama. It was mentioned slightly earlier this month, but worth noting again; the Treasury Department reporteda shrinking federal deficit” of $439 billion for fiscal year 2015. Those numbers are not only the lowest since 2007, they are lower than predicted earlier this year. In fact, the Treasury Department also reported that in the final month of fiscal 2015 the “federal government ran a budget surplus.”
However, it is not just that the actual dollar amount is the lowest since before the Republican-created Great Recession and economic catastrophe. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), “the Federal deficit is now lower than the average going back to 1965” when it is measured, as it typically is, as a portion of the size of the nation’s entire economy.
When measured as a percentage of the overall economy, for fiscal 2015 the federal deficit was 2.5 percent of GDP; the historical 50-year average stands at 2.7 percent. That figure is more than noteworthy, but particularly so because every Republican, deficit hawk, and conservative economist claims that President Obama is like every Democrat; “an out-of-control spending machine” driving the nation into catastrophic and unsustainable debt. What Republicans will never say is that when it comes to fiscal responsibility, Barack Obama is setting the standard Republicans could never achieve.
The falling budget deficit is all the more impressive because when Barack Obama entered the White House, the shrub left him a $1.3 trillion budget deficit for fiscal year 2009. That number represented 10 percent of the nation’s GDP revealing that President Obama’s “turnaround” is over seven points. Real fiscal responsibility is cutting a huge deficit by over three-quarters within six years. All while saving the nation’s economy from certain catastrophe, paying for the shrub’s two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the rich, creating millions upon millions of jobs, and enacting health care insurance reform for millions of Americans.
The last fiscally responsible president, Bill Clinton, had a very typical and respectable Democratic “turnaround” after Republican debt creation, but as remarkable as it was, President Obama’s is better. Bill Clinton inherited another Republican’s budget deficit that was “roughly 4 percent of GDP” that he turned into a 2 percent of GDP surplus in eight years. But President Obama can boast a 7 point turnaround in six years while suffering through four years of an extremely hostile Congress and six years of Republican malfeasance designed to destroy any chance of economic recovery.
Americans have witnessed for themselves exactly what happens under Republicans’ vaunted “fiscal responsibility” at the federal level during the last Republican junta; the rich got monumental tax cuts, debt and deficits exploded, government spending ballooned, and services were slashed. If Americans are too memory-challenged to harken back to the shrub era’s Great Recession and $1.3 trillion budget deficit as a parting gift, they can look at the current effects of fiscally-responsible Republican governors and legislatures in states such as Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Wisconsin to get a real-time demonstration of how badly Republicans fail at being fiscally responsible. If Americans want to see a real-time example of what Democratic fiscal responsibility looks like and they refuse to see President Obama’s success at the federal level, they should look no farther than California.
Under successive Republican juntas and legislatures all promoting their economic agenda and policies as epitomizing “fiscal conservatism and responsibility,” California fell so deeply in debt its credit was considered “junk” and Republicans borrowed the state into near-bankruptcy. All the while, none of the borrowed money went to the people in the form of government programs because it barely covered the tax cuts for the wealthy. Today, after a Democratic governor and legislature brought real fiscal responsibility to bear on Republican economic insanity, the state is thriving with a budget surplus, the Republicans’ debt are being erased, and the people’s services are being restored.
After hearing Republican pretender candidates continually boast that only a Republican can reduce debt and deficits by being fiscally responsible, it was refreshing to see the Treasury’s report that no administration, especially no Republican junta, has been more fiscally disciplined or responsible over the past 50 years than President Obama. Republicans definitely need a lesson in what it means to truly be fiscally responsible, but until they abandon their “precious fiscal conservatism” gospel that entails out-of-control spending and increasing budget deficits, they will just have to dream of being as fiscally responsible as Barack Obama; a point the mainstream media will never report.

