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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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President Obama Shows Republicans How It’s Done Via True Leadership In Dark Moments

President Barack Obama convenes a meeting in the Situation Room to discuss the latest on the San Bernardino, Calif., shootings, Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 . (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
President Barack Obama convenes a meeting in the Situation Room to discuss the latest on the San Bernardino, Calif., shootings, Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015 .
President Obama leads the nation even in its darkest moments, and the San Bernardino slayings are no exception.
At 8 PM Sunday evening, President Obama updated the nation from the Oval Office about steps the administration is taking to protect Americans. This update will include, but not be limited to, an update on the ongoing investigation into the terrorists attacks in San Bernardino.
The Press Secretary informs us that the President will also address the broader threat of terrorism, and a belief “that the United States must draw upon our values – our unwavering commitment to justice, equality and freedom – to prevail over terrorist groups that use violence to advance a destructive ideology.”
Earlier Saturday, the President got an update from FBI Director Comey, Attorney General Lynch, Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson, and his intelligence community leadership on the ongoing investigation into the horrific shootings in San Bernardino, California.
According to a Readout of the President’s Update provided by the White House, at the time of the update the team had “pieces of information that point to the perpetrators being radicalized to violence to commit these heinous attacks.” However, there is no proof yet that the San Bernardino murderers were part of a “broader” terrorist cell, “The President’s team also affirmed that they had as of yet uncovered no indication the killers were part of an organized group or formed part of a broader terrorist cell.”
Read here:
The President this morning received an update from FBI Director Comey, Attorney General Lynch, Secretary of Homeland Security Johnson, and his intelligence community leadership on the ongoing investigation into the horrific shootings in San Bernardino, California. The President was briefed on the latest details of the investigation. The President’s team highlighted several pieces of information that point to the perpetrators being radicalized to violence to commit these heinous attacks. The President’s team also affirmed that they had as of yet uncovered no indication the killers were part of an organized group or formed part of a broader terrorist cell. The FBI added that, in coordination with local authorities, they are utilizing all necessary resources to pursue any and all leads in their terrorism investigation. The President directed his team to take all measures necessary to continue to protect the American people, which remains his highest priority.
President Obama is on the job and using his trademark caution and due diligence before making pronouncements. At the same time, he’s doing what a good president needs to do when the nation has been shaken to its core by the kind of unthinkable violence demonstrated in the San Bernardino attacks — he’s out front, calming nerves, and leading.

No Difference? Really?

The Republican Cabal On The Eve Of Destruction

Wingnut Cover-up? Memos Reveal Reagan And the shrub's Daddy Warned Of Climate Change Threat

Bush-Reagan-Clmate Change - B-WRecently released confidential internal memos of the Reagan and elder shrub White Houses reveal they knew about global warming and warned that climate change posed a national security threat.
An investigation by Joby Warrick of the Washington Post published Thursday shows a startling difference in the tone and rhetoric of the Republican cabal of the 1980s on environmental issues, including climate change, compared to the wingnut candidates currently running for office. The Post obtained 11 confidential internal memos of the Reagan and elder shrub White Houses – obtained via the Freedom of Information Act – that showed consecutive Republican juntas far more concerned and engaged on the environmental issues than their current counterparts.
The documents portray senior officials in the two Republican juntas pressing for an aggressive response to international environmental issues of the day – including, during the shrub’s term, climate change. The memos reflect the moderate stance on climate change adopted by Republican leaders both in the White House and in Congress throughout the 1980s and 1990s.
Here’s an example from a State Department memo in Feb. 1989 in a newly inaugurated the elder shrub's junta:
Bush-Reagan-Clmate Change - document 7
Notice the ‘need to know more’ reference – a far cry from today’s Republican leadership that only this week again voted to continue a ban on government-funded climate change research.
The same memo goes on to suggest an administration climate action plan, including a call for ‘an international climate convention’ – not unlike the COP21 Paris Climate Conference presently underway (to the chagrin of current Republicans!):
Bush-Reagan-Clmate Change - document 6
A 1987 memo showed Reagan White House officials pushing back against members of Reagan’s own Cabinet in arguing for a strong international treaty that would safeguard “the thin band of atmospheric ozone that protects the Earth from harmful radiation from space.” The memo warned against efforts to weaken the treaty, saying such a move ‘would damage our international credibility.’
In another memo sent to then-Secretary of State James A. Baker III in Feb. 1989, acting assistant secretary Richard J. Smith presented climate change as an opportunity for U.S. leadership:
Bush-Reagan-Clmate Change - document 8
The memos clearly portray a Republican cabal unlike the one today. Not only did the Reagan and elder shrub juntas know of man-made global warming, they already viewed it as a threat in the 1980’s and were advocating strong US leadership – even to the point of entering into an international ‘treaty’ – to address it.
I turns out that as the world’s leaders were addressing climate change in Paris this week – just as the Reagan and elder shrub juntas called for – today’s Republican’s were moving to stifle any discussion and to tie the president’s hands on climate leadership, voting just days ago to kill his Clean Power Plan in congress.
When it comes to acknowledging that climate change is real and a ‘national security threat,’ and pushing for strong US leadership on the issue, Republicans have very short memories.

