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Sunday, August 9, 2015

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After 6 Years Of Taking Their Crap, Obama Calls Out Republicans For What They Really Are

Showing signs of being finished with their extremism, President Obama called out Republicans for what they really are by comparing them to the Iranian hardliners who chant death to America.
The President said:
In the end, that should be a lesson that we’ve learned from over a decade of war. On the front end, ask tough questions. Subject our own assumptions to evidence and analysis. Resist the conventional wisdom and the drumbeat of war. Worry less about being labeled weak; worry more about getting it right.

I recognize that resorting to force may be tempting in the face of the rhetoric and behavior that emanates from parts of Iran. It is offensive. It is incendiary. We do take it seriously. But superpowers should not act impulsively in response to taunts, or even provocations that can be addressed short of war. Just because Iranian hardliners chant “Death to America” does not mean that that’s what all Iranians believe.

In fact, it’s those hardliners who are most comfortable with the status quo. It’s those hardliners chanting “Death to America” who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.
The President spoke the truth. There is very little difference between the hardliners in Iran who want a war with the United States, and the hardline Republicans in Congress who want a war with Iran. There is no reason to oppose this deal outside of a preference for military action.
The pipe dreams of a “better deal” that Republicans are continuously dreaming up all have one thing in common. Republicans never explain how they can realistically achieve their “better deal.”
As Obama correctly pointed out, Republicans aren’t interested in diplomacy. The hawks in the Republican cabal have had their eyes on war with Iran since before the U.S. invaded Iraq, and contrary to the Republican cabal shrieking points, the Iran deal isn’t a choice between competing offers.
The choice is between a path to peace and a path to war. Republicans and their allies are careful to never explicitly state that they are planning for more war, but when they use phrases like the military option must be left on the table, it is clear to everyone what they are talking about.
President Obama isn’t holding back because the stakes are war and peace. Extremists in both countries want to kill this deal, and it was nice to hear the President calling out the Republicans for who they really are.

The Progressive Unvarnished Facts About the Planned Parenthood Issue

Here's what you will never know about PPFA if Republicans are your only source of information.

New Rule Requires Companies To Reveal What Their CEOs Are Earning

THANKS, WARREN – New Rule Requires Companies To Reveal What Their CEOs Are EarningBOOM! 
Income inequality is about to be shown for what it truly is… CEOs can no longer hide behind a veil of secrecy.

The Truth Be Told


Violent Extremists Are Trying To Wage Guerrilla War Against U.S. Over Jade Helm Exercises

A few violent conspiracy nuts seem determined to wage a quixotic war on America.…
Jade helm 15
Shots were fired for the second consecutive day last Wednesday, outside Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Southern Mississippi, where Jade Helm 15 training exercises were allegedly being conducted by National Guard and U.S. troops. Authorities believe the suspect is a white male who fired the shots from a red or maroon pickup truck.
No injuries where reported, and since the shooter is still at large, no motive has been identified. However, the back to back shooting incidents in Mississippi are bound to fuel speculation that the troops were fired upon in retaliation against the Jade Helm 15 training exercises.
In late July, the FBI uncovered a plot by three North Carolina men to use lethal force to ambush U.S. troops. The three men, Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Christopher James Barker, 42, and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30, believed that Jade Helm 15 was a secret operation to impose martial law. The trio was stockpiling weapons and formulating plans to ambush and kill government forces.
Conspiracy propagandists, like Infowars’ Alex Jones have issued dire warnings about Operation Jade Helm, giving extremists plenty of intellectual ammunition to nurture their delusional fantasies. Unfortunately, elected politicians like Texas moron Greg Abbott have also stoked fears, by giving conspiracy theories more credence then they merit.
In light of the North Carolina arrests and the Mississippi shootings, the Jade Helm conspiracy theorists should not be simply dismissed as annoying crack pots. Instead, these paranoid fanatics who are stockpiling weapons and preparing to fight the U.S. government over their unwarranted fears, represent a clear and present danger to members of the U.S. military and the National Guard.
The self-styled “patriots” who are eager to initiate violence under the false assumption that they are fending off martial law, are too few in number to pull off anything close to the armed citizen insurrection they believe themselves to be a part of. However, they are numerous enough, so that if they aren’t stopped, somebody is going to be needlessly killed.
Elected politicians and media personalities have a responsibility not to continue to feed the paranoia of extremist zealots who will put American troops in harm’s way. Violent extremists and conspiracy nuts should not be labeled patriots, especially since they seem determined to wage a quixotic war on America.