Bernie Sanders Releases His First TV Ad And It’s Perfect For His Message

Bernie Sanders Releases His First TV Ad And It’s Perfect For His Message (VIDEO)
This ad nails the reasons supporters say they love Bernie Sanders.
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House Democrats Waste No Time In Fighting Back Against Ryan’s Lies

steny hoyer face the nation
Assistant Democratic Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) called out Ryan for lying about immigration reform and warned the new speaker that his pro-billionaire economic agenda is dead on arrival.
Transcript via Face The Nation:
DICKERSON: He talked about a bold vision. And when he offered bold visions in his budget years, it was often a big, big target for democrats. I mean isn’t that a recipe — if he’s going to offer bold vision — for more fighting over ideology?

HOYER: Well, if he’s going to offer, as he says, movement conservative bold visions, yes, the answer to that is — is correct. We’re not for changing Social Security as it exists today. We’re for strengthening it. We’re not for making Medicare a voucher program. So some of those bold vision that he talks about are things that are worthy of a good debate we think we win that debate with the American public.
On the other hand, to the extent he wants to sit down work collaboratively to solve problems, one of those is comprehensive immigration reform and he’s already taken that off the table because they don’t trust the president. I’m not sure what that has to do with the House of Representatives passing substantive, constructive legislation that the — that the chamber of commerce supports and labor supports and a broad spectrum of the country supports.
Hoyer was reacting to Ryan’s claim that he will not allow a vote on immigration reform because President Obama is “untrustworthy.”
House Democrats are going to sit around and let Ryan pile up lie filled excuses as for why he refuses to do his job and allow votes on bills that a majority of Americans support.
Ryan is also on notice that his economic agenda is dead on arrival. Ryan is not going to be able to use his position to push gutting Social Security and Medicare. Ryan’s “bold vision” for the House is about to run into a brick wall if he insists on pushing his unpopular agenda.
The message is clear. Ryan is going to be in for a bumpy ride if he refuses to work with Democrats.



Republican Translator: Your Go-To Guide For Understanding Republican Cabal Catchphrases

Republican Translator: Your Go-To Guide For Understanding GOP Catchphrases
As the election heats up, you’ll want to keep this handy guide close by.
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Republicans Would Tank the Economy Again, Given Another Chance

Why the Republican Cabal Establishment Is Powerless Against the Lunatic Fringe’s Onslaught

Barton Claims Wingnuts Want to Know All the Facts Before They Speak

Barton who invents 'facts' like nobody else, claims conservatives like him don't open their mouths unless they know all the facts…
barton-facts Barton, American wingnuttery’s official fake historian, has organized a collection of fake Founding Father quotes at his website, WallBuilders, and authored a fake biography of Thomas Jefferson which was so egregiously dishonest that its publisher yanked it from the shelves.
So when Barton made an appearance on his pal in hate Beck’s show this week to tell us that “wingnuts don’t want to speak until they feel like they’ve mastered the facts about whatever the subject is that is under discussion,” we can only laugh.
Has he ever seen Carson open his mouth? Or Fiorina? Or Trump? Or Cruz? Or  Boehner, or fellow epic liar Ryan?
Why is it that wingnuts are convinced that they are in the minority? In reality, we’re not, but we think we are … According to statistics, when you look at the groups of liberals, and moderates and wingnuts, wingnuts are by far the most silent of those three groups. They’re least likely to speak up, and why is that? It’s because conservatives don’t want to speak until they feel like they’ve mastered the facts about whatever the subject is that is under discussion. Now, liberals or moderates, they’re happy to give you their opinion and tell you what they think, regardless of whether they know the facts. But conservatives don’t like doing that, they want to know the facts before they answer what are often wild and baseless claims made by liberals and moderates.
In fact, never has there been a man more eager to invent information to suit the needs of the religio-wingnuts’ agenda for America. His most recent lie was a whopper: that the United States Constitution puts dog’s law above man’s law. I don’t know how it does this when it doesn’t even mention dog, let alone dog’s law.
He has also recently claimed that:
  • Retirement is a Pagan concept based on his reading of the bible;
  • That a lawsuit which did not take place proves he did not lie;
  • That evangelical voters have been ignored by both parties;
  • That the Founding Fathers did not grant women the right to vote (in fact, they left that up to the states);
  • That the bible rules out the alleged existence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • That the due process clause comes from the bible – it doesn’t: it’s origins are in fact found in Medieval England;
  • The Founding Fathers settled the Evolution debate even before there was a debate.
And last but not least, actually claims the bible, which in fact legitimizes slavery, opposes slavery.
As you can see, knowledge of the facts is the last thing on Barton’s mind when he opens his mouth. The truth is, Barton is a gifted liar with terrible fashion sense. He is hardly able to speak without lying, including, as we see here, about lying.
Dishonesty is endemic among wingnuts today: Paul Krugman has dealt with the general level of dishonesty at the Republican debates, and you are going to see today, when Ryan hits five Sunday news shows, what sort of mastery of facts wingnuts possess.
In a cabal of liars, he is a liar among liars. In fact if there is anyone who cares less about facts, we would be hard-pressed to identify him. And this is the man so many Republicans have depended upon for the “academic” underpinnings of their agendas.
Leave it to Republicans to think a guy with a Bachelor of Arts degree in religious education from Oral Roberts University is a historian.