Surprise! Wingnuts Hard At Work Undermining President Obama's Climate Change Summit

Surprise! GOP Hard At Work Undermining President Obama's Climate Change Summit

Here are the Embarrassing Poll Numbers You Definitely Won’t Hear Trump Bragging About

We all know by now that Donald Trump absolutely loves to brag about how “great” he is – especially when it comes to his poll numbers. Then again, as an egotistical narcissist, it’s obvious he tries to validate himself and his ignorance with these numbers. It’s comical and actually fairly pathetic; he’s even gone so far as to brag that the San Bernardino massacre will cause his numbers to rise.Well, an embarrassing poll result you won’t see Trump brag about is that these same polls also show a good chunk of his support comes from people who aren’t highly educated. In fact, in both the latest CNN/ORC and Quinnipiac polls you can make a sound scientific correlation that the less educated someone is, the more likely it is that they’re a Trump supporter. In the CNN/ORC poll, only 18 percent of those supporting Trump said they had a college degree.
To be fair, Carson (19 percent), Cruz (22 percent) and Rubio (19 percent) didn’t fare much better. I guess it’s safe to assume that the more educated someone is, the less likely they are to vote Republican – though that’s something liberals have known for quite a long time.

Is A Rubio Mistress Bombshell About To Detonate?

Carson, There Is No 'Star Of David' On The Dollar Bill

Trump Mocked Disabled People, So Disabled People Mock Trump

Featured image credit" video screen capture via BuzzFeed Videos on FacebookAfter Trump mocked a disabled reporter, these disabled people made a video mocking Trump. And it’s great.

Mainstream Media Embarrasses America By Destroying San Bernardino Shooting Crime Scene

media at san bernardino shooters apartment
The corporate media hit a new and disgusting low today by destroying a crime scene in the San Bernardino shooting all in the hopes of capturing one sensational scoop.
MSNBC, CNN, the BBC, ITV and CBS News all aired reports live from inside the apartment where the shooters lived after they claimed that the owner of the property invited the media in and gave them access to a crime scene.
CNN crime analyst Harry Houck explained how the media destroyed a crime scene.
Houck said:
I’m having chills down my spine what I’m seeing here. This apartment clearly is full of evidence. I don’t see any fingerprint dust on the walls where they went in there and checked for fingerprints of other people who might have been connected with these two. You’ve got documents laying all over the place. You’ve got shredded documents that need to be taken out of there and put together to see what was shredded. You’ve got passports. You’ve got drivers licenses. Now you have thousands of fingerprints all over inside this crime scene. There should have been some crime scene tape up there. Usually in an instance like this, crime scene goes in, does the work, and comes out. You still keep that scene locked up, and with a sign on board saying you can’t come in until the police release it. The fact is maybe they did not do that here.

Now we have it looks like dozens of people in these destroying crime scene, which is still vital to this investigation. 
If the police are watching this right now they better be on their way down there to stop this from happening. This is. I am shaking over it. That’s how irresponsible this is by law enforcement for letting this happen.

