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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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The U.S. Jobs Market Is The Subject Of The Best News You’ll Hear This Week

The U.S. Jobs Market Is The Subject Of The Best News You’ll Hear This Week
Thanks, Obama!
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Socialism is not a dirty word

Socialism is not a dirty word: Bernie Sanders really is changing US democracy

Bernie Sanders Rocked The House During BET’s Criminal Justice Reform Forum

Bernie Sanders Rocked The House During BET’s Criminal Justice Reform Forum (VIDEO)
Sanders referred to criminal justice reform as the “civil rights issue of the 21st century.”
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Can’t Pay Your Taxes?

The House Ways and Means committee has just approved a bill with a little-known amendment that is aimed directly at the middle class. While it is a humongous...

Paul Krugman Gets It Right: Republicans Are Panicked, Stupid And Cruel

Paul Krugman noted that since Barack Obama was sworn in as President, Republicans and wingnuts have done nothing but "warn about imminent catastrophe."…
It is really difficult to discern what kind of character flaw is driving a fair number of Americans to abject fright and dependency on being in a near-perpetual state of panic; most recently over a single incident in Europe that is repeated around the world at the same frequency as mass shootings in America, almost weekly.
At first blush one assumes that wingnuts are pathologically addicted to fear, but it is so much more than that because a primary component of irrational fear is ignorance. The Republican base are also inherently stupid and it is a fact not lost on their leaders who are again taking advantage of that indisputable fact to manipulate them like a herd of terrified sheep.
Look, if the wingnuts were not so stupid, they would realize that the Republican fear mongering over Syrian refugees is precisely how the shrub convinced Americans to support invading two Middle East nations who did not attack America. They also supported giving up their privacy, opening the door to al Qaeda in Iraq, and creating the object of the Republicans’ fright du jour; the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL).
Stupidity aside, the same wingnuts are exhibiting inordinate fear over one event in one country that 12 years ago was a pariah for not being stupid and supporting America’s invasion of Iraq.
In his Friday column, last week Paul Krugman noted that since Barack Obama was sworn in as President, Republicans and wingnuts have done nothing but “warn about imminent catastrophe.” Of course none of the fiscal crises, hyperinflation and economic collapse due to health insurance, gun confiscations, or imposition of Sharia Law have happened as predicted. And yet, the same Republican panic-mongers have their stupid base terrified of allowing refugees who are not “proven 'christians'” into the country.
All of this Republican-created panic and fear is going on in America while Parisians who were actually attacked are staying calm and going out to cafes to show that they are not intimidated like terrified Americans. President François Hollande even reaffirmed that, because France is a humanitarian nation, they will continue taking in Syrian refugees and increased the number.
Now, contrast the reaction of the brave French people with the example Mr. Krugman cited in his opinion piece; RedState editor-in-chief and insane wingnut Erick Erickson. Erickson, a typical wingnut “tough guy” exposed his cowardice by announcing that because Paris was attacked, there is no way he will “be going to see the new ‘Star Wars’ movie because there are no metal detectors in American theaters.” Erickson joins a rash of other “brutish and intimidating” Republicans who want Syrian refugees banned from coming to America; not to protect the people, but to inspire panic and fear among an already terrified and stupid population.
According to lunatic fringe wingnuts, all they require to be courageous and intimidating is dog and guns, and although they have those in abundance, a tough guy like Erickson is too much of a coward to venture out to the local multiplex. All the while, Parisians are back to their routines and Republicans are terrified of refugees; unless “they can prove beyond a doubt that they are 'christians'.”
Krugman is not alone in his assessment of Republicans and their wingnut punditry. President Obama rightly mocked Republicans for claiming they intimidate world leaders and yet are “scared of widows and orphans.” As an aside, just last year Republicans created panic and terror due to child refugees fleeing persecution in Central America. The brave Republicans summoned armed militias to confront and slay the children at the Southern border even though the children were 'christians'. They were just the wrong color of 'christians' and according to some Republicans were Muslim terrorists who trained to act like Hispanic refugees to lay waste to America.
Mr. Krugman makes a very valid point in noting that panic is the only thing Republicans have and that the pretender nomination will go to “whoever can most effectively channel that panic.” Krugman comprehends, like Republicans and their wingnut shrieking heads, that their lunatic fringe base is driven by fear, stupidity and cruelty; especially toward Muslim people whether they are Syrian refugees or American citizens.
There is a major election coming up and with nothing to run on Republicans are reverting to what they know works best; frightening Americans who are too cognitively challenged to know they are being manipulated yet again. It is not a testament to Republicans’ expertise at reading the people, just a revelation that a fair portion of the population is stupid enough to fall for the exact same fear tactics. If they were not imbecilic morons they might be embarrassed but they are not; that in itself is embarrassing.
In America’s National Anthem, the refrain identifies this nation as “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” That may have been the case at some point in America’s history, but after a never-ending Republican crusade to instill fear and panic in the population, a significant number of Americans are too stupid to comprehend that being perpetually afraid is precisely how Republicans intend on eliminating their freedoms.

