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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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Maine Lawmakers Move To Impeach Wingnut Teabagger Paul LePage

angry Paul LePageTwo Independent and four Democratic lawmakers announced that they plan to launch impeachment proceedings against Maine's idiot Paul LePage (R). Independent Representative Jeffrey Evangelos is spearheading the effort to impeach the governor for abusing his power.
I’m asking my fellow legislators to study abuse of authority, conduct unbecoming and possible misuse of public assets. I believe that LePage has violated his authority by intimidating a private entity with the end objective of violating speaker Eves’ civil rights, his ability to seek outside employment and provide for his family.
LePage is accused of blackmailing the Good Will-Hinckley School board by threatening to withhold half a million dollars in funding if they extended a job offer to Democratic House Speaker Mike Eves.
LePage has not denied the accusations. Instead he has doubled down on attacking Eves. In a statement the governor subtly reiterated his blackmail threat by arguing:
To provide half-a-million dollars in taxpayer funding to a charter school that would be headed by Maine’s most vehement anti-charter-school politician is not only the height of hypocrisy, it is absolutely unacceptable.
Eves’ Attorney David Webbert is considering a lawsuit against the idiot. In an interview, Webbert stated:
Under the First Amendment, the governor is clearly prohibited from using the money of our state government to exact revenge on public officials because they do not vote the way the governor wants. This is not how Maine’s system of government is supposed to work. The governor’s tyrannical behavior threatens our democratic institutions.
LePage has consistently used bullying tactics to try to enforce his perverted will on the state of Maine. However, his attempt to blackmail a school district to settle a score with a political foe will prove the idiot’s undoing. Maine lawmakers are gearing up to impeach their bully idiot, and for many Maine residents, LePage’s removal from office can’t come soon enough.

208,000 Americans Join Bernie Sanders In Calling For More Presidential Debates

More than 208,000 Americans have joined Bernie Sanders in calling on the Democratic Party to hold more presidential debates.
In a statement, the Sanders campaign announced the growing demand for more debates:
bernie sanders abc this week
More than 208,000 people have signed an online petition at BernieSanders.com calling on the Democratic National Committee to host more presidential debates.
“The people of this country are tired of political gossip, personal attacks and ugly 30-second ads. They want the candidates to engage in serious discussions about the very serious issues facing our country today,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said in an e-mail asking supporters to sign the petition.
Earlier this month, Sen. Sanders called for presidential debates to be held across the country, “I also think it is important for us to debate not only in the early states but also in many states which currently do not have much Democratic presidential campaign activity. While a number of these non-target states have not in the past had much-organized campaign presence, I believe it is critical for the Democratic Party and progressive forces in America to engage voters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. By expanding the scope geographically of debates beyond the early calendar states we can begin to awaken activism at the grassroots level in those states and signal to Democrats and progressives in places like Texas, Mississippi, Utah, and Wyoming that their states are not forgotten by the Democratic Party.”
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are scheduled to debate six times during the Democratic primary, but the demand for more debates has been growing among Democrats.
With Bernie Sanders gaining ground on Hillary Clinton, it is no surprise that the challenger would be advocating for more debates. Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton has little to gain by debating Bernie Sanders fifteen or twenty times, but if the Democratic race continues to tighten, there will be mounting pressure on the Democratic Party to add more debates.
Six debates feels like too few for such a long primary campaign. Democrats should consider adding at least two or three more debates so that voters will have the chance to compare fully their choices side by side.

Bernie Sanders Makes History By Raising More Money Than Every GOP Pretender Candidate

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has made history by raising more money than every 2016 Republican pretender candidate, and every 2012 Republican pretender candidate not named Mitt Romney.
According to The New York Times:
Mr. Sanders, the socialist Vermont senator, running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has raised at least $8.3 million online through June 17, according to Federal Election Commission records. His campaign won’t file its initial report until July 15, but filings by ActBlue, the online fund-raising committee that serves as a conduit for Democratic campaigns, show that Mr. Sanders has brought in more money in May and the first half of June than any other Democratic candidate using ActBlue.
It’s likely that Mr. Sanders will report more than $9 million raised as of June 30, the deadline for midyear F.E.C. reports. That amount is larger than any Republican not named Mitt Romney raised in the first half of 2011.
The only candidate who will raise more money than Bernie Sanders is Hillary Clinton. What’s impressive about Senator Sanders accomplishment is where the money is coming from. According to Sanders, his campaign has more than 200,000 donors who give about $45 each.
Bernie Sanders is raising more money than every Republican pretender candidate because people believe in him and his message. In terms of dollars, Republicans will continue to rely on a handful of billionaires to bankroll their super PACs, but President Obama’s reelection campaign demonstrated that small individual donors are a barometer of success at the polls.
The individuals who give money to presidential campaigns are the most likely to show up and vote. They are the most committed of supporters, and Republicans have struggled for years to mobilize the type of authentic grassroots support that is rallying around Senator Sanders (I-VT).
Hillary Clinton is a phenomenal candidate, and against any other Democrat not named Obama, Sanders would probably be leading the field.
Bernie Sanders is putting together a genuine movement of the people, and the billionaires are being put notice that the American people are coming to take their country back.