President Obama Observes That Republican Cabal And Iranian Extremists Are United In Hating Iran Deal

President Obama Observes That GOP And Iranian Extremists Are United In Hating Iran DealPresident Obama took Republicans to the woodshed over their hatred of the Iran deal, noting that they have much in common with extremist Iranians who chant “Death to America.”

Democrats Outsmart McConnell With Resolution Supporting Pope Francis On Climate Change

sanders-frankenA group of liberal Senate Democrats turned the tables on McConnell by introducing a resolution supporting Pope Francis’ views on climate change and calling on the Senate to immediately act.
Senator Al Franken (D-MN) introduced the resolution along with Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Tom Udall (D-NM), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI.).
The Senators wrote, “The Senate stands with Pope Francis and the scientific consensus that human activity is the primary driver of climate change; present climate trends are unsustainable; and immediate action must be taken to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the deleterious effects of human-induced climate change.”
The resolution was a very clever move by Senate Democrats to highlight the climate change denial of McConnell and other Senate Republicans. Because of the Pope’s liberal positions on a number of economic and environmental issues, his upcoming address before a joint session of Congress could be very uncomfortable for Republicans.
Democrats have painted McConnell and the Republicans into a corner. If their resolution comes up for a vote, Republicans will have to choose between the Koch brothers and the Pope. Republicans could be put in a position where they would have to take a vote that would highlight their extremism by humiliating the Pope in front of the entire world.
It is always easier to be in the congressional minority than in the majority, but Senate Democrats have taken using their power to the level of an art form. Democrats are doing the opposite of McConnell’s minority say no to everything strategy of gridlock leadership. Democrats are maximizing their power and using their unity and collective strength to hit Republicans hardest when it matters the most.
Who is it going to be Republicans? Will it be the Kochs or the Pope?