Comedy Show: No, Trump Wasn’t Invited To Appear On The Program

The HBO comedy show, "Last Week Tonight" responded Sunday to Republican Donald Trump's latest critique of its program.
Host of the program John Oliver said Friday that he was not interested in having the real estate mogul on his show.
Trump did as Trump does and tweeted about it:
.@thehill John Oliver had his people call to ask me to be on his very boring and low rated show. I said "NO THANKS" Waste of time & energy!
And the comedy show refuted Trump's statement.
Here's what was posted on Facebook:

Badass Anthony Bourdain Drops A HUGE Truth Bomb On Trump’s Immigration Scam

Badass Anthony Bourdain Drops A HUGE Truth Bomb On Donald Trump’s Immigration Scam (AUDIO)
Anthony Bourdain totally nailed Trump’s immigration nonsense.
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David Brooks Compares Jeb To A Laxative

David Brooks Compares Jeb! To A Laxative
This is why they pay him the big bucks over at The New York Times folks.

Richard Dawkins Rips Carson: Promoting Creationism Makes Him A 'Disgrace' As A Doctor

Richard Dawkins Rips Ben Carson: Promoting Creationism Makes Him A 'Disgrace' As A Doctor

Carson Whines That Candidates Shouldn’t Be Challenged By Moderators During Debates

Image via Flickr
Carson clearly misses the point of why we have debates in this country.
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Wingnut's wife: Blame Obama if Republicans shut down government over Planned Parenthood

Rachel Campos-Duffy speaks to Fox News (screen grab)
Former MTV The Real World cast member — and wife of Republican moron Duffy (WI) — Rachel Campos-Duffy said on CNN Sunday that President Barack Obama is so determined to fund Planned Parenthood that he will “shut down the government” to do it.

Whiny Republicans And Creeper Fundamentalists ...

Well hello there, time for your weekly top ten list, and it is also NOVEMBER OH MY HOW TIME FLIES! 

5 Comically Crazy Wingnut Moments This Week

ACLU Video Nails Corrupt, Lying Wingnut Governor To The Wall

Featured image credit: video screen capture ACLU of Michigan via youtube
After potentially poisoning thousands of citizens, Republican Snyder and his puppets are furiously trying to rewrite history.
But the ACLU isn’t letting them get away with it.

This One Meme Perfectly Shows How Ignorant Wingnuts Are About Freedom In The U.S.

Islamophobia in America is a serious problem. Anti-muslim protesters are standing outside of mosques demanding that they be shut down and destroyed. And,...