They're crawling out of the woodwork


Hillary Clinton Rightfully Blasts The Republican Cabal For Being The ‘Cabal Of The Past’

Hillary Clinton Rightfully Blasts The GOP For Being The ‘Party Of The Past’
“Across the board, they are the cabal of the past. Not the future.”

The Republican Cabal Has Tossed its Ideological Cookies and it’s Not a Pretty Sight

Republicans say they will fight tooth and nail to repeal Obamacare. In other words, to condemn my son - and millions like him - to death
obamacare is awesome/   [CC image credit: Will O'Neill | Flickr.]
Over the past few days, we have seen the Republican cabal toss its ideological cookies. It has not been a pretty sight.
Exposed for all to see has been the profound myopia of a party dedicated to hate and religious tyranny, a party so determined to ignore facts and even science, as though something that exists only in their heads is more meaningful than our shared reality.
Just as an example, Boehner announced that the Marriage Equality decision “disregarded the democratically-enacted will of millions of Americans,” while ignoring the fact that it pleased more people than it outraged, with fully 60 percent of Americans now supporting Marriage Equality.
SIXTY PERCENT, John Boehner. What about their will?
Aren’t you Republicans telling us you represent the majority of Americans?
And look, the reason you lost now is the same reason you lost Proposition 8: you could make no legal argument against Marriage Equality. Because there is none.
It you flip to the Obamacare Decision, despite it being upheld twice by that court – the individual mandate in 2012, and subsidies just the other day, the Republican Party thinks it is still fitting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They will fight “tooth and nail” to do this, says John Cornyn (R-TX).
Even though the ACA is very popular and very successful, and the American people want it, Cornyn is so immune to reality that he insists that “Today’s decision doesn’t change the fact that Obamacare has been a disaster for the millions of hardworking American families who have seen their health care costs skyrocket or lost their insurance entirely.”
Wait a second…what about those 86 percent of enrollees who are satisfied with their Obamacare? And let’s compare that 86 percent to the 16 percent of people who are satisfied with Congress.
I think it is pretty easy to see what has been the real disaster for American families.
If Cornyn were appealing to facts rather than ideological necessity, he might have something there, but Obamacare is far from being a disaster. And in fact, Obamacare has helped all Americans, not just enrollees. For example, by eliminating lifetime limits on care.
Facts are swirling all around us, available to all equally, but McConnell fared no better with reality, claiming that the ruling “won’t change Obamacare’s multitude of broken promises.”
One might wonder to what constituency Republicans think they are appealing when they say crazy things like this, things that are patently untrue. Both on legal and ethical grounds, they have nothing.
Republicans have no alternative to Obamacare, as they have admitted. The Supreme Court has spoken. It’s legal. The people have spoken in the polls and on the exchanges. Even in Red States, they want it.
It matters not how serious the Republican cabal actually is about this crusade of stupidity. Certainly, they may realize they have no actual chance at this point and that Obamacare is here to stay, that all their words are empty rhetoric employed to appeal to their base (It could also be the world’s largest case of cognitive dissonance).
No matter the reasons, they are still wasting your money and mine by their repeated and pointless attempts to repeal what is, and has been, the law of the land. When before has so much time and effort been wasted trying to repeal a law once it is passed?
Republicans insist that moving forward means stripping people of their healthcare. That, somehow, is an improvement. The status quo “puts patients first,” insists Orrin Hatch of Utah.
As a patient, and as the father of a patient, I would point out to Hatch that my son getting back his lifetime limits, thanks to the Republican cabal – and that is what a repeal of the ACA would mean – does not put my son, the patient, first.
Putting the patient first means him continuing to receive the medication he needs to live. Putting lifetime limits in place once more, deprives him of that medication, which means he will die.
John Barrasso (R-WY) even says he will “take every action possible in Congress, in the courts and in statehouses across our country” to repeal Obamacare. In other words, to condemn my son – and millions like him – to death.
As you can imagine, I am less than pleased with Barrasso. Or with Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana – another Republican of course – who says he remains “committed to replacing Obamacare with wingnut, free market solutions that give you the power” to die through lack of insurance because your lifetime limits have been met.
We can wish these people would, as Harry Reid put it, stop banging their heads against the wall, but we know that is not going to happen. They would have to take cognizance of reality to realize there is a wall.
They won’t. We are way past that point. We have been past that point for years.
Boehner said the other day that “The Obama administration looks like they’re struggling to run the government,” but the real problem is the Republican cabal is struggling to cope with reality.
And what are a few technical glitches compared to an obstinate refusal to stare facts in the face? Mistakes happen, and there is no bigger mistake than to decide ideology supersedes fact.
Wave your Confederate flags around all you want. Wear your KKK hoods in public or in private. You lost the Civil War and you lost the struggle for Marriage Equality, just as you lost the struggle against providing Americans with affordable healthcare.
I never thought, growing up, that I would see one our major political parties lose touch with reality like this. Now, as I get older, I begin to doubt that I will live long enough to see them rediscover it.
But my son will. Thanks to President Barack Obama. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the Democratic Party, which has, significantly, not lost touch with our shared reality. Whose cookies are right where they are supposed to be.

