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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cruz must show naturalization papers to keep his US Senate seat

Details have been emerging which highly suggest that both Ted Cruz's parents had become Canadian citizens prior to his birth. According to past public statements made by his father, legal opinions and documentation currently available, Rafael (Ted) Cruz was likely born of 2 Canadian citizens in Calgary back in December of 1970.Under public pressure regarding a possible run for pretender, Cruz did release his Canadian certificate of birth. Since the certificate only lists his parents place of birth and not their citizenship status, it has just merely been assumed that his mother retained her US citizenship since her birth. It was not until May of 2014 that Cruz filed the legal paperwork necessary to officially denounce his Canadian citizenship which was automatic at birth.
According to a documented timeline of the Cruz' Family citizenship status and various other legal experts in Canada, Cruz was born a citizen of Canada at birth and there is no denying that legal fact. This timeline provides a summary of known citizenship status of his father, mother and himself presented in chronological order of events.
A recent FOIA request to obtain a copy of his US naturalization papers, if they exist, was denied stating that the information would have to be requested by Rafael (Ted) Cruz himself. With the now highly likely true circumstances of his birth, this moron from Texas should be required to show proof that he ever became a citizen of the United States in order to be allowed to retain his seat in congress. Without this documentation of naturalization, which would be further proof to automatically disqualify him from running for pretender, he can in no way continue to hold a seat in the US Senate as one must at least have become a US citizen through naturalization to be eligible to hold the office.
If  Cruz was only a citizen of Canada and has since denounced that citizenship, is he a man without a country and unlawfully holding a US Senate seat?
Will the American people unite in a demand that our constitution is finally adhered to? At least 3 Republican contenders for pretender are obviously not eligible to run for the office. Why has even Trump gotten silent on the issue? It will take the American people to right these wrongs, no candidate currently running for office from either major party has the guts to ever do it.

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