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Monday, June 22, 2015

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Bernie-mentum: Huge 2016 crowds stun observers — and even Sanders himself

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Senator Bernie Sanders (C), I-Vermont, speaks during a news conference to discuss legislation to restore pension guarantees, in front of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, June 18, 2015 (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)
The two-term Senator from rural Vermont hits the stump Saturday in swing-state Colorado, where more than 5,000 people — believed to be the largest campaign trail crowd for any candidate in 2015 — have registered to attend.

Former Ready For Warren Group Formally Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

The coalition of progressive groups that tried to draft Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.
The group has rebranded itself as Ready To Fight and announced their support for Bernie Sanders:
But having demonstrated how much support Elizabeth Warren has, we’ve spent the past few weeks listening to our grassroots supporters and the progressive community about what they want to do next. And one thing we heard time and again is that they’re ready to play a big role in 2016, fighting alongside Warren on issues like trade, student debt, and reining in Wall Street.
They are also ready to back “Warren Wing” candidates who embody Warren’s fearless brand of progressive populism. And although it isn’t just about the presidency, 58% of supporters have urged us to back Bernie Sanders as the candidate currently running for president who best embodies the values that Warren champions.
That’s why on Friday, Ready for Warren is launching a new grassroots initiative called Ready to Fight — and Ready to Fight is endorsing Bernie Sanders as its candidate for president.
Because while Warren is the champion who inspired this movement, the draft effort was never just about her — it’s about her message and the values she represents. Bernie Sanders has caught fire in a way that’s reminiscent of the draft Warren movement itself — from the Internet to town halls in Iowa, Sanders has captured the imagination and support of people looking for a real progressive challenger in the 2016 Democratic primary.
The progressive activists are unifying behind Bernie Sanders as the Hillary Clinton alternative in the Democratic field. This is horrible news for Martin O’Malley and every other Democratic candidate, as the contest for the Democratic nomination is effectively a two-person race.
Bernie Sanders is experiencing a surge in national momentum that no other candidate in either party has experienced this year. The Republican candidates tend to get a flavor of the week bump after they first announce but quickly fall back into the pack.
Sen. Sanders has broken out from the pack as a candidate that has captured the imaginations of millions. Ready For Warren had raised a substantial amount of money, and more importantly for Sanders had a grassroots organization set up in the early primary states that should prove very helpful to Sanders.
Elizabeth Warren supporter have joined with Bernie Sanders supporters, and the result could be a competitive primary for the Democratic nomination.

Bernie Sanders Rips Republican Cowards For Trying To Suppress The Vote

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders drew big applause from the crowd at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Conference when called out Republicans by saying that only cowards would get elected than pass laws to suppress the vote.
In his speech, Sanders directly called out Republican efforts to suppress the Latino vote, “In addition to immigration reform, we must also pursue policies that empower minority communities. This must start with energizing Latinos all across the country to engage in the democratic process and by thwarting efforts to disenfranchise minority voters. Restricting access through draconian voter ID laws and shortening early voting periods are thinly-veiled efforts to marginalize communities of color, low income people and seniors. These policies must be combatted at both the state and federal levels.”
He also repeated his support for legal status and a path to citizenship, “The bottom line of all of this is that It is time to bring our neighbors out of the shadows. It is time to give them legal status. It is time to create a reasonable and responsible path to citizenship.”
Bernie Sanders hit on something that many opponents of voter suppression don’t talk about often enough. The act of passing laws that are designed to prevent targeted groups of people from voting is cowardly.
Republicans can win a fair contest based on ideas, so they try to rig the game by reducing the size and shaping the composition of the electorate. Republicans violate the very democratic principles that the country was built on when they engage in voter suppression.
Voter suppression is a moral issue, and the Republican support for suppressing the vote demonstrates a party wide lack of character.
Bernie Sanders said what many others didn’t. Republicans are cowards who are stealing the votes of millions of Americans. The best way for the Republican efforts to steal the vote is for an outraged and informed electorate to come together and fight back.

