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Saturday, November 28, 2015

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Vermin Supreme Is Running for President

... And he's a far more qualified candidates than any Republican!
Vermin Supreme has filed the necessary paperwork to run for president in the 2016 New Hampshire primary. Neatorama showed you his campaign video the last time he ran in 2012. In fact, this is Supreme’s seventh presidential campaign! His platform: giving everyone in the US a pony.
Other policy positions Vermin espouses include going back in time to kill baby Hitler, mandatory tooth brushing for all citizens, and buying everyone a pony.
Of course, this ain’t his first rodeo; this will be the protest candidate’s seventh run for president of these United States, and he’s been using absurdist humor to agitate against bourgeois democracy and stir up protest votes since the 1980s. But with “serious” candidates for pretender like Carson and Trump getting more outlandish by the day, the Vermin message seems more relevant than ever.
Death and Taxes has more on the candidate, and some extended footage of Supreme’s recent appearance at a Carson rally.

Non Sequitur


This Photo Of A Syrian Refugee Feeding The Homeless Puts The Wingnuts To Shame

Sometimes it only takes one kind-hearted person to restore your faith in humanity. Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee living in Berlin, recently had a photo...

The Republican Cabal: America’s Largest Hate Group

by Allen Clifton
If there was ever any doubt that the Republican cabal has become America’s largest hate group, they’ve put that to rest following the response by many within the republican cabal concerning the U.S. accepting Syrian refugees. From several Republicans suggesting that we only take in 'christians', to people like Christie saying he wouldn’t have a problem saying “no” to a small Syrian child seeking a place to go, it takes a special level of hate to behave in the manner that’s commonly accepted by most wingnuts. The Republican cabal is built on a foundation of hate. It’s the attitude of, “Our way of life is under attack by (fill in the group).”
Whether it’s equality for women, immigration, minorities in general, other religions (especially Islam) or liberals – Republicans are constantly pushing the idea that some group of people is actively trying to “destroy American values.” It’s the attitude most commonly found among conservatives I encounter. Many of these folks literally believe that President Obama is some sort of un-American Muslim operative out to destroy the United States.
Today alone I had three different wingnuts message me with various conspiracies about the president helping ISIL. One of them even denied that any airstrikes against the terrorist group had been carried out, dismissing official reports on the Department of Defense’s website as “lies by the Obama administration.” Now one might dismiss such nonsense as just that – nonsense – except I get messages like these constantly. In fact, it’s this attitude that drove the ridiculous Jade Helm conspiracies over the summer. The asinine belief that President Obama was staging a giant military operation within the southwest to seize guns. People were actually burying their guns to hide them from government officials. I wish that were a joke, but it’s not.
Take a look at the rise of Trump. His campaign was jump started when he publicly declared that most Mexican immigrants were “rapists and criminals.” In fact, it seems that the more he bashes immigrants, or talks about the ridiculous notion of rounding up over 12 million people to deport, the more his poll numbers rise. Right now  Rubio and Cruz – children of immigrants – are currently in a fairly heated public back and forth over who hates immigrants the most. The House Majority Whip Scalise was found to had given a speech at a white supremacist event a few years back and not only did he keep his job as one of the most powerful people in Congress, but he got the full backing of party leadership. Republicans Cruz, Huckabee and  Jindal recently spoke at a conference hosted by a pastor who’s publicly stated he believes gay people should be put to death. Even a bottom-feeder like Coulter, a woman who should really wear a white hood when she speaks, is promoted and embraced by the wingnut media. The list goes on and on.
It’s not only acceptable to publicly push hate within the Republican cabal – you essentially must embrace hatred to stand any chance at advancing within the ranks of the Republican cabal. Let’s not forget that wignuts are a group of people who booed an actively deployed gay member of our military during a 2012 presidential debate – and not a single Republican candidate on stage that night condemned the reaction, likely out of fear that defending the gay serviceman would have negatively impacted their campaign. To deny that the Republican cabal is driven by hate and fear is to deny reality. This is a cabal which prides itself on “'christian' values” yet exemplifies almost nothing “christ-like.”
In my opinion, you lose any right to call yourself a christian when you turn your back on desperate women and children fleeing for their lives from those who wish to slaughter them. The truth is, the Republican cabal has become a machine fueled by hatred, driven by fear-mongering and propped up by those who exploit this ignorance within our society for political gain. They’ve built their coalition of voters by embracing some of the worst aspects of our society. But I think it’s undeniable when you look at the policies, the rhetoric and the vitriolic nature displayed by conservatives toward so many different groups of people – the modern-day Republican cabal has become our nation’s largest hate group.

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Does a ‘Koch Intelligence Agency’ Secretly Keep Tabs on Liberals?

An investigation by Politico suggests that the billionaire wingnut Koch brothers possess their own high-tech surveillance and intelligence-gathering operation devoted to “stealthily tracking liberal and Democratic groups.”

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O'Reilly: The Republican Cabal Should Be The Big Victor Right Now

Bill-O: The Republican Party Should Be The Big Victor Right Now
Perino and O'Reilly enter the Fact-Free Zone.

We’ve Discovered THE DUMBEST And Most Awkward Question Ever Asked On ‘Fox & Friends’

On the surface, the giggling couch tumors on Fox and Friends appear evenly matched when it comes to being proud dumb-stupids, but upon further study it’s...

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Fox Hacks Attack John Oliver For Calling Out Wingnut Fear-Mongering Over Syrian Refugees

Fox Hosts Attack John Oliver For Calling Out GOP Fearmongering Over Syrian Refugees

The Truth Be Told


Mother Of Muslim 9/11 Victim Tears Into Trump’s ‘Pro-Nazi Policies’

The mother of a 9/11 victim recently blasted Republican pretender candidate Trump for his racist, “pro-Nazi policies.” Talat Hamdani,...

Poll Proves Trump’s Supporters Really ARE Racist, Uneducated, Hateful Buffoons

Poll Proves Trump’s Supporters Really ARE Racist, Uneducated, Hateful BuffoonsAccording to a new poll, bigots account for almost three-quarters of Trump’s support.

Trump Campaign Officially Endorses Roughing Up Black Protesters

Trump Campaign Officially Endorses Roughing Up Black ProtestersTrump’s pretender campaign has now officially endorsed attacking black protesters.

Trump campaign keeps reporters in lockdown to hide embarrassing supporters

Asked why years ago he obtained a concealed weapons permit, Trump told the CBS program "Face the Nation": "Because I like to have myself protected." (AFP Photo/Dominick Reuter)
Trump’s campaign is now requiring journalists to remain in a designated, roped-off area at rallies. Reporters must even ask permission to use the restrooms, which they can only do while accompanied by a campaign-approved escort.

Ignorant Wingnut Voters Believe Literally EVERY LIE Donald Trump Has Blurted

Inside the wingnut bubble, things like math, science, logic and, you know, reality doesn’t really exist as the rest of us know it. Inside the bubble,...

Trump mocks reporter’s chronic illness — and MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ cruelly laughs about it

Trump mocked Serge Kovaleski during a campaign rally in South Carolina on Tuesday after calling him a “nice reporter.” Kovalevski lives with arthrogryposis, a condition that causes his hand to rest at unusual angles and is characterized by joint contractures.

Trump Is Hitler In New Kasich Ad

To Trump and His Supporters, Blacks and Muslims Are the Enemy

 In the Republican pretender candidate’s world, African-Americans and Muslim Americans are perpetrators of violence and terrorism. In the reality-based world, they are the victims.

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