Bill Maher Finds Perfect Slogan For The Republican Cabal

Bill Maher Finds Perfect Slogan For The Republican Party

Wingnut USDA Beef

Republicans have a beef with the USDA after dietary panel recommends less red meat
On a related note ...

Chasing Money Kills


Reeling Republicans Rocked As Obama Vows To Expand Obamacare And Cover More People

obama obamacare weekly address
More bad news for Republicans. President Obama announced today that he planned to go on offense and continue working to expand the reach of Obamacare to cover more Americans.
The President said:
Five years ago, we finally declared that in America, health care is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all. And this week, after more than fifty votes in Congress to repeal or weaken this law; after a Presidential election based in part on preserving or repealing this law; after multiple challenges to this law before the Supreme Court, we can now say this for certain: the Affordable Care Act still stands, it is working, and it is here to stay.

On Thursday, when the Court upheld a critical part of the Affordable Care Act, it was a victory for hardworking Americans all across this country whose lives are more secure because of this law. This law means that if you’re a parent, you can keep your kids on your plan until they turn 26. If you’re a senior, or an American with a disability, this law gives you discounts on your prescriptions. You can’t be charged more just because you’re a woman. And you can’t be discriminated against just for having a pre-existing condition.

This law is working exactly as it’s supposed to – and in some ways, better than we expected it to. So far more than 16 million uninsured Americans have gained coverage. Nearly one in three Americans who was uninsured a few years ago is insured today. The uninsured rate in America is the lowest since we began to keep such records.
The law has helped hold the price of health care to its slowest growth in 50 years. If your family gets insurance through the workplace, not through the Affordable Care Act, you’re paying about $1,800 less per year on average than you would be if trends before this law had continued – which is good for workers and it’s good for the economy.
The point is, this is not some abstract political debate. For all the misinformation campaigns, and doomsday predictions; for all the talk of death panels and job destruction; for all the repeal attempts – this law is helping tens of millions of Americans. This isn’t just about Obamacare. This is health care in America.
With this case behind us, we’re going to keep working to make health care in America even better and more affordable, and to get more people covered. But it is time to stop refighting battles that have been settled again and again. It’s time to move on.

Because as Americans, we don’t go backwards, we move forwards. We take care of each other. We root for one another’s success. We strive to do better, to be better, than the generation before us, and we try to build something better for the generation coming behind us. With this behind us, let’s come together and keep building something better right now.
President Obama isn’t going to sit back and enjoy his administration’s victory. Obama is looking to expand the reach of the law by getting more people covered. The President can do this by aggressively promoting the law. He doesn’t need Congress, or a new piece of legislation.
The administration has been quietly at work trying to persuade those states that haven’t expanded Medicaid to do so. The President can use the platform of the presidency to aggressively promote the law.
The political battlefield has shifted from President Obama and Democrats defending the law to Republicans being knocked back on their heels as healthcare in the United States is changing forever.
President Obama is moving forward, and the Republican cabal’s bad week just got a whole lot worse.

Jindal: 'Let’s Just Get Rid Of The Court’ To Save Some Money

Proving yet once more what an idiot he truly is ...

Their Heritage


Colbert: 'Hard To Believe Gays Achieved Personhood Just 5 Years After Corporations Did'

Colbert: 'Hard To Believe Gays Achieved Personhood Just 5 Years After Corporations Did'

Prostitute-Loving Senator Has Gall To Troll Same-Sex Couples Getting Married; It Doesn’t Go Well

Image via Twitter
“Family values” Republican tried to troll gay people celebrating their historic victory – and it did not go well.