Kochs And ALEC Make War Against Americans And Pope Francis Public

The mainstream media is finally reporting that the Koch's legislative arm ALEC is moving into the open to prevent action on climate change…
Pope Kochs
Republicans love wars, and over the past decade it appears it does not matter one iota who they are at war with; just so they get to wreak death and destruction on human beings. Oh it is true they love little more than waging war against muslims on behalf of their ‘most favored’ nation, Israel, but because they are “the structurally violent segment of society,” they also love waging war on Americans. Part and parcel of the Republican war on Americans is borne of their demented devotion to the Koch brothers and their dirty fossil fuel industry, but now the Kochs have abandoned working behind the scenes and are openly expanding their war against the people and the Pope.
The final straw was the official adoption of President Obama’s Clean Power Plan this week that incited the enemies of clean air, the economy, the Pope, and the people prepared their substantial forces to prevent America from reducing the amount of carbon it produces to stem the devastation of anthropogenic climate change. The war became official when at long last, mainstream media reported that the Koch brothers’ legislative arm, the American Legal Exchange Council (ALEC) and Americans for Prosperity openly vowed to “stop the CPP’s implementation” at all costs.
The Washington Post reported that the Kochs’ and their fossil fuel industry underlings intend on launching a rash of initiatives at the state and local level to stop the CPP implementation in Congress, the courts, and state legislatures and country governments. At the local level, the Koch brothers directed their legislative arm ALEC to convene a special task force comprised of fossil-fuel interests and electricity producers. The Koch task force rapidly “approved model legislation to be sent to state and local governments around the nation giving them ‘special authority’ to ‘expedite approval of resources to challenge the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.”
Expedite approval of resources is typical ALEC-speak for legislation giving Republicans unchallenged authority to transfer taxpayer dollars allotted for education, transportation, and healthcare into a giant legal fund to challenge, and block, CPP implementation in the courts; all to keep those same taxpayers breathing foul air and suffering harsher droughts, more intense, larger wildfires, and more severe weather events. Americans should never making the mistake of thinking the Kochs are at war solely with the Obama Administration or the Environmental Protection Agency although they are prime targets; this war is fundamentally against the American people who will be around long after the Obama Administration is termed out. However, the people should not feel they are being singled out by the Kochs; the oil magnates have also publicly opened up a battle front against Pope Francis over his audacity of hope that world governments will address climate change.
Within a day or so of the Pope’s encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si’, the Koch brothers unleashed their oil industry funded punditry and belief tanks to attack the Papal pronouncement. It is noteworthy that everything in the Papal statement was not only relevant to serving the people, and founded solely on empirical scientific data, it was completely consistent with “catholics concern for helping the poor” and that “environmental stewardship is an important part of the catholic delusion.” According to various Koch surrogates, the Pope’s encyclical contradicting all catholic principles and like his regard for the poor of the world, concern about climate change makes him a “bad catholic.” In great part, the Koch’s industry shrieking heads are advancing the idea that Pope Francis is a bad catholic because by calling for action on climate, the Pope is deliberately causing harm on the world’s poor and he is intent on increasing their numbers and sending them deeper into poverty; especially in America. The Koch’s plan of attack is portraying the Pope, climate scientists, and President Obama as working in concert to increase poverty in America as part of a “fanatical agenda and regressive form of taxation.”
For example, although the poorest people in the world are most affected by climate change, a Cato Institute op-ed said the Pope calling for action on climate change will “cause so much harm to so many, especially the poor and downtrodden.” The Heritage Foundation’s Steve Moore wrote that “The embrace of governmental action that underlies many of the Pope’s statements would not lift up the poor, but condemn them to more poverty and less freedom. Consider the climate change fanatics’ agenda.” In the Koch and Exxon-funded Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), an industry agitator asserted that “climate-related restrictions harm poor families far more than climate change will.” It is not that the Kochs, wingnuts, or the fossil fuel industry has ever cared about the poor anywhere, but it is beyond refute that the poor suffer the brunt of climate change’s effects which is precisely why the Pope is taking action.
In a recent United Nations report it clearly stated, and gave empirical evidence, that climate change “risks disproportionately affect the world’s poor.” The World Health Organization reported that the impacts of climate change are already “exacerbating poverty in developing countries,” and that in countries with gross income inequality like America, poor households will be “particularly affected due to increasing food prices.” Americans should not underestimate just how much food prices are going to rise due to drought conditions, especially in California, and should consider that there is no life-sustaining benefit from pouring more carbon into the atmosphere. It is something that President Obama and Pope Francis certainly consider in advocating for action on climate change; even if the President’s Clean Power Plan is not nearly as robust as it could, and should be; but any action is better than none and that is why the Kochs have publicly unleashed ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, and Republicans to wage an all-out war on the Pope and the People.
For the first time it appears that mainstream media is finally reporting that the Koch brothers’ legislative arm ALEC is moving into the open to prevent any action on climate change. Now all that remains is for the Koch-Republican Congress to publicly denounce the Pope like the Kochs’ oil industry and accuse him of being a “bad catholic” and deliberately creating more poverty and misery for the poor of the world. In a clever move, Senate Democrats are giving Republicans a chance to condemn the Pope with a resolution supporting the Papal encyclical on the environment. It will not win the war, or even a battle, but it will clearly delineate the combatants in the war against Americans and there is little doubt that Republicans will publicly align with the Kochs. And why wouldn’t they? It is war, it serves the Koch brothers, it will harm Americans, and if they can demean and defeat the vicar of christ for advocating for the poor, then it will be a very good Republican war.

The Real Problem With The Republican Cabal

The Real Problem With The Republican Party

Bernie Sanders Is Surging While The Media Fixates On Trump And The Republican Cabal

