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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bernie Sanders Rips Trump While Calling Out The Bigoted Billionaire’s Racism

Bernie Sanders Latino Roundtable Iowa
Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) ripped Donald Trump at a Latino roundtable in Iowa. Sanders stood up to the Republican bully by calling out Trump’s racism.
According to the Sanders campaign:
In a statement, Sanders said: “This country has experienced racism for hundreds of years. I would have hoped that by the year 2015 leading candidates for president like Mr. Trump would campaign on their ideas as to how they can address our serious problems, and not by trying to divide the country with racist and demagogic appeals. Clearly Trump is scapegoating the Hispanic community. Immigrants are not responsible,” Sanders stressed, “for the disappearing American middle class, the Wall Street collapse brought on by huge financial institutions’ greed and illegal behavior, the war in Iraq, income inequality or climate change.”

At the roundtable discussion, Sanders called Trump’s comments “mean” and “denigrating” to an entire group of people and accused him of using Latinos as “whipping boys” to distract attention from real problems confronting the country. He called it “absurd, racist and wrong” to blame immigrants for the nation’s problems.
“That is absolutely unacceptable,” the senator added during the roundtable discussion at the Muscatine County Boxing Club. “That kind of discourse should be removed from our politics.”
Senator Sanders was correct. Trump is scapegoating the Hispanic community, but Trump is merely building on the precedent that has been set by his party. The Republican cabal has been trying to distract the country from their unpopular policies by playing up their imaginary immigration menace for nearly a decade.
Trump has brought the thinly veiled racial dog whistles that Republicans have been using out the open by being extremely blunt and direct about his bigotry.
Bernie Sanders has integrity and courage, which is why he directly confronted Trump and ripped him for his racist tactics. The “campaign strategy” is that Donald Trump is using should have been roundly condemned by the Republican cabal. Instead of doing the decent thing, Republican pretender candidates have scrambled to follow Trump’s lead and cater to the bigots among their voters.
Since Republicans are too afraid to stand up to the bully, Bernie Sanders has risen to knock Trump down.

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