Homophobic Imbecile Antonin Scalia Compares LGBT People To Sex Offenders

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a rabid homophobe, and he makes absolutely no secret of it. Most infamously his dissenting opinion on the recent...

What Carson Just Said About The Constitution Should Disqualify Him

What Ben Carson Just Said About The Constitution Should Disqualify Him (VIDEO)
America deserves better.

Fiorina is promising to fix the government with zero-based budgeting -- just like Jimmy Carter promised

Fiorina is promising to fix the government with zero-based budgeting -- just like Jimmy Carter promised

President Obama Continues To Remind Us That Refugees Are Human Beings

President Obama Continues To Remind Us That Refugees Are Human Beings

Fox's Pirro Lies About Syrian Refugees While Begging Obama To 'Be Honest For Once'

Majority Of ISIL Suspects In U.S. Are American Citizens — Zero Were From Syria

Majority Of ISIS Suspects In U.S. Are American Citizens — Zero Were From SyriaThis just goes to show it isn’t Syrians we should be afraid of. The real terrorists are right here at home.

Daily Beast exec editor calls for Trump boycott

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, pictured on September 28, 2015, said the spate of mass shootings plaguing the United States and similar tragedies are simply a fact of life (AFP Photo/Dominick Reuter)
The editor-in-chief of the website the Daily Beast is standing by one editor’s call for Americans to shame and boycott companies that do business with Republican pretender candidate and former reality TV hack Trump.

Trump Hints He Will Run as Independent if Treated Unfairly at Convention

The Republican cabal thought they had Trump boxed, but Trump is showing he thinks agreements are as meaningless as the truth…
Donald Trump Republican plans to mitigate against Trump’s unexpected success seem to be unraveling, as Trump announced on ABC’s “This Week” that he may not abide by the “loyalty pledge” he signed in September promising not to run as an independent.
The Republican cabal no doubt figured they had it sewn up; since the wingnut primaries don’t decide anything, Trump could win all the primaries he wanted and the establishment could still have it’s way, even throwing Romney in there if they wanted.
The loyalty pledge must have looked like a golden ticket. The Washington Post even claimed his signing “ends one Republican cabal problem” but it didn’t end it – it just postponed it.
Because now Trump said, when asked by George Stephanopoulos what he would do if they try “to take you out,” responded, “I will see what happens. I have to be treated fairly. If I’m treated fairly, I’m fine.”
STEPHANOPOULOS: But you’re open…
TRUMP: — in Alabama…
STEPHANOPOULOS: — to an Independent run?
TRUMP: Well, I’m going to have to see what happens. I will see what happens. I have to be treated fairly. You know, when I did this, I said I have to be treated fairly. If I’m treated fairly, I’m fine. All I want to do is a level playing field. And I think people are surprised that, you know, they’re politicians and they’ve been doing this stuff all their lives. I haven’t. I’ve been a job producer. I’ve done great, you know, things. I’ve done fabulous developments all over the world and I’ve made a lot of money. And that’s the kind of thinking we need in office. That’s the kind of thinking we need in Washington.
You can bet if he wins the primaries but doesn’t get the nomination, he is not going to feel treated fairly. Who would? On the other hand, he did sign a pledge not to run regardless of how the nomination process turned out and to support the winner.
And he retweeted that Hillary cannot be trusted, and another retweet stressed Trump’s own honesty and integrity.
Really? That appears to be a premature assessment based on what he said on ABC. He further tried to muddy the waters regarding his position on databases for Muslims, which he supported, then claimed he didn’t support, and then said again he supported.
Trustworthy? Not so much. Integrity? As mythical as fair & balanced.
At the time Trump signed the pledge, he said, “I have no intention of changing my mind.”
“I see no circumstances under which I would tear up that pledge,” he added. Well, now he sees those circumstances, and those are him feeling he has been treated unfairly.
This is the guy, by the way, who called the Associated Press’ stories “fictional garbage.” It looks like his own agreement not to run as an independent was also fictional garbage.
Trump is in a unique position, a person made possible by the growing extremity of Republican politics coming back to haunt his creators, a sort of Frankenstein’s monster: “They can’t understand, you know, how come an outsider can be doing so well within the party.”
Trump concluded of the Republican cabal establishment, “I guess they can’t understand what’s happening.”
No, they sure can’t, and that’s what makes this truly funny to the rest of us.
They have only themselves to blame for all that has transpired, and for what will transpire. They deserve Trump.

That racist Trump tweet about blacks killing whites isn’t just false — it’s neo-Nazi propaganda

Trump capped a week that found him flirting with fascism by sharing a blatantly false, racist graphic that apparently originated with a Hitler-admiring neo-Nazi.