North Carolina legislature passes exception to photo ID requirement

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, via James Willamor / FlickrNorth Carolina legislature passes exception to photo ID requirement
If you’re going to make exceptions, then why have the requirement in the first place?

CBO Drops Reality Bomb On Republicans: Repealing Obamacare Will Add $353 Billion to the Deficit

A new CBO report shows that Republicans want to repeal your healthcare so they can add $353 billion over the next ten years to the deficit.
Obama laughing
The Congressional Budget Office released a report Friday that showed America just what deficit hawks who have no healthcare reform plan of their own Republicans really are.
Republicans want to repeal your healthcare so they can add $353 billion over the next ten years to the deficit. It is projected to add $3 trillion to the deficit in the ten years after that. Yes, $3 trillion.
The Republican horror show doesn’t end there. Over the next ten years, 24 million people would lose their health insurance. About 19 million people would lose insurance next year alone, according to the CBO.
“The CBO is projecting that repealing the Affordable Care Act will add more than $350 billion to the deficit in the next ten years, and add a staggering $3 trillion to the deficit in the ten years after that.” Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said in a statement. “Even under Republicans’ highly controversial ‘dynamic’ scoring math, the CBO finds that repeal will explode the deficit by more than $100 billion – not counting the increased health care costs from erasing the Affordable Care Act’s emphasis on prevention.”
Pelosi pointed out that there would be a human toll to the Republican repeal plan, something that Republicans refuse to acknowledge, “The cost to the deficit would be surpassed only by the human toll of repeal. Republicans would add over 20 million Americans to the ranks of the uninsured, and strip vital health protections from hundreds of millions of American families – shattering the newfound health security that has made a difference in the lives of so many families.”
Well. Okay.
That’s some Republican math right there. Want more Republican math? With the Republican assist (aka, funny math that benefits Republicans) that they legislated into the formerly non-partisan CBO, known as “dynamic scoring”, Republicans would only be on the hook for adding $137 billion to the deficit over 10 years. So that’s still not good. And of course it’s not real. But it’s better than them owning up to reality.
The Republican plan is more people die and we add hundreds of billions to the deficit, but we pretend it’s only $137 billion because image is everything.
Meanwhile we await a Republican alternative plan. It’s only been twenty years or so since this issue really became urgent. Give them time.
Pelosi added, “Republicans should look at the numbers and finally end their fixation with repealing this historic law.”
But of course, Leader Pelosi knows that Republicans don’t look at numbers. They make up numbers to fit their agenda. So, here’s to adding $3 trillion to the deficit whilst killing millions of Americans over the next 20 years. Maybe in 20 years Republicans will finally manage to come up with an alternative policy to present. Or not.
Somewhere President Obama must be laughing as the biggest trolls of the deficit and of his healthcare reform law get called out by the CBO even after they rigged it in their favor. Republicans want to add a mere $3 trillion to the deficit in order to keep Obama from a win. Y’all don’t mind, I’m sure.

Republicans summed up precisely and concisely

Focus On Islamic Extremism Leaves Lunatic Fringe Overlooked

Insane Wingnut Says Charleston Massacre Is Just The Beginning Of A Socialist Race War

Image via screen capture
Of course, to someone like Alex Jones, the Charleston shooting was engineered to bring about the end of the world — or, at least, America.