While Trump's surge is gaining more media attention, Sanders is more likely to remain politically relevant in the Spring of 2016.…
A string of recent polls has shown Trump continuing to gain support, and he has surged to the front of the crowded Republican pretender field. While Trump’s gains have been impressive, he is still only commanding between one-fifth and one-fourth of the Republican cabal vote in most polls. In a 17 candidate field that is sufficient to put him out in front, but it doesn’t necessarily make him the inevitable nominee, as many Republican voters still have reservations about Trump.
While the press has been fixated on Trump’s rise in the Republican race, less attention has been directed towards Sanders’ surge in the Democratic race. According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Sanders has gained 26 percentage points on Hillary Clinton in the past month. That is a remarkable gain in 30 days, although it should be noted that Sanders still trails 59-25 in that contest, compared to 75-15, a month ago.
Sanders, unlike Trump, is not leading his party’s primary. However, his polling gains are actually occurring at a faster pace than Trump’s advances, and he is commanding about the same level of support within his party as Trump is, though in a much smaller field of candidates.
Trump’s momentum is largely confined to inside the Republican primary electorate. His surge has not translated into general election viability. A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that in a national race, Sanders would beat Trump 45-37 percent. Hillary Clinton would defeat Trump by an even greater 48-36 margin.
Trump’s increase in polling support has often been called a “surge”, whereas Bernie’s momentum has sometimes been coined the “Bernie bubble” rather than the “Sanders surge” as if to imply that the bubble is not sustainable and will eventually pop.
Yet a deeper look at both candidates suggests that Trump’s momentum may be less sustainable than Sanders’ momentum is. Beneath Trump’s “surge” in popularity he supports decidedly negative popularity ratings with voters in general, and barely breaks even among Republican voters.
Political analyst Nate Silver noted in late July, that in terms of favorable/unfavorable ratings, Trump ranks as only the 13th most well-liked Republican cabal candidate by Republicans. Silver derisively referred to Trump as the “Nickelback” of Republican cabal candidates, comparing the pretender candidate to a widely loathed rock band that has a small cadre of passionately devoted followers.
By contrast, Sanders is well-liked within his own party, and not disliked by the general public in the way that Trump is. In this way, Sanders has room to grow, while Trump is likely to hit a ceiling of support, before he eventually “jumps the shark” and becomes an also ran. The one thing limiting Sanders’ potential rise is that he, unlike Trump, faces a formidable opponent in his own party. While Hillary Clinton’s favorable numbers have declined some among the national pool of voters, she remains popular with Democratic voters.
Given Trump’s marginal favorable to unfavorable ratings, both within and outside his party’s base, his “surge” may be ephemeral. Sanders, by contrast, has more sustainable polling numbers that could portend continued momentum into the months ahead. Neither candidate should be viewed as the favorite to win their party’s nomination. However, while Trump’s surge is gaining most of the media attention, Sanders is the more likely of the two men to remain politically relevant in the Spring of 2016.

Three More Polls Show Trump Crushing The Rest Of The Republican Cabal Field

trump-thumbs-upTwo national polls released on Tuesday and a New Hampshire poll released on Monday, show Trump is crushing the rest of the Republican pretender field in the race for the Republican cabal nomination. A Bloomberg Politics national poll found Trump way ahead with 21 percent support to just 10 percent for his nearest competitor, Jeb. A CBS national poll released on Tuesday also showed Trump with a huge lead. In that poll, Trump garnered 24 percent support. Jeb was in second place with 13 percent support.
The two national polls came a day after a WMUR poll found that Trump has also taken a commanding lead in New Hampshire, the nation’s first primary state. Trump led the New Hampshire poll with 24 percent. He was followed by Jeb at 12 percent, and Wisconsin moron Walker at 11 percent support.
The New Hampshire poll also found that Trump has been growing more and more popular with Republican voters in the Granite State over time. In February, just 19 percent of likely Republican voters in the state had a favorable opinion of Trump, compared to 69 percent who viewed him unfavorably. The latest poll shows Trump’s popularity has improved dramatically with Republican cabal voters. While 40 percent still have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, 51 percent view him favorably.
While a substantial number of Republican voters appear uneasy about a Trump candidacy, there can be no denying that he has become the undisputed leader in the Republican race. His nearest contenders, Jeb and Walker have fallen way behind. The other 14 Republican candidates are even further back.
As the Republican cabal candidates took to the stage on Thursday, all eyes were on Trump. Jeb and Walker tried to  engage him, and hoped that Trump simply made an unforced error that they could capitalize upon. The problem for Trump’s antagonists is that so far, every outlandish thing Trump has said has boosted, rather than damaged his standing with Republican voters.
Trump’s Republican opponents continue to hope that the bombastic billionaire is peaking too soon and that his poll numbers will eventually fall. While there are some historical precedents suggesting that Trump could come crashing back down to earth, there is no reason to think such a crash is inevitable. In order for Trump to fade, Republican voters will have to grow tired of his constant demagoguery. Jeb  is counting on that.
However, given the mood and temperament of today’s Republican voters, expecting them to cast aside anger and outrage for comparative sanity is patently unrealistic. Trump is running away from the field, because he is saying what Republican voters want to hear. The other Republican caabal candidates who ignore that truth, will do so at their own peril.

