Kris Kobach, the worst secretary of state in the nation.
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach head shotAfter suspending the voting rights of more than 37,000 Kansas voters, the worst secretary of state in the nation has finally fulfilled his promise to prosecute election fraud, filing charges against three Kansas voters:
Kobach confirmed Tuesday that his office filed two cases in Johnson County in the Kansas City area and one case in Sherman County in northwest Kansas. The cases were filed Friday. Copies of the complaints were not available immediately.
Kobach told The Associated Press that each complaint deals with alleged double-voting incidents in 2010.
Kobach said the Johnson County cases were filed against a married couple and alleges each also voted in Arkansas. The Sherman County case alleges a man who voted there also voted in Colorado.
Wow! Five years of investigating, untold tax dollars spent, suspending the voting rights of 37,000 people, and Kris Kobach comes back with three whole cases for prosecution. He's currently facing a federal lawsuit over the massive voter purge, one that will no doubt cost the debt-ridden, cash-strapped Sunflower State even more of the precious little income trickling into the state. That's good ol' Republican fiscal conservatism for you!