Some journalists like CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell commented on how strange and bizarre the scene of journalists acting like a pack of wild animals while trashing a crime scene was, but it was also completely irresponsible behavior from an American mainstream media that values sensationalism over all else.
The media destroyed evidence of a potential act of terror, and here is what they found:
A screwdriver (the Tweet says popsicle, but it is really a screwdriver)
baby toys
MSNBC got into the apartment first and was deemed the most reckless by showing close-ups of family photos and IDs:
MSNBC outed the identities and personal information of possibly innocent people on national television.
The whole scene was appalling and represented the very worst in mainstream journalism.
The media claimed that the owner of the apartment allowed them to come in, but the landlord claims that he opened the door, and the media rushed in behind him.
CNN claimed that law enforcement showed up and escorted the landlord away.
In a mainstream press that has become nothing but an endless series of lowlights, the fiasco is the lowest of the low.

A Fed Up Obama Calls Republicans Insane For Supporting Selling Guns To Terrorists

President Obama weekly address republicans insane on guns
President Obama isn’t pulling any punches. The President showed how fed up he is by calling the Republican opposition to making it more difficult for terrorists and criminals to buy high-powered weapons insane.
The President said:
This weekend, our hearts are with the people of San Bernardino—another American community shattered by unspeakable violence. We salute the first responders—the police, the SWAT teams, the EMTs—who responded so quickly, with such courage, and saved lives. We pray for the injured as they fight to recover from their wounds.

Most of all, we stand with 14 families whose hearts are broken. We’re learning more about their loved ones—the men and women, the beautiful lives, that were lost. They were doing what so many of us do this time of year—enjoying the holidays. Celebrating with each other. Rejoicing in the bonds of friendship and community that bind us together, as Americans. Their deaths are an absolute tragedy, not just for San Bernardino, but for our country.

We’re also learning more about the killers. And we’re working to get a full picture of their motives—why they committed these revolting acts. It’s important to let the investigators do their job. We need to know all the facts. And at my direction, federal law enforcement is helping in every way that they can. We’re going to get to the bottom of this.
It is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. And if so, it would underscore a threat we’ve been focused on for years—the danger of people succumbing to violent extremist ideologies. We know that ISIL and other terrorist groups are actively encouraging people—around the world and in our country—to commit terrible acts of violence, often times as lone wolf actors. And even as we work to prevent attacks, all of us—government, law enforcement, communities, faith leaders—need to work together to prevent people from falling victim to these hateful ideologies.
More broadly, this tragedy reminds us of our obligation to do everything in our power, together, to keep our communities safe. We know that the killers in San Bernardino used military-style assault weapons—weapons of war—to kill as many people as they could. It’s another tragic reminder that here in America it’s way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun.
For example, right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun. And so I’m calling on Congress to close this loophole, now. We may not be able to prevent every tragedy, but—at a bare minimum—we shouldn’t be making it so easy for potential terrorists or criminals to get their hands on a gun that they could use against Americans.
Today in San Bernardino, investigators are searching for answers. Across our country, our law enforcement professionals are tireless. They’re working around the clock—as always—to protect our communities. As President, my highest priority is the security and safety of the American people. This is work that should unite us all—as Americans—so that we’re doing everything in our power to defend our country. That’s how we can honor the lives we lost in San Bernardino. That’s how we can send a message to all those who would try to hurt us. We are Americans. We will uphold our values—a free and open society. We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized.
Republicans have abandoned all common sense. Opposition to any limitation on gun ownership for anyone has moved from a policy position to a firm conviction of belief.
President Obama has been dealing with Republican ideologues who inflexibly govern by belief for most of his presidency, but mass shootings are a matter of life and death. Republicans have demonstrated since the San Bernardino shootings that they are unwilling to take action for the good of the country even when innocent Americans are being massacred on a regular basis.
What was proposed wasn’t radical. The amendment would have closed a loophole that allowed suspected terrorists to buy guns legally in the United States, and Republicans said no.
One of the main reasons why the Republican cabal is poised to continue their presidential election losing streak is that that they have become slaves to their own ideology. Like the radical extremists that they claim to despise, Republicans view their way as the only way.
President Obama has had enough, and one gets the sense that the Republican refusal to use common sense is pushing him towards more executive actions.

