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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Democrats Use the Mainstream Media to Hammer Republicans For Looming Republican Cabal Shutdown

The media is very unhappy about the Republican cabal shutdown and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's office is all too happy to use them to hammer Republicans.…
pelosi-cummingsSo this is refreshing and different. Due to the fact that Republicans cater to corporations and our media is corporate and that media needs things from the Republicans in office, the media is rarely on the side of the people, which is to say (usually, not always) the Democrats.
But here comes another shutdown threat from Republicans and their shutdowns hurt business, so suddenly the media isn’t pretending that facts are debatable. The media is very unhappy about the looming Republican cabal shutdown and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office is all too happy to use them to hammer Republicans.
The following is from a press release from the Leader’s office:
The House Republican cabal leadership still has no commonsense plan to avert another Republican Government Shutdown with a mere five legislative days until the deadline. Yet the impact of another #GOPshutdown would be so catastrophic that the media continues to underscore more of the harmful effects:
…anyone who lives paycheck to paycheck will have a hard time making ends meet.
Anyone applying for a job in the federal government or for a federal grant might want to start twiddling their thumbs.
Small businesses that rely on tourists and government workers for their livelihood could see a big drop-off in revenue during the shutdown.
Omaha.com (Nebraska):
“…the unpredictability of it all, that makes it a little bit more difficult to plan, train and equip,” Maj. Gen. Daryl Bohac, adjutant general of the Nebraska National Guard, told The World-Herald on Tuesday.
Old Faithful would erupt with no one watching, because Yellowstone National Park and 407 others would close to the public.
Homebuyers would find their mortgage applications stalled because the offices they need to approve paperwork for loans would be shuttered. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have to stop monitoring the spread of the flu to direct vaccines where they are needed.
Republican cabal leadership Members may attempt to downplay the impact, but the damage is hard to ignore.
Boehner – as CNN Money puts it: “even the threat of a shutdown is a waste” of time because…”it would inconvenience Americans across the country…” The House Republican cabal must remove this threat off the table and stand up to the lunatic fringe teabagger extremists who want to take our country to the brink of collapse. Americans cannot afford this obstruction, distraction and dysfunction.
It’s not too often that the media will come down on the side of facts these days. It takes big business interests being threatened in order for this to happen, because of course, the media is owned by big business. Remember when the media stood up to 2012 Republican pretender nominee Romney when he attacked Jeep? Same thing. It was okay when he attacked the 47%, suggesting that many Americans are lazy losers. But insult Jeep? Those were fighting words.
Republicans used to be the cabal of business, but with their shutdowns and sequestration and refusal to renew the Ex-Im bank charter, business leaders have been coming after Republicans. They say some of these wingnut Republicans don’t know what they are doing, as if this is news.
What is news is that the media has something at stake when Republicans mess with business. So unlike the way the media trolls any legislation that might actually help the people, aka in Republicanese as the lazy 47% of the country, when Republicans set their eyes on destroying this country’s businesses, the media calls foul.

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