Hey Trump! It’s Not Nice To Baselessly Attack Immigrants Using Their Own Language

Hey Donald! It’s Not Nice To Baselessly Attack Immigrants Using Their Own Language (VIDEO)
Donald Trump apparently doesn’t understand that using Spanish to insult Latinos is just tacky.

Republican cabal debate crowd boos Donald Trump when he won’t pledge against third-party run

Real estate mogul Donald Trump speaks during a GOP presidential candidate debate on Aug. 6, 2015. [YouTube]
“I cannot say I have to respect the person that — if it’s not me — the person that wins,” he told host Bret Bauer.

Maine Supreme Court upholds 65 new laws after teabagger governor misses deadline for vetoes

Maine’s top court ruled on Thursday that the state’s combative Republican governor, Paul LePage, had missed a deadline in July to veto 65 bills he had intended to block, and that those bills were now law.

Bernie Sanders Brands Republicans Political Cowards As He Unveils Two New Pro-Voter Bills

bernie sanders new hampshire
At a rally to mark the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, Senator Bernie Sanders called out the “political cowards” in the Republican cabal who are trying to take away the right to vote from millions of Americans. Sanders also unveiled two new pro-voting pieces of legislation.
Via the office of Senator Sanders:
The court ruling that gutted the enforcement provision in the voting rights law “unleashed a torrent of state legislation which is disenfranchising voters all over the country,” Sanders said at the event hosted by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Drum Major Institute.

He branded as “political cowards” state lawmakers who exploited the court ruling to enact laws designed to suppress voter participation. “If we believe in a vibrant democracy, we want to have the highest voter turnout in the world.”

One of the two bills Sanders formally introduced yesterday would require states to automatically register all eligible individuals to vote when they turn 18 years old. The legislation is supported by the Brennan Center for Justice, DÄ“mos, Common Cause, the Communications Workers of America and other organizations.
The other bill would establish Election Day as a national holiday. “We should be doing everything possible to make it easier for people to participate in the political process. Election Day should be a national holiday so that everyone has the time and opportunity to vote. While this would not be a cure-all, it would indicate a national commitment to create a vibrant democracy.”
Republicans are political cowards who can’t win with their ideas, so they try to win by rigging the electorate in their favor. Election Day should be a national holiday, and same-day voter registration should be available in every state.
It has been repeatedly proven that voter fraud is not a problem. The pretense of voter fraud has been used by Republicans to target voters who are most likely to support Democrats. The reality is that Democrats don’t have to cheat to win elections. They already hold positions that are popular with the majority on most issues.
Instead of changing their positions, Republicans are trying to cheat their way back to the White House. Someday when Democrats control both Congress and the White House, they should renew the Voting Rights Act and make Election Day a national holiday.
Until that time comes, Democrats and their allies like Senator Sanders, have to continue to fight the good fight to make sure that voters are not silenced and marginalized.

