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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Unions Celebrate As The Koch Brothers Fail To Buy The White House For Walker

Unions are celebrating the rapid demise of union busting national disgrace, the idiot Walker.
Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) said in a statement:
In the end, even the Koch brothers couldn’t save Walker and his negative, anti-worker message. America heard what he had to say, and decided that a man who could compare decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans to terrorists was unfit for the highest office in the land, or any other office for that matter.

Americans aren’t fooled.They understand that a campaign against unionized employees is a campaign against working families to lower the wages, benefits, and working conditions of all workers.

The early demise of the Wisconsin idiot’s misbegotten campaign should serve as a warning to all other candidates for office: You can’t win an election by attacking working people you’re asking to vote for you.
Walker’s loss is America’s gain.
President Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO summed up the feelings of many union members, “Walker is still a disgrace, just no longer national.”
Walker’s failure to launch as a pretender candidate was good news for union members and all workers on two fronts. First, Walker was the chosen candidate of the Koch brothers, who believed that Walker would be the Republican candidate who was most likely to carry out their agenda. Secondly, Walker tried to save his struggling campaign by reviving his union busting agenda. However, Walker’s support continued to drop in the polls.
Walker’s failure as a candidate represents the failure of union busting as a national political issue. The Koch brothers lost their top candidate, as the nation’s biggest union buster completely flopped as a pretender candidate.

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