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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Obama White House Rips Republicans For Voting To Legally Sell Guns To Terrorists

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest ripped Senate Republicans for blocking legislation that would make it illegal for terror suspects to buy guns.
The Hill reported:
White House press secretary Josh Earnest lashed out at Republicans who “stood up once again with the NRA [National Rifle Association] and in the face of common sense” to block measures to expand background checks and bar individuals on terrorist watch lists from purchasing firearms.
“Why on Earth do we think it’s a good idea for somebody that the government thinks is too dangerous to board a plane to be able to buy a gun?” Earnest asked. “But, once again Republicans blocked that legislation that would make that illegal. So we’ve got some work to do.”
The legislation that Republicans blocked is common sense. If a person is on the terror watch list, they should not be allowed to legally buy weapons.
However, Republicans claim that they are worried about “due process” for individuals who are on the terror watch list. The reality is that Republicans are opposed to every piece of legislation that would harm the industry because potential terrorist dollars are just as important to the gun lobby as cash from the gun collector or hunter who lives down the street.
Mass shootings will continue to happen in the United States because it is too easy for terrorists and killers to get military grade weapons. The San Bernardino shooters had high power guns, body armor, and armor piercing bullets.
Common sense should make it clear to every American that if we want to limit the death and destruction that a mass shooter is capable of causing in a few minutes, the answer is not to allow military grade weapons to be available so easily for anyone who wants to buy them.
Senate Republicans deserved to be ripped to shreds, because when they were given the choice between the terrorist enabling gun lobby or saving innocent American lives, they sided with enabling terrorists.

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