DOJ Debunks Fox News Propaganda By Investigating Charleston Shooting As Domestic Terrorism

Loetta Lynch confirmation hearing
Fox News has not uttered the words domestic terrorism in relation to the Charleston shooting, but the Department of Justice is investigating the incident as both a hate crime and an act of terrorism.
Sari Horowitz of The Washington Post tweeted:
The words domestic terrorism have not been uttered on Fox News. In fact, Fox has been busy trying to find ways to blame minorities for the Charleston church killings.
Fox’s Martha MacCallum claimed that diversity may be a contributing factor in mass shootings:
MacCallum said that gun violence may be because of diversity. She said, “That may be because of the society we are. We have a lot of different cultures living together. We’re a very unique society, and that’s a wonderful thing, in large part, but that may be a contributing factor
Fox News is also stunned that this incident is being investigated as a hate crime because there are so many other explanations for a white person killing a group of African-Americans due to the color of their skin.
Fox has also tried to turn the killings into an attack on religion, even though the shooter has stated that his motivation was racial.
Roof told police that he “almost didn’t go through with it because everyone was so nice to him.”
Fox News refuses to call the attack an act of terrorism. If this suspect in this attack would have been a Muslim, Fox News and other outlets would have immediately called the shooter a terrorist. Since the killer is a white man in red state South Carolina who killed African-Americans, Fox won’t even call his actions a hate crime.
What Roof did was both a hate crime and an act of terrorism. Reality challenged Fox News, and the Republican Party won’t admit it, but Dylann Roof is a domestic terrorist. The propaganda campaign by Fox and the GOP was dealt a serious blow by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice.

It Took Less Than A Day For an NRA Official To Blame Charleston Victims For Their Own Deaths

It Took Less Than A Day For an NRA Official To Blame Charleston Victims For Their Own Deaths
The NRA has no shame.
Read more

Rush’s Neil Peart Expresses Opinion, Wingnut ‘Fans’ Throw Him Under The Bus

Rush’s Neil Peart Expresses Opinion, Right-Wing ‘Fans’ Throw Him Under The BusSome Rush fans are livid about drummer/lyricist Neil Peart’s comments in Rolling Stone. Why? He disagreed with their ideology. Talk about fair-weather fans!

'Class Warfare'

Feel Free To Laugh: Rand Paul’s ‘Flat Tax’ Plan Would Cost $15,000,000,000,000

Feel Free To Laugh: Rand Paul’s ‘Flat Tax’ Plan Would Cost $15,000,000,000,000Psst! Rand Paul’s new tax proposal is going to cost $15 trillion – and only help the rich.

National Organization for Marriage tries to throw 2016 election for Democrats

NOM co-founder Brian Brown, via Wikimedia Commons
Pledges to support constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage are SO 2004.

Ted Cruz Confuses Religious Bigotry With Freedom, Says 2016 Will Be ‘Religious Liberty’ Election

Ted Cruz Confuses Religious Bigotry With Freedom, Says 2016 Will Be ‘Religious Liberty’ Election
Ted Cruz thinks the 2016 election will be all about “religious liberty.” Bring it on, buddy!

Defamation Suit Against Glenn Beck Has Potentially Become Significantly More Expensive

Last year, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi sued Glenn Beck after Beck spent the weeks following the Boston Marathon bombing openly accusing Alharbi, who was injured in the attack, of being an al Qaeda control agent and the "money man" behind the terrorist bombing. Long after Alharbi had been cleared... MORE

Michael Savage: Western 'Perverts' To Blame For ISIL; 'Obama Is The Devil'

Wingnut radio hack and all around pervert Michael Savage was outraged about a school program in the Italian city of Trieste called the “Game of Respect,” which is meant to break down gender stereotypes. Somehow, Savage managed to link the program to ISIL.... MORE*

Solar Rooftop Energy Harms Minorities, Claims 'News' Outlet Tied to Utility Industry

Solar Rooftop Energy Harms Minorities, Claims News Outlet Tied to Utility IndustryPolitic365, which calls itself “the premier digital destination” for “policy related to communities of color,” has ties to the utility industry and opposes solar energy.

Fight to Defend Trans Fats Funded With Dark Money

Fight to Defend Trans Fats Funded With Dark MoneyA wingnut Washington 'think' tank that opposed a federal ban of trans fats has also actively campaigned against climate science and environmental regulation, and is funded by secret donors.