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Friday, September 18, 2015

Editorial Comment

With Autumn rapidly approaching we here at The Truth Be Told are beginning to feel all the family and friends reconnect time that this time of the year brings - everybody has that one weird aunt or crazy friend they "never" see until now.That said, our list of gatherings and parties through the new year is growing with invites coming in daily - so we feel we'll be busy for a few months, but this blog will continue undisturbed.
The only 'problem' we have in maintaining this blog is the vast amount of wingnut stupidity, ignorance, vileness, and utter depravity there is to post about - and it is only getting worse.
The bright spot that is glowing ever brighter is the fact that Americans (the real ones, not the wingnuts) are hip to the lunatic fringe's shenanigans and are not letting them away with them any longer.
Studies continue to prove that wingnuts are stupid ... be they social, cultural, medical (MRI's show that wingnuts have a small thinking and reasoning area of the brain), so we will never be without something moronic a wingnut has said or done to post about.

Be Happy and Have Fun

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