Powerless And Impotent Rush Limbaugh Attacks Star Trek Legend And Icon George Takei

So George Takei, one of gay rights' wittiest defenders, and just a very funny, engaging fellow, has drawn the ire of the intoxicated-with-himself Rush Limbaugh ...
George Takei Appears On "The Morning Show"
So we have Obamacare, and now, right on its heels, we have Marriage Equality. That means we all have a right to healthcare, and we all have a right to marriage. More rights. Nothing taken away from anybody.
It’s a win-win, right?
While we engage in the #nakiehappypagandanceoflove, or however it is you celebrate, conservatives are absolutely losing it over all the things they haven’t lost.
Literally, they have lost nothing. Other people have gained stuff, but they’ve lost nothing. Let’s make that perfectly clear: they did not lose their right to healthcare, and they did not lose the right to get married to the person they love.
But other people did get what they have. And, being conservatives, that drives them nuts.
So George Takei, one of gay rights’ wittiest defenders, and just a very funny, engaging fellow, has drawn the ire of the intoxicated-with-himself Rush Limbaugh, because Takei isn’t forced to abide by Rush’s bigoted beliefs.
Limbaugh whines, “Nobody in the heterosexual world is forcing anything on anybody … but Mr. Takei and his group can impose their beliefs on you all day every day.”
And what are they imposing on you, Rush? Are they forcing you to marry a man? Or, at least, the same of whatever it is you are?
George Takei…was on CNN this morning, the bespectacled Ashleigh Banfield said “there is still so much left to be said regarding the actual process…
It’s never over. It’s never a win. There is never happiness on the left. It’s fleeting and temporary, and it is the case with gay marriage, because Ms. Banfield said, “While the Supreme Court has had its say, there’s still a lot of messy work that needs to be done in at least 20 of those states that still recognize those bans.” There is? I thought this meant that we were all aligned, we were all together, and there was love just breaking out all over the country. I thought all that was at stake here was some people who were denied marriage because of their sexual orientation, just wanted to be accepted.
They just wanted to be included.
They want their dignity to be recognized.
But it’s about much more than that, as you and I well know. It’s not about being accepted. It’s about forcing. It’s about redefining. The use of force is involved here — intimidation, bullying, what have you — and George Takei signals there’s more to come. The rest of her question is this: “Those states, George, they still need to be challenged. So is the work of gay activist over or do you still see this as a challenge to the finish line?”
TAKEI: Indeed we see it as a challenge. It’s going to be a — a new challenge. But we are very mindful of that challenge that still remains. They are now — some of these, um, states, are — going to try to use the, uh, ‘shroud’ of religious freedom. I believe in religious freedom, and people who argue that are entitled to their freedom. But they do not have the freedom to impose their religious values on to others. I’ve heard some of the people, uh, expressing their comments on the, uh, Supreme Court ruling, and they’re entitled to that. But they are not entitled to impose their will on everybody.
You see, this is what’s wrong with this. Nobody in the… I can’t believe I’m saying this. Nobody in the heterosexual world is forcing anything on anybody. They’re minding their own business and having something forced on them, is what’s happening here. So Mr. Takei says: Hey, you’re free to have your religious beliefs. Have them all you like. I have mine, too. But you can’t impose your religious values on to others.
Of course, “heterosexuals” (a deplorable and outdated term. Let’s just say “christofascists”) do force their delusions on others. For centuries, they have dictated to the Western world what religion is, and what marriage is.
In Michigan, they want to ban all but religious marriages. If you can’t get priestly okay, you can’t get married. I call that an imposition.
Nobody – Takei included – is imposing beliefs on others. On the other hand, as Takei has written, “LGBT couples have until recently often been told by largely straight leaders elected by largely straight voters that our relationships are less valuable and not worthy of public acceptance and legal recognition.”
Rush is upset about cakes and bakers, but he doesn’t get that refusing to bake cakes for gay couples is no different than refusing to bake cakes for blacks, or mixed “race” couples. The same arguments were once used against mixed “race” marriages as are now being used against gay couples.
But Rush does want to impose his beliefs on gay couples. And it is people like Rush who make the argument for George Takei and other activists, that the struggle for gays (as for blacks and women and everyone else he despises) is far from over.

After SCOTUS Marriage Ruling, Sleazeball King Tries To Annul His Own Marriage

Image via Gage SkidmoreIn the wake of marriage equality, wingnut republican idiot Steve King of Iowa proposes ending marriage entirely – is he trying to weasel out of something? Knowing him he is ...

Son of reviled Westboro baptist founder mocks family’s cult in awesome pro-gay Facebook post

The son of the founder of the reviled Westboro baptist cult known for their “dog hates fags” signs at funerals, took a sarcastic slap at his own family on Facebook, telling them their hateful anti-gay actions pushed, “decent people away from hatred and into the arms of justice and equality.”

Top 5 Stupid Things Pseudo-christians Said Last Week

What kind of stupidity came out of the mouths of the pseudo-christians last week?

Scalia Is A Homophobe

Telling it like it is ...
Barney Frank