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her

by Jon Green
Voting machine, via Wikimedia CommonsKansas loves them some voter fraud hysteria. From going to the Supreme Court to try and make doubly-sure that non-citizens can’t vote in their elections to setting up a voter fraud website where citizens can report every kind of voter fraud except the kinds that have actually happened in the state, Kansas is on the forefront of voter fraud readiness and protection.
Except, perhaps, when it comes to the machines they use to record their votes.
According to the Wichita Eagle, Wichita State mathematician Beth Clarkson has found irregularities in election returns from Sedgwick County, along with other counties throughout the United States, but has faced stiff opposition from the state in trying to confirm whether the irregularities are fraud or other, less-nefarious anomalies.
Analyzing election returns at a precinct level, Clarkson found that candidate support was correlated, to a statistically significant degree, with the size of the precinct. In Republican primaries, the bias has been toward the establishment candidates over teabaggers. In general elections, it has favored Republican candidates over Democrats, even when the demographics of the precincts in question suggested that the opposite should have been true.
Clarkson’s interest in election returns was piqued by a 2012 paper released by analysts Francois Choquette and James Johnson showing the same pattern of election returns, which favor establishment Republican candidates in primaries and general elections. The irregularities are isolated to precincts that use “Central Tabulator” voting machines — machines that have previously been shown to be vulnerable to hacking. The effects are significant and widespread: According to their analysis, Mitt Romney could have received over a million extra votes in the 2012 Republican primary, mostly coming at the expense of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. President Obama also ceded significant votes to John McCain due to this irregularity, as well.
You can read the paper in full here.
While Clarkson has found the same statistical irregularity in a number of localities, her efforts to confirm whether they amount to fraud have been centered on Sedgwick County, Kansas, due to the locality’s use of Real Time Voting Machine Paper Tapes, which provide a paper trail that other localities don’t have. However, her efforts to verify Sedgwick County’s election returns have been repeatedly shut down.
She first requested a recount of the 2013 election, but the timeframe in which a recount could have been requested had passed. She then requested the machines’ computer records from the Sedgwick County registrar, which told her to kindly shove off and sue Secretary of State Kris Kobach if she wanted the records so badly.
When Clarkson initially filed her lawsuit requesting the paper records from the voting machines, her suit was denied because a judge ruled that the paper records constituted ballots, shielding them from the state’s open records law. This ruling is suspect at best, given that the paper records do not have voters’ names assigned to them; they only record when and how a ballot was cast for recount purposes.
She then sought a court order giving her access to a sample of voting records in order to check voting machines’ error rates. This order was ignored by the Secretary of State’s office, despite their being legally required to respond to her within 30 days. The office later said that they didn’t realize they had received her request.
Given Kansas’s professed diehard commitment to combating election fraud, one would think that they would be all for analysis into whether the integrity of their elections have been compromised. Apparently you’d be wrong.

Republican cabal officials sue Florida

Businessman facepalms (Shutterstock.com)
Two Republican officials have filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida claiming that their First Amendment right to “partisan thought” was being violated by laws designed to prevent gerrymandering.

Republican Cabal Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of The Voting Rights Act With Coded Call For More Voter Suppression

Voting Rights Act marks 50th anniversary amid wingnut suppression tactics

Texas’ Voter ID Law Found To Violate The Voting Rights Act

VICTORY: Texas’ Voter ID Law Found To Violate The Voting Rights Act
A major setback to Republican obstructionism.
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Republican Candidates Want Guns Everywhere, Except Where They Are

Republican Candidates Want Guns Everywhere, Except Where They Are
Such hypocrites.
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Family Member And Chief Of Rand Paul’s Biggest Super PAC Indicted After Bribe

THANKS OBAMA: Family Member And Chief Of Rand Paul’s Biggest Super PAC Indicted After Bribe
Bribing elected officials is never a good idea.
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Three Rand Paul Staffers Indicted on Corruption Charges

RandPaulOn the eve of the first Republican pretender debate, a federal grand jury indicted three aides to Paul ...

‘Beyond Even Westboro': Texas’ Shocking Cruelty to a Dead Gay Man and His Dying Husband

Rep. Ken Paxton, R-McKinney, addresses the opening session of the 82nd Texas Legislature, Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
The state of Texas is doing everything it can to cling to a pre-Obergefell world. The lengths wingnuts in …

Pennsylvania Attorney General Charged For Leaking Grand Jury Secrets

Kentucky Clerk Sues Governor For Making Her Do Her Job And Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Cop Justifies Repeated Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man With The ‘Zombie’ Defense

Fox & Friends doesn’t think gender bias in academia is for real — six professors set them straight

Fox News host Tucker Carlson (screen grab)
Contrary to what FOX News and some of our academic colleagues think, the battle against sexism in our fields has not been won, let alone reversed in favor of women.

Iowa Man Mocks Homophobic Republican By Trying To Marry His Lawn Mower

Iowa Man Mocks Homophobic Republican By Trying To Marry His Lawn Mower (VIDEO)
This makes Republicans look SO stupid!
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Ann Coulter Just Accused The Entire Latino Community Of Child Rape

Ann Coulter Just Accused The Entire Latino Community Of Child Rape
Coulter has said many disgusting things, but this is beneath contempt.
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