Obama White House Rips Republicans For Voting To Legally Sell Guns To Terrorists

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest ripped Senate Republicans for blocking legislation that would make it illegal for terror suspects to buy guns.
The Hill reported:
White House press secretary Josh Earnest lashed out at Republicans who “stood up once again with the NRA [National Rifle Association] and in the face of common sense” to block measures to expand background checks and bar individuals on terrorist watch lists from purchasing firearms.
“Why on Earth do we think it’s a good idea for somebody that the government thinks is too dangerous to board a plane to be able to buy a gun?” Earnest asked. “But, once again Republicans blocked that legislation that would make that illegal. So we’ve got some work to do.”
The legislation that Republicans blocked is common sense. If a person is on the terror watch list, they should not be allowed to legally buy weapons.
However, Republicans claim that they are worried about “due process” for individuals who are on the terror watch list. The reality is that Republicans are opposed to every piece of legislation that would harm the industry because potential terrorist dollars are just as important to the gun lobby as cash from the gun collector or hunter who lives down the street.
Mass shootings will continue to happen in the United States because it is too easy for terrorists and killers to get military grade weapons. The San Bernardino shooters had high power guns, body armor, and armor piercing bullets.
Common sense should make it clear to every American that if we want to limit the death and destruction that a mass shooter is capable of causing in a few minutes, the answer is not to allow military grade weapons to be available so easily for anyone who wants to buy them.
Senate Republicans deserved to be ripped to shreds, because when they were given the choice between the terrorist enabling gun lobby or saving innocent American lives, they sided with enabling terrorists.

Democrats Hammer Republicans For Allowing 2,000 Terror Suspects To Legally Buy Guns

As House Republicans continue to protect terrorists' legal ability to purchase deadly weapons, the facts are staggering: according to the GAO, over the last 11 years, more than…
Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office sent out a memo Friday afternoon that slammed Republicans for blocking a Republican bill to stop terrorists from buying guns legally in the U.S.. I wrote a few days ago that Democrats were outsmarting Republicans on this, and today’s memo is the proof.
The press release shows just how tragic this Congress of NRA stooges really is, because it’s not just a partisan issue and it’s not just that the public supports this and it’s not just that it’s only sane to check for known terrorists before selling a gun to someone, but it’s come to Republicans blocking a Republican bill on an issue supported by the public, terrorism experts, and even NRA members themselves (not to be confused with the NRA’s actual purpose, which is currently as a lobbying organization for gun manufacturers).
Here’s the memo. First, they note the three votes this week alone to block King’s (R-NY) bill that would close the loophole that lets known terrorists buy guns legally:
House Republicans voted three times this week to block debate on Republican Congressman Peter King’s Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act, which would close the outrageous loophole that allows suspects on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist to buy guns.
As House Republicans continue to protect terrorists’ legal ability to purchase deadly weapons, the facts are staggering: according to the GAO, over the last 11 years, more than 2,000 suspects on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist bought weapons in the United States. More than 90 percent of all suspected terrorists who tried to buy guns in America walked away with the weapon they wanted over the time period.
The Dem Leader’s office then cited none other than the shrub junta and various Republicans:

The shrub junta:

“The [shrub] Justice Department proposed legislation…that would give the attorney general discretion to bar terrorism suspects from buying firearms, seeking to close a gap in federal gun laws.” [4/07]

Republican Former NJ Governor Tom Kean:

“Congress has also failed to close a gap in federal law that prevents the FBI from blocking a sale to an individual under investigation for terrorist activity…The Bush administration asked Congress to authorize the FBI to block gun sales to terrorist suspects, to no avail… If lawmakers fail to close gaps in the background check system…the next terrorist shooting on American soil will be shocking, but it will not be surprising.” [11/09]

Republican Congressman Peter King:

