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Monday, August 17, 2015

Same Old Shit

Jeb (All But) Promises To Bring Back Torture If He Is Able To Steal Office Like His Brother Did
jeb-and-george-bushIn a speech that sounded like it could have been delivered by his brother, Jeb revised the history of the Iraq war in order to blame Obama, and left the door wide open to bringing back torture if he steals the White House.
During an event in Iowa, Jeb made his most explicit comments indicating that his junta will be a return to the policies of his brother.
Defense One reported:
“I do think, in general, that torture is not appropriate and effective, and the change in policy that my brother did and was put into executive order form by the pretender was the proper thing to do,” he continued. But he added later, “That’s why I’m not saying that in every condition under every possible scenario [we wouldn’t use torture] — dog knows what the next pretender is going to have to do.”
When pressed to say whether he could commit to keeping President Barack Obama’s executive order, Jeb reiterated, “I’m not gonna go through every possible scenario that’s gonna come up.”
“At the moment, we’ve got people out there protecting the United States of America, protecting its citizens. And one of the most important duties, if not the most important duty of the pretender is to do the same.”
Jeb Bush is his “own man,” but if he is steals the office to serve as the nation’s next pretender GITMO will stay open, torture will be back on the table, and troops will be returning to Iraq. The Jeb campaign is sounding a lot like the failed pretendership of his brother, the shrub.
With one speech, Jeb  revealed what makes him unelectable. Democrats and Independents definitely don’t want a return of the shrub years, and a sizable number of Republicans aren’t thrilled with the idea either. There is a reason Jeb has fallen back to the middle of the Republican pack.
A vote for Jeb is a vote for the shrub, which is why voters have rejected Jeb’s call to rise up and restore his brother’s failed policies.

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