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Friday, September 25, 2015

Editorial Comment

It has been a week around here.
The first really cool day  began with a record low temperature and another day set the record for the high temperature for that day - the only thing we didn't have was any form of precipitation.
Just an average early "Fall" week around these parts.
Speaking of pleasant things ...
The wingnuts are infighting more and imploding faster, making for a pleasant start to the Fall.
(Of course it would be even better if along with their closed minds can closed mouths.)
Liberals are winning special elections to replace corrupt wingnuts in every part of the country.
The wingnut trolls have lost their desire to pervert this blog as the most vile of the vile have been incarcerated for some very serious crimes against humanity and were caught due to our reporting their slimy activities when they attempted to pervert this blog - the world is always a better place when wingnuts are removed from it and it has always been so throughout history ... the removal of each era's wingnuts has lead to growth and prosperity for everyone and it is happening again now.

Thank you for reading The Truth Be Told!

Be Happy and Have Fun

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