“[It is] more important than ever that we have the toughest laws in place to keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists…any type of weapons they could use against Americans…This is clearly a terrorist loophole, where terrorists – even if a person’s name is on the terrorist watch list, they can go out and purchase a weapon. This should be a bipartisan issue. The Bush Administration supported my legislation, and now the Obama Administration is supporting it as well. This should clearly be a bipartisan issue. We should not allow people on the terrorist watch list to purchase a weapon.” [5/10]
They cited former FBI Director Robert Muller and Counter-Terrorism expert from the shrub junta Richard Clarke:
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller:

“FBI Director Robert Mueller suggested Tuesday that Congress consider barring terrorism suspects from legally buying guns after an audit found that 47 people on a terrorism watch list were approved for purchases last year… ‘We ought to look at what can be done to perhaps modify the law,’ Mueller told members of a House Appropriations subcommittee.” [3/05]

Richard Clarke, Counter-Terrorism Expert in the shrub junta

Imagining a hypothetical terrorist attack at the Mall of America: “It had not been hard for the terrorists to buy all their guns legally, in six different states across the Midwest.” [1/05]
They cited gun owners and NRA members (again, don’t confuse the actual people who belong to the NRA with the NRA’s real purpose of selling as many guns as they can, which suggests that having people terrified of terrorists is actually good business for the NRA):
Gun owners and NRA Members:

According to a 2012 poll, 71 percent of current or former NRA members and 80 percent of the other gun owners support preventing people on a terrorist watch list from purchasing guns. [7/12]
And gee, law enforcement is also on board:
Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly:

“All of our collective efforts would benefit from the passage of this bill, which would exclude anyone who is on the terror watch list from being able to legally purchase a gun, obtain a permit to buy explosives, or a license to sell them,” [5/10]

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP):

“The IACP has long advocated for laws that prevent individuals who pose a danger to society or themselves from purchasing firearms. As you know, under current law an individual wishing to purchase a firearm must undergo a background check, having their name run through the National Instant Background Check System. Certain individuals—such as those convicted of a felony or those listed on the FBI’s Violent Gang List—cannot legally purchase firearms. S.1237 would properly classify those who are on the terror watch list prohibited purchases.” [3/08]
What we have here is a failure to justify outrageous and deadly and disgusting behavior.
Republicans  have no excuse for being such cowardly stooges of the NRA that they will not even take action to prevent terrorists from purchasing guns legally, even in a year when we have had more mass shootings than days. How can logical people conclude anything other than this is the plan. The plan is to make money for the NRA by encouraging people’s worst fears by promoting domestic terrorist attacks with easy access to weapons.
Republicans in the Senate and the House have spent this week, days after the Planned Parenthood terrorist attack and the San Bernardino terrorist attack, refusing to even try to prevent terrorists from easy access to weapons.

‘TREASON’: Father of reporter shot on live TV calls out politicians who refuse to act on gun control

Andy Parker and his daughter, Alison Parker
The father of a reporter who was shot to death on TV during a live broadcast is calling out politicians by name who oppose what he calls sensible gun laws.

Republicans Wrong Again As Majority See Attack on Planned Parenthood as Terrorism

