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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trump Tells His Biggest Lie By Claiming To Break Bernie Sanders’ Crowd Records

trump at iowa state fairAfter his helicopter had landed at the Iowa State Fair, Trump claimed that he is breaking the crowd records of Bernie Sanders.
The billionaire said, “Actually, the venues have gotten larger and larger because we’ve really gotten some tremendous crowds. We’re doing record breaking crowds, and I’m so honored when I saw the recent polls with Iowa leading by a lot, but we have actually. We started with the smaller venues, and we’ve gotten bigger and bigger. The crowds have been enormous actually.”
It isn’t a coincidence that Trump would invent record-breaking crowds a day after Bernie Sanders announced that had to move his Iowa event to a bigger venue due to increasing crowd expectations.
The truth is that Trump isn’t breaking any records. His biggest crowd was a little over 4,000 in Las Vegas. Sanders set the record last weekend when 28,000 came out to see him in Portland, OR. Trump’s best crowd is about seven times less than the Sanders record.
The media isn’t bothering to fact check Trump. He is making it all up as he goes along, and no one is challenging him. During his press conference at the Iowa State Fair, it would have been nice if one of the reporters would have stepped up to the plate and said, “Mr. Trump, what you are saying is just not true.” However, it is apparently too much to ask our facts optional media to hold candidates to any reality-based standards.
No matter how hard Trump tries, he will never be Bernie Sanders. Trump is a rich guy wannabe, while Bernie Sanders is the real deal leader of an authentic grassroots movement.

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