Limbaugh, Republican Claim Obama Supports ISIL and Hates Freedom Because Refugees

They claim Obama is a collaborator because he adheres to America's long-standing exceptionalism of giving war-weary refugees a safe haven…
rush_limbaugh dark
As typical wingnuts, Republicans are not only resistant to progress, they are inherently incapable of change. They are as incapable of changing their practice of taking from the masses to enrich the wealthy few as they are wavering from their six-year assertion that an African American President hates America and gives aid to the enemy to destroy America. However, their issue with Barack Obama is not necessarily his skin color or his party affiliation although they are certainly a contributing factor. The wingnuts’ real issue is that the President does not allow Republicans to dictate how America is governed. In Republicans’ minds, because President Obama is not with them, he hates America and supports its enemies.
In keeping with the shrub ideology that any American, or any nation, that “is not with us is our enemy,” Republicans are once again portraying the President of the United States as an enemy conspirator and collaborator with the Islamic State. Not because he has joined forces with Iran, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, Iraq, Iraqi Kurds, and Turks to destroy the shrub-created ISIL, but because he adheres to America’s long-standing exceptionalism of giving war-weary refugees a safe haven.
The latest Republican accusation that the President of the United States is defending shrub’s creation ISIL and waging war on Republicans as surrogates for “true America” is Wagner (R-MO) and Limbaugh, respectively. They are not alone in their assertions, but they certainly represent the mindset of the conservative movement.
Obviously, in Wagner’s mind because the President disagrees with Republicans on the Syrian refugee issue he is supporting the Islamic State. On a radio interview Wagner said that because the President “picked a fight with the republican cabal over refugees, he was standing up for ISIL.” Wagner also said “the president’s comments about refugees,” being women and orphans, and “mocking Republicans and calling their rhetoric a potent ISIL recruitment tool was disgusting and an absolute disgrace, and a stand against the side of freedom;” all because the President disagrees with stupid, cowardly, panicked, and cruel Republicans. Wagner even thought to include the 47 House Democrats who joined Republicans to reject Syrian refugees as completely agreeing that the President is against freedom and for ISIL.
Limbaugh took a slightly different approach in claiming that the President hates America and considers that nation’s “number one enemy is the Republican cabal and the wingnut delusion.” Limbaugh claimed that because the President is not following the shrub war-first agenda his foreign policy is “inept and incompetent and nonexistent.” While he was demeaning the President for not being a Republican warmonger, Limbaugh laughingly dismissed the barrage of Republican “bigotry” attacks against Muslim Americans; including claiming that “the President and those others like him” support ISIL as pay back against patriotic Americans for what they believe are “America’s past crimes.”
First, President Obama never said Republicans or wingnuts are America’s number one enemy. (Every other sane person in the world has.) However, many, many Americans know this is a true and verifiable fact of life. It is noteworthy that this President has been extremely generous in praising Republicans as being great patriots who have a different idea about how America should be “ruled” according to wingnut tyranny and loyalty to the rich. In fact, these latest remarks that the President supports ISIL because he is not a cruel Republican fundamentally proves the point that they truly believe that anyone who does not embrace wingnut dictates believes that Republicans are “America’s number one enemy.” This is a uniquely neo-wingnut ideology and the Republican cabal’s six-year crusade to obstruct any form of governance that is not Republican wingnuttery (theocratic libertarianism) proves it.
Now, just because the President did not say Republicans are America’s greatest enemy does not mean there is not a very substantial number of Americans who believe that to be true; including that congressional Republicans have come precariously close to committing treason by conspiring with foreign governments against the United States. And regarding ISIL, if the shrub did not invade Iraq for regime change, oil, and to kill over half-a-million innocent Muslim civilians, President Obama would not have to invest American assets to destroy the extremists.
As far as who in America is actually “standing up for” and aiding ISIL to achieve their goals; that is solely Republicans, all manner of wingnuts, and the hate-filled religio-wingnuts. Remember, the most recent Republican lurch toward Nazi fascism targeting Muslims is precisely what the Islamic State leadership said they needed as “a very potent recruiting tool” back in February. It is noteworthy that the ramped-up bigotry toward Muslims due to the rise of the shrub’s ISIL began long before Paris was attacked. Republicans have been driving the American increase in “repression and Islamophobia to sufficiently unbearable levels;” precisely what President Obama is attempting to stop.
Republicans know President Obama is not supporting ISIL or standing up against freedom just because he refuses to let them run the country. They also understand that he does not consider them to be “America’s enemy number one” because of Syrian refugees that would not exist if the shrub did not invade Iraq. However, they have claimed this President hates America since before he was sworn into office when the Republican cabal and wingnut delusion officially became “America’s enemy number one;” it is something the President never said but no small number of Americans know is true.

Rubio Admits He’s Pretty Damn Pleased The Paris Attacks Happened

Marco Rubio Admits He’s Pretty Damn Pleased The Paris Attacks Happened (VIDEO)
This is utterly disgusting.
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SNL BURNS Fox News, Carson, And The Entire Republican Cabal – It’s Beautiful

SNL BURNS Fox News, Ben Carson, And The Entire GOP – It’s Beautiful (VIDEO)
SNL just BLASTED Fox News and the entire Republican cabal clown car.
This is hilarious.
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Fox News TRASHES ‘Space Nerds’ And Everything Star Wars In Giant Hissy Fit

Fox News TRASHES ‘Space Nerds’ And Everything Star Wars In Giant Hissy Fit (VIDEO)
Not cool, Fox News. Not cool at ALL.
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'Christian' Religio-Wingnut Weekly Round-Up