ryan-mcconnell-sad-featRepublicans are on the wrong side again, as 52% see the attack on Planned Parenthood as terrorism and half of Americans think that anti-abortion groups encourage violence.
These are not good numbers for a party that is hanging on by a cultural divide thread.
According to research from a YouGov/HuffPost poll published Friday, 52% of Americans polled view the attack in which Robert Dear killed three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs last week as an act of terrorism.
The news gets worse for Republicans, because although there is a partisan divide noted in the analysis of the poll, with two-thirds of Democrats saying it was terrorism and a full half of Republicans say that it was not a terrorist attack, Independents side with calling it a terrorist attack 50% to 32%.
If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve seen the conservative claims that killing people who are performing or supporting or getting an abortion is a legitimate form of protest. While those people are most likely outliers for the anti-abortion crowd, the violent, bloody rhetoric and lies perpetrated by elected officials about Planned Parenthood can’t be denied. It is mainstream and it has a big old “R” branded on its forehead.
Eight-nine percent of Americans polled, including those very opposed to abortion, see violence against abortion providers as unacceptable. So this idea that bombing and killing and targeting doctors and clinics is acceptable is not mainstream at all. In fact, 82% called it morally unacceptable.
That’s not a great position to be in when a party is clinging to alleged moral superiority as a lifeboat.
Republicans might have left things as they were, with public opinion shifting gradually toward various ways of limiting choice (even while supporting choice as an overall value) according to polls over the last decade. But instead they chose to try to double down and use anti-abortion beliefs as a get-out-the-vote tactic, not only encouraging but elevating crack pot conspiracy artists calling themselves journalists, as they violated laws and ethics in an attempt to smear abortion providers.
While these tactics worked for a while and they certainly aren’t helping the general perception of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, there’s another, more politically dangerous side to this story.
The poll showed that 49% of Americans believe that the actions of anti-abortion groups encourage violence. Only 27% say they don’t think this is so. The analysis pointed out that there is divide on this even among Republicans, “37% of Republicans believe that the actions of anti-abortion groups encourage violence while just under half (47%) say that their actions do not encourage violence.”
Following the Republican cabal’s televised false attacks on Planned Parenthood, which included deceptively edited videos and false graphs, a Planned Parenthood in Thousand Oaks, California burned in what authorities investigated as an arson attack. The same clinic had been attacked weeks earlier. This is but one example of the ongoing violence aimed at abortion providers and doctors.
Republicans have hung their hats on playing off of the resentments of the fading white male dominance. Abortion is just one piece of that puzzle, as it represents women’s freedom to choose their own destiny and have full agency over their bodies and full personhood rights. Abortion was the one area where Republicans were making headway, but once again, playing to extremists by pushing known lies and jacked up rhetoric meant to incite blind rage has backfired politically.
Innocent people have been murdered due in part to this inflammatory rhetoric and lies the U.S. Congress continues to elevate. These facts are proof that the alleged “pro-life” movement is not about protecting actual life.

Cruz promises to ‘kill the terrorists’ in new tough-talking campaign ad

Ted Cruz (Screenshot/YouTube)
Cruz promises to ‘kill the terrorists’ in new tough-talking campaign ad

Without evidence, Donald Trump accuses CA shooter’s family of knowing about it in advance

Donald Trump (Screenshot/YouTube)Without evidence, Donald Trump accuses CA shooter’s family of knowing about it in advance

Lawmaker Who Was ‘Life Member’ Of NRA Quits After San Bernardino Massacre

NRA Ordered Wingnuts To Allow Gun Sales To People On Terror Watch List - They Did

NRA Ordered GOP To Allow Gun Sales To People On Terror Watch List. They Did.The NRA ordered Republicans to allow gun sales to people on the terrorism watch list, and they did it.

Cruz’s Weirdly Insurrectionist Take On The Second Amendment

An American citizen who rises up against their own nation's government in solidarity with ISIL will benefit from Cruz's insurrectionist conception of the Second Amendment just as much as whoever Cruz hopes to benefit with it.

The Gun Industry Has Systematically Demolished Regulators And Avoided The Fate Of Cigarettes

The Gun Industry Has Systematically Demolished Regulators And Avoided The Fate Of Cigarettes

Rubio Thinks It’s Legal To Carry Bombs In The U.S.

Rubio, often praised as the most “intelligent” and “reasonable” candidate the wingnuts have to offer, is very upset over the lack...

Using Terrorism Himself, Erickson Shoots Up NY Times Proving Liberals CORRECT

Using Terrorism Himself, Erick Erickson Shoots Up NY Times Proving Liberals RIGHT (IMAGE)What the actual fuck? 
Now he’s someone who SHOULD have his guns taken away.

Terrorism Is Working…On Republicans

If you’re a terrorist, your objective is simple: Incite fear among people by using horrific tactics that shed lots of blood and take innocent lives....

Texas Democratic Party Issues The BEST Response After Texas Wingnuts Vote On Seceding From U.S.

Texas wingnuts held an official full cabal vote on Saturday on whether or not to put secession from the U.S. on the ballot after it passed their resolutions committee...

Your Weekly Wingnut Roundup

Your Weekly Wingnut Roundup - December 5, 2015

5 Shameful Wingnut Moments This Week