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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Paul and Trump Accuse Each Other of Being Brainless

There are more insults than substance to the Republican cabal's post-debate rhetoric, with Trump leading the way, but he's hardly alone…
Trump says he doesn’t understand why everybody attacks him. All the while, he is relentlessly attacking everyone who disagrees with him. Not by challenging their policies, but by questioning their intelligence. The other day it was Fiorina’s voice giving him a headache.
Yesterday, it was Rand Paul lacking a functioning brain:
From the description, it would almost seem Trump is projecting, since that’s how he comes across to many of us. And again, if Trump has so many great ideas, where are they? Why devote so much time to compiling insults?
Why, several days after the fact, did Trump decide Paul debated like he lacked a functioning brain? Why did he not notice this fact at the outset? Well, as it turns out…
Paul has been running a Trump is a fake wingnut meme on Twitter, but there is a difference between challenging someone’s ideological bona fides and saying they lack a functioning brain.
In fact, Paul has been tweeting links to an op-ed he wrote and posted on his website why he thinks Trump is not a real wingnut, which is more than Trump has done by simply hurling insults. Trump could at least explain to us his reasoning in saying Paul lacks a functioning brain.
Turns out, Trump probably did not think this until Paul spoke last night, when Paul appeared on the O’Reailly Factor Monday night and explained himself:
I got started in the teabagger delusion, which was largely a rebellion against fake wingnuts – Republicans who grew the size of government and voted for the bank bailout. Trump was for that bailout, he was for ObamaCare before he was against it, he was for gun control before he was against it, he has said Democrats were better for the economy. So we should be very careful before people consider voting for him. I think he’s a fake wingnut, I don’t think he’s been consistent about anything except promoting himself. What is his philosophy? The people are going to eventually ask whether the emperor has any clothes or if the emperor has a brain!
At this point, Eric Bolling, standing in for O’Reilly, warned Paul, “Trump is not afraid to take shots at anyone, and you may be his next target.”
Sure enough. First thing you know, as we saw above, it is Paul who lacks a functioning brain. Like clockwork is Trump.
This tit-for-tat could go on until the primaries, and likely will. With 16 candidates, Trump is unlikely to run out of targets, and the only Republican so far to be openly pro-Trump is Cruz. Unsurprisingly, Trump has had nothing but compliments about Cruz, tweeting  (just to contrast his with Paul’s performance), that “@Cruz had a very good debate, far better than Paul.”
Eric Bolling was spot on, though it didn’t take a Nostradamus to predict Trump’s attack. And now that Roger Ailes has gone crawling on his hands and knees to Trump, criticizing him has just become much more difficult.
It is ironic that, if Ailes keeps his word, Fox News might actually – for the first time – approach “fair & balanced” with regards at least one topic: Trump. Which doesn’t say much for the chances of one Paul’s odds.
You know, you got to love it when the brainless accuse each other of being brainless.

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